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In Gaming Last updated: November 10, 2022
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Let’s cure your vampirism and see what comes with the package in this Skyrim special.

Vampirism can happen to anyone in Skyrim. As a matter of fact, some pursue it intentionally due to the powers it comes with.

It has its pros which makes it interesting for specific quests. However, in addition to the abilities, the ‘issues’ a vampire faces during the daytime make it problematic for most daytime gameplay, enough for you to search for a cure.

First, we will see what’s the deal with vampirism, how to become one, and finally, the cure.

Vampirism: The Good and The Bad

Vampires are interesting creatures inside Skyrim. Once you are a vampire, you have additional magical spells like Vampiric health drain, improved night vision, seduction, invisibility, etc. Besides, illusion spells work more effectively.

On the other hand, vampires’ magicka, health, and stamina don’t regenerate during the daytime. Besides, Vampires are weak to fire, and sunlight takes away a portion of their health.

Vampirism becomes more severe over time if you don’t feed timely. Consequently, the dark powers increase or decrease.

At level four, people become hostile seeing you–attacking randomly or fleeing.

So basically, they are creatures of the night with substantial drawbacks in the sunlight.

For more details, check out this Skyrim Vampirism wiki.

How to Become a Vampire in Skyrim

You have to get attacked by a vampire to contract Sanguinare Vampiris. If not treated within three days, you’ll become a stage one vampire.

So first, you need to find a vampire.


The fastest way would be a short trip to North Shriekwind Bastion, which is located west of Helgen.

If your map isn’t this good, then you may need to switch to a quality world map. And if you’re new to modding, then we have this simple guide covering a few best Skyrim mods and how to install them.

North Shriekwind Bastion

Here, you need to find a way to the dungeons, where you may need to lockpick your way to the vampire encounter.

Remember not to kill the vampire before contracting Sanguinare Vampiris. So you need to let it attack you until you see something like this on the top left of the screen: You have contracted Sanguinare Vampiris.


By attack, I mean the vampire spells. You can definitely block the melee attacks.

Health potions will surely help but aren’t necessary. Besides, you may need to go through this a few times as sometimes you catch this syndrome very early in the fight, but on others, not even until all health depletes, resulting in death.

Ergo, save the game just before entering into this fight to avoid lengthy retakes.

Finally, you can check the Active Effects to confirm your road to vampirism.


Three days and you will become a full vampire. In the meantime, it’s easier to get rid of this. You only have to find a shrine and pray (for your sins 😁).

disease-cured by praying at skyrim shrines

The closest shrine (Shrine of Talos: Ilinalta Foothills) is located in the middle of Helgen and North Shriekwind Bastion.


However, the path to normalism is adventurous and challenging if you’re already past this deadline.

And that brings us to the final section of this tutorial.

How to Cure Vampirism in Skyrim

As already stated, if you haven’t prayed at any shrine within three days of contracting Sanguinare Vampiris, you become a full vampire.

One can confirm this by checking Active effects, now featuring powers such as more effective illusion spells, higher sneaking abilities, and 100% resistance to any disease.

vampire powers in skyrim

For the sake of clarity, let’s divide this into a few subsections:

  • Talk to any bartender
  • Meet Falion
  • Soul trap
  • Meet Falion, one last time!

In short, you need to hear rumors from anyone about Falion studying vampirism. This unlocks the quest Rising at Dawn. Afterward, you speak to Falion, acquire a black soul gem, fill it with a soul, and revisit Falion at dawn to cure vampirism.

Let’s check each step in detail.

Talk to any Bartender

The best would be talking to Jonna, the owner of Moorside Inn in Morthal itself. Ask her about hearing any rumors, and she opens up.

talk to any bartender to start rising at dawn

Alternatively, you can talk to Orgnar in Riverwood and ask for the same. Notably, you may need to talk more than once to get this out of the bartenders. And I guess you can visit any tavern to start Rising at Dawn.

Meet Falion

Falion has a standout appearance with a hooded robe in the whole of Morthal. Visit him in his house or find him on the streets if he isn’t there.

meet falion to cure vampirism

Here, you have to inquire him about vampirism for the conversation to flow through. Notably, this option won’t be there if you haven’t heard ‘the rumor’ upfront.

This ends with Falion telling you about the process of vampirism cure for which you need a black soul gem. Straightaway, you can acquire the black soul gem from Falion himself.

However, you can also get your hands on one in many ways, as per the Skyrim Fandom wiki.

Afterward, Falion tells you to fill this with a soul and meet him at dawn to cure yourself.

Soul Trap

So you got an empty black soul gem. Now you will cast the soul trap on the target and kill it as long as the spell is in effect.

But first, you need the Spell Tome: Soul Trap to have the spell.

spell tome book for soul trap spell

And again, Falion is at the rescue if you don’t have this book already.

Buy it, and use it for having the soul trap in your conjuration section within the Active effects.

Importantly, you need to kill the target in under 60 seconds after casting this spell. The ideal strategy would be to find a lone bandit and cast the spell midway to its death.

Once filled with a soul, it’s time to meet the man one more time to put an end to this misery.

Meet Falion, one last time!

With the filled black soul gem, talk to Falion, and he will instruct you to meet him at the outskirts for the ritual to cure.

meet falion at dawn to cure skyrim vampirism

You need to keep two things in mind before proceeding. First, don’t be blood-starved, or Falion will attack you instead of helping. Second, be there just before dawn, look for the marker, and wait for him to arrive.

The best option would be to ‘feed’ before meeting Falion. You can do this by using seduction spell or simply feeding on people sleeping inside their homes.

skyrim feeding

Feeding a single person should suffice. Still, you can feed on all the sleeping ones just to avoid trouble later.

Make sure not to wake anyone up and no one’s watching while quenching your blood thirst. And maybe, it’s time to upgrade your sneaking skills if people wake up every time you try.

Finally, talk to Falion at the marked location at dawn, and you will be free from vampirism in no time.

skyrim vampirism cured

Skyrim Vampirism: Cured!

Vampirism in Skyrim is special, especially if you play at night or for specific quests. However, the demerits it ships for the daytime play may want you go back to being normal.

Anyways, this was Geekflare’s guide to Skyrim Vampirism and its cure in the easiest possible way.

We promise to bring more of Skyrim.

PS: Terrific visuals are vital, but excellent audio is another aspect that can make a huge difference for pro gamers. Taking care of that, we have curated a list of some of the best gaming headsets to help you enjoy Skyrim (and the rest) to the fullest.

Until next time!

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