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Zoho Connect

Zoho Connect is a software which helps you bring your team closer together.

As a collaboration tool, Zoho Connect acts as a central platform for all your task management and project sharing needs.

The developers at Zoho Connect wanted to create a platform which would people and resources together in one place.

The platform boasts of the following features:

  • Gives your team the freedom to collaborate
  • Uses Feeds to learn from team interactions
  • Real-time communication channels to save time
  • Crowdsource solutions to solve problems
  • Builds and organises team’s knowledge base
  • Organizes reports in one place
  • Manages and schedules tasks and events

Alternatives to Zoho Connect


Communication is key when it comes to any activity involving a team. You can improve the communication between your team members by using the collaboration software Asana.

Asana will make sure your team stays in sync, all your deadlines are met on time and all your goals are reached. Some of its key features are:

  • Mapping each step of a project
  • Organizing your work in one place
  • Having a visual representation of your work
  • Creating a plan using Timeplan
  • 100 integrations available
  • Sharing results with team members

You can sign up and start your free trial to get a taste of the tool. If you like its performance, you can then apply for a Premium subscription at $9.99 per month, billed annually.


Ryver is a team communication software which also functions as a task manager. This collaboration tool provides you with one platform for every team member to use.

You can manage your work, share it with other members and stay ahead of your schedule. Listed below are some of its main features:

  • Unlimited open forums to include everyone on your team
  • Creates private teams for a select number of team members
  • Threaded and one-to-one chats
  • Freeform chats for a topic less conversation
  • Shares files from google drive, Dropbox, etc.

You can start using Ryver for free and subsequently, apply for a subscription at $99 per month.


To have all your work-related material in one place is a good thing. It is efficient, reduces clutter and saves time. Flock is a software which can help you organize and centralise your work.

It is a platform to bring your team together to function as a virtual workplace.

Here, you can share your ideas and discuss current or future projects. Some of its features are:

  • Direct chat and group chat
  • Video conferencing tool for better communication
  • Share files of all formats
  • Find shared files within seconds
  • Invite guests
  • Access company’s directory
  • Managing mailing lists


Quip is a collaboration tool which helps in maintaining a good line of communication between you and your colleagues.

This is a faster way of conveying information in a workspace than conducting meetings and sending group emails. The user can streamline their work better, organize projects, finish work on time and, at the same time, be using one platform.

Given below are a few of its features:

  • A single document which can be viewed by all team members
  • Social, mobile platform which helps keep members stay in touch at all times
  • Add calendars and project trackers to Quip
  • Real-time live chat to make decisions and give directions faster


The developers of Stride consider it to be a complete team communication solution, and they are completely right. Stride is a collaboration tool which has changed the way teams work together.

Stride can not only be used as a platform to manage all your projects and work, but also as a one-way communication centre where team members can interact and share ideas.

Some of integral features include:

  • Real-time group and direct chats to improve performance
  • Voice and video conferencing
  • Screen Sharing your current doings

Sign-up for free in order to try the software. If you like its functioning, apply for one of the upgraded monthly subscription plans.


Mattermost is a collaboration software which also functions as a virtual workspace.

It is an open source software which acts as the hybrid of a messaging workspace and management tools to make you and your team’s work more efficient.

Organisations like Department of Defence (USA) and CERN trust this software to optimize their work.

Here are a few of its important features:

  • Secure and easy to navigate through
  • Reduce emails and meetings by inviting your team to Mattermost
  • Customize Mattermost to fit your organisation


Slack is a software which is going to help you make your team more efficient and your work lightning fast.

It is a collaboration tool which can help you in carrying out tasks like measuring A/B tests, reviewing sales contracts, finalizing budgets, hiring new employees and much more.

Slack will help you not just with communication, but also with organizing it. Some of its key features include:

  • Dividing channels based on teams or clients
  • Team members can join and leave channels as per their need
  • Video communication and screen sharing
  • Drag-and-drop files of any format for example PDF, images, videos etc.