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In Digital Marketing and Sales & Marketing Last updated: November 16, 2022
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A beautifully designed Wall of Love proves how much the customers love your brand and that you love celebrating them!

Suppose you unveiled a new product, which is being received well by your customers, who are now singing praises about your brand. Do you know you can leverage these clients’ reviews to win over new clients? How is that possible? By creating a beautiful Wall of Love on your website or app.

Once you meet your customers’ expectations, you can invite them to give positive feedback, contribute to case studies, write reviews, or provide testimonials and flaunt them to your potential customers so that they know how good you are!

It’s wonderful when customers appreciate your product or service, but what’s more pleasing is when they tell others how much they like it.

There are many ways to share customer reviews with the audiences, but what looks more professional and aesthetic is embedding them on an infinite wall which is social proof of your brand’s credibility.

What Wall of Love means?

The Wall of Love is precisely what it sounds like. A wall of love page is essentially a page with numerous user reviews. Even though this page primarily focuses on testimonials given on social media– tweets, posts, and mentions, some platforms also support video testimonials from users.

You can pick a template you like and customize it in any style you want to align with your brand identity. Since this is a “Wall of Love,” you need to embed the positive comments and should update them regularly, keeping the recent ones on top.

A wall vocal about the immense love you’ve received from your satisfied customers strengthens your brand image, which works like a charm to attract new customers and encourages them to try your product. Its’ worth mentioning all the reviews showcased on the wall of love also indicate their source and username, depicting the authenticity of these testimonials.

Importance of Wall of Love in Business

As mentioned before, the Wall of Love, used strategically, can be a crucial asset to expanding your business. Businesses can use the wall to flaunt their success and show the world why clients prefer their products.

Any potential customer who visits your website is impressed by many other customers who trust the company has an impact on them. A company without a reviews page warns customers that no one is using the brand.

A beautifully curated Wall of Love performs the following functions:

  • It instills confidence in a potential customer confused about whether or not he should use your services.
  • Make your brand irresistible to your customer base and eliminate your competitors.
  • A wall of positivity and love from your customers boosts the morale of your team members and motivates them to be consistent.
  • Customers prefer the services of a company they know and trust, and a wall of love delivers the missing piece.

Are you excited to create a wall of love for your brand? We’ve listed a bunch of platforms that will help you design it!


Let’s begin with Shoutout, an astounding tool to create a mesmerizing wall of love on your website to showcase the love of your customers and clients as social proof. The app does everything from capturing and curating to publishing social media posts and tweets from your customers praising your services or products.

Shoutout is preferred by startups, creators, and influencers to highlight why people trust them and intensify word of mouth. The clean and user-friendly interface makes it easy to customize the wall of love to match the theme of your website and add selective tweets and posts to celebrate your loyal community of customers.

Shoutout offers a free plan to its users with limited benefits. The paid plan costs approximately USD 15.29 per month, which users can purchase after the trial period.


Testimonial is a one-stop solution for startups, marketing agencies, real estate agents, and freelancers to embed social mentions and craft a beautiful Wall of Love for your website or app. The tool enables companies to capture testimonials of their customers in text, video, social posts, and tweets form.

These testimonials can be arranged aesthetically to create a Wall of Love and included on your website or apps without coding; simply copy-paste the HTML code.

Testimonial works flawlessly on no-code platforms like Webflow and WordPress to create a wall where you can flaunt your customer’s love to your potential clients. The tool also enables you to keep tabs on the performance of your video testimonials and promote the most engaging videos on different platforms.

The starter plan offers 2 video testimonials and ten text testimonials for free. The premium plans start from USD 50 per month.


Another platform worth a mention is Endrosal which leaves no stone unturned to impress your visitors with the stunning wall of love glowing with lovely reviews from your satisfied customer base.

Thanks to the clean UI and easily customizable design, the infinitely loading wall of love, having positive mentions from your customers, can be created in seconds. Endorsal offers a wide range of pre-designed Wall of Love templates, and you can customize them to reflect your brand image.

It enables you to design a standalone page that can be added later to your website or app by embedding a code snippet. Once set up, it automatically collects and displays the validated testimonial on the Wall of Love which can be scrolled infinitely. It is possible to add reviews from Google, Facebook, and Twitter along with the ones directly submitted to the platform.

Endorsal offers a 14-day trial period to its users to try their services. Their subscription plans start from USD 29 per month.


Breeview, a review automation platform, is another platform worthy of mention on the list. It is equipped with a powerful widget that enables companies to gather and embed positive feedback on your website within a few minutes.

The platform offers plenty of elegant themes for the companies to choose from and tailor them to align with your brand’s identity and color code. Once done, you can integrate your stunning Wall of Love page into any website by adding a pre-designed code.

This infinitely loading page aggregates the wonderful reviews of your customers given to your product and services on different platforms.

Breeview can be used to create a wall of love for websites running on all the popular content management systems Bree CMS, Shopify, Wix, WordPress, and SquareSpace, to name a few. When embedded into a live website, the Wall of Love automatically sorts the reviews to show the most recent additions first.

Breeview offers a 14-day trial period, and upon completion, you can purchase its subscription; The starter plan costs USD 22 per month.


Lastly, we have Testimoni, a straightforward platform to automate the process of seeking testimonials from happy customers that goes a long way to acquiring a new client. You can use these reviews to create a Wall of Love to flaunt your brand’s success story. improves your online presence and gives valuable insights into your customer’s preferences.

To design a Wall of Love using, you first need to create a custom form asking people to submit their reviews. You can email the review forms to the customers.

After you collect the reviews from the customer, you are free to Integrate them in any place you want- on the landing page or an independent Wall of Love. The platform supports popular website builders and CMS platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace. offers 14 day trial period, which is sufficient to test the platform. The paid plans start from USD 15 per month.

Last Words

In the era of cut-throat competition, nothing can effectively boost your sales and expand your customer base more than a satisfied customer, Period. Curating the vocals of happy customers, the Wall of Love page accentuates people’s love for your brand, which attracts more customers.

Each tool mentioned above can beautifully create a personalized Wall of Love for your brand, and you need to gauge which of them can effectively cater to your needs.

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