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Eines ist in Ihren Geschäftsabläufen beständig – die Anforderung an die Dokumentenerstellung.

In the technology-driven era, companies have transitioned from paper-based documents to cloud-based electronic files that not only reduce paper consumption but also streamline the document generation process. 

Your day-to-day work processes will depend even more on document generation if you work in the lawful, insurance, or banking industries.

Rechnungen, proposals, contracts, customer presentations, budgets, and internal policy statements are crucial documents that your company will always rely on to run its operations and communicate with clients, staff, and suppliers. 

Sie müssen schnell arbeiten, um sich vorzubereiten und zu liefern Grundsatzdokumente, Kontooffenlegungen, Gerichtsakten und andere wichtige Mitteilungen. 

In diesem Artikel erklären wir, warum die Dokumentenerstellung unerlässlich ist und wie sie Ihnen helfen kann, die Effizienz in Ihrem Unternehmen zu steigern. Also fangen wir jetzt ohne Umschweife direkt an!

Warum Sie Software zur Dokumentenerstellung benötigen

Die Verwendung von Dokumentenerstellungssoftware ist aus den folgenden Gründen für Unternehmen unverzichtbar geworden. 

Ihr Team profitiert von der Zeitersparnis 

Designing, editing, creating, and importing documents are just a few tasks sped up by an excellent automated document generation system. This frees up critical human resources and lessens the need to coerce the development team into creating and troubleshooting the process.

Beseitigungates errors and omissions

Automating any procedures that include numerous manual data entry steps automatically lowers the likelihood of a human mistake. The same is true for document creation.

Employees learn more quickly and can regularly produce papers of a higher caliber when a user-friendly solution to create high-quality documents is offered within the sales platForm.

Ihr Branding wird konsistent 

A uniform appearance and feel in all corporate communications is essential to effective company branding. This holds for your company’s hard-copy and electronic documentation, not just marketing mateRials.

Employees can produce highly customizable output for a specific client while retaining a consistent corporate image using a sound document generation system.

Funktionen der Dokumentenerstellungssoftware

Eine gute Dokumentenerstellungssoftware umfasst die folgenden Funktionen:  

Automatische Formatierung und Mehrfachformatierung 

Sie können jedes Dokument schnell ändern, um Schriftart, Größe oder Dokumenttyp (PDF, Docx, CSV) zu ändern, ohne die Integrität des Dokuments zu beeinträchtigen.

Da viele Kunden bestimmte Vorlieben hinsichtlich der Art des von ihnen verwendeten Dokumentenformats haben, ist dies eine entscheidende Funktion. Stellen Sie sicher, dass die von Ihnen gewählte Lösung eine große Auswahl an Formatierungsoptionen bietet.

Einfache Integration

You can quickly merge documents from many different apps, including JSON and XML, and integrate them with other programs you frequently use.

Dadurch wird das Datenrouting oberflächlicher und schneller, und es ist einfacher, ein fertiges Produkt herzustellen, wenn man weiß, dass alles richtig gemacht wurde.

Dynamischer Inhalt

One of the crucial elements of a document creation tool is the ability to combine dynamic ranges to create your document. To customize the message as necessary and reach the right audience, you should opt for a tool to gather the correct data and include it in your document.

Compliance und Sicherheit

Die besten Lösungen bieten die Auswahl an Sicherheits- und Compliance-Protokollen je nach Bedarf oder pro Dokument. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Ihre gewählte Lösung sicher arbeitet SSL Verbindungen und zuverlässige, vertrauenswürdige Firewalls.

Now that you know know what sophisticated document generation software looks like, below is a list of some of the widely used document generation platforms by companies.


Beginnen wir mit SmartDocuments, ein Automated Dokument creation platform that allows the implementation of smart templates capable of innovating the Dokumenten-Workflow, wodurch die Produktivität verbessert wird.

Es lässt sich problemlos integrierenated mit Microsoft Teams and Sharepoint and automatically speichert das Dokument. 

SmartDocuments is capable of automatically inserting the customer and product data from SAP into the documents reducing a considerable amount of time.

Using the handy SmartWizard tool, you can easily create and manage the standard document templates, insert the data from external systems, and strengthen your corporate Identität. 

Thanks to the document creation and template management capabilities, the platform finds its use in different industries like government, Legal, and Rekrutierung zur Verringerung des Zeit- und Risikoaufwands bei der Dokumentenerstellung. 


Docmosis provides a fast, reliable, and scalable document generation process using the smart template-based approach. You can utilize the platform features to create personalized letters, invoices, proposals, Verträgestatements, and reports in PDF and Word formats.  

Es ist mit einem ausgestattet self-hosted document generation engine that successfully integrates with custom-built software applications and third-Party-Apps. Docmosis provides a slew of features for streamlining the process of creating complex document structures. 

  • Nutzen Sie den Microsoft Word or LibreOffice Writer for document templatzB.
  • Geben Sie Klartext-Platzhalter für alle dynamischen Inhalte ein oder fügen Sie sie hinzu. 
  • Fügen Sie Text, Bilder und Tabellen, Barcodes hinzu, QR-CodesUnd vieles mehr.
  • Add customizable reports to the templatzB.


Fastdok is a versatile document creation software that finds its use in various sectors, including IT, Business, Education, Human Resources, and more, for creating the necessary documents.

Diese Cloud-basierte Dokumentenerstellungssoftware ist schnell und einfach und erweist sich als effektiv bei der Erstellung von Dokumenten für verschiedene Zwecke. 

Was ist einzigartig an Fastdok is its automation process that presents you with ready-to-use documents based on the list of questions you answer. 

Fastdok guides the digital documentation process by providing a set of focussed questionnaires, a clear set of examples, and explanations with the intent of helping you generate the documents in the easiest way possible.


Edocgen provides a flexible document generation process by supporting data-driven document automation and offering a range of simple to complex templates to improve team productivity.

This document generation software is user-friendly and vouches to transform the document creation process, providing better communications and experience to the customers.

Die Hauptmerkmale von Edocgen sind wie folgt:

  • Es ist generischates thousands of documents in bulk by populating the data from several sources like JSON/XML/Excel, databases, and more.
  • automatischeally Januarates web forms from templates zu create Unterlagen. 
  • Supports On-Demand generation using REST API and downloads statements in real-time.
  • It can be easily deployed on-premises or in the cloud to run on Azure, GCP, or AWS.
  • Provides document templates in PPTX, Microsoft Word, Fillable PDF, and Excel format.


Namen wie Deloitte, KPMG und BMW vertrauen darauf, Checkbox is a powerful all-in-one document creation and management software that eases the tedious document creation process by effectively reducing the time spent on manually drafting and managing the documents, allowing the management to focus on more important strateGy-relateIch würde funktionieren. 

Checkbox examines and eliminates the errors, if any, in the document by validating it against the standardized templatzB. Checkbox also allows you to get instant insights, view approval status, get e-signatures, and receive automated results regarding the document you just created. 

The tool also facilitates the negotiation and sign-in process, improving the document’s turnaround time and helping make data-driven decisions.


Docshifter is a centralized document automation software that helps manage all template-based documents and converts them into PDF format.

The tool is fast, scalable, and compliant, and the automated process eliminates the need to copy-paste the data into the document templates and saves your valuable. 

Docshifter is not only a document creation platform; it is also a PDF-Konvertierung software that takes multiple file formats from the enterprise as input, enriches the files, and converts them to PDF. Some of the celebrated features of Docshifter sind wie folgt: 

  • 10-mal schnellere PDF-Konvertierung mit reduzierten Lizenz- und Infrastrukturkosten 
  • Kann integrierenate with existing tools using native connectors or Rest API
  • Design the templates ist in Microsoft Word um die Kosten zu senken.


Templafy is the tool you need to deploy for managing the entire document-related activities of your enterprisedem „Vermischten Geschmack“. Seine platform offers a set of modules and templates which can also be used to design a solution that fulfills your enterprise's Bedürfnisse. 

Templafy offers a robust admin center for enterprises to manage all aspects of the business document creation process. Es erleichtertates easy management and distribution of pre-designed templates, document assets, fonts, and email signatures.

Strengthen IT infrastructures and deliver more value with secure integrations to existing document content applications. Templafy provides the following feature set to the companies to fulfill the individual needs of the businesses: 

  • A rich library of company templates and assets inside document apps.
  • Smart automation technique to help dynamic and accurate creation of documents.
  • Auto-scan the documents and presentations to find out outdated content and check compliance against rules. 
  • Share, collaborate and access actionable insights to optimize the document performance.


Wechseln Sie zu Nintex zu automatischally CREate and share all enterprise-related documents like contracts, work orders, and invoices directly from Salesforce or Office 365. This helps eliminates the need to copy-paste the data and minimizes error, thereby delivering precise and compliant documents to the intended recipients.

Nintex hilft dir automate das Dokument creation process by offering the following features: 

  • mit dem Autoate Dokument creation without writing code to improve efficiency. 
  • Use pre-designed templates in different languages to create documents in Word, Excel, Powerpoint, und PDF-Dateiformate. 
  • Optimieren Sie die internal review generation and document signing process by automating document routing. 
  • Dynamischally assoziierenate data from any source using document templates and cloud storage solutions such as Salesforce, SharePoint und Box.


Pandadoc is the software you should rely on for creating, sending, and managing HIPAA, FERPA, and GDPR-compliant documents without spending a lot of time. This Do-It-Yourself tool offers tons of branded templates and customized themes to accelerate process of creating important documents.

Pandadoc strives to simplify the document generation process and at the same time, ensures that the brand’s voice and style are retained.

Es zahlt extra attention to creativity and detail and, hence offers branded templates and custom-designed themes, along with Canva Integration, mit der Sie beeindruckende Designelemente einfach per Drag & Drop verschieben können.

Pandadoc allows you to embed dazzling videos, animated GIFs, and a smart pricing table that bestows the customer’s power to choose the services they want to sign up for. 

Docs Made Easy

Powered by Salesforce, Docs Made Easy empowers you to craft robust, sophisticated, and dynamic documents that accelerate das Dokument creation process in Ihrer Organisation.

Der platform enables you to create presentations, reports, quotes, invoices, contacts, and so much more by transferring data from a standard object into pre-formatted templatzB. 

Docs Made Easy enhances the productivity of professionals by bestowing them with the power to make efficient documents using the following capabilities. 

  • Elegant synchronizes the salesforce data to automate document generation. 
  • Extracts data from CRM and custom object and merges with pre-formatted templatzB. 
  • Transportiert und liefert professionell aussehende Dokumente schnell und einfach mit nur wenigen Klicks. 
  • Lassen Sie sich sofort benachrichtigen, wenn ein Kunde mit Ihrem Dokument interagiert. 


Formstack is another option for you to check out for automating the document generation process for your organization. The tool minimizes the requirements of paperwork for creating professional and aesthetically appealing documents that can easily be sent virtually überall.

Thanks to the simple document creator and editor supporting drag-and-drop gesture, you can create countless documents, such as proposals, applications, agreements, and contacts, within a few minutes. Formstack enables you to access the following features: 

  • Fügen Sie bedingte Abschnitte hinzu, um den Inhalt für den Betrachter anzuzeigen oder auszublenden. 
  • Generate multiple documents from a single data source.
  • Share the documents anywhere or upload them to a different app right from the Formstack Schnittstelle. 
  • Use pre-designed templates from the library to quickly design business documents. 


Schließlich haben wir auf der Liste SDocs, eine unglaublich schnelle und einfache Software zur Dokumentenerstellung, die darauf aufbaut Salesforce that offers reliable security to organizations. The tool is relied upon by several businesses for improving efficiency, reducing errors, and eliminating tedious document-relateIch würde funktionieren. 

Da SDocs is a native document creation solution for Salesforce, the data never leaves the ecosystem, ensuring more security and speedier delivery of services. It is also possible to tweak the document visibility settings of the user profiles and filter the documents they are permitted to create.

Der platform is power-packed with all the features that you will ever require to streamline the document automation process. The built-in document editor is user-friendly and straightforward to use and easy to use without requiring additional training to complete the tasks. 


The article throws light on some of the robust document-creation tools available in the market. When opting for one for your organization, it’s best to analyze the requirements of your business and then compare the tools and features these Tools zur Dokumentenautomatisierung bieten.

Interessanterweise bieten die meisten der hier aufgeführten Optionen eine kostenlose Testversion, die Sie nutzen können, um zu verstehen, ob sie das Versprochene liefern oder nicht. 

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