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In Design Last updated: February 14, 2023
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Social media changed everything in people’s lives. Clicking photos and videos and posting them on social media became more than a hobby.

When the pandemic hit, everything became online. This is where plenty of people started posting photos and videos on social media platforms to gain attention and even build a personal brand. Some people even succeeded with different ideas.

Not everybody possesses a camera for clicking high-quality photos and videos. But, smartphones definitely changed the game for people. If you are an iPhone user, you will surely be proud of the quality of photos and videos that you can click.

iPhones are utilized by people for several purposes when it comes to photography and videography. Several people use iPhones for shooting tutorials or even making reels at home. Even some small businesses prefer product photography with an iPhone as they can save a lot of their resources through this shoot.

Clicking Videos

So, one can say that iPhone is definitely a worthy choice for high-quality photography and videography if you can’t afford or manage a professional camera shoot.

If you are also into shooting high-quality videos on your iPhone and trying to look for ways to combine them, then this is where you should be. Here, we will discuss some of the best tools to combine videos easily on iPhones.

Now, let us directly jump to the list of tools.


iMovie is Apple’s in-house app. It allows you to merge multiple clips on iPhone pretty easily. So, you can create entertaining and simple videos within a few minutes through this app.


iMovie allows you to completely change the look of the video through different filters. You can even add different transitions while merging different clips into one. The best thing about iMovie is that you don’t need to worry even if you don’t know to use any feature. You can press the Question icon and a small note will appear that displays the usage of that particular feature.

iMovie is not really filled with advanced features, but you can definitely find some handy features in this app. The app also allows you to create a Hollywood-style movie trailer with the help of different ready-made templates.


FilmoraGo provides you with all the necessary features to simplify things for you when it comes to video editing. With this app, you can do a lot, like trimming, splitting, adding transitions, and more to your videos.

YouTube video

FilmoraGo comes with some perfect effects for every scenario. You can add a little fun to your videos through stickers or even add texts at different times to mark something. There are no restrictions when it comes to using music on FilmoraGo. You can literally use any music of your choice from iTunes, personal library, or even record something there itself.

You can post your videos on different social media handles with a single tap after editing in FilmoraGo. So, you can completely unleash your creative side and edit some cool videos for your social media handles with FilmoraGo.

Video Merger

Video Merger comes with a simple and easy-to-use interface that allows you to combine all your clips and make 1 beautiful video. The app will enable you to combine several clips and add text, captions, filters, and more to every video.

Video Merger

You only need to import the video clips and use the Video Merger simple editor for combining all of them. You can either save the combined video to your Photos app or even share it directly on your social media handles from the app itself.

If you are looking for something simple to use and understand, then Video Merger is definitely the right choice for you.

Video Mixer

Video Mixer is another free app that allows you to combine videos pretty easily. There is no need to spend money on apps to merge videos because this app can do all the work for free.

Video Mixer

The entire process is also pretty simple. You only need to select the videos from your gallery with the original resolution at first. Later on, you can add filters, overlay shapes, and add background music as per your preferences. Lastly, you only have to hit the “Merge” button, and everything will be done.

Now, you can share your combined video with a single click on different platforms. Video Mixer also allows you to work on multiple projects simultaneously as the progress is saved, and you can resume at any time.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush is the perfect app for creating and sharing videos that look as well as sound professional. The app provides unlimited exports for free. You can either use the free version or upgrade to the pro version for accessing premium features, including hundreds of animated titles, graphics, overlays, sound effects, and more.

YouTube video

The best thing about the app is its built-in pro-quality video capturing functionality. So, you can shoot the videos from the app itself and start editing immediately. The drag-and-drop features make it easy to edit the videos in a way you like. You can choose from thousands of royalty-free soundtracks and graphics for adding spice to your videos.

This app can also create impressive effects such as split-view and picture-in-picture. Adobe Premiere Rush allows you to instantly resize all your videos to different aspect ratios to share them on different social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, etc.

So, you can expect a feature-rich experience with Adobe Premiere Rush and get high-quality video editing with it.

Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro is another video combining and editing tool that allows you to manage unlimited projects simultaneously. The app also supports 4K videos to edit. Even if you are new to editing videos, you will find it pretty easy on Filmmaker Pro because of the color-coded timeline. It will help you out in distinguishing between assets very easily.

Filmmaker Pro

You will get 39 professional transition options, 96 custom-composed audio tracks, 79 classic fonts for text overlays, and 220 gorgeous labels and illustrations. So, you can expect a good amount of options for every single editing feature in this app.

If you are using the same app on an iPad with an Apple Pencil, you will see that editing becomes much simpler.


InShot is a powerful HD video and photo editor. No matter what type of editing you are looking for, you can do it all with InShot. An excellent thing about InShot is that there are no watermarks when you save the final edited video.

YouTube video

InShot comes with plenty of professional features to add transitions, music, emojis, filters, and also music to your video clips. You can combine all the video clips and make a fantastic video by adding transitions and filters to them.

InShot supports video saves in 4K at 60 fps. So, you can expect extremely high-quality video resolution for all your combined and edited videos from this app. Sharing to different social media platforms is a single-tap thing on InShot. On top of that, you can also get access to the app’s premium features by purchasing the pro version. This will help you enhance your video editing skills.


If you are looking for a professional video joining app on your iPhone, then there is no better option than Kinemaster. Well, you need to possess some knowledge for using this app because you might find it a bit confusing while looking at it for the first time.

YouTube video

You can expect desktop-type video editing features with Kinemaster. Every editing feature that comes to your mind is available in Kinemaster to help you combine small video clips and create some excellent videos. Kinemaster allows you to export video files up to 39.8 GB for free.

The best thing about Kinemaster is that you will get to edit all your videos in landscape mode. So, you will get some more space for seeing the results. It is more like a professional movie maker that can make every video editing task simpler and easy for you. You will have to spend some time learning the functionalities as it is not an easy one for beginners.


Technology has made it pretty easy to combine as well as edit photos and videos on the go. When people possess an iPhone, they are very much tempted towards photography and videography. If you are also one of them, you will find the above-mentioned video combining tools handy.

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