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In Sales & Marketing Last updated: September 19, 2023
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If you are a part of a sales or marketing agency, specialized CRM for agencies is the perfect tool to make your client journeys smooth. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best client relationship platforms below!

The regular CRM (client relationship management) tools available in the market are not enough to cater to the needs of agencies that deal with various clients. Hence, these agencies should choose a CRM application that has dedicated features useful for their requirements.

Before moving into the main discussion, let’s have a look at the benefits of such CRMs and how you can choose the right one for your company. Here’s a glimpse of the CRM tools we’ll be looking at:

Centralized data, marketing campaigns, social media management.
Client management, data integration, KPI monitoring.
Mobile app, lead scoring, workflow automation.
Communication synchronization, email marketing, automation.
Personalized marketing, AI lead scoring, chatbots.
Customizable views, lead management, integration support.
Lead generation, omnichannel communication, reporting.
Google Workspace integration, automation, activity feed.
Multi-channel campaigns, automation, real-time reporting.

Importance of CRM for Agencies

Client relationship management tools are an important part of improving the customer’s journey. After all, a happy client is one who is provided satisfaction in all stages of the buying cycle.

  • Complete client management from one platform
  • Seamless collaboration among colleagues and teams
  • Communication among the teammates to ensure accountability
  • Streamline the processes of client relationship management and retention
  • Detailed insights into sales and marketing efforts for data-driven decisions
  • A centralized database for all the client information
  • Bespoke marketing campaigns for different clients
  • Tracking the history of client communication
  • Better client satisfaction, loyalty, and retention
  • Improved data security and compliance with regulations

Through a CRM tool, not only client satisfaction can be improved, but also the team can better understand the voice of the customer through their interactions with the client at the various stages.


How to Choose the Best CRM for an Agency

The client relationship management provider that is chosen depends on business goals and requirements. While there might be qualities that overlap, there can also be a few points that set a particular CRM solution apart.

  • Select a CRM that matches the needs of your agency
  • Go for a subscription plan that is cost-efficient and budget-friendly
  • Choose a scalable CRM that can grow with your agency
  • Make sure the CRM is user-friendly and does not have a steep learning curve
  • Select a CRM for your agency that can be integrated with the tools you use 
  • Choose a CRM that lets you customize fields, workflows, and reports 
  • CRM with a mobile app should be preferred for on-the-go connectivity
  • It should have reporting and analysis facilities for the clients
  • Go for a CRM that complies with data privacy and security regulations
  • If you are already using a CRM, make sure the new one supports smooth data migration
  • CRMs with a free trial also help you try the features before you subscribe

Here are some proficient and popular CRMs used by different agencies to manage their customer relationship and customer journeys.


If you are a growing agency that needs to manage multiple clients, Zoho CRM lets you keep all your data and communications in one place. 

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  • Manage deals and all other activities related to each client
  • Run marketing campaigns and measure their results
  • Manage social media for clients and your own agency
  • Real-time omnichannel communication for follow-up and smooth collaboration
  • Database that contains all accounts, leads, and deals
  • Efficient dashboard for workflow automation
  • Analytics and reports to measure your KPIs
  • Mobile app to stay connected with clients and colleagues

Whether your business deals with digital marketing, social media, advertising, and public relations, you can use Zoho CRM to tackle it all.


Agencies can use Semrush CRM for online marketing and other purposes. In all cases, it will help them manage all the clients in a professional manner.



  • Manage your clients and track your leads
  • Make client collaboration a breeze
  • Import bulk client data from projects and HubSpot
  • Single interface to organize all your client data
  • Manage client projects through task management and prioritization
  • Secure file storage and management on Google Cloud
  • Create white-label reports and share them through dedicated client portals
  • Monitor client KPIs with data generated by Semrush tools

While using Semrush CRM, you can also integrate other Semrush tools with it to get the maximum benefit.


With Freshsales CRM for agencies, advertising, and media, agencies can make sure to manage their clients professionally and close deals faster.

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  • Freshsales mobile app to offer all services to the customers on the go
  • Integration with numerous apps like Zapier, Mailchimp, Segment, and Google Workspace
  • Lead scoring facility to quickly find qualifying leads
  • 360𝆩 view of all prospect and client activities on one page
  • Use pre-designed action flows for workflow automation
  • Reports on the progress and performance of your agency
  • Dashboard with customizable views to organize customer data

All in all, it ensures productivity, performance, and revenue growth for your sales team Freshsales CRM.


Pipeline CRM is an easy-to-use agency CRM software that lets you grow your business, eliminating silos, miscommunications, and disruptions.

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  • Synchronize all team and client communications
  • Integrations with email clients, marketing, and sales applications
  • Manage email marketing and automatically track their performances
  • Unlimited data storage facility for documents, images, and communications
  • Custom user permission for different teams and employees
  • Record of full relationship lifecycle of each client
  • Supershare feature to quickly and securely share data with stakeholders
  • Open-source API and integration support for all top applications

Moreover, Pipeline CRM allows you to automate regular tasks and get reports on your performance.


Salesforce CRM helps even small businesses build relationships with customers and maintain them.

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  • Create personalized email journeys and landing pages
  • AI-powered lead scoring for effective targeting 
  • Real-time sales alert and engagement history
  • Dashboard and customizable reports
  • Tailored KPIs for pipeline management
  • Automatically capture and sync your data to the CRM
  • Conversational Intelligence and contract approvals
  • Marketing automation and predictive AI reporting
  • Chatbots to automate support and quick resolution
  • AI-based actionable insights for intelligent workflows

This CRM also lets you use Slack for centralized communication, efficient automation, and AI.  


Using Insightly CRM, agencies can not only streamline their sales processes but also ensure profitability through long-term customer relationships. 

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  • A single source of truth that keeps your team and processes on the same page
  • Customizable views and workflows as per your needs and preferences
  • Lead and pipeline management for better business and greater ROI
  • Flexible linking of records and communication to build relationship
  • KPI visualization to monitor insights and progress
  • Support for integration with 1200+ apps that you use for your agency
  • SOC 2 Type II, SSO, TFA, and data encryption for security

This easy-to-use and customizable CRM is useful for agencies that are aiming for a scalable solution.


You could belong to any marketing agency, but you will find Salesmate CRM to be capable of managing various services and specializations.

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  • Lead generation tools like web forms, live chat, meeting scheduler, and chatbots
  • Lead nurturing tools such as SMS marketing, automatic journeys, and bulk text messages
  • Contact Management to create solid customer profiles
  • Lead scoring to identify the truly potential leads
  • Create and customize a new pipeline for separate services
  • Omnichannel communication support within the CRM
  • Campaign management with client feedback
  • Reports on sales team performance and activity performance

Salesmate CRM also offers 45+ dashboard widgets and 30 built-in templates for reports that you can utilize for different purposes. 


If you belong to a creative agency, taking assistance from Copper will enable you to bring the best out of your team while improving the relationship with your clients.

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  • CRM that works in sync with Google WorkspaceIf you are a part of a sales or marketing agency specialized CRM for agencies are the perfect tools to make your client journeys smooth. That’s why we’ve curated a list of the best client relationship platforms below!
  • Automatically captures all details of your projects to keep things organized
  • Activity feed that offers visibility into real-time customer moments
  • Email and marketing tools for personalized relationship management
  • Customizable reports to understand how your business is doing
  • Automate recurring tasks and notifications
  • Keep all the contacts organized for quick discovery

Agencies can also integrate Copper with their existing tools like RingCentral, Calendly, LinkedIn, PandaDoc, Hubspot, Zapier, etc.


Keap offers a CRM for marketing agencies where you can automate repetitive tasks and scale up the business. 

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  • Run multi-channel marketing campaigns
  • Automate personal follow-ups with the clients
  • Get all lead and client data & outreach under a single umbrella
  • Automate targeted follow-up campaigns
  • Access to KPIs and sales data in real-time
  • Reporting feature to discover bottlenecks and amplify performance

Apart from the above, this CRM provides various time-saving features that will reduce the workload of your team members.

Wrapping Up

As an agency, you must carefully develop a relationship with each and every client of yours to ensure the desired growth in your business. Regardless of your company size, emphasizing every client is an essential but difficult task. 

However, by using CRM for agencies, you can easily manage all your clients while sparing your team from getting overworked. Check out our curated list of best CRMs and make sure you select the perfect match for your business.

Are you looking for mobile-based CRMs? Check out this article on mobile CRM tools.

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