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Brands and influencers utilize the potential of social media in manifolds, and in the same context, Instagram released the collab post feature. Now, you can post content on the platform in a joint venture with another creator, and these collaborative posts will get published through two accounts simultaneously.

Instagram has an addictive nature. Users cannot avoid scrolling through their feeds for new pictures and reels. Benefiting from the same behavior, companies keep promoting their products and services on this platform.

The collab post feature aims to target creators who share similar preferences online and can help promote the businesses among their followers. Here are complete details about the process of creating collaborative posts on Instagram. Let us begin with understanding more about this feature.

What are Collab Posts on Instagram?

You must be familiar with posting pictures and videos from your Instagram account or viewing them randomly on your Instagram feeds. An additional feature has been added to the system where a user can post the same content from a different account as well.

The collab post feature allows users to invite any known or unknown profile on Instagram to share the content from their account at the same time. People who accept the request for a collab post are called collaborators on Instagram.

It is not compulsory for both the connections to be linked to each other or following one another to initiate a collab post. The one interested in sharing a post through another person’s account can directly send a request to share a joint post with their followers.

This facility is available for all the valid account holders on this platform; however, collaborators do have the option to reject the request for collab posting if they believe the post is unnecessary.

How Does an Instagram Collab Post Look Like?

Collab posts are shared from two accounts, which means the author can invite only one collaborator per post. These posts are nothing different from regular posts for the viewers.

Any content posted with a collaborator will display the username and profile picture of both accounts on top of the post. Therefore, these posts will get equally embraced by followers of both the post creator and the collaborator.

So, people connected to the two contributors will be able to like, share, and comment💬 on the post. The likes and comments are counted on both accounts and thus, these posts reach a wider audience.

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Significance of Collab Posts

Instagram is not just a social site limiting itself to sharing interesting stories and reels for friends and family to gain popularity. The collab post is a suitable addition for post creators who can now gather more interaction on their posts. There are many other benefits of Instagram collab posts.

🔺Posts getting shared from two accounts will certainly get higher visibility on feeds. Therefore, collab posts get more engagement and attention from genuine viewers. With more people interacting on these posts, it altogether benefits the brand establishment.

🔺It is undoubtedly true that collab posts have a better scope of reaching a greater number of connections, as against any regular post.

🔺Collab posts are beneficial for both the collaborators in the sense that it helps build up connectivity and trust among the connection. It deliberately ensures the sharing of ideas among the two accounts to obtain a common objective and, thus, work together to achieve it.

🔺Both collaborators get equal opportunity to communicate with people who may not be in their following list. It works suitably for brand promotion.

🔺Partnering with brands or influencers for posting in collaboration enhances the credibility of both the contributors among the users. On any case, the creator with lesser popularity would gain more authenticity.

🔺Collab posts are one of the best ways of forming promotional partnerships between two different brands involved in serving products or services in connection.

A suitable example of a collaboration post is when a cosmetic brand creates an informative post on Instagram and invites an influential beautician or a model💃 on the platform to promote the brand by sharing the post as a collaborator.

There can be many more similar situations when professionals and business heads can make prominent use of the collab posts feature. They can have their words shared with a partner in a different region to fetch global footprints on their product’s link.

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How to Create an Instagram Collab Post?

Creating a collab post requires a few quick steps on your Instagram mobile app. All you need is to be ready with the content for posting and remember that you can only have one person as your post collaborator.

It does not matter if the person is in your following or follower list, but the post will only go live if the person accepts to join your post as a collaborator. Follow the given steps on your Instagram mobile app to initiate collab post with a collaborator.

Step 1. Hit the Instagram icon on your smartphone to open the application, and touch the plus “+” sign given at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2. Select the picture or video from the phone gallery to upload to the Insta feed.

Step 3. Touch the “Next” button in the top right corner to go to the next screen, and complete the required editing and captions for posting on the feed.

Step 4. Now hit the “Tag people” option to proceed for the collab post feature.

Step 5. Touch the “Invite Collaborators” button on the next screen.

Step 6. Type the name of the collaborator you wish to join in your collab post.

Step 7. Touch the profile link of the chosen collaborator to send the invite.

Hit the back button to go to the home screen. The post will go live after the collaborator accepts your collab post request.

Remove the Collaborators After the Post is Published

There can be many scenarios when you create a collaborative post with someone, but after a few days, you just want to remove the collaborator from the post.

Here is how you can remove the collaborator from a collab post.

Step 1. Open the Instagram app, and go to that collab post from where the collaborator’s name has to be removed.

Step 2. Touch the three dots option on the top-right of the post.

Step 3. Hit the “Edit” button followed by the “Tag people” option.

Step 4. Now finally hit the “X” button given next to the collaborator’s name.

Hit the “Done” button to finish the process. The collaborator’s name will be removed from the post.

Stop the Collab Post When you are a Collaborator

If you are an influencer on Instagram with millions of followers, then someone might approach you for a collab post. You might initially accept the request but sometimes later feel it is not worth being part of the post. So, here is how you can pull your name out of the unwanted collab post.

Step 1. Open the Insta app and reach for the post on your profile that you wish to remove.

Step 2. Hit the three dots option at the top-right corner of the post.

Step 3. Touch the “Stop Sharing” option.

Now, the post will get removed from your profile, and your name will be removed from the original post on the creator’s profile.

Final Words: Using Collab Post Feature on Instagram

Instagram is among the most successful social media platforms for influencing people or changing perspectives. With likable and knowledgeable pictures, stories, or reels on their feeds, people prefer following such profiles to get more of such content.

The collab post is a highly appreciated functionality of Instagram, which offers connectivity between two accounts and benefits mutually. It does have a sense of business promotion and identity validation from both sides. That’s one reason this feature is also useful for Instagram users.

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