Microsoft word is different on MAC compare to Windows OS.

If you are Windows user and moved to MAC OS like me then you will have new learning, as things are different in this world.

Lately, I was looking to insert a cover page in Microsoft word but couldn’t find it straightforward so I thought to put together the instructions so you can save time.

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Insert Built-in Cover Page in Microsoft Word on MAC

  • Open Microsoft Word on your MAC
  • Click on Document Elements


  • Click on Cover drop-down menu


  • Select the cover page you wish to insert

Save Custom Cover Page in Microsoft Word on MAC

Sometime Built-in cover page is not sufficient and you wish to create your own or use ready-made available by third parties. Once you have it ready, here is how you can save it for future use.

  • Open the cover page, which you have downloaded or created
  • Go to Format >> Document
  • Click on Layout tab
  • Select checkbox for “Different first page”
  • Click on OK


  • Now, Go to File >> Save As
  • Enter the desired name and select format as “Template”

To use this template in future:

  • Open Microsoft Word
  • Go to File >> New from template
  • Click on My Templates at left navigation and choose the template you want to use

That’s all. It’s easy once you know it.