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Getting customers is the primary objective of online stores, and it can be challenging! But Using the right customer onboarding software can help you acquire more customers with ease.

Customer onboarding is the initial and the most essential step of a customer’s buying journey. It forms a connection between the customer and the services that you are offering. As a result, they are more likely to become regular, repeated, and satisfied customers. 

Customer onboarding software will facilitate your customer’s buying journey on your online business. With this approach, customers will easily get what they want without looking further. Customers with a better user experience and product knowledge will surely make a purchase. Thus, your customer base will grow, and the churn rate will go down. 

From buying to the checkout process, customer onboarding software guides customers sequentially. In this article, we’ll introduce some of the top customer onboarding software offering amazing experiences. We will also discuss the benefits and qualities of effective customer onboarding software.  

Benefits of Customer Onboarding 

Customer onboarding is not mandatory for every kind of business. But it is a crucial part of marketing strategy for businesses such as tech equipment, automobile, and subscription-based formats.  

Enterprise organizations around the globe (74%) are investing in a dedicated customer onboarding team. But why?

Most of the customers lands on a product page with buying intentions. But before buying, they do a lot of research by investing their time. So, with customer onboarding, you are finalizing their decision. How? By reflecting your product’s authenticity and value. 

Now let’s learn about the benefits that you will get via customer onboarding:    

  • Customer satisfaction: Through customer onboarding, you ensure that customers use less effort to understand your products and their values. Since people love to use less effort, they will come back as repeat customers. 
  • Enhanced activation rate: Well-designed customer onboarding effectively defines the product to customers. As a result, more customers will activate your service and continue using your product. 
  • Minimized Churn rate: Positive customer onboarding experience leads to improved customer loyalty. So the percentage of customers who stopped using your product or service will get lowered. 
  • Uplift customer retention: Customers with a pleasing onboarding experience will recommend your products to others. That is how your client retention rate will increase over time. 
  • Rapid problem-solving: An effective onboarding process includes features that help customers get rapid support. With better customer service, the overall customer experience increases. So, the cost of customers decreases, and the revenue increases.
  • Improved brand reputation: An easygoing onboarding process for the customer will result in positive word-of-mouth and a reputation for the brand.    

Now that you know the benefits of customer onboarding, let’s discuss how onboarding software can assist.

How Customer Onboarding Software Helps Businesses 

Customer onboarding software automates the whole buying journey of a customer. While going through the onboarding process, you can convince and motivate the customer. You have some degree of influence over what your customers do at your site. 

However, you are not forcing them to get your services. Instead, thanks to onboarding software, clients willingly choose to purchase your items.

Let’s take a closer look at how customer onboarding software helps businesses: 

  • Automates certain tasks when a customer lands on your website. For example: sending welcome emails to newcomers, setting up accounts, etc.
  • Improves customer experience by providing a personalized onboarding journey. 
  • Tracks the progress of customers via the onboarding process. 
  • Assists in identifying roadblocks and areas where improvements are needed.
  • Enables self-service options for the customer and minimizes your support cost.     

`Up next, we will dive into the key features to look for in customer onboarding software.

Key Features Of Customer Onboarding Software  

Before selecting a customer onboarding software, you should consider a few factors. Here are the key features of customer onboarding software you should look for:

  • In-App Guidance or Tutorial: The software should guide you through all the features of the app and your business. 
  • Customer Training: The app should provide sufficient instruction to select the right option and pick up the right product.
  • Self-service Options: Users should be able to access additional information about your product or services using the software. 
  • Stepped Workflow: There should be a logical and stepped progression. First, it will introduce the core functionality and then progress to the complex ones.  
  • Product Usage Reports: Admin should have easy access to detailed reports on the software usage. It should provide a  clear insight into customer behavior. 
  • Customer Case Studies: Should be capable of analyzing client journeys to reveal possible problems.  
  • Multiple Engagement Channels: Ideal onboarding software should engage users through different channels. 
  • Transparent Data Collection: Users must be made aware of the data the software is collecting and the purposes behind that data collection
  • Progress Tracking: Customers should be able to see how close they are to finishing the onboarding process. It will motivate them to complete the onboarding process accurately.    
  • Performance Optimization: Onboarding software should run in your system without utilizing too many resources. 
  • Multilingual support: Users should be able to run the software in their preferred language. 

Now we will walk you through some of the best customer onboarding software that will offer you a fantastic experience. 

Some of the top customer onboarding software has passed our tests. These programs have the attributes that a customer onboarding program should include. So let’s explore the list below and choose one for your business:

With, you can streamline your client onboarding for continual business growth.  You can save your resources by automating client onboarding tasks with this software. Thence, you can focus on maintaining customer relations.   

This software updates and optimizes the client boarding process with a single click. Then it saves the key client information, so customer information is never lost. Besides, you can maintain a collaborative workflow by working in a group. 

Since you can edit your client onboarding process, you can adapt to the customer’s changing demands. Besides, you can simplify the client onboarding approach by using different templates. You can always minimize errors and provide a flawless experience to the customers.


Looking for cloud-based customer onboarding software? Clustdoc can be your solution. It smoothly maintains the client onboarding documentation and submission process. Thus, you can maintain the process sequentially to connect with clients, suppliers, students, tenants, and more.

With this software, you can gather information via online forms, file requests, documents to be signed, online payments, pending tasks, and more. From a secure, mobile-ready platform, you can send emails or SMS to clients to start the onboarding process. You can even customize the onboarding panel’s logo, background, and URL of the portal. 

Make the onboarding process easier with in-app progress status and review options. You can do more from your central dashboard, such as review submissions and collect approvals. Once the onboarding process is completed, you can store everything on the cloud.


Appcues is another onboarding software that makes product adoption easier for customers. It assists businesses in improving the process of linking new users to their products. As a result, client engagement and customer retention rates increase drastically. 

You can ease your customer’s effort by tracking the onboarding process. Customers can self-serve the process through tutorials,  in-app messages, and onboard flows. Moreover, the no-code builder provides an amazing user experience and customizer. 

The software can evaluate how different onboarding flows affect key business metrics. Thus, you can make adjustments and improve your onboarding process to convert more customers over time.   

The paid and free versions of this app allow you to integrate with numerous platforms. Besides, the software is available on the web, desktop, and mobile platforms.

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Tallyfy is a client onboarding tool that prioritizes your customer throughout the onboarding journey. The whole customer onboarding process is automated, which keeps clients interested at every turn, lowers the churn rate, and boosts revenue.

The software provides an amazing client experience by providing different forms and assignments. It includes internal & multiple communication channels, so you won’t need to maintain emails. 

All onboarding tasks appear at the right time due to proper conditional logic. You can push and sync data to different systems and CRM anytime. Besides, it tracks the whole onboarding progress of each customer.  Thus, identifying and improving the process is much easier.


Onboard is an easy-to-use onboarding tool to manage, optimize and automate the entire process. It maintains transparency across all your team members as well as the customers. As a result, customers will go through the process more efficiently. 

Utilize the automated dynamic launch plans of Onboard that use information from your CRM data. With different templates of this software, create a complete customer overview, dynamic launch plans, and more. 

Spend more time with your customers by creating custom workflow and configuring quick action. Also, Maintain communication via emails with your customers using your brand voice. You can even manage onboarding tasks and share all the updates via slack.

Track your customer’s onboarding process through a funnel and get live progress updates. The modern success team of your business can easily manage the onboarding process. So they can maintain their team structure and deliver immediate customer care. 


Userflow claims to be the fastest user flow and onboarding app in the market. You can create dynamic user flows with zero technical skills, similar to building lego blocks. It provides a no-code user experience with drag-and-drop features. You can live edit customer onboarding workflows and improvise instantly. 

You can even install this ultralight solution by copying and pasting the source code. The app works seamlessly on browsers and single & multi-page applications. Since you can track events and store attributes, segmenting and targeting users is really easy. 

The software allows you to track the given tasks with a minimizable checklist. The personalized resource center includes a knowledge base, a live chat option, and more. Moreover, you can create surveys using the app to get customer feedback. 

This multi-lingual software can be personalized with customizable themes. Furthermore, it seamlessly integrates many other tools you generally use. is yet another customer onboarding software that automates the customer onboarding process. It guides customers according to their needs and completes the process swiftly. 

You can customize the onboarding process according to your preference. Use the drag-and-drop feature to create a welcome survey by choosing from a collection of 200+ templates. Always ask the right questions to your customers about their expectations and direct them to the right place. 

You can redirect each customer on their preferred logical path by getting their responses. By customizing the onboarding template, you can effectively reflect your brand identity. Since every activity is tracked, you don’t need to repeat any process.  Additionally, you may group new users in your CRM depending on the responses to their welcome surveys.  

Increase client interaction by sending personalized and automated emails to your customers. Furthermore, you will get detailed customer preferences and insight from the visual onboarding analytics. 


Rocketlane is a collaborative customer onboarding platform that accelerates the onboarding process. You can win your customer’s confidence by creating a perfect first impression. Then you can progressively show clients the value of your products and set up objectives, plans, and statuses for them.

While using this software, you will get total visibility over your project and your customers. Therefore, you can easily find the points where you need to apply some tweaks. 

You don’t ever have to repeat a task since the software offers reusable templates. You can maintain a unified onboarding process by collaborating with your customers and team members. Besides, there are plenty of resources that will help you master customer onboarding.  


HelpHero offers you a simple and inexpensive way to create customer onboarding tours. It allows you to create interactive and easy-to-follow onboarding tours. You can speed up the onboarding process by adopting new requirements. 

 HelpHero will let you create and customize the customer walkthroughs without any coding. Also, you can customize the tours by changing texts, colors, and layouts with complete freedom. 

Customers can go through the onboarding process via customizable checklists. You can add required tasks sequentially within the checklist. Hotspots is another great feature of this software that includes on-demand contextual hints.  

HelpHero analytics helps you measure the viewer’s activities through the onboarding process. Therefore, you can discover pain points and tweak the process to get the best success rate. Using the funnel of this app, you can also segment and target specific customers. 

Content Snare 

Content Snare gives you an effortless & smart way to onboard new customers. It includes a single secured onboarding platform to gather all the customer information. The automated reminders help customers stay on task and free them from client chasing.

You can save an onboarding checklist as a template and reuse it later to save time and resources. Besides, you can send automatic and periodic reminders to the customers to keep them engaged.  

Admins can approve correct info sent by a customer and reject the wrong information. Customers can come back anytime and correct the incorrect information. When the onboarding process is finished, you can download the entire customer info with a click. 

Final Thoughts 

You should wow your customers right after they enter your online business.  The right way to do this is by having a great onboarding process for new customers.  Because of this, your attention should be on the best onboarding software to minimize your effort in the onboarding process.  

We did thorough research on client onboarding tools mentioned in this list. You can try out the free version of these tools and then gradually upgrade depending on your business type and preference. Happy Onboarding!

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