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In Career Last updated: October 29, 2022
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Are you looking to become a successful Scrum product owner and get paid better than your peers? Then you should get a CSPO certification.

The CSPO training certification opens the road to a career in Agile software and product development. Scrum and Agile are becoming increasingly important as manufacturing and software development companies race for productivity. 

You will see more job seekers in this sector coming to interviews with a professional certification related to Agile or Scrum. Hence, to become competitive, you can go for CSPO accreditation. Read on to learn everything you need to know about CSPO certification and online courses.

What Is a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)?

What Is a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO)

To understand CSPO, first, you need to learn about the Scrum Product Owner. The product owner is the key project stakeholder of any product development and delivery project. Someone from the product management or marketing lead is usually a product owner. When the project follows Scrum methodologies, the product owner becomes Scrum Product Owner.

As the Scrum Guide suggests, the Scrum Product Owner is responsible for increasing the value of the end product that results from the completion of any product development project. They have many duties, but the essential task is to manage the prioritized list of functionalities or product backlogs of a developed product.

When you get a certification from a globally recognized institution or body that endorses you are highly skilled as a Scrum Product Owner, you become a CSPO or Certified Scrum Product Owner.   

What Is CSPO Certification?

What Is CSPO Certification

Certified Scrum Product Owner certification is a professional training event delivered by Scrum Alliance authorized Scrum Training agencies. The CSPO training is available as online and in-person delivery methods.

Scrum Alliance is the globally recognized institute to get a CSPO certification. You become a member of the Scrum Alliance once you become a CSPO, and you can actively grow your Agile and Scrum career far beyond the Product Owner level.

To become a certified Scrum Product Owner, you do not need to go through any proctoring software or in-person exam. You just need to attend training provided by the Scrum Alliance or some of its affiliated partners.    

Why Should You Opt for CSPO Certification?

Why Should You Opt for CSPO Certification

If you are more into the business side of product development projects, you must get a certificate for Scrum Product Owner. This accreditation will open many career windows for you. You can get advanced certifications in the Scrum Product Owner role to climb the ladder up to a company’s Chief Product Officer (CPO).

You also increase your chance of employability as a product owner in top enterprises that follow Scrum and Agile for manufacturing or software product development. A Scrum Product Owner job in multinational enterprises will give you a better compensation package than mid or small-level businesses.

That’s not all! The learning content of the CSPO certification will help you build the theoretical and practical knowledge of Scrum and Agile from the foundation level. Hence, you will become more confident at work. Becoming a confident CSPO will help you drive productivity in your Scrum team.        

The Benefits of CSPO

Benefits of CSPO

A company and its employees both benefit from a CSPO certification. Some of the top advantages are:  

Highly Skilled Product Owner

Companies get a product owner for their software development or manufacturing projects who knows Scrum framework from the foundation level.

Learn Scrum From the Scratch

Professionals get a true understanding of the Scrum framework from practical and practical perspectives.

Manage Product Backlog Document

Following the Scrum development framework, you can include all crucial product features and performance elements when creating the Product Backlog document.

Communicate With Clients and Scrum Teams

Communicate With Clients and Scrum Teams

CSPOs can explain complex engineering concepts to clients and consumers in easy language. Additionally, they can explain clients’ requirements to the Scrum development team in the industry language. Hence, you are the bridge between the Scrum development team and the customer.      

Eligibility for CSPO Certification 

Anyone can opt for CSPO accreditation. However, you must have a professional background in software development, business management, product management, etc., to utilize the certification. Here are some good to have skills as eligibility for the Certified Scrum Product Owner certification:


Knowledge of the Scrum Framework

To become a successful certified Scrum Product Owner, you need to know your responsibilities as a Product Owner. You can only learn this if you train yourself for the Scrum Framework. You can refer to the Scrum Guide as the best text to learn Scrum frameworks since the developers of this method wrote the text.

When you obtain all the knowledge of Scrum methods, you can implement your Scrum skills to ensure the success of a Scrum project. CSPO is just a global testament that you know Scrum from the ground up.   

Understanding of the Agile Manifesto

Scrum is a part of the Agile methodologies. Hence, you must also know the Agile framework to understand Scrum effectively. 

Undergone the CSPO Certification Training

Undergone the CSPO Certification Training

You must undergo 16 hours of in-person or 14 hours of live online CSPO training with a Certified Scrum Trainer. 

Scrum Alliance will send a license agreement and profile setup email. Once you complete all the tasks mentioned in the email, you become Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Product Owner. 

Renewing the Certification Regularly

Your CSPO certification will become effective for two years from the day of attending the CSPO training event. Hence, you need to renew the certification a few months before the expiry to continue your credential as a CSPO.

You can renew the certification by earning 20 Scrum Education Units (SEUs) during the two years by attending valid conferences, training, lectures, etc. Your Scrum Alliance profile will offer more detailed instructions.

Once you have enough SEUs, submit a certificate renewal fee of $100 from your Scrum Profile page to revalidate your CSPO credentials.     

Career Outlook for CSPO Certificate Holders

Career Outlook for CSPO Certificate Holders

According to a recent report from StarAgile on CSPO career opportunities, one can earn between $83,000 to $146,255 annually by getting a CSPO accreditation.

The salaries depend on the job designation. For example, a CSPO Product Analyst gets $83,000, a CSPO Software Development Manager receives $115,000, and the CSPO Technical Program Manager gets $146,255.

You can join big businesses as a Project Manager or Business Analyst level and become a Product Manager, Senior Product Manager, and ultimately the CPO or CEO.   

Now that you have gone through the basics of CSP certification, it is time to find out some courses on which you can rely: 

Scrum Product Owner & Scrum Product Owner Certification: Udemy

Scrum Product Owner & Scrum Product Owner Certification Udemy

This Udemy course on CSPO saves you hundreds of dollars for Scrum training. Also, you get all the training content in one place and study them whenever you get free time. Udemy delivers the learning content online, so there is no need to attend any live online or in-person sessions. 

Notable course features are: 

  • 30 lectures spanning 2 hours and 23 minutes
  • Teaches the roots of Scrum and Agile
  • It starts with the basics of Scrum
  • It also covers Scrum events, roles, rules, and artifacts
  • It focuses on the Product Owner role too
  • Product backlog, release planning, product vision, and tips are also there

The course suits on-the-job and new graduates who want to become Scrum Product Owners and Scrum Masters. Due to certification, business analysts, software testers, developers, non-agile Product Owners, and Product Owners can also opt for this online course.     

Practice Exams – Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO): Udemy

Practice Exams - Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Udemy

If you are due for any internal or external CSPO test organized by companies or training institutes, you can sign up for this Udemy course. You get a total of 195 practice questions in 5 practice tests. 

The online course author has divided the questions into two segments. One is the Basic Certified Scrum Product Owner, and the other is the Challenging Certified Scrum Product Owner.

The practice paper questions are based on the recent update of the Scrum Guide, which was on November 2020. Hence, you can assure yourself that you are preparing the latest trends, concepts, and practical knowledge of the Scrum Guide.

The online practice paper series is completely mobile accessible. Furthermore, you get lifetime access to the question materials. Moreover, the course will also help you crack the CSM exam.     

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Course: Scrum Alliance

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Course Scrum Alliance

Scrum Alliance is the leading name for certifications based on the Scrum methodologies. The learning content for CSPO certification offered by this institute includes the principles, framework, and values of Scrum.

Also, you learn the skills a CSPO must have to deliver their job responsibilities effectively in challenging environments. That’s not all! Scrum Alliance’s content also trains you on the tools required for Scrum product development projects.

Scrum Alliance has certified many trainers and agencies worldwide so that you can get certified for CSPO conveniently. After reaching the Course Search portal, you can look for training providers based on languages, countries, date & time, provider names, discount types, and more.      

CSPO Certification Training: KnowledgeHut 


KnowledgeHut, a subsidiary of upGrad, also is a good choice for completing the mandatory 14 or 16 hours of training on Scrum Product Owner. It offers different training content delivery programs like Live Virtual Training and Corporate Training. Key highlights of this online course are:

  • Become an effective Product Owner and address the challenges via Scrum
  • You can get 20 SEUs in just two days.
  • KnowledgeHut is the Scrum Alliance Global Registered Education Ally (REA)
  • It has more than 150 Scrum Alliance-certified instructors
  • It operates in more than 100 countries
  • KnowledgeHut conducts over 250 workshops each month
  • So far, the agency has trained over 350000 Scrum professionals 

You can access the KnowledgeHut portal to subscribe for a training event at the earliest. You can also contact a course advisor from the doorway for more clarification on the course.   

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) Certification Training: Simplilearn 


Yet another great destination to learn the theories and practical knowledge on Scrum Product Owner is this Simplilearn course. You can learn the accurate CSPO training content from Simplilearn because it is the Global REA of Scrum Alliance.

Key training course features are: 

  • Online virtual course delivery for two days
  • Classroom training for two days
  • Games and exercises to get practical Scrum experiences
  • The course fee includes the Scrum Alliance’s CSPO certification
  • Also offers 16 PDUs or SEUs
  • Simplilearn’s Certified Scrum Trainers are globally acclaimed
  • Free access to 15 relevant online courses from Simplilearn

The course is suitable for anyone interested in Scrum like managers of scrum teams, members of scrum teams, professionals aspiring to Scrum Master certification, teams transitioning to the Scrum framework, etc.   

CSPO Certification Training Course: Edureka

YouTube video

The CSPO accreditation training course from Edureka has the endorsement of Scrum Alliance. The course content will help you discover how to manage the Product Backlog, create a Product Vision, etc. It also enables you to understand the agile framework and prepares you to ensure your company can achieve customer delight by delivering greater product standards.

Furthermore, the course content includes the latest Scrum Guide learnings. Top Scrum-practicing industry professionals have designed the syllabus to include real-time case studies, projects, and live training.

Certified Scrum Product Owner Certification Training in India: Invensis

YouTube video

Invensis is one of the best global agencies for professional course training, and it is now offering Live virtual classroom sessions in India. If you hail from India and looking for CSPO certification training from one of the global agencies, it is the right moment. Notable course highlights are:

  • Scrum Alliance certification
  • Suitable for teams, professionals, and businesses
  • Complete coverage of Product Backlog
  • Focused on Product Owner core capabilities

It also offers group training and corporate training sessions in multiple cities in India.  


As a professional or business owner, are you looking for comprehensive knowledge of Scrum and Agile methodologies? If so, you must get the CSPO accreditation or hire someone who is CSPO certified.

CSPO accreditation is beneficial for both a professional and a business. Hence, try the above online courses without wasting more time to increase your confidence before attending the CSPO certification training event.

You may also be interested in the Scrum Master certification to become a Scrum trainer and get paid better than non-certified ones.

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