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In Career Last updated: August 7, 2023
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Django allows rapid web development, clean pragmatics, and web security. Django allows developers to put their maximum focus on developing new features or components of the application rather than spending time on building things that have already been built.

In this article, we are going to see some of the best resources available to master Django and create your own web applications.

Introduction to Django


Django is a high-level Python-based web framework that can speed up web development. It follows the model-template-views architectural pattern. Django helps you develop websites or applications that are complete, versatile, secure, and maintainable.

Here are a few benefits of Django:

  • Django is highly secure and has protection against XSS and Clickjacking, CSRF attacks, SQL injections, and others.
  • The framework provides a default Admin interface; you don’t have to write a separate code.
  • It has a set of libraries, including Django REST framework, Django CMS, and Django-allauth.
  • It provides tools for SEO and software to manage robots.txt.

Django framework helps to create applications ranging from content management to social networking websites. The framework simplifies web development and updates applications with minimum effort, expense, modifications, and additions.

Here are the best Django learning resources for web application development. The list includes online courses from Udemy, Coursera, etc., books, and YouTube courses as well.

Python Django


This course will teach you to build web applications with Python using the Django framework. You are not required to have any prior experience in Django, but basic knowledge of Python and web development is a must.

This curse will teach you Django starting from the basics, creating a Django project, how to run them, and adding features.

Here’s a sneak peek at the course

  • Getting started with the basics of Django
  • How to install Python & Django, 
  • Create and understand Django projects
  • Understand URLs, views, requests & Responses
  • Adding & Registering templates. Rendering templates, learning Django template language.
  • Create a project from scratch.
  • Understand different kinds of data, database options, SQL, and Django Models.
  • And more

The course is perfect for Python developers, JavaScript developers, or everyone who wants to learn web development in Python and Django frameworks.

Build a Backend REST API with Python & Django


This Udemy course needs basic knowledge of programming and developing simple apps, basics of Django, and command line tools. Completing the course, you will be able to develop REST API with features such as User authentication, Creating objects, uploading and Viewing images, etc.

Here’s a sneak peek at the course:

  • Technical requirements, API details & upgrades
  • Understand your App design
  • Project setup, create GitHub Project
  • Define Python requirements for the project, create Docker Compose configuration, Create and run Django project with Docker compose
  • Configure GitHub Actions
  • Test-driven development 
  • And more 

This course is ideal for intermediate programmers and developers looking to add Python to their skillset.

Django for Everybody Specialization


With just 3 hours a week for five months, this Coursera course will teach you to build a website using the Django library. Through four courses, you’ll specialize in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Django, jQuery, and JSON Web Services.  

Here’s a sneak peek at the Specialization:

  • The basic structure of web application, Introduction to HTTP, HTML, and Django
  • How to deploy a Django application
  • Understanding HTML and design of Django applications.
  • Learning SQL & database modeling
  • Learn to develop classified ad applications with features like photos, search, and favorites.

Before enrolling for this course, taking Python for Everybody Specialization or equivalent is recommended for beginners.

Advanced Django


This advanced course is for those who are already familiar with Python and have completed the Django for Everybody Specialization course to master the skill. 

Here’s a sneak peek at the Specialization:

  • Learn to code Django and run it without any hassle of installing anything
  • With video-free short and simple explications, get a deeper understanding by exploring editable and runnable codes 
  • Integrating Django Rest Framework to Django blog to leverage APIs
  • Execute test on Django Framework, identify and optimize code performance using caching, throttling, and filtering
  • Learn to use a 3rd party library and integrate with common frontends
  • Learn to set up authentication with Google

From designing and configuring a large web design project to creating a RESTful API for blogs and task queuing, this course fuels you with all the skills to handle advanced projects.

Django Tutorial

You can check these free W3School tutorials to build your skill in Django. These tutorials are easy to learn and can be a great head start, especially for beginners. 


Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn from their tutorials:

  • Using Django Template Tags creating HTML Templates to insert data within an HTML
  • Learn to work with QuerySets to extract, filter, and sort data from the database
  • Setting up the PostgreSQL database and deploying the Django project

This course will help you to learn how the concepts work and create a Django project where you add, read, update, or delete data.

Building Web Applications in Django


This is another beautifully designed edx course that will equip the learners to explore data models in Django. This course teaches you how Django communicates with a Database through model objects.  

Here’s a sneak peek at this course:

  • Building data model in Django
  • Learn basic SQL and database modeling
  • It teaches you how the database model works in both SQL and Django
  • Learn to apply Django model query and template tags of Django Template Language
  • Learn building forms in HTML and define Class, Instance, and Method.

Using Django console and scripts and working with application objects interactively will become easy after completing this course.

Learn Django Online


With 12hours+ videos and crisp and comprehensive documentation, this Django online course enables you to handle real-world tasks with a deeper understanding. 

Here’s a sneak peek at this course:

  • Learn the full suite of Django web development tools like VSCode, Git & Github, etc.
  • Learn to handle the Django admin interface, handling static files, and styling with Bootstrap.
  • Learn Database designing with Django Models, Django ORM, SQLite3, PostgreSQL, etc.
  • You’ll be able to deploy your apps using Heroku and Azure.
  • It teaches you to set up Network Security Groups, Gunicorn, and Nginx.
  • Learn to build and deploy your own Django REST API.

From building 6 Django projects with your Django REST Framework to deploying your web apps in Heroku and Microsoft Azure, from building apps from scratch to improving an existing codebase, you will acquire all the skills to build a confident career in web development with this course.

Django – LinkedIn Learning


If you want to build websites using Django, these 15 expert-led courses in LinkedIn learning could be great resources for all beginners, intermediate, and advanced learners. 

Here’s a sneak peek at these courses:

  • As a beginner, you can choose courses to learn basic skills like building Django projects, defining data models and fields, querying the Database, incorporating CSS and JavaScript to enhance the usability and style of Django templates, etc.
  • For Intermediate, some courses teach to build RESTFul Django API, React, Angular, and Django Apps, a paid membership website. Through a few intermediate courses, you’ll learn unit testing, hash testing, testing framework, and implementing Django in the test-driven development process.
  • If you are looking for advanced courses, LinkedIn Learning offers you courses to provide you with skills to tackle any back-end web engineering situation on high-traffic websites, securing and setting authentication measures for Django Apps, etc. 

You’ll be able to build and deploy scalable Django Apps and master the advanced Django skills to handle real-world projects easily after covering these courses.

Django 4 By Example

Django 4 By Example by Antonio Mele is the best-selling, top-rated book on amazon that gives you a step-by-step approach to building reliable web apps from scratch. This book is for those with basic Python knowledge and programmers transitioning from other web frameworks to Django.

Here is a sneak peek of the book:

  • Learn Django Models, ORM, views, templates, URLs, form, authentication, signal, and middleware.
  • It teaches implementing functionalities such as search engines, payment gateways, etc.
  • Learn to integrate JavaScript, PostgreSQL, Redis, Celery, Memcached, and even 3rd party applications into your project.
  • Learn to set up a production environment for your project.

This is a practical book to learn creating complex web apps quickly to solve real use cases.

Django For Beginners

Django For Beginners by William S. Vincent is an excellent choice for those who are inexperienced in building websites and programmers looking for guidance to start with the basics of Django fundamentals.

Here is a sneak peek of the book:

  • Learn building websites from the ground level.
  • Customizing the aestheticism of the websites.
  • Learn to write and explore codes and integrate user authentication, email, and custom user models. 
  • It teaches you to add permission and authorization to secure your web app.
  • Get skilled in pointing errors to build your website smoothly.

This book is an excellent, fast-paced, modern guide to learning to build and deploy your website.

Django 4 For The Impatient

Django 4 for the impatient by Daniel Correa follows a fun-to-go approach to learning Django full stack development. It claims to make you able to create your first Django app within minutes with its short and crisp explanations and a practical, hands-on teaching style. 

Here is a sneak peek of the book:

  • Learning the basic structure of Django apps like URLs, Templates, Models, etc.
  • Learn to deal with the built-in admin interface and authentication system in Django.
  • Learn to add bootstrap to improve the finesse of your site and manage Django URLs.
  • Work with models and understand the Database
  • Deploy your own Django project on the Internet.

The book is beneficial for beginner and Python developers of any level of experience who want to build their full-stack Python application using Django.

Django Tutorial For Beginners

YouTube video

Check out this 3-hour-long video tutorial by Navin Reddy if you are looking for easy-to-comprehend resources to learn Django in layman’s terms. Navin Reddy is a programmer and a corporate trainer who led this course covering everything in one place in this tutorial.

This tutorial offers:

  • Guidance on working with DTL and MVT
  • Teaches you ORM, Postgre, and PGAdmin setup
  • Teaches about Models, Migration, and Remigration
  • Learn to handle Admin Panel
  • Adding and Fetching data from the Database in Django
  • Creating user registration and user log-in and log-out in Django

To build your understanding of Django as a beginner, this tutorial can be a great place to start with.

Final Words

That was the list of all the popular resources for learning Django. You do not need to go through all of them. You can choose one of the courses that you find best for you and start learning. If you want to become a pro, supplement your online course with a book, as this article mentions.  

You may also explore some resources to learn python for beginners.

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