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In Career and Design Last updated: October 29, 2022
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With the introduction of AI and Robotics, conversation design certification has gained the limelight in the world of certifications. Like many others, you might wonder what conversation design is and why this topic is so hyped up!

Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri are widely used by people nowadays. But many people don’t know that the science behind these virtual assistants is conversation design. These virtual assistants act like humans and execute the user’s command by listening to their voice or action and responding appropriately.

So, conversation designing is done to make the user’s experience more comfortable and easy.


In this article, we will discuss what conversation design is and what it includes. We will also learn about who conversation designers are and what their roles and responsibilities are. We will also know the eligibility criteria to sign up for a conversation designer certification course and who is suitable for it. Lastly, we will learn about the course syllabus and the future scope of conversation design. 

What is Conversation design?

Conversation Design is a creative field that evolved from user experience design and copywriting. It makes it feasible for us to use software and apps without the conventional keyboard, mouse, and graphical user interface. Instead, we communicate by speaking. As a result, conversation design enables machines and artificial intelligence to engage in informal conversation in a manner similar to that of a person.

We’ve seen that many websites offer chatbots that can respond to our questions. A chatbot is built to help you and respond to your inquiries. They have been created to improve the user’s entire interaction with the supplied website, product, or service.


The owner of the website can assess the demands of its users, thanks to this type of design. Conversation design aims to ensure that users like interacting with their chatbots. It also provides the website or business owner with a close-up view of the demands and desires of the audience.

Similarly, we frequently employ virtual assistant software without realizing it. The fundamental objective of these programs is to simulate human interaction such that you never realize you are speaking to a machine.

The goal is to make communication productive without adding stress or irritation from what may otherwise feel like a tiresome and unsuccessful chat with an uncomfortable robot. Conversation design aims to make the interactions as natural, beneficial, and user-friendly as achievable.

Who are Conversation Designers?

Conversation flow designers try to make these applications’ conversations flow organically. Since they must satisfy both the requirements of the customer and the needs of the organization, a conversation designer’s job might seem extremely hard. 


Even though they are the brains behind giving the conversational experience an almost human quality, their roles are not limited to that. They frequently have to consider if their work simultaneously advances the goals of the business owner and the demands of the customer. Additionally, conversation designers must view comments made by more than just one person. They must plan to create the best response and consider what a consumer could say.

What are the roles and responsibilities of Conversation designers?

Conversation designers design the customer experience of a virtual assistant. They ensure the virtual assistant is extemporaneously attractive, affects the user, and embodies the brand voice. Like an architect, a conversation designer plans out what people can accomplish in a room while considering both their wants and any technical limitations. 

Conversation Designers convert the brand’s business needs into organic dialogue flows supported by UX research and sound design principles. Additionally, they nurture the dialogue by laying out the flow and its underlying logic in a thorough design specification that embodies the whole user experience. They collaborate with developers and stakeholders to refine the designs and execute the venture.

Conversation Design Certification Course

If you are interested in becoming a conversation designer, you must opt for relevant courses. Many conversation design certification courses are available on the internet and are also offered by many institutes these days. These courses can help you become a part of one of the most exciting sectors, i.e., Artificial Intelligence

One such conversation designer certification course is offered by the Conversation Design Institute. The name of this course is Conversation Designer Certification Bundle.

It includes all-course access along with the certification exam for its users. This course is very renowned and is widely accepted in the current industry. The institute ensures that the course is taught so it can be utilized in every conversational interface.

YouTube video

Let us dig deeper into this certification course to learn more about the specifications and accessibility of the course. 


This conversation design certification course is self-paced. It means that the learners can complete their course according to their own availability and comfort. It is estimated that if the learners devote 4 hours per week for 8 weeks, they can efficiently complete this course.

Offline or Online

This course offered by the Conversation Design Institute is entirely online. The learners can quickly complete the course within the comforts of their own house. There is no additional overhead of visiting the college, transportation, and timings.


The cost of this course is $1,749.00. A vast number of payment options, including the choice to pay in six monthly installments, are available from Conversation Design Institute.

Access duration to course material

Learners can access the course for a whole year through any device of their choice. All they would need is their login id and password. The study materials and lecture videos would be available to the learners through their credentials.

Certification validity

Once the learners complete the exam and successfully pass it, they get a certificate that is industry recognized and completely valid. This certificate can easily help you get a job as a Conversation Designer in renowned companies. 


There are no such eligibility criteria for the course, according to the website. But it would be highly beneficial for learners to be aware of chatbots and voice assistants beforehand.

Who is this certification course for?

The conversation design certification course is a must-have for those who already work with chatbots or voice assistants. It is also suitable for professionals who want to get started in the booming field of conversation design. It can act as a career catalyst for those with a background in user experience design, customer service, content management, marketing, product design, or writing.

What is the syllabus of the conversation design certification course?

This conversation design certification course consists of two parts. The first part is the fundamentals, and the second part is the workflow. The fundamentals part focuses on the basics of conversation designing. It consists of topics like Psychology of Conversations, Understanding Scenarios, How to Write Prompts, How to Write Bot Introductions, Turn-taking, Explicit & Implicit Confirmations, Acknowledgements, Prompt Verbosity, Empathy, etc. 

The second part focuses more on the workflow of conversation designing. It includes topics like the Conversation Design Workflow, Explore Operations and Tech, Identify User Personas, Why Create a Bot Persona, How to Create a Bot Persona, etc. 

What are the perks of this course?

You learn about all the conversation design concepts, roles, and workflow in great depth by taking this course. Through this course, you can quickly assess your knowledge and earn a certification. You can identify yourself as a qualified Conversation Designer after completing the exam.

Once the course is over, you get access to templates, canvasses, and the newest Conversation Design Institute research. You can learn all (new) content for the duration of your license, which is valid for a year. Additionally, you have access to the CDI alumni network, an international employment board, invitations to online events, reduced event entrance prices, and other benefits for alums.

What is the scope after the course completion?

Following course completion, the courses and certifications will aid you in designing, developing, and deploying effective chatbots and voice assistants right out of the gate.

The certification program is built on a step-by-step process accepted by businesses, academic institutions, designers, and technology firms. Your entry into the industry will be aided by this, and the institution will work with you to help you become the finest conversation designer you can be.

AI assistant is already being developed by large service and technology organizations with teams of over 100 people. Conversation designers are actively being hired by organizations like Crossphace, Oracle, Nestle, Vodafone, Liveperson, PwC, Deloitte, Swiss, etc. Overall, this conversation design certification course offers a lot of opportunities to its students.

Students from all over the world are taking up this course to make their careers in Conversation Design. Many students from European countries, Russia, South Asia, North America, Brazil, and some African countries are already pursuing this course in this field and are making a career out of it.

Learning Resouces

Here are some learning resources if you would like to build your career in Conversational Design.

Conversation Design Institute

Conversational Design Fundamentals by Google Cloud: Coursera

Introduction to Voice Interface Design: Udemy


As conversational AI becomes more prevalent, there are several career prospects for those who dedicate their time to building, implementing, and managing AI assistants. They are all attempting to figure out how to create interactions that benefit the company and the individuals using AI assistants.

Therefore, enrolling in a Conversation Design certification program will pay off greatly for the students. There are a lot of opportunities in this booming industry, which makes it proper value for money in today’s world.

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