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In Windows Last updated: September 12, 2023
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Gone are the days when you had those traditional arrows or hand-shaped cursor styles. Now you can get a custom cursor while browsing on Google Chrome.

Browsing the internet is exciting, provided you are doing it for a pastime or entertainment. But if your job or profession demands too much surfing on the internet, it can somehow get boring. Furthermore, the ongoing use of the default cursor look can make this task even more boring.


For whatever reason, you search the web; a cursor is a thing that will stay with you all the time. Whether you are surfing lovingly or boringly, you can add spice and fun to your online work by changing your cursor style.

A lovely cursor style can make browsing far more interesting and exciting. This, in turn, can also enhance your productivity, especially at work.

Installing A Custom Cursor on Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a great browser that keeps on bringing ease while working on it. It offers plenty of extensions you can install in seconds and change your default cursor. To install a Chrome extension for a custom cursor, you can follow these steps:

  • Open the Google Chrome browser.
  • Open the Chrome web store through this link or by searching on Google.
  • On the Chrome web store page, search for a custom cursor via the search box.🔍
  • You will see multiple extensions for custom cursors there.
  • Install the one that you find good.

And that’s all. Now you can choose the custom cursor and replace the default one.

There are multiple chrome extensions using which you can install a custom cursor. Let’s explore them.

Cute Cursors

Cute Cursors is a chrome extension that lets you apply your favorite style on your cursor. It enables you to replace your boring default cursor look easily.


It carries a collection of large numbers of cursors in different categories or interests. For instance, you can have Disney, Mortal, Halloween, Animal, Fashion cursors, etc. The bright colors of these custom cursors will always keep your pointer visible to you.

Custom Cursor for Chrome™

Custom Cursor for Chrome™ is a wonderful Chrome extension that more than 7,000,000+ users use. It lets you choose from its large collection of custom cursors. All the cursor styles are available free of cost.

YouTube video

This extension also lets you create your customized cursor collection using any image. You can find over 100 different cursor styles that are divided into different categories. These categories include pizza, Minecraft, lightsaber, and many more.

Cute Cursors for Chrome

Install Cute Cursors for Chrome extension, and you can choose from plenty of beautiful cursor styles. The bright and elegantly designed mouse pointer styles can help you stay engaged in browsing all the time.


Turn your cursor into lipstick, a rose, a princess pony, or anything.

Cursor Style

Cursor style brings you a complete kit of custom cursors for your Chrome web browser. You can select from hundreds of cursor styles and add fun to your day-to-day browsing.

YouTube video

There are different categories of cursors in this extension. And more than 300 cursor styles are divided into these categories. Here you can also explore animated cursors. If you have a personal cursor style, this extension also allows you to upload and use it.

Cursor Cat

If you love cats, this Cursor Cat extension is made for you. It comes in a style in which a cat chases the cursor. This extension can make browsing highly funny and engaging.

YouTube video

There are multiple cat cursor styles that you can choose from.

Sweezy Cursors

Sweezy Cursors is another wonderful custom cursor Chrome extension with a bundle of exciting cursor styles. It also lets you upload your personalized image and use it as a cursor.

YouTube video

Sweezy Cursors also come with animated cursors, thus transforming your boring cursor into an attentive thing. You can choose cursor designs for categories such as comics, gaming, cartoons, etc.

BTS BT21 Cursor

BTS BT21 Cursor lets you choose a customized pointer that you find most engaging and interesting. You can choose from a large range of cursors to replace your default pointer.


It takes just a few clicks to download and install this Chrome extension.

Among Us Custom Cursor

Install Among Us Custom Cursor extension on your Chrome web browser and enjoy amazing custom cursors.


This chrome extension adds a fun factor to your web browsing.

Custom Cursor Changer

Custom Cursor Changer chrome extension brings you a huge collection of custom cursors and has a great browsing experience.

YouTube video

You can have custom cursors from a large set of categories. These include bears, animated cursors, cute, decorative, Digimon aesthetic, 3D, animal, bleach, DeviantArt, and many more. There are more than 1000 custom cursors available on this extension.

Change Cursor

Install the Change Cursor chrome extension if you want a unique set of custom cursors. This comes with an amazing set of unusual and unique cursors that let you replace your default cursor instantly.


If you are unsatisfied with the options available here, you can use a personalized cursor by uploading an image. The size and format should meet the set conditions.

Pokemon Cursor

If you are a Pokemon game fan, you will surely love this Pokemon Cursor for your pointer. By installing this extension, you can choose from different designs of Pokemon and replace your existing or default cursor style.


This gives you convenient and quick access to multiple cursor options.

Final Words

Try these custom cursor Chrome extensions and add spice to your everyday browsing experience. You will surely love the different cursor styles available on these extensions.

You may also want to explore SEO Chrome extensions for marketers to streamline tasks.

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