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In Business Operations Last updated: April 26, 2023
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The importance of price quotes in business and price quote calculators is huge. It can be a valuable tool for both buyers and sellers. 

Price quotes serve as a formal document that outlines the cost of a project or item. They also help to establish communication between buyers and sellers.

On the other hand, price quote calculators automate the process of creating price quotes. This makes it easy and convenient for both parties involved.

These calculators integrate parameters and metrics required to determine the quoted price for a project, such as labor charges, the time required, and the area of land needed. The calculator’s user interface must be compatible with different devices and web page frameworks.

By using a price quote calculator, businesses can save time, increase efficiency, and provide customers with accurate and customizable quotes. Let us read about it in detail.


Benefits of Price Quote calculator

  • Retention Rate leveled up: Automated quote calculators have the potential to increase a company’s retention rate by up to 70%. This improvement is in comparison to traditional methods of presenting price quotes. Therefore, utilizing automated quote calculators can help companies retain customers and increase loyalty.
  • Glorify the brand through presence: Integrating a price quote calculator into your business can achieve a very important aspect. This is that it adds to the recognition of the brand. Brand awareness and the principles that the brand stands for are some key aspects that the tool helps achieve.
  • Enhances the workflow further: Price quote calculators can simplify traditional practices of preparing quotes or discussing them online. They offer customizable features for one-click simplicity.
  • Full-fledged transparency between client and business owner: You can clearly state the costs as per your requirements all at once. You can also lock in the price for a period to avoid market fluctuations affecting the deal. 

Here are a few Customizable Price Quote calculators you can try in your business. Come, let’s see.


The Calconic instant price quote calculator presents the project costing by encoding the deciding metrics into the system. Clients can get the estimate before finalizing the deal with the company.


Top brands like Amazon, HubSpot, Codecademy, Forbes, etc., recognize this tool. All in all, Calconic’s calculator is one of a kind! You can surely go for it.

A customizable price calculator by is the perfect tool for lead generation. From user-independent design for the calculator to sending personalized emails issuing the quote formally, this add-on does all.


Trusted multinationals like Salesforce, FairTrade, Universal, etc., recommend the tool. Transactions can be facilitated through almost all payment gateways like PayPal, Mollie, Braintree, Stripe, etc.

It is a highly acclaimed and famous customizable calculator among businesses investing in technologies for development.


The instant customizable price quote calculator by ConvertCalculator is a must for every business; dealing with manual pricing is a cumbersome job and requires modernization for a business to thrive.


To avoid competitors stealing the deal, render efficient and accurate services to customers and sustain the business. This is what ConvertCalculator’s product adds extra over others. Try this awesome setup to stand out from competitors in your business.


Calculoid builds custom price quote calculators for businesses and startups selling services to clients. Hold on! You need not be a developer at all to create yours.


Calcuoloid is a well-trusted place to make the calculator, with tons of reviews posted to lend evidence to the statement. Publishing it and generating leads with it is much easier through this website.


The service price calculator from Jobber is a fantastic tool for determining overhead expenses. It also helps in checking profits, labor costs, etc., beforehand and automatically sends it via email to the prospects.


Any company looking forward to boosting its pricing strategy shall surely think of switching to it. Jobber’s calculator is always one of the best products to check out for your business.

Final Words

Custom price quote calculators streamline processes, increase efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction for businesses. Take your business to new heights with these custom price quote calculators.

Explore this list of custom price quote calculators to determine which suits your business’s specific needs.

Next, check out the best Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software.

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