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In Hosting Last updated: November 4, 2022
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DayZ server hosting can help you play the game with better performance, network stability, security, and control you always desire.

That said, are you curious about how a post-apocalyptic world looks like?

How about experiencing it virtually?

The DayZ video game is all about this. It will take you to such a place overrun with zombies, and you will find yourself struggling to survive in this infected world. You can team up or play like a lone wolf – the choice is yours!

In the game, you will compete with other players or survivors for limited resources available, kill those deadly zombies, hunt for food, water, and medicine, and build your house for safety. There’s a lot more to it.

And to play it hassle-free with your friends or even solo, you will need good game server hosting. Save all your ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ because that’s what I’ll be discussing next, starting with some explanations about the game.

Let’s jump straight in!

What is DayZ?

DayZ is an open-world survival game published and developed by Bohemia Interactive. This game was released for Windows in 2018, Xbox One in 2019, and PlayStation in 2019.

DayZ is the standalone successor of DayZ mode for another popular video game – ARMA 2. The game requires you to stay alive by fighting off enemies that could be other players or zombies lurking around, surviving by building a shelter, hunting for food, and protecting your belongings.

Features of DayZ:

  • If you die, you lose everything as there are no saves or checkpoints, and you will have to start the game again.
  • DayZ features a massive 230 square kilometers map with exotic landscapes and different landmarks inspired by real-life locations.
  • The game will include up to 60 surviving players. You can build a friendship with them or kill, kidnap, or enslave them. Remember, all these can happen with you too, and even your friends can betray you for supplies.
  • You will experience authentic and complex ways to survive, such as building a house, hunting for food, crafting weapons, managing resources, maintaining your health, and so on.
  • Many environmental threats like erratic weather, dangerous wildlife, dark and scary nights will test your patience, fears, and capabilities.


DayZ is set in a fictional place –the Soviet Republic of Chernarus, where most populations have been turned into a violent “infected” species due to a mysterious plague.

You as a player will enter the game as an unturned or survivor. And you will struggle to survive the game for as long as you can and remain healthy throughout the game. You can do this by finding food and water, hunting, crafting weapons, and finding medicines for your wounds or illness. The environment poses many threats to players, including diseases like dysentery, hepatitis, cholera, etc., caused by consuming rotten food and dirty water.

Furthermore, you will encounter deadly zombies or the infected and kill or avoid them to survive. You can also cooperate with other players to survive the game together. In the future, the game will also include other options like building your base to secure your items.

System requirements

The system requirements to play DayZ on your computer are:

  • Operating system: Minimum – Windows 8.1/7 64-bit, recommended – Windows 10 64-bit
  • Graphics: Minimum – AMD R9 270X or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760, recommended – AMD RX 580 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060
  • Processor: Minimum – Intel Core i5-4430, recommended – Intel Core i5-6600K or AMD R5 1600X
  • Storage: Minimum – 16 GB, recommended – 25 GB space available
  • Memory: Minimum – 8 GB RAM, recommended – 12 GB

You see how awesome the DayZ video game is. And renting a game server is viable if you want to play it hassle-free without worrying about resources or difficulties.

Want to understand why? Read ahead.

Why do you need a DayZ game server hosting?

Playing modern video games like DayZ requires the latest systems and server resources to help you experience the game to its fullest. But if you try playing it on your local network, you are likely to get disturbed with interruptions, system crashes, downtimes, etc.

Suppose you are in a hideout and about to ambush a zombie crawling towards you. The network lags right at this moment. And that small lag can kill your enthusiasm and probably your character in the game. Consequently, you lose all you had and restart as a lone wolf, doing all you already did with patience and effort like building your house, arranging supplies, etc. Now, it may belong to someone else.

Imagine if this happens time and again. Would you still be interested in playing it?

A simple answer would be a NO.

But you can avoid all this by choosing a game server hosting from a reliable service provider. They will:

  • Ensure you get top-notch server performance
  • Offer enough bandwidth and resources to play the game without worries
  • Guarantee more than 99.90% uptime to save yourself from lags and downtimes
  • Have multiple data centers worldwide to let you play the game with low pings and a top-class network no matter where you and your friends are.
  • Secure your server from DDoS attacks, UDP floods, etc., to safeguard your data and resources.
  • Let you customize your server to make the game more convenient to play with a user-friendly interface suitable for beginners and experienced alike.

So, are you ready to play DayZ with a powerful server?

Go for a game server hosting and enjoy the game trouble-free. Check out these options below with their features and benefits to decide the best one.

Survival Servers

Are you interested in playing DayZ, where you can search for a wasteland to fight for your life against the infected population?

If yes, Survival Servers comes with the solid features you need to take your gaming experience to the next level. Set up your server instantly just after completing the registration, which takes around 15 minutes. If you are an experienced gamer, you can have full FTP access to manage the files and automate the server notifications and restarts.

YouTube video

Get the latest version of the DayZ mods and use the control panel whenever you want to modify some settings. Also, it is useful when you want to change your data center location to the nearest one. With Survival Servers, you will be getting the highest grade AMD/Intel processors and ultra-fast NVMe SSD drives.

Survival Servers protect your server from DDoS attacks irrespective of your location. You will also find map changing and server passlocking options in addition to the benefit of installing plugins and mods quickly and easily. Moreover, you can access the third-party tools, know about the server status like start, stop, or restart, and vanilla servers 50 on 50 matches.

During the launch, you can change parameters as per your requirement to customize the gameplay. It houses its infrastructure worldwide in locations like Los Angeles, New York, Singapore, France, Seattle, and Germany to provide better performance.

Host Havoc

Get into the world of DayZ with the help of Host Havoc’s game server hosting. Host Havoc has spread its network in eleven cities and has the most reliable network and facilities with true redundancy. It houses its infrastructure in the industry’s best data centers and the most reliable uplinks to maintain high network availability.

Host Havoc provides FTP and web-based file manager access to the power users who prefer to manage the servers by themselves. They also cover you from Source Engine query attacks, UDP floods, etc. Besides, you can change the server’s launch parameters by configuring the command line.

Host Havoc hosts all their game servers on the TCAdmin v2 control panel, a consistent and reliable control suite. It offers game templates with unique installers and features and is designed to allow everyone to use the facility easily.

You can install Oxide, plugins, Workshop content, and more. Take help from Google Authenticator to secure your account by 2 step authentication. HostHavoc also ensures consistent server performance and guarantees 99.9% uptime. It has data centers in London, Seattle, Los Angeles, Dallas, Chicago, Montreal, New York, Nuremberg, Amsterdam, and Sydney.

All the game servers come with a 3-day money-back guarantee. Choose your slot today starting from $18.50/month for 20 slots.


GTXGaming offers DayZ standalone game server hosting for PC. Its control panel is easy to configure, and you can choose options by using sliders and text editors to restart your server. They offer Livonia and Chernarus maps with the GTXGaming gaming server.

It also uses Intel CPUs such as powerful E3 processors, the latest i7/i9 CPUs, powerful AMD Ryzens, etc. Every time you restart your server, it saves a clone backup in an offsite backup machine. Besides, you can back up your SC folders and MPMISSIONS. Their servers are always online to defend your server from DDoS attacks.

GTXGaming covers the entire globe with data centers in Los Angeles, Dallas, New York, Oregon, Charlotte, Quebec, London, Paris, Madrid, Frankfurt, Moscow, Malaysia, Sydney, Stockholm, Singapore, etc. You can install or uninstall any map and mod with the help of the control panel.

Additionally, you will have the support of the DayZ syn, which can be installed easily by enabling you to connect and add to the modded server. Schedule tasks to auto-update your mods, server, wipes, backups, plugin updates, rocket updates, and server restarts. Use the step-by-step guide to manage the server features with ease.

GTXGaming has a fantastic web interface that is easy to use and allows you to control it completely. In addition, they offer elegant sliders and drop-down menus to make your work easier. Experts can also access FTP and text editors to configure their servers manually by themselves.

Create a sub-user and give permissions to what you choose to allow them to manage your server. GTXGaming is relentlessly and constantly updating the control panel templates by adding new features and functionalities to help you make the most of your gaming server.


Rent an affordable game server for DayZ from the premium provider, Nitrado (use promo code – GEEKFLARE15 to get 15% OFF). Activate your server immediately without any contract and minimum term and get benefits from the prepaying system. They allow you to switch between the available services whenever you want.

With a user-friendly interface, you can easily manage every service from a single account. Nitrado has ESL Premium-certified game servers to offer a top-notch gaming experience. It lets you change the active game at any time for free. It also gives full access to experienced users via FTP, Nitrado’s web interface, and RCON.

They maintain seven modern data centers for low pings across the globe. With just a simple mouse click, you can easily configure the necessary settings and direct access to the MySQL database through phpMyAdmin.

Without any complications and additional software, upload mods, and files with the built-in File Browser. It has fail-safe and high-quality server hardware along with daily backups of the server files. In the Frankfurt data center, you will get a 500 Gbit faster connection.

Nitrado has direct peerings with UnityMedia/UPC, Tiscali, Telia Sonera, Deutsche Telekom, and many big carriers for an uninterrupted network. Additionally, Nitrado links to LINX, AMS-IX, and DE-CIX for lower pings. They also offer you the benefit of Voice Server Teamspeak 3 to communicate with your friend within the clans.

Pick a perfect plan for you or customize the package according to your need at $5.20/month, starting from four players.


Get a wasteland survival game, DayZ, from this server hosting platform – Fragnet, to enjoy your game without hassles. Fragnet’s network infrastructure spreads across 30 data centers worldwide. They also provide an excellent network along with quality hardware.

The game server setup is easy and ready for use after successful payment. The process starts immediately, and the service will be online within minutes. You can switch between locations for free by testing your ping against your desired location.

It uses the latest Intel E-2288G, AMD Ryzen 3800X, i9-9900k processors. Fragnet has switched its RAM from DDR3 to DDR4 and picked networks with high-quality internet bandwidth and low latency to host reliable and fast game servers.

You will find the control panel easy to use, so you can create your scheduled tasks, reinstall your server, install mods, stop/start, etc., with just a click. Also, get full FTP access whenever needed to manage files.

Logic Servers

Logic Servers offers DayZ game server hosting to rent the game on the powerful servers and experience smooth gameplay. After completion of the payment, your services are up and ready to use.

All the servers are online and protect your server from DDoS attacks automatically. Enable mods easily by following a simple guide. Logic Servers has the best hardware for hosting, gigabit uplinks, SSD storage, and utilizing powerful processors.

The game servers are powered by TCAdmin, which is fast and gives you easy to use experience. It has many data centers across the globe, such as London, Stockholm, Frankfurt, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Dallas, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Sao Paulo.

For pro users, Logic Servers provides full FTP access. You get restore and backup functionality, a configuration editor, custom command lines, a 4 GHz+ processor with NVMe/SSD storage, and a one-click updater.

Conclusion 😎

Survival games are evergreen, and playing them tests not only your survival skills but also doubles your entertainment with all the rich graphics, real-world scenarios, life-threatening environments and enemies, and the quest to survive in the unforgiving world.

Get a DayZ game server hosting like above and play the game with high performance, security, and convenience.

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