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In Career Last updated: July 14, 2023
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With the growing number of cyber-attacks, even on the big names of the tech industry, the demand for security professionals is on the rise. You can also become a reputed security practitioner by earning the CASP+ certification.

Though every IT company is looking for experts who can make their system more secure by finding all the loopholes, it is not easy to find a security expert with in-depth enough knowledge of the IT security domain and standard practices. 

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner certification is a highly reputed credential that can confirm your expertise in cyber security and unlock new opportunities.

What Is CASP+ Certification?

What Is CASP+ Certification

CASP+ is the certification for advanced practitioners that validates the hands-on performance-based skills of the candidate at the advanced cybersecurity level. Remember that this certification is not for the manager. It is for the practitioners who need to implement solutions within the security policies and frameworks developed by the managers.

The highlighted attribute of CASP+ accreditation is that it covers security architecture and engineering. The only certification qualifies technical leaders to assess an organization’s cyber readiness. Also, it lets them design and enforce the right solutions to protect the enterprise from the next cyber attack.

CASP+ certification is an advanced-level certification for cybersecurity that covers an array of topics, such as security architecture, security engineering in various environments (traditional, modern, hybrid,) security governance, risk and compliance, cybersecurity assessment, and many more.

CASP+ Exam Overview

CASP+ Exam Overview

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner Certification verifies if one has sufficient skills to address existing risks and fight against cyber warfare and modern hacking techniques. 

It also ensures you have the knowledge and skill required to implement enterprise-level IT governance, security controls for hosts, devices, and networks, research and analysis, regular security assessments, and so on.

To evaluate these, the CASP+ exam verifies your expertise in the following domains:

  • Risk assessment of enterprise and industry security practices
  • Integration of cloud and virtual technologies into a security architecture
  • Development of enterprise security architecture combining all network and security components
  • Research industry trends and standard practices to develop security policies
  • Selection of appropriate tools and solutions for a security assessment and protection

CASP+ Certification Question Pattern

To get this certification, a candidate has to provide answers to up to 90 questions. All questions will be multiple-choice and performance-based, and you get 165 minutes to answer.

Passing Score

It has no scaled score, and you will only learn whether you passed or failed. CompTIA does not offer any information regarding the possible passing score.


This certification is valid for three years from the examination date. By performing training and activities related to your certification content or by earning higher certifications, you can extend the certification within the validity period. 

In three years, you can collect 75 or more Continuing Education Units (CEUs). Then, you can upload them to the CASP+ accreditation account for automatic renewal.

CASP+ Certification Exam Perquisites

To become eligible for the CASP+ exam, one should have at least ten years of general hands-on IT experience. Additionally, they need broad hands-on security experience for a minimum of five years before appearing on the CASP+ exam.

Some trending learning resources to put on your list are: 

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner: Udemy

This Udemy course should be on your list of online resources for the CASP+ accreditation preparation. Once you buy this course, you get access for a lifetime. The author of the course also updates the content frequently per CompTIA’s updates.

The course includes 181 practice questions in three different tests. The questions will usually cover the following exam fundamentals: 

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner Udemy
  • Enterprise security with architecture, operations, requirements, techniques, and concepts
  • How to meet business goals by analyzing trending cybercrime data and prevent any future attacks
  • Increasing the scope of cyber security to small devices and computer applications     
  • How to integrate cloud and virtualization technologies
  • Implementing device encryption for mobiles, tablets, and wearables
  • Taking help from advanced concepts like blockchain, cryptographic techniques, and cryptocurrencies

The course is highly recommended for cybersecurity professionals with no academic certification.

CompTIA CASP+ Risk Management: Udemy

If you are looking for concise learning content on CASP+ along with risk management, you can check out this CASP+ Risk Management Udemy course. The author has created the course to give you a detailed understanding of the CASP+ exam outline and its applications in real-world businesses. 

CompTIA CASP+ Risk Management Udemy

Key course topics are:

  • Introductory learning of CompTIA Linux+
  • Introduction of the company
  • A summary of industry and business influences and security risks
  • Executing risk mitigation through controls and strategies for a real-time scenario
  • Analyzing and forecasting risk and securing the business

Apart from the crucial exam topics that CompTIA will cover in the CASP+ certification, this learning content also provides free certification tips, guidance, flashcards, and practice papers. 

The course is entirely self-paced. Hence, it is the appropriate learning resource for working professionals. There are five learning sections in the course, with 7 video lectures. The total course spans 3 hours and 34 minutes of learning time.  

CASP+ Course & Full-Length Practice Exam: Udemy

Yet another bestseller learning course for CASP+ is this Udemy course from Dion Training Solutions. If you are a candidate for the upcoming CASP+ (CAS-004) Certification test, you must check out the complete content on Udemy.

CASP+ Course & Full-Length Practice Exam Udemy

To give you a hint, you will find the following topics in this course: 

  • Security operations in a business covering 30% of the exam
  • Security architecture will occupy 29% of the test
  • Risk, compliance, and governance carry a weightage of 15%
  • Cryptography and security engineering will cover the rest of the 26% of the test 

The course outline looks exhaustive and requires 31 hours and 28 minutes of focused learning. You will find 33 sections of the CASP+ exam content. Furthermore, there are 285 lecture videos to clarify the learning content completely.

However, the candidate must possess background education like Security+, CompTIA PenTest+, CySA+, and CompTIA Network+ to understand the course appropriately.   

CAS-004 CASP+: Udemy

Those who have been preparing for the upcoming CAS-004 CASP+ certification and want to test their preparedness should check out this CAS-004 CASP+ Udemy course soon. The learning resource comes with the latest practice questions updated for the 2022 session. Since the author keeps the content updated, the resource is also good for upcoming years.

CAS-004 CASP+ Udemy

Key highlights of the practice question topics are: 

  • Cybersecurity in the hybrid, cloud, and traditional business environments
  • Design, engineer, implement and integrate security solutions across the business
  • Support ongoing cybersecurity operations
  • Apply security measures on mobile devices
  • Cryptographic technologies for cybersecurity
  • Creating policies for compliance, risk, and governance across the company

However, the course is only suitable for certain professionals since it requires technical knowledge and working background before one can understand the course content. For example, if you are a security analyst, senior security engineer, security architect, or SOC manager, you must sign up for this course.   

CASP+ Certification Training: Infosec Train

Infosec Train is a reputed online learning content publisher mainly in the niches like technology, management, Microsoft, etc. It also offers outstanding learning content for those working professionals who need to earn the CASP+ certification to grow their careers vertically.

If you are planning to get the CompTIA accreditation, you must bring the following to the table: 

  • At least five years of hands-on expertise in cybersecurity
  • 10 years or more experience in information technology (IT) administration
CASP+ Certification Training Infosec Train

Once you are ready, sign up for this online learning content for 

  • A blended model for learning content delivery
  • Learning from CompTIA authorized instructors
  • Learn from the industry expert and certified trainers
  • 40 hours of live instructor-led training

You can also choose the one-on-one training model if you want premium guidance. Moreover, those from a corporate who want group learning can hire a dedicated trainer from Infosec Train.  

CompTIA CASP+ (CAS-003): uCertify

Another option for you to start your learning journey for the CASP+ certification is this uCertify course. It offers you cybersecurity lab-based hands-on projects in an online and safe environment. 

CompTIA CASP+ (CAS-003) uCertify

Notable course outlines are:

  • Enterprise security architecture
  • Risk management
  • Integration of enterprise security
  • Enterprise security operations
  • Collaboration
  • Research and development

The training course has three distinctive sections: Lessons, TestPrep, and LiveLab. The Lessons section covers theories, a glossary of terms, flashcards, and quizzes.

On the other hand, the TestPrep section includes pre-assessment questions, more than two full-length lab tests, post-assessment questions, and practice quizzes.

Finally, the LiveLab covers more than 35 LiveLab assignments through self-paced video content.    

The uCertify course also allows you to evaluate the course content by taking a trial learning session. If you feel satisfied, you can buy the full content. Moreover, you can get a free evaluation copy if you are an institutional or enterprise instructor. 

CASP+ Certification Training: Learning Tree

Learning Tree is another reputed organization that offers you a course of CASP+ certification. This instructor-led training course is only 5-day long, so if you do not have much time to prepare for the certification, this could be a great option.

CASP+ Certification Training Learning Tree

The course consists of 5 modules:

  • Enterprise Security
  • Research, Analysis, and Assessment
  • Risk Management and Incident Response
  • Technical Integration of Enterprise Components
  • Integrating Computing, Communications, and Business Disciplines

Furthermore, the course will familiarize you with exam goals and teach you learning methods. As you complete this course, you earn 29 CompTIA CEUs that can be used during your certification renewal. 

CASP+ Exam CAS-004): NetCom Learning

This e-learning course from NetCom Learning enables you to gain all the necessary skills to get the CASP+ certification successfully. 

You can receive a comprehensive learning experience from this self-paced online course. Each lesson includes several learning activities, including instructional content, review, videos, and multiple-choice practice questions.

CASP+ Exam CAS-004) NetCom Learning for CASP

The dashboard gives one a clear idea about their strengths and weaknesses. You can access the learning material even from a mobile device. However, you may not get the best experience while accessing performance-based questions from a smartphone.

The highlights of this course include:

  • Embedded videos to complement the instructional content
  • Flashcards for IT terminology and acronyms quiz
  • PowerPoint slides covering all the course topics
  • Course Map details with CASP+ exam objectives
  • Achievement badges to motivate the learners

CompTIA CASP+ Certification: Skillsoft

Skillsoft is a trusted name in the learning content industry for multinational organizations, enterprises, and big tech firms. Under the brand name Global Knowledge, Skillsoft offers an exhaustive list of learning resources for various CompTIA certifications. 

Some notable training courses for CompTIA are: 

  • CompTIA IT Fundamentals (ITF+)
  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA Linux+
  • CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+)
  • CompTIA Cloud+
CompTIA CASP+ Certification Skillsoft

The platform is highly recommended for corporate and businesses who want group learning. Hence, according to the convenience of professionals of those companies, Skillsoft offers tailored learning content delivery. 

For example, you can take a subscription for a fixed number of candidates and assign access to those professionals in your business. Or, you can opt for a live instructor course too. There are also other delivery modes like certification path and Skillsoft Percipio Catalog.    

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner: Education To Go

Do you want to become a part of the fastest-growing IT sector as a security professional? Then, opt for the online CompTIA training course from Education To Go to boost your professional profile. 

CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner

This self-paced online course will prepare you for the exam through a flexible, online environment. You get six months to complete this 75-hour long course. Since it comes with an open enrollment status, you can start preparing anytime. Besides gaining knowledge of five key topics, it makes you confident enough to ace the exam.

Moreover, the course comes with a voucher that prepaid access to sit for the CASP+ (CAS-004) exam upon eligibility. However, you may need to pay for the Proctor fees separately.


There is a high demand for cyber security experts, which will only increase in the future. If you want to make a long-term career in the security domain, going for CASP+ certification is a good idea.

Adding this CASP+ certification to your profile, you can get identified as qualified security professional. You can also get certificates on ethical hacking to earn expertise in other spheres of the cyber world.

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