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In Digital Marketing Last updated: November 20, 2022
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If you are in a business, you will surely be performing several digital marketing tactics to boost your online presence.

It may improve your organic traffic, paid performance, and social media presence. Of course, you will need to measure how effectively your marketing campaigns work.

Conversion tracking is the practice of measuring the performance of display media and search media marketing. Conversion tracking keeps track of all the actions that turned into conversions.


Besides tracking conversion counts, it also helps you analyze the actions and behaviors of your customers toward your brand.

Benefits of Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is the key to improving your marketing strategies as it shows the effectiveness of your advertisement plans. It has several benefits to offer for any business. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  • It helps determine ROI through parameters such as conversions, revenue, etc.
  • It helps in effectively retargeting prospects and new visitors showing interest in your ads.
  • Data like demographics, geographical locations, keywords, links, etc., help to focus on beneficial segments.
  • With the help of insights, you can allocate the marketing budget more effectively.
  • Conversion tracking also helps improve your website, apps, or platforms for a better user experience.

Now, let’s discuss why conversion tracking is essential.

Why is Conversion Tracking Important?

Conversion tracking is important for ad networks as well as advertisers. It helps them identify where a lead or conversion, in terms of purchase, installation, etc., came from.


As a result, they can know about the quality of that source. It helps improve the understanding of the campaign performances, which ultimately helps in further optimizations.

How Does Conversion Tracking Work?

The most basic step in conversion tracking is creating certain conversion actions. These conversion actions help in measuring the following types of actions.

  • Website actions: This includes sign-ups, purchases, installations, or more actions that visitors accomplish on your website or apps.
  • Phone calls: Clicks on your number on your mobile portal, direct calls from your ads, or calls to a number listed on your website.
  • App installs: Installation of your iOS or Android apps or purchase of any other services on those apps.
  • Local actions: These include actions whenever people interact with your ads.
  • Import: Activity of customers that starts online but ends offline.

There are a large number of conversion tracking tools available online. So, let’s explore some good options that you can use for your campaign conversion tracking.


Improvely enables you to monitor and optimize your marketing campaign’s effectiveness.


It comes with in-built A/B testing tools, a click fraud monitoring feature, developer API, and much more. You can track all the data in real-time. It is an easy-to-use dashboard that offers an overview of all the data.

With this tool, you can identify the best opportunities and thus utilize them for the best returns on your marketing investments.


AnyTrack helps you track, attribute, and distribute conversion data throughout various advertisement platforms.


It delivers real-time and trustworthy data by leveraging signals from your marketing funnels. Further, it sends all the collected data to Google ads API, Facebook conversion API, etc.

As a result, you can track more conversions. It lets you track and sync the conversions with Google Ads, Facebook, and Google Analytics.

It lets you connect with various conversion sources like Woocommerce, Shopify, etc.


ConversionFly helps you optimize your marketing campaigns effectively. It supports your strategies with actionable metrics to help you enhance your business.


This software comes with ultimate accuracy while describing the whole conversion report. It is a one-pixel solution that will work for conversions and tracking. You can track organic, direct, referral, and paid traffic in real-time.

It uses an effective comparison reporting format with more than 21 marketing metrics.


If you are looking for a simple conversion tracking software that can deliver accurate reports, TruConversion is the right option.


It works as an all-in-one analytics and feedback software that helps analyze your visitors’ activities. As a result, you can change your campaign strategies and boost conversions.

It incorporates advanced page targeting, data download options, multiple domain management, etc. gives you an effective way to retarget your customers and thus drive more sales. This software enables efficient click tracking, campaign tracking, deep linking, A/B testing, geo-targeting, etc.


It also helps you retarget your customers who click on the links with relevant advertisements. It offers detailed statistics; as a result, you can save time in analyzing data.

Marin Tracker

Want to measure how impactful your ads are? Try Marin Tracker as your conversion tracking tool, as it can offer you a great campaign optimization experience.


It has advanced features such as unified reporting, automated tagging, real-time insights, attribution, mobile app tracking, call tracking, etc.

It lets you analyze your customer’s complete journey throughout your marketing means. As a result, you can further improve your efforts.

Adobe Analytics

If you are looking for conversion tracking software that is more than a reporting tool, Adobe Analytics is the ideal option.


It provides you with actionable insights and deep analysis to better understand your customers’ behavior. You can optimize your campaigns based on intelligent insights to offer a better user experience.

Final Words

Tracking the success or failure of your marketing campaign can effectively help you improve your strategies. So, if you want to make your campaigns effective, try any of these conversion tracking tools.

You may also want to explore various retargeting tools for better brand awareness and conversions.

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