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In Digital Marketing Last updated: July 9, 2023
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Do you want to thrive in your career as a content marketer? If yes, you must be aware of the best online content marketing course to opt for. It is your lucky day as we have summed up the top content marketing courses that can fit you best.

We live in an era where we can find everything online, from yoga to dance, business to classes, and whatnot. You can say that the internet is becoming the core of knowledge in the present time. As the phrase says, knowledge is power, which isn’t possible without content.

Hence, comes content marketing.

Content Marketing is the core of Digital Marketing that makes it possible to write killer content, choose focused keywords, and develop social media strategies.

However, content marketers are not gifted or lucky, but they have market experience and knowledge that makes them extraordinary. Along with this, the marketing certifications help them to stand out of any challenges.

Content marketing focuses on distributing and creating relevant, valuable, and consistent content using a strategic marketing approach. The aim is to retain and attract the audience, attain loyalty, cost-saving, increase sales, and drive profitable action.

With this said, here are the best online content marketing courses that boost your career growth and help you thrive in the market.

Content Marketing Marsterclass

Udemy’s Content Marketing Masterclass is all about email marketing, SEO, copywriting, promotion, content creation, etc., to grow your business. The course is ideal for beginners with no prior experience, freelancers, marketers, employees, executives, and entrepreneurs. The professionals will learn:

  • Optimize website to drive profitable user action and content marketing,
  • Increase brand recognition, traffic, and sales with digital content,
  • Collect the data and analyze the results for future campaigns,
  • Build strategies and grow business,
  • Learning about social media or external marketing channels,
  • Understanding the cognitive buying journey,
  • Generate an endless stream of content,
  • Use valuable content to build an effective sales funnel and email list,
  • Promote content and drive traffic,
  • Understanding effective writing,
  • Know the effective types of content,
  • Develop a system to generate content ideas,
  • And optimize the site to drive a consistent stream for search engines.

The course offers a unique competitive advantage that can help grow business and thrive in the market. It covers essential content, classic marketing fundamentals, content formats or repurposing, copywriting, web design, SEO, content types, email marketing, measuring results, and external marketing channels.

Grow Your Business with Content Marketing

Available on Udemy, Grow Your Business with Content Marketing helps professionals to gain knowledge, allowing them to make their content marketing plans. The aim is to grow their brand value and business with modern content marketing. The course offers:

  • Measuring results of marketing tactics to understand the trends and iterating success,
  • Developing content creation and ideation that can work in the market,
  • Learning content marketing that can help your business,
  • Use social media to promote and deliver content,
  • Publish content that can help in the target audience and the right format,
  • Understanding the target audience to deliver the best content,
  • Getting subscribers, followers, and potential customers,
  • And creating a marketing funnel that can attract and retain customers.

The online course is available for beginners that want to start with the strategies, digital marketers, YouTubers, entrepreneurs, social media influencers, online course creators, freelancers, and others with the motive of a growing business. On completion, the candidates can publish, create, and promote content to increase website traffic, gain followers, make sales, and grow an email list.

How to Blog

How to Blog – The Creators Guide to Content Marketing, available on Udemy, is an online course that offers information on optimal on-page SEO. The course aims to deep dive into writing blog posts that can handle traffic or audience. It will help create feature images, research blog post topics, and understand how to structure from a technical standpoint.

The lessons include case studies and pro blogging for content marketing. The course is ideal for small business owners and beginner bloggers to find new topics, make categories, images, tags, and types of content, create feature images, and structure blog posts.

Best of SEO

Udemy’s BEST of SEO: #1 SEO Training & Content Marketing Course 2022 is about content marketing, SEO, and copywriting consulting. SEO help seekers, website admins, website owners, influencers, B2C, B2B, affiliate marketers, bloggers, start-ups, growth hackers, digital marketers, entrepreneurs, advertisers, creatives, content creators, marketers, job seekers, and anyone interested can opt for this course.

The candidates can learn:

  • Understanding SEO using snippers, video features, etc.,
  • Discovering ways to understand high-quality backlinks,
  • Mastering on-page and off-page SEO, UX signals, mobile SEO, etc.,
  • Responsive WordPress websites,
  • Increasing CTR with rich snippets and Google features,
  • SEO keywords research and analytics guide,
  • SEO fundamentals and gaining access to its tools,
  • Mastering SEO-rich snippets and SEO Google search,
  • And understanding SEO for local business and potent video SEO.

The course comes with pro copywriting templates, course materials, free lifetime access, PDF packed with resources and assignments. It will help in outreach techniques, image tricks, obtaining quality links, and Yoast configurations.

Top of Mind

Top of Mind, available on LinkedIn Learning, is an online course that can help professionals understand the content value. The aim is to work on content that can impact, attract, and retain customers. It gives an insight into how to use the content, earn customer trust, and communicate the brand message with confidence.

The course covers:

  • Becoming business mind
  • Digital content and social media
  • Building connections and trust
  • Understanding internet changes and their impact on the marketplace
  • Content marketing

The course summarizes getAbstract to attain consistent leads and benefit from sensible messages.

Content Marketing Foundations

LinkedIn Learning’s Content Marketing Foundations online course is all about building a solid foundation of content marketing. The online course creates an enduring relationship with the audience, helps build credibility, increases visibility, etc. The course explains the significant concepts of content marketing, its type, content plant, and developing an editorial calendar.

This online course covers:

  • Understanding content marketing and its major strategies
  • Selecting the type of content, topics, outlines, and placements
  • Conveying thoughts of leaders
  • Promoting products using paid and shared media
  • Creating content strategies and producing content
  • Optimizing content, formatting for distribution and creating a frictionless experience
  • Measuring content actions and integrating content with repurposing

The course explores editing, writing, and designing content that can impact the market. It covers curating the content and mixing it to influence customers and develop successful storytelling.

Advance Your Content Marketing Skills


Advance Your Content Marketing Skills online course showcases the effective campaigns that the strategist can use to maximize the market’s impact. Available on LinkedIn Learning, the course helps professionals learn ways to send the right message, get the most out of campaigns, and create the right strategies.

The online course covers:

  • Digital marketing foundations that help in developing online marketing strategies, engaging potential customers, etc.
  • Learning to write marketing copy to attract and engage with the audience.
  • Business storytelling tells stories that can relate to real-life problems and connect with the audience. It helps in applying the basic principles that open doors for business communication.
  • UX foundations that can help in building content guidelines, persona spectrums, and content.
  • Advanced content marketing and SEO foundations.
  • Building an integrated plan for online marketing covering goals, customers, channels, and values.
  • Content marketing foundations to explore extraordinary values and grow business.
  • Discovering top social media strategies to build community, engage with users, ad create buzz.
  • Google Analytics training to analyze, track, and report the marketing goals.
  • Content marketing newsletter to create compelling content, email database, and grow brands.
  • Creating an editorial calendar with best practices and organizing campaigns.

The online course includes 18+ hours of content to teach effective content planning strategies, master marketing principles, and discover storytelling.

Creating Digital Content for the World

edX’s Internationalization: Creating Digital Content for the World is a free online content marketing course. The course will help create a digital product that is world-ready and impact the market. It focuses on developing and designing the product’s core features that can work on the market.

However, a single language won’t introduce the digital product to the international market. It is essential to cater to different regional formats, writing systems, and directionality to design requirements.

The course will also cover design requirements around localizability to translate products easily and meet any challenges of creating products. It also ensures the best user experience across the market without offending anyone on political or cultural aspects.

Digital Branding and Engagement

Digital Branding and Engagement, available on edX, aims to increase distribution and brand engagement across digital channels. The online course helps professionals increase brand awareness in the hyperaware and interconnected world. It aims to promote the business, product, or service using a digital channel.

It works on digital technology, making a new way for businesses to communicate with customers and build brand awareness. In the hyperaware world, brands are leveraging a two-way conversation making it easier to reach customers and listen to their feedback or suggestions.

The MicoMasters Credentials have made it easier for companies to reach out, altering brand communications. This online course helps candidates contrast and compare consumer control to create strategies for engagement and participation.

Along with this, the content marketing module will help identify the challenges and explore top strategies. It also includes earned media that help to evaluate and examine platforms on different levels and investigate brand engagement. The owned media assets can help make the right decision and determine the value.

Get Certified

Content Marketing Course: Get Certified in Content Marketing is available on Hubspot Academy is an excellent way to become a content marketer. The free certification course is ideal for content producers, inbound professionals, and marketing professionals.

It will help the content marketers to become leaner, stronger, and more strategic with their approach to growing in the market. It also helps in creating and repurposing content for search engines and humans. It learns the basic framework of content creation to ensure consistency in the content.

The candidates will learn:

  • Content creation framework
  • Power of storytelling
  • Creation of quality blog attracting and retaining customers
  • Generating content ideas
  • Planning content strategies that can benefit for long-run
  • Building guest blogging strategies
  • Blogging to rank on search engine
  • Creating video marketing strategies
  • Repurposing to increase the value of content
  • Measuring and analyzing content
  • Effectively promoting content
  • Creating pillar pages and topic clusters

The online course comes with videos, lessons, and quizzes to help professionals learn the basics and thrive with SEO and content marketing.

Strategy of Content Marketing

Coursera’s online course The Strategy of Content Marketing showcases the partnership between copy bloggers and content marketers. It deep dive into the content marketing strategies, writing compelling copies, and building brand image in the market.

The candidates will learn:

  • Content marketing ecosystem that will help in defining it and repurposing content that can work in the market. It builds the brands using a personal website and schedules a content calendar for editorial purposes.
  • The 7A framework or strategic context is applied to content that works and captures the audience’s attention. It creates content with effective headlines and prioritizes acceleration to write with confidence and authority.
  • Mapping the journey that will help to develop an experience and empathy map along with creating a user persona. It covers the topic of crafting a content marketing strategy that explores essential elements that showcase results.
  • Types of content is another topic that is covered in this online course. It allows users to define and identify the strategic content such as authority, action, affinity, and attraction content. It combines major elements of the content piece.
  • Managing content while practicing good ethics and establishing guidelines that can help in building relationships between customers and the company.

This online course will help analyze, measure, and prepare strategic copies using frameworks. It is an intermediate level with 19 hours of resources covering copywriting, content marketing, management, and writing.

Content Strategy Specialization

Content Strategy for Professionals Specialization, available on Coursera, helps create and implement top-notch and high-quality content. The professionals can create engaging content and master the communication strategies making the business stand out.

This online course will teach content management, strategic storytelling for audience engagement, maximizing content impact, and multi-channel digital communities.

The professionals can learn:

  • Content strategies that can help to engage the audience provide thought-leadership to develop stories. It helps professionals to create honest, strategic, and engaging blogs, information, or stories.
  • It will help in managing content using human-centered design to utilize mobile and social media.
  • Content strategies to expand content reach by engaging in multi-channel digital communities to grow internal and external audiences. It utilizes content, social networks, and emerging tools across social media.
  • It ensures content impact in the market using photography, font choices, and videos to visualize communication. Content strategists can measure the effectiveness of the content and expand their reach using practical tips.
  • Capstone project can help professionals to understand the impact and scope of the content.

The users can polish up their skills like target audience, brand management, communication strategy, content creation, content marketing, persona, etc. Professionals can communicate data, information, and stories easily in transparent, trustworthy, and credible media using strategic goals.

10x Marketing

SKillshare’s 10x Marketing: Content Marketing That Stands Out & Gets Results online course aims to learn with CoSchedule. The working professionals and industry leaders give the lesson covering design, illustration, photography, etc.

The online course includes:

  • Introduction in content Marketing
  • Competition-free content
  • Prioritizing 10x opportunities
  • Creating a process for content that can work

It aims to work on content that can give marketing results and year-over-year growth. The online course covers finding topics, establishing priorities for the content, building the publishing process, optimizing content, and high-potential ideas.

Getting Started

Get started with content marketing available on Google Digital Garage, which covers the basics of content marketing. The course includes:

  • Introduction to content marketing
  • Know the online customers
  • Choosing the right content format
  • Writing content keeping the online audience in mind
  • Working on content that can engage customers
  • Measuring and analyzing content marketing success rate

The online course is designed in a way that can increase site traffic and build trust among users. The aim is to write on content that can organize production, engage online audiences, choose the right format, and promote the content. It also tracks the marketing success rate to work on strategies that can impact it.

Semrush Content Marketing

Semrush Content Marketing Toolkit Course is all about getting advice and tips from experts to maximize the efforts. The content marketers can leverage the nine lessons video lessons that help to learn about Semrush and marketing strategies.

The lessons include the knowledge about Semrush content marketing toolkit. It is easier to test the skills, identify weaker spots and strengths to ensure that you can thrive in the market. The online course includes content research or ideation, analysis or optimization, performance or management, and content management.


These are the best online content marketing courses to help you reach a new height in your career. It is best to know everything about content marketing and grow more if you want to take the road.

Check about social media marketing, search engine optimization, and online marketing terms that can help you polish your career.

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