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Copy message from one queue to another – IBM MQ

copy transfer
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Working as an MQ administrator, you may often have to copy the messages from one queue to another queue for troubleshooting.

Use dmpmqmsg to copy MQ message

Copying messages from one queue to another is possible with an inbuilt program called dmpmqmsg in IBM MQ8. In this article, I will explain how to do so.

Scenario – copy a message from LOCAL.Q1 to LOCAL.Q2 in CHANDAN.QMGR

I have one message in LOCAL.Q1 now

dis ql(LOCAL.Q1) curdepth
1 : dis ql(LOCAL.Q1) curdepth
AMQ8409: Display Queue details.
   QUEUE(LOCAL.Q1)                         TYPE(QLOCAL)

To copy, I will use dmpmqmsg program.

-bash-4.2$ ./dmpmqmsg -m CHANDAN.QMGR -i LOCAL.Q1 -o LOCAL.Q2

5724-H72 (C) Copyright IBM Corp. 1994, 2015.
WebSphere MQ Queue Load/Unload Utility
Read   - Files: 0 Messages:     1 Bytes:       39
Written - Files:   0 Messages:     1 Bytes:       39

The message is copied from LOCAL.Q1 to LOCAL.Q2.

Let’s verify them.

dis ql(LOCAL.Q2) curdepth
     1 : dis ql(LOCAL.Q2) curdepth
AMQ8409: Display Queue details.
   QUEUE(LOCAL.Q2)                         TYPE(QLOCAL)

So you see the message is copied to LOCAL.Q2 now.

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