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CS: GO or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a famous multiplayer first-person shooter game.

It is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series. The game is fought against two teams, terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. CS: GO can be played in nine game modes. However, the most common game mode revolves around the terrorist team planting a bomb while the Counter-Terrorist team has to stop them. CS: GO has matchmaking support that allows players to play on servers with each other in real-time. 

There are also community-hosted servers with game modes and custom maps. It is a cult classic game and is played by every age group. It is easy to assume that most gamers know everything about this game.

But do you know about CS: GO custom crosshair generators that can improve your aim in CS: GO and help you through the ranks?

Let’s discuss a bit about CS: GO crosshair generator first. 

What is CS: GO crosshair generator?

The default crosshair in CS: GO is a dynamic hulking neon yellow beast. It is great for casual players and those who are coming to grips with the competitive shooter.

However, with CS: GO custom crosshair generator, you can set up the custom one that will help you to click heads in no time. Your crosshair will automatically change the size based on your movement, stance, or shooting in default settings. 

As a result, this can make the accuracy very hard and can mean an easy kill for your opponent. You cannot play to your best advantage and skill with wavering accuracy. Too many bad headshots will eventually lead to frustration and can ruin the gaming experience. That is why you need a CS: GO crosshair maker. 

Why use a Crosshair Generator?

The rational solution for the disadvantages of the default crosshair is using a CS: GO crosshair maker and creating a custom one that will enhance your game and accuracy. A custom crosshair enhances your aim.

The best is to have a square crosshair of a color that stands out against any background and does not deteriorate your ability to see the map. You can choose the crosshair based on style, size, outline, gap, thickness, alpha, color, and dot. The custom crosshair that you finally choose should bring out the best in you in the game.  

Let us look through some of the best CS: GO crosshair generators.


Dathost is one of the best CS: GO crosshair makers. Millions of users have already used it and created their custom crosshairs. Dathost has also listed their most popular crosshairs in their blog. The most common color selected is white and green, the size used is 2, the crosshair gap is either kept at 0 or negative, and the thickness commonly selected is 1.5 rather than a bulky-looking one. 

All these pre-existing specifications further make your job a lot easier with this tool. Apart from crosshair generators, Dathost also provides silky-smooth servers, easy configuration, instant setup, flexible pricing, and great support. 

Total CS: GO

Total CS: GO is an all-in-one CS: GO custom crosshair generator. With this tool, you can see a real-time preview of what your crosshair will look like in Counter-Strike. Once you are satisfied with your crosshair look, you need to simply copy the configuration into your CS: GO console to use your chosen crosshair in the game. 

Total CS: GO also provides crosshair commands for style, size, gap, thickness, outline, color, alpha value, dot, etc. You can even share your crosshair with your friends by clicking on the “Share Crosshair” button, which will generate a unique link to your specified configuration. You can also save your crosshair for later use. 

CS: GO Pedia

CS: GO Pedia is a commonly used crosshair generator. You can change the crosshair settings to your choice and use commands with the help of a simple copy and paste. Whether you want to use the basic crosshair configuration for color and size or change advanced settings of color, size, style, dot, outline, thickness, t-shaped crosshair, alpha, CS: GO Pedia makes it easy for you.

You can even choose the best crosshair for headshots simply by using the crosshairs of pro players. You have to search for the best players and apply their configuration, and then you are good to go! This can take your gameplay to the next level.

CS: GO Crosshairs

CS: GO Crosshairs is a place where all crosshair settings from the professional CS: GO players are gathered. To find crosshair settings, you have to go to the TEAM tab in the menu bar. You can get the crosshair settings into the game by two methods – copy to config and copy to console. You can preview crosshair images taken in a 1280×960 (4:3) resolution and stretch them to a 900×500 (16:9) resolution. 

Although most players use 4:3, others use stretched or black bars. That is why it is chosen to stretch it out to make it easier to see the crosshair. If you want to see the full 1280×960, you can always right-click and open the image in a new tab or try it in-game. 

Pro Settings

Pro Settings is a crosshair generator tool to customize your CS: GO crosshair. Like other crosshair makers, Pro Settings also help you custom choose your crosshair. You can select your style from default, classic, or dynamic. 

There is no problem sticking to the primary colors, but you can custom create your own. You can change crosshair settings into the game by either “Copy & paste to config or from config to text field” or “Copy & paste directly into the console.” Apart from this, Pro Settings also provides all CS: GO commands, hacks & cheats, and famous CS: GO pro players’ settings and config. 

Summary 💻

CS: GO is a highly competitive shooter game. An FPS game heavily relies on good aim. Therefore, a good crosshair can improve your aim and your game. Choosing a crosshair is a matter of personal preference. Some people opt for dynamic crosshair, while others go for advanced settings that can help them move through the ranks. Of course, not one feature can convert you into a great player overnight. 

For a consistently good game, you have to practice your aim before leaving it to the CS: GO crosshair maker to do the job for you. The CS: GO crosshair generators discussed above allow you to copy and paste the codes and commands directly into the game, saving you from typing everything on your own. 

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