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In Customer Service Last updated: August 4, 2023
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When companies manage customer complaints, they can also turn negative feedback into positive feedback, boosting customer loyalty.

When somebody voices displeasure with your company, it’s crucial to be responsive rather than dodging the situation. The very first step🪜 to managing customer grievances is to implement a robust complaint management system. 

While anyone can complain, how you address them can make a major difference in reducing customer grievances. Customers are more likely to support👍 a company that deals with customer complaints and troubles in a much better way.

Product Notable Features
FreshdeskComplaint management system with social media connectivity!
ComplianceQuestEfficient lifecycle handling
ZohoDeskMultichannel abilities
IntegrifyFlexible complaint management
FrontAnalytics-driven replies
HappyfoxOrganized ticket management
IsoTrackerUser-friendly solution
Sprinklr ServiceAI-driven complaint tracking
WowdeskStandard approach for resolution
OctopusproUnified system for social media

What is a Complaint Management System?

A complaint management system focuses on all incoming customer complaints and their resolutions in a single platform. It lets customer service agents handle complaints by answering promptly and delivering high customer satisfaction. 

A person using a complaint management system to enter a complaint on a laptop.

Whether complaints are made via email or shared on social media platforms, the top complaint management software readily tracks and supervises all grievances in one place.

This allows thriving enterprises to encourage customers to voice their opinions and seek answers to their queries and resolve them promptly. Handling the customer’s complaints with diligence enhances customer trust and solidifies customer relationships. 

Features of a Complaint Management System

Complaint management systems are crucial for a business looking to improve its customer support experience. Here are some features of this software:

A woman engaging in complaint management systems while holding a credit card and talking on the phone.
  • Prioritizes Urgent Complaints: The software ensures that critical issues are handled promptly.
  • Indexes Issues and Tickets Using Labels: This makes it more manageable for agents to resolve complaints.
  • Assign complaints to other departments when needed: If a complaint demands special attention from a branch other than client service, the software assigns it to the appropriate teams.
  • Work Progress tracking: Customer service agents can follow the progress of complaints by keeping watch on their current status.
  • Performance Metrics Tracking: The complaint management system delivers useful performance metrics, including ticket response time, ticket resolution time, and backlogs. This report helps customer service executives assess and enhance support services’ quality.
  • Agent Roles & Permissions: This vital feature authorizes you to manage the access of different team associates. You can customize their powers by assigning roles such as Admin, Manager, or Intern to team members.
A couple engaged in conversation at a table as a part of the complaint management system.

What Are the Benefits of Complaint Management Software?

Moving on, let’s discuss the benefits of a complaint management system:

  • Ensure Greater Commitment: The software provides good accountability by assigning customer grievances to staff members based on their skills, providing that the most appropriate teammate takes each issue. This way, you can readily monitor complaints’ status, recognize delays, and hold agents responsible for their responses and solutions.
  • Resolve Complaints Before They Escalate: Neglecting customer complaints can severely impact your business. Unresolved complaints can lead to unhappy customers, negative feedback, and a tarnished reputation. A complaint management system helps you prioritize and manage complaints, even on public platforms like social media. By settling complaints early, you can stop them from escalating into bigger problems and maintain a positive brand image.
  • Give Agents Complete Context: Effectively fixing a complaint requires understanding the issue’s full context. Complaint management software equips agents with helpful tools to access past customer relations, contact information, and any file attachments provided by customers. With access to this information, agents can fully comprehend the situation and offer faster and more precise solutions. 

We’ve compiled a list of the top complaint management systems to help small, medium, and large enterprises handle inquiries from unhappy customers😟. Please review the special features of each tool:


Freshdesk is a complete complaint management system developed to help businesses virtually track, respond to, and fix customer issues. With its customer portal, Freshdesk provides social media connectivity to smoothly transition from issue to complaint.

Software for managing customer complaints called Freeshdesk.


  • An omnichannel support system across multiple channels.
  • A self-service support portal for customers to access instant help.
  • Integration with PagerDuty, enabling better handling of escalations.
  • Implementation of scenario automation to expedite ticket resolution.

With Freshdesk, it becomes much easier to cooperate across teams. Your agents can readily involve other internal teams in the ticket panel, assuring discussion before replying to customers. Freshdesk offers robust collaboration features, letting you transfer ticket ownership. 

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ComplianceQuest‘s complaint management system gives companies an exclusive platform to handle complaints throughout their entire lifecycle efficiently. From initial recording and initiation to research and regulatory assessment reporting, the system assures no complaints are overlooked or neglected.

A website belonging to comliancequest with the words complaint management.


  • Automatically sets all complaints in a row for the right complaint coordinator to review.
  • Teams handling complaints can order them according to urgency and threat.
  • The software automatically informs the relevant departments.
  • The cloning feature allows researchers to conduct additional investigations and reuse replies from earlier experiments.

Moreover, the system is trained with clever features that let supervisors recognize patterns and trends, helping them proactively control similar complaints in the future. This helpful insight encourages continuous progress by enriching workflows and strategies.


ZohoDesk is an integral online complaint system for companies, delivering a range of multichannel abilities, progressive reporting functionalities, and a platform for cross-functional collaboration.

With Zoho Desk, you can specify a direct customer feedback system by effectively handling complaints from various authorities like chat applications, call center recordings, and help desk tickets, all within a single platform.

zohodesk complaint management system


  • The Round Robin feature ensures that no complaint within the system goes unassigned. 
  • The Collision Alert feature stops overlapping by notifying agents regarding the same complaint.
  • Takes customer interactions to the next level with ZIA, a contextual AI. 
  • The Blueprints feature can be applied to any ticket, triggering all related actions while catching every detail without oversight.

It is designed primarily for small to medium-sized businesses with substantial customer service requests. One worthy feature of Zoho Desk is its potent issue-tracking software, ensuring that all complaints are diligently observed and resolved.


A lot of complaints limit the companies to fixed procedures for managing complaints, which may become hectic. However, Integrify provides a user-friendly and flexible complaint management platform.

With Integrify, you can readily customize and create complaint and incident intake forms that can be put on any website or within a personalized Integrify portal.

A screen with the words'complain management improve response time and service' with Integrify


  • Automatically scan email inbox for complaints.
  • Set escalations, delegations, and reminders.
  • Store historical data on all complaints and resolutions.
  • Track all actions on filed complaints, including user and time/date stamp.

Once complaints are proposed, companies can track and handle them using smart logic to ensure that standard operating instructions are followed. This process helps fulfill customer satisfaction by managing their concerns effectively. 


When clients voice their troubles, it offers a chance to strengthen your connection with them. Front ensures that you benefit from this opportunity by delivering unbiased and rambling replies. Front leverages analytics to pinpoint common problem areas, quickly designating customers to seek service for exact issues.

A pink background with a message on the screen from Front's website.


  • Create a complaint escalation approach and specify complaint types for front-end communication about issues.
  • Facilitate sharing of complaint discussions among team members.
  • Associate with helpdesk platforms, improving accessibility in complaint management.
  • Benefit from a searchable database and complaint history storage, allowing reference for ongoing improvement.

The Front presents a user-friendly help desk-style interface, setting it apart from other options. The software is recommended for handling complaints in small to medium businesses💼. While Front stays an ideal solution for complaint management across various business sizes, it may need more effort to execute in larger companies.


Expand your business’s performance with Happyfox, a broad customer complaint management system. Skillfully address all incoming complaints, track their progress, and resolve them with this robust system software. With a standard help desk system, you can effortlessly organize, assign, and manage customer concerns without the mess of a cluttered inbox.

Customer loyalty, increase retention rates with happyfox


  • Happyfox includes multiple channels for receiving customer complaints, including phone, email, and chat.
  • The software classifies complaints based on the type of product or service involved.
  • Clients can access their complaint history and review details of other clients’ complaints.
  • It also provides a complaint response time, enabling efficient handling of customer issues.

This eases the function by routing tickets to the right agents based on their skills, assuring each complaint receives the best possible attention. 


The IsoTracker complaint system provides companies with a user-friendly solution to facilitate complaint management and resolve problems. Moreover, it enables organizations to take bold and functional steps to reduce future complaints.

YouTube video


  • It gives a wide database to hold and follow all complaint-related data, including investigation, resolution, and closure.
  • Set due dates for critical activities, including complaint handling, action reminders, and escalation protocols.
  • Critical complaints and up-to-date Corrective Preventive Action (CAPA) reviews generate performance implications.

The built-in module feature offers a timely means of storing complaint-related documents, assuring easy retrieval whenever necessary.

Sprinklr Service

Sprinklr Service is a holistic solution for customer escalation, complaints, and disputes. Their special AI feature scans digital and social platforms to collect negative feedback to take follow up on them. This system also uses industrial machine learning models to rapidly organize and direct consumer messages to the right parties.

A screenshot of a facebook page showing a group of people with a twitter reply on sprinklr service's website


  • Automate complaint discovery, triage, and routing with advanced language processing and text analytics.
  • Link all digital channels (e.g., email, chat, social media) to your internal dispute resolution platform, CRM, and contact center.
  • Automate handling of initial messages and resolve complaints.

The result is a social media-centric solution that helps companies concede with regulations and provides a high level of service. This includes tracking service levels, identifying categories, and, ultimately, a comprehensive audit trail for end-to-end transparency.


With Wowdesk, you can set up a standard approach to record, track, and address customer complaints, ensuring that all essential customer data is captured effectively throughout the organization. 

A screen shot of a website with a variety of different pages featuring wowdesk complaint management software


  • Root Cause Analysis for Issue Resolution at Strategic Level.
  • Apply suitable complaint-solving techniques like Fishbone diagrams or Pareto analysis to identify the root cause.
  •  Oversee complaints from the moment they are raised until they are resolved.

This tool eases assigning and planning follow-up actions for managing complaints. It also lets you easily keep track of the progress made in resolving those complaints.


Octopuspro is a unified system that covers all social media channels and interactions so that every staff in the company can access the same information and operates within a single cohesive strategy. With everything centralized, nothing slips through the cracks.

YouTube video


  • Offers quality assurance features to manage issues and objections single-handedly.
  • Enables quick resolution by opening and closing complaints and providing timely follow-ups using canned responses.
  • Users can document root cause analysis directly within their Octopuspro account.

The platform enables constant progress for your organization by studying past grievances and extracting complaints.

Octopuspro helps you proactively control future problems by vigorously using its complaint management system. It aids in specifying root causes by recognizing clusters of consumer issues with similar traits and reporting you before they affect too many people. 

A personalized complaint management system with a cup of coffee.


Many people often view complaints as unpleasant and something they prefer avoiding. However, complaints and negative reviews can be helpful sources of insight, allowing companies to determine areas for progress and make opportunities to please their customers.

With top-notch complaint management software, businesses can drive all customer grievances in one centralized establishment, tracking them until they are resolved satisfactorily. 

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