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In Business Operations Last updated: August 16, 2023
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Corrective and Preventive Action (CAPA) software has emerged as a handy tool to identify and mitigate issues in quality management and improve operations. 

In this highly competitive world, you need to stand out in the crowd by offering products that are of top-notch quality and are useful for the end-users; otherwise, someone else will seal the deal. 

With CAPA, you can ensure all your products are of high quality. 

In fact, it’s a vital component of a Quality Management System (QMS) that many organizations utilize to improve their products. 

Today, there are many CAPA software solutions available in the market. So, when you are choosing one for your organization, it might get slightly tricky for you since they all claim to be the best in the industry. 

Don’t worry; I’ll help you choose the best CAPA software based on your organization’s unique needs. 

Product Notable Features
MasterControlCAPA automation, integration with QMS
SitemateAutomated corrective actions, custom forms
ProActiveRoot cause analysis, performance reporting
IntelexIntegrated QMS, compliance, root cause analysis
Adaptive CAPAAutomated CAPA control, cloud-based, workflow
QT9 QMSCAPA automation, linking with QT9 modules
SmartProcessRoot cause analysis, ISO compliance, reports
ComplianceQuestAI trends, advanced RCA, integrated QMS
ETQReal-time dashboard, root cause analysis
MontriumCentral quality management, real-time reporting
QualioClosed-loop quality improvement, automation

Let’s first discuss what CAPA is and how it can prove to be helpful in effective quality management. 

What Is CAPA?

A group of people standing around a table with laptops.

Corrective Action and Preventive Action (CAPA) is a strategy that organizations employ to identify and mitigate issues and improve the overall operation

CAPA provides a way to identify the source of the risk or problem along with its cause. This helps you find an effective solution to that problem faster. You can also keep a document of the problem so that similar issues can be resolved easily. In addition, this will help you take preventive actions in advance to avert issues. 

The primary goal of CAPA is to mitigate existing issues in the organization and prevent them from recurrence so that there won’t be a requirement to take Corrective And Preventive Action again and again. It also serves as an effective way to improve a company’s operation by preventing the root causes of product non-conformities. 

CAPA serves as an essential part of all organization quality management strategies because it ensures the integrity and quality of the product and services any organization offers.

What Is CAPA Management Software?

CAPA management software is basically a tool that helps an organization identify, anticipate, and also mitigate internal issues and nonconformities that disrupt the operation. 

CAPA software is an integral part of QMS, and its main priority is to ensure top-notch product and service quality of the organization. The software also serves as a crucial pillar in the EHS platform because it is instrumental in mitigating internal risks, eliminating hazards, and looking after employee well-being. 

A group of people working on a computer with a shield on it.

This software offers a complete platform to look for the root causes of issues and solve them. It comes with efficient features for everything from finding the issue, its source, and causes to resolving it and preventing the issue from recurring in the future. 

Moreover, using CAPA software enables a business to ensure continuous improvement in its operations while appropriately managing the CAPA processes. This management software also comes useful in maintaining compliance and enabling the operation team to enable robust product inspection processes.

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Importance of CAPA

Corrective And Preventive Actions are part of ISO’s quality management system. Also, every CAPA process is automated in the system. This helps organizations determine whether their quality management and healthcare system are at par with the industry’s best practices and norms. 

CAPA serves as an essential module in various industries, especially manufacturing, quality management, and healthcare. Let’s look at how it’s helping these industries. 

#1. Manufacturing

In the manufacturing industry, quality assurance is a big factor. By identifying the issue and determining the cause, CAPA software helps you solve the issues faster. It also helps ensures that there is no wastage delay during production. 

Moreover, implementing CAPA in quality management and manufacturing enables the team to have a simplified way of complying with the applicable laws and regulatory requirements. 

#2. Healthcare

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CAPA is an integral part of the healthcare industry, especially in medical device production. It allows healthcare institutions to discover quality-related issues in machines and implement appropriate actions to eliminate the issues. 

#3. Quality Management

CAPA enables organizations to visualize and provide reports of quality assurance. With this strategy, organizations can improve process control to reduce lead time and quality gaps. It also boosts production and eliminates nonconformance in products. In addition, it is helpful in implementing a culture of safety in the organization.

Now, let’s dive into the best Corrective And Preventive Action (CAPA) software for quality management.


CAPA software from MasterControl helps you drive quality in your business. It is a meticulously designed tool that performs CAPA on your system and determines why events like nonconformances and deviations have occurred, and eliminates the root cause. 

Since this tool automates the overall CAPA process, including identification, notification, forwarding, and approvals, you won’t experience any lags, and the issues will be solved faster. 

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You can integrate this tool with the primary quality management system you use in your business. This will automate the initiation of change control and also help you stay compliant with 21 CFR Part 11. 

Furthermore, you will get the option to deploy closed-loop CAPA, where you can make effective decisions that will deliver better results. With this software, you can explore the world beyond traditional CAPA while gaining a proactive and effective quality management system. 

MasterControl’s will provide complete visibility into your CAPA process. This will allow you to assess all the data and identify trends that will improve overall management.


With the smart CAPA software from Sitemate, you can easily automate all the corrective and prevention actions to enhance compliance and conformance. The tool is quick to integrate into your operation and has the ability to digitize and standardize your CAPA processes.

Sitemate lets you create custom CAPA forms using the free template library or drag-and-drop builder. Having this tool in your system allows your team to discover incidents, hazards, and risks and complete the form from any device; thus, improving the overall quality. 

Smart capa software.

Sitemate is a unique software that allows businesses to set up easy workflows and monitor non-conformances and every other CAPA in real time. This will become easier for you to determine who is responsible for what issue and its impacts. 

A highlight feature of this tool is that it doesn’t require the signature of numerous individuals for signing as they will be automatically informed. This software stores all the forms, photos, and data captured in a secured cloud space that you can access with the proper credentials. 


If you are looking for an effective way to reduce nonconformities and failure while improving the overall performance of your business process, ProActive can serve as a handy software. 

You can use this CAPA software for root cause analysis, addressing nonconformance, performance reporting, and more. This software is suitable for discovering root cause codes and action log types with the help of Pareto top loss charts. In these charts, costly nonconformities and process improvement issues are represented. 

Corrective and preventive action log software.

Furthermore, this platform provides automated action emails to warn you about harmful attachments. This makes it easy for you to inform all the team members and external providers, so they can take suitable actions and prevent mishaps. 

This platform will show you all the overdue action red flags in the action log index, which will automatically send email alerts regarding red flat status. To ensure seamless quality management, it lets you capture action logs, create performance reports, and offers log reporting tools.


Trusted by almost 1400 clients and millions of users across the globe, the Intelex CAPA software has emerged as a great tool that integrates with your QMS to identify, predict and mitigate nonconformance and issues. 

Capa software homepage with two people in hard hats.

The tool enables your product or service to meet customer requirements and maintain compliance with industry standards. The automated tracking of non-conformances in existing products or services helps you find root causes faster and develop a solution that will prevent them from reoccurring. 

Besides finding root causes, it also enables you to create an effective corrective action plan using templates. This is helpful in continually improving the corporate quality program. 

Using this software, you can enjoy enhanced productivity, reporting, and communication between teams while staying audit-ready. The customizable dashboard helps you build a great culture in your organization, allowing everyone to be on the same page and share information with each other.  

Adaptive CAPA Manager

When you integrate Adaptive CAPA Manager into your business, it will automate your business operations, ensuring there are no non-conformances. 

This software error-proofs the entire control of CAPA and also automates the assignment, reporting investigation, and consent for corrective actions. Once you implement the tool, you can be assured that your business will meet the requirements of all quality management standards like 21 CFR part 11, ISO 9100, TS 16949, etc. 

Through its control panel, you will get a real-time view of all the correction actions processes. You can even track each quality incident throughout the process life cycle. Since modern organizations operate on the cloud, this cloud-based software allows you to connect your teams, supply chain, and remote sites through a single system. 

The software provides you with excellent features like professional CARs, the option to attach files, automatic email notifications, share improvement performance reports, 8D and A3 built-in workflow, and more.


The CAPA management software by QT9 QMS is an excellent tool to automate your CAPA processes and improve your quality management system. This all-in-one solution lets you track corrective actions and also links CAPA records to most modules of QT9. 

Capa management software easy.

The user-friendly reporting through charts and graphs is helpful to assist you in seamless data mining and analysis. The software allows the creation of unlimited custom fields and tracks your company’s sensitive data. Sending emails and attaching files for all the actions are easy with this software.

Besides, this management software includes complete root cause analysis and 8D problem-solving methods. What makes this software unique is the flexibility and scalability it offers, allowing you to choose multiple modules based on your business size.


Achieve sustainable improvements in your product or services with SmartProcess. It can help you identify all the errors and nonconformances, carry out solid corrective and preventive action plans, and reduce the likelihood of their reoccurrence. 

Capa - systematically process preventive and curative actions as a workflow.

Staying compliant with ISO 13485 is easy with this tool while eliminating deviations. Using the web-based interface is highly intuitive. It offers intelligent workflow functions, which are highly beneficial for strategic and structured CAPA management. You can also customize the workflow and adapt input forms with flexibility.

Whether you use a web-based interface or mobile application, you can control the simultaneous processing of CAPA and send notifications automatically through email for new tasks. Since reports are essential for CAPA management; this software will provide you with an extensive report in PDF format.


ComplianceQuest is a critically acclaimed CAPA management software that seamlessly manages all your CAPA processes while pushing your business toward continuous improvement. 

The tool can cater to a variety of industries ranging from engineering, manufacturing, and healthcare to supply chain. Besides performing other essential functions, it utilizes AI to enable you to detect trends at an early stage and strategize your action plans accordingly. 

ComplianceQuest works as an advanced RCA tool that can perform successful error checks and verifications in the structure. It also integrates with QMS at the system level, enabling you to collaboratively deploy action plans, address systemic issues, and validate the effectiveness of the actions. 

Another reason many prefer this tool is its support for 8D and 5W-2H methodologies, integrated risk management features, and better insights into risk detection.


Drive continuous improvement in your business using ETQ‘s corrective action software. It serves as a robust corrective action software that allows you to identify and eradicate the root causes of your product or service and ensure better product quality with compliance.

A black screen with the text,'glitches sure happen make them happen again'.

The real-time dashboard provides complete visibility into the CAPA process to identify quality issues so that you can quickly solve them. The root cause analysis assists in continuous quality improvement by eliminating non-conformances. 

You can enjoy effective collaboration with all the stakeholders and work on system issues to resolve them quickly. This tool also integrates with LifeS Sciences Compliances and Audit Management to enable quick deployment of corrective measures for safeguarding customer satisfaction and compliance.


Identify, address, and manage all the root causes of issues and nonconformances using Montrium CAPA software. It puts forward a practical platform through which you can track quality events that your organization is associated with. 

Report issues and track corrective actions faster.

This tool provides a central quality management system that enhances the visibility into your operations and also assists in capturing as well as tracking issues. Real-time quality reporting is one of the critical features of this tool because it helps to quickly identify issues impacting your quality standards and solve them instantly. 

With this tool, you can create a structured infrastructure by integrating all your QMS modules and ensuring consistent improvement throughout. 

Furthermore, the dashboard is highly customizable and assists you in exporting reports so that your business is always ready for audits. To execute CAPAs effectively, the tool also allows you to create and track action with designated dates. 


Qualio is a top-of-the-line CAPA software that makes nonconformance management stress free and ensures a complete closed-loop quality improvement. It automates the management of all quality events, ranging from root cause identification to verifying the effectiveness of actions. 

Drive continuous improvement by managing any kind of quality event.

You can create a compliant CAPA workflow with defined actions for issues, eliminate defects, and prevent reoccurrence. Through its effectively designed interface, you can access every aspect of your quality management. 

Moreover, from accessing reports on closed CAPAs and tracking quality events to integrating third-party systems like Salesforce, you can do many things with Qualio. It takes a proactive approach, which helps you to determine the root causes and fix them using action workflows and available data. 

The automated routing and escalation process makes sure this software doesn’t bottleneck while solving issues.


CAPA software can help organizations manage and improve the quality of their products and services. This, in turn, will help your business meet customer expectations and boost your revenue.

Thus, choose any of the above corrective and preventive action (CAPA) software to streamline your CAPA processes and bring a significant improvement in quality.

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