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Cloudways bietet verwaltetes Cloud-Hosting für Unternehmen jeder Größe zum Hosten einer Website oder komplexer Webanwendungen.

Microsoft Hyper-V bietet eine großartige Möglichkeit zum Erstellenate skalierbare und sichere virtuelle Maschinen, auf denen ausgeführt wird Windows, Linux und andere Betriebssysteme.

Hyper-V monitoring software helps to monitor Hyper-V around the clock to improve performance, prevent bottlenecks and reduce MTTR (Mean Time to Repair).

What is the Hyper-V platbilden?

Hyper-V is the name of a Microsoft Virtualization platform. It is a software architecture that lets numerous virtual machines run concurrently on a single physical host, allowing businesses to construct and manage a large number of virtuelle Maschinen einfach.

Organizations and companies of all sizes use Microsoft Hyper-V to create and manage virtual machines, which can be used for various purposes such as running multiple operating systems, applications, and services. So there arises the need to maintain and manage it efficiently and effectively.

Why is there a need to monitor Hyper-V environments?

Hyper-V monitoring-Software monitors Hyper-V infrastructure to ensure all hosted virtual machines are up and running. The software helps to monitor resource usage, virtual hardware, and services and alerts the admins after breaching the threshold.

Its flexibility enables you to manage your virtual machines without needing to be physically present at the server, which helps to minimize the person-hours and costs involved.

Top advantages of monitoring tools to keep an eye on Hyper V environments

  • Effortless management from a centralized location
  • gewidmetated Hyper-V server monitoring enables proactive measures to prevent significant downtime and disruptions.
  • Möglichkeit, virtuelle Zombie-Maschinen zu identifizieren und belegte Ressourcen freizugeben
  • Hilft beim Auffinden von Leistungsengpässen

The bottom line is that by using Hyper-V monitoring software, businesses can stay competitive and compliant in the expanding market by utilizing extensive reporting, alerting, and fault management features.

Nach einem Forschungsprojektehat Microsoft Hyper-V mit 10.66 % den zweithöchsten Marktanteil in dieser Branche. Tatsache ist, dass die Konfiguration und Verwaltung von Hyper-V-Umgebungen komplex, zeitaufwändig und fehleranfällig sein kann.

IT specialists can quickly adopt Hyper-V monitoring software to manage and monitor the Hyper-V environment. Let’s see the top Hyper-V monitoring software in the below sub-section:

PRTG Hyper-V monitorIng.

PRTG Hyper-V monitorIng. Software (Teil von PRTG Network Monitor) is one of the most comprehensive and detail-oriented software in this category. It is developed to meet the needs of those running Hyper-V in their server rooms and data centers.

It is one of the highly trusted software in this segment with a user base of around 5 lakh and is recognized as a leader in this domain. It offers a single pane of glass to monitor and manage a complete Hyper-V infrastructure, providing up-to-the-minute visibility into and control of everything that happens in your environment.

Its Hyper-V sensors track and monitor Hyper-V hosts, virtual machines, and Cluster shared volumes and consolidate this information into one central dashboard, which becomes easy for admins to keep vigilance.

Its balancing technology ensures workload is equally distributed across all hosts, thereby overcoming performance issues and crashing the system.

Top Features

  • Vorkonfigurierte Sensoren helfen bei der schnellen Einrichtung und erleichtern den Start.
  • Compatible with Android and iOS devices for monitoring while on the go.
  • Customized alerts for threshold breaches to prevent slowdowns and even significant breakdowns.
  • Erleichtern Sie die Fehlerbehebung, indem Sie direkt zur Fehlerquelle navigieren

PRTG Hyper-V monitoring software is a one-stop platform to track, monitor, and troubleshoot top virtual environments like Hyper-V, VMware, and Citrix. It is a robust, reliable, and user-friendly monitoring and management tool that can be used on-premises, in the cloud or in a Hybride wolke Umwelt.

The full version can be tested for 30 days, free of cost; after that, the software will automatically switch to a free edition with limited features. Its license model is based on the per-server model.

Opsview Microsoft Hyper-V Server Agentless MonitorIng.

Opsview Enterprise-Klasse monitoring and management system for a high-level operational view of an IT infrastructure that includes components from across the network, such as servers, networking devices, storage subsystems, hypervisor infrastructure, etc.

The Opspack component of the Opsview monitor system aids in managing and monitoring Hyper-V Server Agentless.

Mit diesem Opspack können Sie Hardwaremetriken im Auge behalten, einschließlich virtueller Datenträger, Netzwerkadapter, CPU-Auslastung, Maschinenbetriebszeit und eine Liste der Gäste, die derzeit zusätzlich zu Host- und virtuellen Komponenten aktiv sind.

Administrators may easily monitor the systems from various external places, such as cloud servers, remote offices, on-premises servers, and on a mobile device, with the help of Opsview Kein Agent Monitoring Services, and they can instantly receive alerts when a problem emerges.

Manageengine Hyper-V Management

Manageengine OpManager Die Hyper-V-Funktion hilft bei der Verwaltung der Hyper-V-Farm, einschließlich Hyper-V-Hosts, virtuellen Maschinen und Datenspeichern.

Hyper-V integration tools give you a central place where you can monitor and control your Hyper-V environments from one location and the ability to deploy and update Hyper-V environments on multiple hosts at once.

It also allows administrators to deploy Hyper-V on new host installs, reinstall existing hosts, or migrate services from on-premise Hyper-V to Azure. It also supports other virtual platforms, such as Citrix XenServer, VMware, and Oracle VirtualBox.

Zusatzally, it offers sophisticated features like Hyper-V fault management, which escalates severe alerts if ignored. Its thorough reporting architecture enables stakeholders to access the present situation and make future scaling plans.

Top Features

  • CLI and SNMP protocols to monitor virtual machines based on the Linux platForm.
  • 40-Leistung monitoring counters to track CPU, memory, disc I/O, and other hardware resources.
  • Identifiziert virtuelle Zombie-Maschinen (VMs), um Ressourcen freizugeben und die Leistung zu steigern.
  • Creates a real-time Hyper-V mapping of hosts, VMs, and datastores.

ManageEngine OpManager Hyper-V management tool is a robust yet user-friendly system monitoring and management solution that provides in-depth visibility and control over the management and performance of complete virtual resources. The software can be tried for 30 days free of cost and later can be updated to a professional or enterprise Ausgabe.

Kostenloses Konfigurationstool für Hyper-V-Server

ManageEngine OpManager offers a free Hyper-V server utility that aids in configuring Hyper-V virtual server resources like processor, memory, and hard drive and also helps to remotely power ON and OFF the servers.

The tool tracks the host server’s CPU, storage, memory, and network traffic usage in real-time. It’s worthwhile to try this tool in small to large enterprises.

SolarWinds Virtualization Manager (VMAN)

SolarWinds VMAN is a comprehensive virtualization platform for VMware, Nutanix, and Microsoft Hyper-V hypervisors, whether on-premises, hybrid, or in the cloud. It provides a centralized console to manage, monitor, and provision virtual machines and containers.

It is a modern, intuitive interface that enables administrators to manage multi-tenant environments, scale and manage virtual machines, and create and manage customized container images.

Der platform enables you to manage your entire virtual infrastructure, from your physical servers and storage to your virtual machines and hypervisors, in real-time.

Es ermöglicht es Ihnen monitor, configure, and manage your virtual infrastructure from a single console, giving you instant access to critical information about your virtual infrastructure.

It also gives you the ability to secure and manage your virtual machines with a single pane of glass, giving you the ability to quickly automate security measures and reduce the time it takes to build, test, and deploy new virtual machines.

Top Features

  • Seine Sprawl-Management-Funktion hilft dabei, verschwendete Ressourcen zurückzugewinnen, VMs in der richtigen Größe zu erstellen und verwaiste VMDK-Dateien zu entfernen.
  • Its intuitive platform assists admins in analyzing and predicting future workloads.
  • Berechnungates and cost of virtual infrastructure for Better IT Budgeting.

It is an effective and versatile tool designed to monitor virtual machines and compile several helpful observations into a single interface. The platform provides comprehensive visibility into the health and performance of the infrastructure. For 30 days, its fully functional version is available for free; after that, a subscription and perpetual licensing can be purchased.

eG Innovations Citrix Hypervisor MonitorIng.

Für virtualisierte Citrix XenServer- und Hyper-V-Rechenzentren ist die z.B. Enterprise Citrix Hypervisor ist ein Automated management platform that increases server density, lowers costs, and streamlines management.

All Citrix XenServer and Hyper-V virtualized resources and services, including physical, virtualized, and containerized ones, may be managed and viewed through a single window.

Um den IT-Betrieb zu rationalisieren und Zeit und Geld zu sparen, bietet es auch einen Rahmen für die schnelle Bereitstellung neuer und aktualisierter Dienste und Funktionen, wie z. B. Hochverfügbarkeit für XenServer und Hyper-V.

It helps businesses to reduce MTTR (Mean Time to Repair) and optimize their infrastructure by gaining total visibility into Citrix hypervisor, virtual machine, and application performance. Additionally, eG Enterprise Dazu gehören platforms that support VMware, Oracle, Nutanix, Microsoft Hyper-V, and Red Hat, among other virtualizations.

Top Features

  • Inbuilt capacity utilization reports forecasting hypervisor loads.
  • Das automatische Baselining des täglichen Betriebs für proaktive Warnungen, bevor der Benutzer etwas bemerkt.
  • Patented auto-correlation technology for root cause analysis.
  • Funktioniert mit lokalen Bereitstellungen, Hybrid Clouds und Cloud-Umgebungen.

E-Innovationen Citrix Hypervisor MonitorIng. will meet your needs if you’re seeking complete performance visibility of Citrix infrastructure and other virtualization platFormen und monitoring the performance of each layer and tier of the end-to-end service. Its pricing structure depends on several deployment methods, including perpetual, subscription, and SaaS.

LogicMonitor Microsoft Hyper-V Integration

SaaS-basiert LogicMonitor locates and keeps track of the health and performance of Microsoft Hyper-V and VMs, storage devices, virtual adapters, and other hardware resources. It collects a lot of performance data, giving unparalleled visibility into your Hyper-V infrastructure and operations.

Es bietet einen gründlichen Einblick in eine Hyper-V-Bereitstellung, ob in der Cloud oder vor Ort, und behält alles im Auge, vom Host über den Speicher bis hin zum Netzwerk.

Es ist automatischally discovers and monitor all of your virtual machines and tracks CPU utilization, memory usage, network, and storage resource that helps to identify inactive virtual machines.

Top Features

  • Admins can quickly and easily isolate VM performance issues due to detailed analytics and notifications.
  • Monitors Hyper-V virtual network parameters such as virtual switches and port data.
  • Monitors and issues notifications for external resources, including the power supply, the fan, and the chassis temperature.

LogicMonitor eliminates the uncertainty surrounding whether Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization is consuming resources excessively or inefficiently by automating the monitoring of Microsoft Hyper-V systems. The license is available in hybrid and full observability models depending on the number of devices and additional features.


Every organization has a unique compliance objective for maintaining and monitoring virtual networks, but keeping an eye on a few critical components of the Hyper-V infrastructure would help to keep the network stable and error-free and lessen the impact of network outages on the business.

Hyper-V monitoring software allows you to monitor the performance of your Hyper-V hosts, virtual machines, and containers in real-time. One of the most significant benefits is clearing bottlenecks, improving performance, reducing complaints, and scaling Implementierungen mit prädiktiven Metriken.

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