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In Design Last updated: August 16, 2022
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The entrepreneurs weren’t kidding when they said AI is taking over the world at the moment.

This is the case with Dall-E 2, which is the latest obsession in the market. It is the newest model by OpenAI, and it does some of the craziest things you could imagine in terms of art.

Dall-E, in general, is a revolutionary tool for artists and developers that can totally change the way you create art. It can save you heaps of time and create a masterpiece in seconds. ⏱️

If, at this point, you’re very curious to know more about it, let’s dive a little deeper. We’ll also learn what it takes to get Dall-E 2 access.

What is Dall-E?

To put it in the most simple manner, Dall-E is software that can quickly generate images using just text provided by you. Their creators have trained a neural network and named it Dall-E, which helps you generate art when you input text in natural language.

It uses a “dataset” of text-image pairs to create a wide range of concepts, including very complex and random text descriptions you put into it.

Here’s a lovely example:

Here, you can see the text input was “an illustration of a baby daikon radish in a tutu walking a dog,” and the results have delivered just that. You can think of anything and write into it to get the exact idea generated into digital art. Apart from that, you can also request stock photos, sketches, etc. The sky’s the limit.

What is Dall-E 2, and how is it different from Dall-E?

As mentioned before, Dall-E 2 is the newer model and does more than the previous one. It takes the quality a notch higher and creates realistic images and art in a jiffy. This software can combine concepts, styles, and attributes for the best final results.

YouTube video

For example, you can type something as random as “a farmer eating noodles on top of a building digital art”, and the results would deliver just that. Instead of “digital art”, you can also replace it with something else, such as “in a photorealistic style”, “in the style of Pablo Picasso”, or “pencil drawing”.

Some more unique features of Dall-E 2 include:

Create different variations of an image

When you put an image into the software, it can create various versions with a similar hint but are still different from the original image.

Edit existing images

Put your existing images into it when you want to add/remove elements while keeping all the details in mind for the most realistic look. In the above example, you can see the Flamingo has been added to the photo.

Generate real-looking images

Dall-E 2, compared to Dall-E 1, is way ahead in terms of quality and texture. It can create far more realistic images from your input. It’s also more precise and preferred for photorealism.

And since it is an artificial intelligence tool, it’s constantly learning from users’ prompts. For example, if at the moment it doesn’t know what a “Howler Monkey” is, it’ll adapt with time from the data and eventually get an idea of it so that in the future, it can return with accurate results.

Signing up for the waitlist and how to get early access

Until now, only a limited number of users have gained access to the Dall-E 2 software via special invite-only access, and they can use the tool for free. As announced by the company, the software is currently in Beta, and you can hop on the waitlist by filling in your details on their waitlist page.

Now, the real question is, what do you need to do in order to have the best chance of getting early access to Dall-E 2?

Your best bet is to fill out the waitlist form correctly, which is to provide all the legit details about you and leave your social links as well. It’s a huge push if your social profiles are active and have many followers.

Also, if you’re either a professional artist or developer, then make sure you select that because these two categories have seen massive success in getting early access to the software. Of course, if you feel like you haven’t filled out the form to your best potential, you can reapply again.

There are numerous creators and influencers who’ve already gotten Beta access to this amazing software. One of them is the YouTube channel named Jazza. Check out their informative demo video:

YouTube video

Another popular social media influencer, Karen, has used the software to create a music video using only images generated from Dall-E 2.

Not to forget, Cosmopolitan’s latest magazine cover was created using Dall-E 2.

New users of the software will be given a limited amount of free credits using which they can generate, edit and create images. Credits are refilled each month, but with each passing month, the refill amount keeps on decreasing until you’re asked to buy additional credits.

As of now, the first month gives you 50 free credits and then 15 credits the next month. The price to buy additional credits is $15 for 115 credits, which can generate 460 images for you.

Alternative to Dall-E 2

Formerly known as Dall-E Mini, Craiyon is a wonderful alternative to Dall-E 2. It’s free, open-source, and allows you to draw images using just text prompts. 

It’s an AI tool and requires you to only input keywords for it to return with drawn images within 2 minutes. Here’s a good example:

You might notice sometimes the results aren’t very accurate or of the best quality. This is because their current image encoder has limitations, but the good news is that they’re working on an improved version which should be available soon.

You’re allowed to save the images in the form of screenshots, and you can also visit their forum if you wish to learn more or want to clear any doubts. 💭


The tech world is evolving rapidly, and the software collection from OpenAI is a good example of that. When Dall-E 2 becomes available to everybody, it won’t be anything less than revolutionary. I hope you can get early access to it by hopping on their waitlist.

If you are an iPad user, you may also look at some of the best iPad drawing apps to invoke the artist in you!

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