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In Design Last updated: June 11, 2022
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Are you planning to start a career in conversation design? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We will walk you through several courses and resources that can be your most significant assets.

Let’s first understand what conversation design is, how you can become one, and career options in the future.

Conversation Designers are usually famous as Conversational Copywriters, Chatbot Designers, and VUI Designers. However, it has embodied the unification of copywriters, designers, and VUI experts. For the central conversational AI team, it reflects the consolidation of industries.

The conversational channels manage voice assistants, chatbots, and IVRs with dedicated Android and iOS teams. Conversation Designers need to follow an approach that can cover design and copywriter work differently.

The conversational design brings technology, heuristics, and linguistics together, making it easier to communicate with others. The designers provided natural language processing, speech recognition, and natural language understanding to offer alternatives to the solutions.

The content has gone ahead with chatbots and voice assistants to offer a personalized experience. Designing with plans, text-based chat, visual, and voice engagement. Psychology, technology, and copywriting are the core of Conversation Designer to work on intelligent robots.

With this said, let us walk you through ways to kickstart your career in Conversation Design with the top courses and resources.

Establish a Career in Conversation Design with these Courses

Conversation design usually opens a career in UX design, AI training/linguistics, product design, and copywriting. The designs solve the problem and are user-focused thinking for the end-user. It helps create a user-friendly and cohesive experience focused on engagement, clarity, and speed. 

Here are some of the courses that can help you establish a career in Conversation Design.

Conversation Designer Certification

Conversation Designer Certification Bundle Conversation Design Institute covers sample dialogue, long-tail design, wizard-of-oz testing, and flowchart design. The aim is to give attention to human-centricity design offering a whole new experience to the conversational interface.

This course is ideal for you if you are a beginner in conversational design, understand voice assistants or chatbots, have a background in customer service, experience design, marketing, content management, customer services, product design, etc.

The course will cover:

  • Bot needs and user needs canvassing
  • Conversation design workflow
  • Flowcharting
  • Sample dialogue
  • Writing fundamentals
  • Wizard of Oz testing

The courses offer a deep understanding of conversational design, proven workflow, hands-on advice, new lectures, online access to 130+ video lectures, learning materials, etc.

Botsociety Certification

Botsociety Certification – Conversation Design Course, available on Udemy, covers the basics of conversation design. The course will help design voice and chatbots taking popularity to a new level. This course covers:

  • Understanding Botsociety
  • Designing, previewing, testing, exporting, and prototyping the projects
  • Leverage real-time collaboration features
  • Basics of conversational AI
  • Usability testing
  • Design and prototype voicebots and chatbots
  • Basics of designing for voicebots and chatbots
  • Best practices about conversational UX and design

The 6-hours course offers small tutorials and recorded losses by experts Head of Evangelism – Caio Calado, CEO of Botsociety – Vittorio Banfi, and Account Executive – Dylan Wilczkowiak. Upon completing this course, the candidates will be able to create a conversational prototype, understand its concepts, real-life projects, apply processes using Botsociety, and know the design tips.

The course is ideal for Data Scientists, Conversational Copywriters, Conversational Designers, Developers, Product Managers, UX Designers, Engineers, AI Trainers, Writers, and candidates interested in working on conversational projects.

Contact Center AI

The Contact Center AI: Conversational Design Fundamentals course offers an understanding to design customer solutions using AI and its three pillars – Agent Assist, Dialogflow, and Insights. The professionals will create virtual agents and intelligent conversations that can help companies.

The professionals will learn:

  • Dialog flows to translate business requirement
  • Designing virtual assistant’s user experience
  • Monitor, troubleshoots, and operate problems
  • Creates business applications using runtime environment and high-level development
  • Support, install and maintain the system and network tools
  • Code computer software using JavaScript, Python, C++, and API/SDK

The course offers fundamentals of designing conversations using tools, objects, and methods to develop and run essential virtual agents.

Conversation Design Course

Conversation Design Course can be your go-to-way for creating a top-notch conversational experience. It helps in designing high-quality chatbots and voice bots while maintaining user experience. Whether you are an experience or beginner bot builder, this course can be your way ahead.

The course offers bot-building knowledge to the candidates, helping them level up conversation design skills. It comes with several principles allowing professionals to obtain in-depth knowledge about the same. The free online course offers essential skills that can enhance professionals’ credentials.

It covers the subject’s process and theory, enabling professionals to delve deeper into it and understand conversational design. The course includes basics about conversational AI, conversation design practice, designing conversations, process models, outro, and designing for phone and voice.

Conversation Design Training

Designers by VoiceTech Global, Conversation Design Training can help build a portfolio, get real-world experience, and establish an advanced career. It focuses on working on the practical skills of the professionals to cover basics, backgrounds, and levels.

The online course covers advanced conversational experience design and foundations in conversational experience design. It comes with live weekly training, 1:1 mentorship, group practice, extensive learning materials such as workbooks, video materials, reading, templates, and a unique multimodal Capstone project case study.

Introduction to Conversational Design

Voxable specially designs Introduction to Conversational Design to establish the foundation for professionals. The course covers the design principles that can help professionals learn about voice assistants, chatbots, and processes. It offers design experience for Samsung Bixby, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Web.

The course is based on voice and chat technology in-demand to streamline internal processes, service customers, extend products, and grow brands. The candidates will learn:

  • Building conversational brand
  • Conceptualization
  • Use of Natural Language Understanding (NLU)
  • Identifying and working on core technologies
  • Writing structure conversational and sample scripts flow diagrams
  • Translate user research
  • Handing assets
  • Researching for subject
  • Refining elements to build interface

The course is ideal for UX professionals, students, designers, product people, content strategies, copywriters, etc.

Conversation Design Resources

Working in the conversation design industry can be challenging if you are unaware of its innovative and exciting opportunities. The adoption rates and advances in the industry are at their peak, so it is essential to be prepared for every insight, innovation, and idea across.

Here are some of the significant resources that can help you gain a solid base in the market.

Conversational UX Design

Conversational UX Design: A Practitioner’s Guide to the Natural Conversation Framework (ACM Books) by Robert J. Moore and Raphael Arar is available on Amazon. The book covers natural language interface, far-filed microphone array, and natural language understanding techniques for chatbots and voice assistants.

The book talks about:

  • Expandable sequence and its interaction model
  • Corresponding content format
  • Six basic user action alogn with their navigation method
  • 100 generic UX pattern with a pattern language

In the present world, chatbots and voice assistants have become the primary mode of interaction with computers. It is now widespread in the labs into cars, desktops, living rooms, and phones. The books highlight the Conversation Analysis (CA) and outline the Natural Conversation Framework (NCF).

It also combines the context of conversational interface showcasing user experience design such as new principles, vocabulary, and interaction patterns.

Studies in Conversational UX Design

Studies in Conversational UX Design by Margaret H. Szymanski, Guang-Jie Ren, Raphael Arar, and Robert J. Moore. The book exports science and UX design contains contributions from industry and academic researchers and addresses fundamental issues.

The book covers several chapters, including:

  • Human Conversation and Conversational Agents covering adapting to customer initiative and conversational agents for healthcare.
  • Agent Knowledge covering helping users reflect on behaviors and conversation agents for navigation.
  • Agent Misunderstanding covering recovering dialogue failure and teaching agents in goal-oriented conversational agents.
  • Agent Design covering natural conversation framework and conversational style.

It also provides case studies around design principles and demonstrates text-based and voice-based interface approaches. The book also talks about the limitation of natural language processing technologies and microphones to understand the process.

It helps the readers understand the intersection of UX design in-depth and analyze the human conversation. It highlighted the varied backgrounds, exported the conversational UX design, created virtual agents, and found a new kind of UX design.

Designing Voice User Interfaces

Designing Voice User Interfaces: Principles of Conversational Experiences by Cathy Pearly, available on Amazon, is all about voice user interfaces (VUIs). The book covers the design principles of all the products, such as home assistants, devices, toys, mobile apps, and more.

The book offers:

  • Monitoring apps and improve its performance while analyzing the data,
  • Includes real-world examples of VUIs,
  • Understanding the design concept of VUI including conversational systems and command-control,
  • Learning practical testing ways,
  • Exploring speech recognition technology,
  • And deciding on visual representation.

The reader will be able to deep dive into measuring VUIs performance, speech recognition engine, and quality improvement.


Handbook of Conversation Design for Instructional Applications by Rocci Luppicini brings the multidisciplinary body of conversation, critical perspectives of the design, and its popular practices. It offers cutting-edge challenges and issues covering multimodal instructional developers and designers.

The book covers topics like:

  • Intelligent agents
  • Adaptive systems
  • Learning in storytelling
  • Knowledge testing
  • Online learning communities
  • Conversation design
  • Human centrality
  • Conversationally articulated learning
  • Electronic discussion
  • Theories of consciousness and many more.

It provides a practical and theoretical approach to the framework or conversation design, introduces critical areas of application, introduces techniques for instruction, and discusses several trends or areas. The book highlighted the development and design of instructional applications with practical and theoretical knowledge of conversation design.

Conversation Design Principles

Conversation Design Principles – Lightning Talk with Peter Hodgson talks about the design language based on human conversation. It showcases technological constraints, users’ needs, and conversational design. The video is divided into different chapters such as:

  • Conversation Design principles
  • Patterns and UX primitives leveraging the principles
  • User contexts design
  • Brand persona
  • Context-sensitive repair
  • End-to-end sample dialogs
  • Cross-platform developments
YouTube video

Designing Actions on Google

Designing Actions on Google emphasizes design expertise such as interaction design, UX writing, motion design, and visual design. It scales up the device conversations and crafts them intuitively and naturally.

The resource will explain everything about conversation design, how one can kickstart their career, users, persona, style guides, design multiple devices, drafting conversation, visual components, error handling, and conversational components.


When it comes to finding a job in conversational design, professionals have many options. It includes Chatbot Product Owner, Conversation Designer, AI Conversation Designer, and many more. The professionals are responsible for designing user-focused and innovative interfaces offering a multimodal user experience. 

These courses and resources will help the conversation design to create and refine the product. It makes it easier for the UX designers to collaborate with developers and work on the product as they deem fit.

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