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A website, business, or online shop engages in a marketing agreement known as an affiliate program. It pays a commission to an external website, person, or organization known as an affiliate or publisher. As a result, traffic and sales are generated through recommendations created by affiliates. 

Both retailers and affiliates kann verdienen profit über affiliate programs since they provide businesses a chance to reach larger audiences. Moreover, it enhances sales prospects and offers affiliates a way to make money by advertising products or services they are passionate etwa.

Working with affiliates can be a win-win situation for both merchants and affiliates. In this article, we will discuss how affiliate programs work and the requirements to become an ideal affiliate. Besides, we will represent some of the best AI affiliate programs that will help you promote products and gain more profit. 

How most affiliate programs work

Das Fundamentale processes involved in most affiliate programs’ operations are as follows:

Dem Programm beitreten: When an affiliate joins the program, they get a special affiliate link or code. The code can be used to advertise the merchant’s goods and services. 

Werbung für das Produkt: Die Affiliate promotes the product using the specific affiliate link or code that the merchant provides. The medium of promotion could be the website, blog, social media platforms, and so on.

Überwachung und Verfolgung: The program keeps tabs on the clicks and purchases made vias the affiliate’s special link or code. Thus, merchants can evaluate the success of each affiliate and the efficiency of the program.   

Paying the affiliates: Affiliates are paid a certain commission for each sale or conversion that occurs as a result of an affiliate link or code. The commission rate may vary on die beworbene Dienstleistung und der Händler.

In general, affiliate programs provide a relationship between merchants and affiliates that is advantageous to both parties. Affiliates can make money by marketing products they trust, while merchants can widen their customer base and boost sales. 

General requirements to qualify as a potential affiliate

The overall prerequisites to become a prospective affiliate may vary based on the particular affiliate program. However, the following criteria are typical:

  • Affiliates should have an online presence through a website, social media, and blog to promote products.
  • Muss eine relevante Zielgruppe oder Fangemeinde haben, die dem Zielmarkt und Ziel des Händlers entspricht. 
  • Should have quality content on their site or online platform that visitors will digest with interest.
  • Should have a good amount of traffic on their site or online platform where the affiliate link will be effective. 
  • Affiliates should be ready to comply with affiliates’ terms and conditions to establish trust and transparent communication.  

Now, we will explore some of the best AI affiliate programs that will enable you to earn a good amount of commissions. 


Scalenuts affiliate program can maximize your earning potential through its all-in-one solution.  It makes SEO and Copywriting easier, which enhances content development and marketing efforts. Affiliates will get a 30%-40% recurring commission for a lifetime after signing up on this platForm. 


Mitglied werden bei Murfs affiliate network will enable you to earn a 20% recurring commission for 24 months on each client.

Murphy platform provides an easy method for creating voiceovers as well as generating profit. Moreover, you will get full affiliate support since there are enough resources and guides available.


Ein ... werden Liebe affiliate means not only having an excellent way of passive income but also partnering with a platform that offers the best AI voiceovers. For all the new customers you acquire, you can earn a 20% recurring commission for 24 months.

Hier erhalten Sie monatlich eine Auszahlung ohne Mindestbetrag. Neben der Leistungsverfolgung, Liebe offers necessary training and support to its affiliates.


Jasper unterstützt Sie bei der Förderung des trendigen neuen SaaS-Tools und bietet eine einzigartige Methode Inhalt creation and copywriting. Thus, your followers can transform their content production process und Create the finest content. Upon joining the Jasper affiliate program, you can promote a unique offer to your target market and get a lifetime 30% recurring commission.  


DeepSwap ist ein benutzerfreundliches Online-KI-Deepfake-Tool, das Social-Media-Enthusiasten, Content-Erstellern und Unternehmen dabei hilft, ihre Social-Media-Inhalte anzupassen. Da die Nische riesig ist, können Sie viele Kunden an Bord holen und eine wiederkehrende Provision von 20 % für jeden Kunden verdienen, der dank Ihnen seine Social-Media-Marketingziele mit Deepswap erreicht.


Notion affiliate program provides people the chance to make passive earnings by recommending productivity tools to their friends and followers. Thus, affiliates can earn 50% of the entire referred payments without any earning caps. Moreover, the platform offers additional benefits to the affiliates through the Lighthouse program and PartnerStack


Bild affiliate partner program will pay you a fair amount for recommending it. You can join this industry-leading affiliate program and gain recurring income of up to 50%. Besides, you will be receiving a Free ForevEr ist eine Pictory Premium-Mitgliedschaft mit einem Bargeldbonus von 1000 US-Dollar, einfach für die Empfehlung echter Kunden in Ihrer Community. offers a suite of powerful marketing tools that can be shared through its affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can share links and get a 45% commission on payments received during the first 12 months. Moreover, by joining this program, you can help the audience in getting success via copy. Ai’s tools and grow ihr Geschäft. is a popular advertising platform that offers an affiliate program to its users. Affiliates kann profit from this program by advertising its products and bringing customers to the platForm. Die platform offers competitive compensation rates. Moreover, the user-friendly dashboard allows affiliates to keep tabs on their revVeranstaltungen und Kampagnen. 


Kafkais affiliate program is precisely what you need if you want to make some extra money as a content developer or marketer.  By telling your audience about our AI-powered content generator, you might get lifetime commissions of up to 50%. Consequently, you will be getting recurring commissions as long as your clients maintain making payments.

Holen Sie sich Genie 

Holen Sie sich Genie is an AI-powered virtual assistant service that offers an affiliate program where you can earn a 30% recurring commission. Thus, you can develop a passive revEnue-Stream mit dieser KI-Unterstützung für Inhalte und SEO in WordPress. Through each profitable referral, regardless of the membership plan or package, you can earn up to $30 monthly. 


The Affiliate Programm von Schlagzeile offers a commission for promoting their products. The platform does not require applicants to have a website or blog to join the affiliate program. Every new user who registers via your link will earn you a 20% commission. Besides, you’ll continue to make 20% on any subsequent payments they make.


Mit der Anmeldung für die affiliate program, you can increase the size of the community of entrepreneurs, marketers, businesses, freelancers, and educators. From each successful referral, you can gain profit and expand your network with an earning of up to 25% commission. As an affiliate, you can promote a variety of AI-powered design tools for creating Logos, Modelle und mehr. 


Grammarly bietet ein erstklassiges affiliate Programm when it comes to the education category. Top-performing affiliates can take advantage of this program’s special benefits, which include incentives, higher payments, and exceptional deals. Additionally, you will get a greater conversion rate of 20-30%, an activation bonus, performance incentives, and more. 

Nahtlos.Ai affiliate program offers a generous commission rate of 40% on each license sold via a referral link. Affiliates have access to a variety of resources, making it simpler for them to start generating money right immediately. Moreover, the program offers advanced reporting tools that let affiliates design distinctive codes and URLs that collect depth information and dashboards. has moved on from its affiliate program and is currently more inclined to connect with customers directly. If you can provide your company details and audience size, the platform will directly collaborate mit dir. 


Mit der Shakespeare KI-Texterstellung platform, you can start earning earn a good amount by becoming an affiliate. With this market-leading affiliate program, you can get up to 40% profit on each purchase made by a user.

Moreover, You will get massive support and resources to flourish as one of the best affiliate programs online. Thus, you can produce engaging content that connects with your audience.  


Synthesia KI-Videogenerierung platform enables you to become its partner where you can establish growth. You can become a technology partner, a service partner, and an affiliate partner. The affiliate program offers a 20% commission on each personal plan payment that is made within the first 12 months. 

With the platform’s affiliate program, you can make passive money for your business by referring customers.  So, you will get a 20% fee every time a  customer purchases a Pro or Team plan through your referral link. Additionally, you will get a 60-day referral period, high conversion rates, real-time reporting, top-class support, and more for your success. 


Warmbox ist eine E-Mail-Lösung, die eine bietet attractive affiliate program. You can get a 30% recurring commission on every subscription you help them to generatedem „Vermischten Geschmack“. Seine platform provides dedicated support to affiliates and partners of any size. For promoting their service, you will get premium resources and also be able to track and earn money 

Deepbrain AI

Indem man vorschlägt Deepbrain AI Studios’ video generator to your audience, you can quickly make up to 30% commission thanks to their affiliate program. They are providing an alluring affiliate program with the potential to bring in $10,000 each month. As a result, driving visitors via blogs, social media PR, and product promotion campaigns can make you passive money.


Die richtigen Speedwrites affiliate program, users can make money by promoting its AI writing tool. it offers a 30% revenue share for each subscription generated through its special affiliate link.  moreover, it features real-time commission and sales monitoring as well as a 30-day biscuit lifespan. 


Speakai offers one of the finest transcription and linguistic intelligence platforms to its users. Therefore, you can earn a 25% commission by joining its affiliate program for free and showcasing its services. With that, you will also get a 60-day cookie window to convert your audience into customers.  


Werden Sie Mitglied der Neuroblitz affiliate network to promote its magical content creation tool. As a result, you can gain a 35% repeated commission for life, including a 60-day biscuit lifetime. You can always be informed and learn about this platform’s capabilities with its user-friendly dashboard. helps businesses to create advanced integrated docs where team members can collaborate. The affiliate program of this platform allows you to earn up to 25% commission on each sale. Therefore, you can join its affiliate network, control your paycheck, and monitor your affiliate Aktivitäten. 

Auf einmal

Anyone can become an affiliate dauert ebenfalls 3 Jahre. Das erste Jahr ist das sog. Auf einmal platform and promote its latest SAAS tool. It offers a 30% lifetime commission per sale for a lifetime.  Furthermore, you can offer an exclusive deal of 100000 bonus credits to your audience through the affiliate Link. 


Writesonics affiliate program enables you to create a recurring and achievable income stream. It provides a 30% lifetime commission whenever someone purchases a Writesonic premium through your affiliate link. You will be promoting high-value AI writing and image generation tools and earning without any limits.  

Browsund KI 

Melden Sie sich für die Browsund KI Affiliate Program to get a lifetime 20% reward on each transaction completed by consumers you recommend. Moreover, you can offer a 10% discount to your audience and boost your income as well. Ear a lifetime & unlimited commission, which starts from $40 and goes up to $1000 per month. 

Jedes Wort

Jedes Wort is one of the leading copywriting platforms that allows you to earn commission by showcasing its creativity.  You can choose between two commission plans and earn up to $1,149 for a single conversion. For each subscription and renewal, you will get a 40% commission and get extra on annual subscriptions. 

Langer Schuss 

By joining the effective affiliate Netzwerk von Langer Schuss, erhalten Sie die Chance, bis zu 60 % Provision auf Lebenszeit zu verdienen. So erhalten Sie Vorteile durch dieses großartige Tool zum Schreiben von SEO-KI-Inhalten und erhalten lukrative Provisionen. Erhalten Sie 40 % für 20 Anmeldungen, 50 % für 21–50 Anmeldungen und 60 % für mehr als 50 Anmeldungen. 


Textcortex offers a 30% lifetime commission through its partnership or affiliate program.  So, you can partner with their platform and promote the most-in-demand AI tool to generate content with 70% less effort. Moreover, you can bump your year income using 10 referrals.  


Mit der Smartlead affiliate program, you can gain extra cash by sharing the renowned AI Sales tech and tools. You can easily earn a 15% recurring monthly commission by sharing it through an affiliate link.  You won’t need to worry about getting clients since it already has customers everywhere.

Verdienen Sie Provision durch Abonnementkäufe von through affiliate referrals. It is an ideal program for bloggers, bloggers, webmasters, digital marketers, speakers, agency marketers, trainers, and more. You will get a 20% recurring commission, early updates on the latest product launches, promotional rights, and a great monthly income. 


Fireflies affiliates program is personalized to benefit its partners and affiliates. If you have a strong business presence, you can easily benefit via recurring commissions and goal accomplishment. Moreover, the multi-tier affiliate program gives you a different amount of profit from different levels. 


Trinka gives you the opportunity to join its affiliate program and earn big. The paid plan subscription will earn you a 25% commission. Also, it has a great conversion rate, device tracking, a 90-day cookie window, an early bird reward, and great affiliate unterstützen. 


Shopia offers an expanding network of affiliates to promote its fastest-growing AI writing platform. Get a 30% lifetime recurring commission By sharing Shopia through affiliate links with your audience. Your audience will also receive a 20% discount on any premium subscriptions.


Hypotenuse offers an affiliate program that enables you to earn commission and also helps audiences in creating quality content. Affiliates can earn a 30% commission for life by sharing their service through affiliate Links.  


Podcast affiliate program offers handsome affiliate revenue for referring their AI-based audio and video tools. You can easily track your referrals and conversion rates and get access to their premium tools. There is no special requirement to join their affiliate Programm 


Lalal.AI offers an affiliate program to make a profit through its next-gen steam-splitting technology. So, each purchase will bring you a 30% revenue as a commission. All the payments are tracked via affiliate links and cookies.  

Deep Art Effekte

Deep Art Effekte is a successful video editing platform using AI and deep learning. It offers a choice between two attractive affiliate programs. The one-time commission includes a referral period of 120 days and a commission of 25% on each sale. On the other hand, a lifetime commission comes with a 10% commission on sales & resubscription and the same referral period. 


schnippen affiliate program is free to join, and you won’t need any subscription or paid account to be a member. By referring 25 paying users, you will get $250, 50 paying users will get $500, and 100 paying users will get $1000 in addition to commission.

Acobot platform will pay you a 50% lifetime commission for bringing in customers and making them pay customers.  It offers a 90 days cookie window, and you will get payments for every single purchase made through your referral. 

CrawlQ.AI the content automation tool, offers an affiliate program for those who can bring traffic and convert them. After signing up as an affiliate, es können profit from each successful referral and encourage others to the platform. It offers a 30% recurring commission until the first year of the subscription sale.


Mit der LinkWhisper affiliate program, you can earn up to 30% for each payment and subscription renewal. It provides detailed affiliate earning reports which visually represent your pending and paid commissions. Moreover, you can quickly review all the referral activities and also generate custom affiliate URLs. 


Indem man . wird Descript affiliate partner, you can earn money by promoting their robust editing tools.

Descript program is easy and free to join, where you can earn a 15% recurring commission for every single pro subscriber. You can create and share special affiliate link and post it on your preferred channels, such as YouTube, InstagramUnd vieles mehr.


KI-Kunstladen has partnered with GoAffPro, which offers an affiliate program where you can earn a 15% commission as an affiliate. Zusatzally, you will get a 5% discount coupon on the products of this platform which you can share with your affiliate link. Besides, you can use the advanced dashboard to monitor your performance, referral URL, and payouts. a marketing copy generator’s affiliate program, offers a 20% lifetime recurring commission. Also, it comes with 90 days of cookie tracking, a $25 payout threshold, a huge customer base, and a conversion rate. 


Mit Überlegen, you can promote the platform via its affiliate link and make money like a pro. You can get a recurring 25% commission by sharing your affiliate link through active customers. Plus, purchases made via affiliate links are valid for 60 days.


Our comprehensive list includes a wide range of platforms offering AI-powered tools for a variety of industries. Therefore, you can join as an affiliate, promote, and make money through the industries such as marketing, writing, design, and more. 

However, the requirements and commission structures may vary on different platforms. Thus, we recommend you thoroughly understand the terms and conditions before joining and promoting the products.

Sie können auch die besten erkunden affiliate Netzwerke mitmachen und Geld verdienen.

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