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In Gaming and Hosting Last updated: March 29, 2023
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If you love exploring new worlds, excavating the underground caves for precious ores and rare gems, and finding ways to survive from dangerous creatures, Core Keeper is just for you. 

The increasing demand for video games has resulted in the development of a variety of games across the globe to keep gamers entertained with powerful graphics, high-performing games, unique strategies, and creative features. 

If you have already played survival games, you know how exciting survival games are.

But Core Keeper is slightly different from other survival games. Here, you will get many options like collecting gems or precious ores, finding secrets, finding new biomes, and more.

And if you want to play it without downtimes and disturbances, getting a Core Keeper server hosting will benefit you in many ways.

Let’s quickly understand a few things about this game before we explore the best Core Keeper server hosting platforms with high performance and security. 

What is Core Keeper?

Core Keeper is a survival sandbox game which is developed by Pugstorm and published by Fireshine Games. This game is based on survival and crafting skills, similar to Terraria and Minecraft games. You can play this game either individually or multiplayer with up to 8 players. 

Core Keeper is designed with the concept of mysterious relics where you awaken as an explorer in an ancient cavern that has creatures, trinkets, and resources. Since you are trapped deep underground, you must have solid survival skills to complete the task.

In this game, you will get to mine relics as well as resources to build the base, craft new equipment, power up the core, discover hidden secrets, cook new recipes, defeat giant monsters, farm crops, and explore the underground.


Core Keeper is a top-down survival game. At first, you will be showing a cutscene explaining the previous story of the character before placing it in a network of caverns. The core chamber location for every player is the same. It will also have the same enemies and resources that were at the beginning of the game for all the players. 

The underground cave will be full dark, which can be lightened through a lantern or torch. You can make a torch through the gathered woods inside the cave, which is the first resource you’d encounter in the game.

This world is built with square tiles of different materials that you can mine or dig to explore more and gather more resources. Next, use the gathered resources to craft workbenches and tools to unlock various items for crafting. Players also need to gather food to survive. Later, you can automate watering crops for your food through sprinklers. 

Inside the game, you will find an in-game map to explore the world easily. You can explore different parts of the game world to experience different biomes that contain new enemies and resources. The three main bosses in the game are:

  • Glurch the Abominous Mass: A giant that can jump and throw orange slime 
  • Ghorm the Devourer: A massive insect that can tunnel throughout the map
  • The Hive Mother: A fleshy creature that can split acid and also summon other enemies 

When you defeat these bosses, drop items that can be used to activate the core. Moreover, the limited area at first can be increased upon activation of the core. You can explore more and reveal new biomes. The game can be played in two ways – either you can focus on defeating the bosses, or you can ignore them and build a strong camp. 

In the game, you will be rewarded according to your skills. For example, if you are running a lot, you will be rewarded by enhancing the character’s speed. Similarly, mining resources results in improved efficiency of a character, and fighting improves their strength. 

Why do you need Core Keeper server hosting?

Although Core Keeper is of high quality and contains many useful features, it lacks when you think of starting your game from where you end. To play this game, you need a powerful system that contains powerful graphics, RAM, and CPUs. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work as systems sometimes slow down due to unexpected things, and you may feel frustrated. To overcome such incidents, you will find server hosting platforms as the best solution. 

Renting a premium game server hosting provider, you will get never-ending benefits, such as DDoS protection, instant setup, latest hardware, low ping, greater uptime, high performance, FTP access, and much more. 

Your host will take care of everything so you can completely focus on your game without worrying about settings or server performance and resources. You will also get options of addons or plugins that effectively allow you to make some changes to your game server in order to experience better gameplay. 

Minimum System Requirements

For Windows:

  • 64-bit processor
  • Windows 10 64-bit
  • Intel core i5-2300/AMD Ryzen 3 1200
  • 8 GB RAM
  • GeForce GTX 460 or Radeon HD 5850

For SteamOS + Linux:

  • 64-bit processor
  • Linux (Ubuntu 20.04)
  • Intel core i5-2300 or AMD Ryzen 3 1200
  • Radeon HD 5850 or GeForce GTX 460

Now that you have some idea about the game and why you must get Core Keeper server hosting, let’s check out the best game hosting platforms.


Get the premium server at your nearest location for your favorite game with the GTXGaming Server Hosting platform. You will get instant setup, offsite backups, worldwide coverage, security, and more. It’s a powerhouse of unique features and covers the world.

GTXGaming houses its infrastructure in various locations, such as Los Angeles, New York, Oregon, Charlotte, Dallas, Miami, Quebec, London, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Moscow, Stockholm, Singapore, and Sydney. In every data center, you will find enterprise-level DDoS protection for your servers so that you will never suffer from data loss and slow system functioning.

All the servers they offer are online 24/7 and can instantly secure your saved games and configs so that an attack can never translate into data loss. In addition, you will get a backup system on every server where you can store your files and restore them whenever needed. You can also schedule a task to your server that automatically backs up your files at your given instructions. 

GTXGaming offers high-quality enterprise-grade hardware. It uses Intel CPUs ranging from powerful E3 processors to the latest i7 or i9. You will definitely get the robust AMD Ryzen processors for high performance. In addition, it supports all the Core Keeper maps and immediately adds the new one when it is released. 

Whether you are a new player or an experienced player, GTXGaming’s control panel gives you easy-to-use and simple access so that you can make changes to the game settings whenever you need. 

If you are not satisfied with the server due to any reason you might have, you can ask for a full refund within 24 hours of registration. Order now and experience better gameplay.


GPORTAL is one of the premium game servers available in the market. You can rent the popular Core Keeper game server hosting to experience lag-free and high-quality gameplay. It is the official host for the Core Keeper game. 

Configure your server according to your requirement and purchase the game. After completing the successful payment, your server will be online within 3 minutes. GPORTAL partners with Corero and Bulwark, which provides a multiple-layered defense to your server for your best experience. 

You can choose your nearest locations from the available data centers, including Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Dallas, São Paulo, Barcelona, Frankfurt, London, Johannesburg, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, and Taipei. 

You will get a prepaid option to rent your own game server. You will never have to sign a contract while switching between available games, all thanks to GPORTAL’s Gamecloud. You can also enjoy full flexibility over the game when renting from GPORTAL.

Easily create a backup to save your game progress and configurations and easily restore your files after any disaster. Add plugins or mods to your server to create backups automatically. For pro players, GPORTAL gives full access to FTP and a web-based file manager. 


Rent Core Keeper Server from 4Netplayers and get inside the world of precious ores and sparkling gems. It will help you uncover hidden items and explore the world of fantasy on your Core Keeper Server. Just allow 4Netplayers to make your server ready in a few minutes after your order completion. 

4Netplayers’ cloud game server lets you switch between 120+ mods and games at zero cost. It takes care of every update, so you only focus on your game. If you are a new player, you can easily create and manage your own game server. 

While renting a game server, security is a major question, but 4Netplayers comes with DDoS protection. Also, there will be no interruption in the time of playing the game. It uses high-end server hardware, fast SSD drives, CPUs, and RAMs for better availability and performance.

Your server will perform reliable and comprehensive backups for your saved files, so you will never lose your game progress after a crash. Its user-friendly and powerful web interface allows you to create, customize, manage, and launch your favorite game server.

Configure your server and rent it at a starting price of $1.78/month. In the premium plan, you will find Teamspeak 3 servers included in your pack. 


Get dedicated storage, RAM, and CPU along with guaranteed performance for your gaming experience with XGamingServer. It offers virtual dedicated Core Keeper server hosting and dedicated Bare Metal Game Servers. 

XGamingServer gives you a pterodactyl-based control panel that comes with powerful features. You will have full control over the server and game files with its dedicated game panel. Data loss is a thing of the past; its automated cloud backup lets you save your files and prevent them from deletion. 

With the custom panel, you can manage your server and MySQL database, invite users, schedule tasks, control Mod managers, and more. XGamingServer houses its data centers in four regions, including Australia, Europe, and West and East Coast North America. 

The dedicated data centers ensure an efficient and smooth gaming experience. By choosing your nearest location for your server, you will get the high availability of your game. The instant activation tech allows you to start playing your game within minutes of registration. 

XGamingServer’s game servers are hosted on Intel and Ryzen CPUs with powerful NVMe graphics and SSD drives. It runs on a bandwidth of 1 Gbps, and you will find lower pings, no slot limits, high bandwidth, high availability, custom panel, and more. 


Rent your own Core Keeper game server and explore underground caves with the ZAP-Hosting server hosting platform. Manage your server comfortably with the ZAP web interface and get a real insight into the performance of your server. 

Allow ZAP-Hosting to set up your server for you. It uses powerful hardware and enterprise-grade drives for better server performance and high availability. You can easily exchange data between the server and computer with free FTP access. 

Add your own plugins and mods to customize the game server perfectly according to your needs. If you want to try another game in between your rental period, switch to that game easily and quickly, thanks to ZAP-Hosting’s game cloud. 

All the servers available in different locations are secured from unwanted DDoS attacks. It ensures that your system will never slow down during any attack. ZAP-Hosting uses Intel E5-2650v4 for high performance and lag-free gaming experience. You will get 328 GB DDR4 RAM that provides enough power for your plugins.

You can send commands with the InGame console and use the online ConfigEditor to understand the server settings and edit them quickly. For lightning-fast processing, the Core Keeper server uses SSD drives. 


Core Keeper is no doubt a thrilling game. If you want to make it even more exciting, get a reliable game server hosting.

Choose the best Core Keeper server hosting that can offer you the latest hardware, top-notch performance, greater uptime, security, and advanced features to experience enhanced gameplay without lags or interruptions.

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