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Cloudways bietet verwaltetes Cloud-Hosting für Unternehmen jeder Größe zum Hosten einer Website oder komplexer Webanwendungen.

No-Code-Tools haben revolutionized die process der Erstellung von Anwendungen, was es einfacher als je zuvor macht.

Now, it’s possible to create even more complex apps without spending huge amounts of money, waiting for days or months, or employing multiple developers, all thanks to these technologies.

Und Sie wissen bereits, wie wichtig Anwendungen in unserem heutigen Leben sind, ob für den persönlichen oder geschäftlichen Gebrauch.

Darüber hinaus müssen Sie nicht unbedingt ein Programmierexperte sein, um fantastische Anwendungen zu erstellen. Modernes Low-Code bzw no-code platforms make sure you write little to kein Code and still produce the applications that articulate innovation and drive your business.

Neben Bauanträgen, no-code platforms offer easy Workflow-Automatisierung, help enhance business processes, and provide other capabilities to contribute to your operations and help you grow.

Aber was sind das für Low-Code bzw no-code platforms exactly?

Lassen Sie uns im nächsten Abschnitt näher darauf eingehen und erfahren, wie es Ihrem Unternehmen helfen kann. Und dann besprechen wir den besten Low-Code bzw no-code platforms for you.

Was meinst du mit Low-Code bzw No-code PlatFormen?

Low-code development platFormen

A low-code development platform refers to an app development platFormular, mit dem Sie erstellen könnenate Business und Mobile Apps mit wenig bis gar keinen Programmierkenntnissen.

Sie verwenden eine grafische Benutzeroberfläche mit minimaler Logik und Drag-and-Drop-Funktionen, anstatt umfangreiche Codezeilen zu schreiben.

No-Code-Entwicklung platFormen

No-Code-Entwicklung platforms allow you to create apps without writing a single line of code. This implies that anyone with no coding skills can build applications without any hassle.

Kein Code platFormen sind related to low-code platforms closely as both of them aim to expedite app development. A no-code platform uses graphical user interfaces in addition to configurations rather than traditional programming languages.

Sowohl Low-Code als auch no-code platforms are becoming popular as they offer an easy and fast alternative to traditional development processes. This is why founders with no formal coding skills and professional developers are using these platforms to meet their business demands to develop an app, automate processes, and boost digital transformation.

A Forrester-Bericht says that the market of low-code platforms is expected to reach more than $21 billion in the next 5 years.

Ja, dieser Markt boomt und bietet Ihnen viele Möglichkeiten.

Vorteile von Low-Code bzw No-code Entwicklung PlatFormen

  • Höhere Produktivität: No-code platforms allow you to build more applications in less time. As you don’t have to write long lines of code and have many capabilities to automate processes, you can build apps within days or maybe hours.
  • Reduzierte Kosten: Immer schneller starten! Sie können auch die Kosten senken, die Sie früher für die Einstellung weiterer Entwickler und die Verwendung mehrerer anderer Tools für die Entwicklung aufgewendet haben.
  • Geschäftsagilität: Diese platforms allow you to create smooth apps that can work across multiple platforms and devices. Users can access data and use it efficiently no matter where they are and what time it is.
  • Effektive Governance: Regulations change frequently, and it becomes difficult for organizations to keep up with them. Low-code platforms can help you meet these regulations and comply with them to remain risk-proof.

Schauen wir uns nun einige der besten Low-Code- und no-code platforms available in the market for small to medium businesses, as promised!


Erstellen Sie schnell Geschäftsanwendungen mit Knack with no code and serve the right users well. It empowers you with simple tools that help you transform all your data into a robust Online-Datenbank.

Structure your data using suitable data types such as emails, names, and so on. You can connect data easily by linking all the related records and extending data using equations and formulas. Knack provides you with a clean and straightforward interface that makes app development superbly easy without requiring you to write a single line of code.

Darüber hinaus bieten sie leistungsstarke Funktionen, mit denen Sie leistungsstarke Apps erstellen und anpassen können, z. B. das Hinzufügen Farben, logos, etc. You can create a custom user interface to view your data and update it. You get features and components such as forms, a search field, maps, reports, calendars, and logins.

Neben dem Knack database lets you create objects representing your unique requirements. To get started, you get dozens of beautiful hatplates and pre-built objects for orders, contacts, etc. It is easy to maintain, migrate, import & export, update, edit data, change history, restore, backup, and secure it.

You can embed your app to any site easily and choose the pages for publishing. Their SEO plugin will also index your data and content and make it searchable. Knack apps are mobile-friendly, responsive in design, and let you capture users’ geolocations.

Add secure payment systems in your eCommerce apps, such as in-app payments, custom charges, secure processors like PayPal and Stripe, email receipts, defined charge rules, and more. Plus, Knack offers workflow tools such as notifications and reminders, status indicators, scheduled tasks, life cycles, approvals, etc.

Sie können JavaScript verwenden, um die App-Oberfläche zu erweitern und anzupassen, und CSS, um das Erscheinungsbild der App zu steuern. Analysieren, verwalten und teilen Sie Daten einfach durch die Integration mit Gmail, MailChimp, Dropbox, WebMerge, Google Drive, and Zapier.

Visual LANSA

Vereinfachen Sie die Entwicklung erstaunlicher Produkte und lassen Sie Ihre Geschäftsmaschine schneller und reibungsloser laufen Visual LANSA Low-Code platform. It combines traditional coding and low code in the same IDE that helps develop desktop and web applications using similar assets.

It enables the faster building, deployment, and operation of the applications. You can eliminate silos between development and IT. Stay in the IDE, create the entire app, and migrate existing apps written in other languages easily using LANSA’s bridge capabilities.

Visual LANSA lässt Sie integrierenate with services without wasting your time in workarounds. Without searching for separate frontend and backend developers, you can easily allow any developer to create a web application from the beginning.

It positively impacts almost every area of business by delivering company-wide productivity, control, and innovation. Plus, Visual LANSA’s repository stores the components that are essential in app development. It lets you use and resume the components and modules to reduce time and enhance the developer’s efficiency.

Holen Sie sich Ihre 60-tägige KOSTENLOSE Testversion, indem Sie die erforderlichen Details eingeben.


Der m-Power Entwicklung PlatFormular focuses on delivering low-code development without limitations. It is the only solution that delivers low-code development, business intelligence, reporting, dashboards, BPA, modernization, and mobile in a single platForm.

m-Power users create web applications using a 4-step build process that combines simplicity with flexibility. It provides a no-code interface by default but allows for low-code/full-code when necessary. Users can add custom templates, include their own business logic, and even dive into the underlying application code if needed.

From an architectural perspective, m-Power is designed to be the most open development platform available. Built on open frameworks and libraries, it generates standard code and runs on the same technologies that modern developers already use. Users can integrate with existing software, connect to third-party APIs, and deploy applications in-house or to the cloud.

Going one step further, generated applications run independently of m-Power and can be maintained outside of the platform. This eliminates the vendor lock-in concerns found with most low-code tools.

Finally, m-Power’s flexible licensing structure has no user fees, distribution fees, run-time fees, data fees, or application fees. Customers can have unlimited users, create unlimited applications, or even sell their applications. 

Abschließend m-Power is built for flexibility. It takes a unique approach to low-code development, offering a rare mix of capabilities combined with total control over customization.

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is one of the most competent low-code platforms that helps you build applications easily and extend and integrate its functionality seamlessly. It does not matter what level of coding expertise you have or how complex your coding requirement is; Zoho Creator makes everything quick, easy, and secure.

It helps you transform your business by offering you customized, tailored solutions so you can build the applications you conceptualize. You can build multi-platform apps ranging from minimalist call logs to heavy and complex ERPs capable of integrating with your current processzB.

Beschleunigenate your app development process with their rich, intuitive code editors, visual builders, pre-built templates, and more. In addition to that, you can easily configure and automate workflows in Ihren Apps mit einfachen Iterationen und Schritten.

Zoho Creator is powerful; it allows anyone to build applications in no time, provided they understand their business logic. Complete your existing business system by filling gaps and extending app functionalities with pre-built connectors to integrate systems quickly.

They offer an extensive collection of beautiful app templates to install and customize to meet your exact requirements. Here, you get templates for order management, distributor management, vendor management, logistics, inventory management, etc.

Furthermore, you can also migrate data and scale it dynamically. Just import your Google Sheet or Excel data into a purpose-built application. Zoho Creator also supports FileMaker, MS Access, and other databases.

Studio Creatio

Studio Creatio ist eine no-code platform with composable architecture to automate workflows and build applications with a maximum degree of freedom. It combines a range of no-code tools that enable users to create powerful business applications in hours and minutes instead of weeks.

Thanks to its focus on drag-and-drop development tools, even users without deep technical skills can successfully implement business applications, automated workflows, ML/KI-gestützte Modelle für datengestützte Entscheidungsfindung und Geschäftsregeln.

Studio Creatio offers one environment for workflow development, automation, and orchestration. You can create Ihre eigenen process hatplates, utilize workflow automation solutions from Creatio marketplace, and connect multiple departments, systems, and data stores into a unified digital ecosSystem.


  • Application Hub ermöglicht die Erstellung von Anwendungen mit nur wenigen Klicks
  • No-code designer to create and modify pages and views, data models, workflowsund Integrationen
  • Freedom UI Designer with a library of predefined views, widgets, and templates to accelerate das Design process
  • Workflow Automation to optimize and manage your structured and fluid processes using industry-leading workflow automation capabilities
  • Mobile Experience – Entwerfen Sie ganz einfach umfangreiche mobile Anwendungen
  • KI und maschinelles Lernen zur Optimierung der Entscheidungsfindung und Steigerung Ihrer Effizienz
  • Composability with out-of-the-box Komposable elements, apps, connectors, and templatverfügbar
  • Enterprise Scalability to take advantage of the highest level of security and safety

Studio Creatio bietet umfangreiche Integrationsmöglichkeiten (.Net tools, REST, SOAP, OData, open API), advanced identity and access management, and flexible organization structure management, all of which ensure swift integration of Creatio into the software ecosystem of any company.


Bubble kann der schnellste Weg sein, eine Anwendung zu entwickeln, ohne eine einzige Codezeile zu schreiben. Darüber hinaus sorgen die YouTube-Tutorials dafür, dass die Lernkurve mit diesem hervorragenden Tool vereinfacht wird no-code App-Entwicklung platForm.

Its drag-and-drop interface gives you great control over the design elements. Moreover, one can visually set up the app logic to decide what happens on each screen as a user navigates drin.

Bubble hält die Dinge mit seiner umfassenden Bibliothek visueller Elemente interessant. Seine Benutzerverwaltung erlaubt passwortgeschützte Anmeldungen zusätzlich zu allen OAuth 2.0-kompatiblen Benutzerauthentifizierung System wie Google, Facebook, Linkedin usw.

Zusatzally, you have total freedom to extend the functionality with JavaScript plugins and API integrations. Bubble-made applications are mobile responsive and can be translated into 80+ global languages.

And the best thing is the absence of hard limits. So, the applications you create are flexible according to your audience growth. You can track the app usage limits, handle Suchmaschinen-Optimierung, und integrate Stripe & Braintree to make payments easier.

Dieser no-code platform ensures flawless teamwork with its access-controlled collaboration. Finally, its community edition allows you to take it for a spin for free.


Create apps of your imagination from simple tools that save time to enterprise-grade applications that help businesses run smoothly with the help of Mendix.

It is a low-code platform that anyone can use to improve their business by offering quality apps without involving code complexities. This app development platform helps you build impact-driven apps to deploy sooner and make them successful faster.

Sie können erstellenate applications to serve various industries, including SAP supply chain processes, high-value asset-field service, digital insurance solutions, plant equipment maintenance, delivery management, analytics and reporting, logistics tracking, AI smart banking and face recognition, and many more.

Um loszulegen Mendix and build your app, all you need is just a powerful idea. This all-in-one low-code app development platform will help you create better-quality software by automating and abstracting the development process.

Empower Ko-creation in a diverse spectrum of developers using dedicated IDEs and a common visual language to meet your business needs. As a result, you can build a portable, resilient, and scalable app without coding expertise and then deploy it anywhere you want with a click. You can connect kognitive und KI-Dienste Fügen Sie sich nahtlos in Ihre Apps ein und machen Sie sie intelligenter, um sie an diese moderne Benutzergeneration anzupassen.

Mendix bietet End-to-End process automation via apps that bring systems, data, and people together. Moreover, you can integrate logic and data from any source, service, or system and make your apps extensible and open for different platforms, apps, and models.


Schöpfen Sie das volle Potenzial Ihres Geschäftsbetriebs aus, indem Sie einbeziehen Quickbase in Ihr Unternehmen ein und erstellen Sie hochwertige, ergebnisorientierte Apps, die Ideen, Informationen und Menschen überall verbinden können.

This app development platform helps you unite your business, IT teams, and developers so they can innovate and build safe, sustainable, and secure applications. It also helps accelerate Ihr Unternehmen processes so you deliver quality apps in quick turnaround times.

Quickbase frees you from legacy systems and provides you with a set of integrated capabilities developed to work together and improve your apps without bearing the high cost of development, deployment, and maintenance in traditional ways.

Maximize the productivity of every employee with personalized, real-time visibility across all your business operations so that every one of them can access insights to improve the processes. You can make multiple app changes safely in an environment before you make your app live.

Zudem hat auch Frau Quickbase also tracks all the changes made so you can review, discard, or publish the changes mindfully. Don’t worry about regulatory compliance and security as Quickbase has earned stringent competence attestations and certifications such as HIPAA, DFARS, SOC 1 & 2, and EU-US Privacy Shield. It also ensures data security and integrity and lets you retain control of your business.

Das Tool ist effizient in der Automatisierung workflows, connect data, and integrate systems with its comprehensive integration platform. You can integrate your apps with services like Slack, DocuSign, Salesforce,, QuickBooks, Zendesk, Dropbox, Google Drive, Gmail, and more.


Building applications and internal tools become remarkably fast with Retool. It saves you from wrestling with user interface libraries, finding access controls, and combining data sources. Instead, create apps hassle-free and ship them faster to accelerate dein Geschäft.

Retool provides you with robust building blocks such as tables, charts, lists, maps, wizards, forms, and more essential to creating internal Werkzeuge. Dadurch wird es für Sie einfacher, an Ihrer Benutzeroberfläche zu arbeiten und sie früher zu präsentieren, ohne nach Bibliotheken suchen zu müssen.

You can assemble your applications in just 30 seconds with the help of the drag-and-drop feature from their pre-built components. Additionally, you can connect to major databases using a REST, gRPC, or GraphQL API.

Retool allows you to work with your data sources seamlessly in a single app. Not to mention, you are the only person who stores your data. When a query runs, the backend of Retool proxies this request directly to your backend. This means they never store your data.

Mit Retool, you don’t have to worry about handling errors or storing anything in Redux. Instead, the tool can manage these heavy things, such as reading data from MongoDB, joining data to Postgres using SQL, and POST-ing the outcome to Stripe API. Next, you need to write just a few things that you want to customize in your apps, such as data transformers, POST requests, and SQL queries.

Retool is highly customizable; it supports JavaScript everywhere, allows sandboxing, and lets you manipulate data through large, reusable codes written using transformers. In addition to this, you get a native API to interact with queries and components directly via JS.

This tool comes with reliability, security, and built-in permissions. You have the option to host Retool auf Ihrem Cloud-Server, behind your VPN, or on-premises, and deploy via Kubernetes or Docker. Plus, you can sync applications to a Git repository and choose a version to deploy.

Control user access granularly and track their activities after they’ve used the apps. You can sign in with Google, Okta, and other identity providers that are SAML-based. Retool integrates your apps with different services seamlessly, including MySQL, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Elasticsearch, Stripe, GitHub, Salesforce, Redis, Slack, Sendgrid, Google Sheets, Firebase, and many more.


Create powerful applications by combining your imagination with the power of Airable. Es wird Ihnen den schnellen Einstieg erleichtern, da es die Leistung einer beeindruckenden Datenbank mit der Vertrautheit von Tabellenkalkulationen bietet.

Airtable wird von über 200 Organisationen vertraut, die Anwendungen auf Airtable entwickelt und ihr Geschäft modernisiert haben workflows while delivering effective outcomes. It empowers you to build solutions with greater capabilities and sophistication.

In addition, you get plenty of useful templates for product planning, product catalog, bug tracking, product tracking, product launch, and more. Accelerate Ihre teamwork mit benutzerdefinierten Benachrichtigungen und Automatisierung redundanter Aufgaben.

Streamline your workflow by integrating your apps with services like Slack, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Teams, Google Sheets, and more. Airtable allows you to collaborate easily with anyone, anywhere, and at any time. You can edit and comment and sync changes on everyone’s devices using their native desktop and mobile apps.

Microsoft Power Apps

Das Erstellen und Freigeben von Low-Code-Anwendungen ist nicht mehr schwierig, wenn Sie dies getan haben Microsoft Power Apps. Es hilft Ihnen beim Kreierenate apps rapidly that can solve challenges while renovating processes to increase business agility.

They offer pre-built templates and a drag-and-drop feature so you can start building apps quickly. As a result, you can go for deployment right away and then perform rapid improvements.

Power Apps provides your team with the power of advanced features and functionalities, including pre-built artificial intelligence components. In addition, you can provide your developers with essential tools they need to extend application capabilities seamlessly using custom connectors and Azure Functions to on-premises or proprietary systems.

Stellen Sie mit leistungsstarken Konnektoren und Microsoft Dataverse eine Verbindung zu zahlreichen Datenquellen her, mit denen Sie alle Ihre Daten zusammenführen und gleichzeitig Erkenntnisse gewinnen können. Sie können App-Funktionen auch mit Office 365 und Dynamics 365 erweitern und anpassen.

Nutzen Sie den Azure and scale your low-code applications built using Power Apps. You can also manage your app development with Azure DevOps and explore reusable components, data estate, and AI services.


Caspio is another excellent option for building cloud applications without coding. This prominent low-code app development platform is highly suitable for building scalable, reliable, and secure online database apps.

Der platFormular empowers 15k+ customers across 150+ countries, from government agencies and global corporations to small businesses, universities, and nonprofits. Caspio können Sie helfen mit planning the database design, user permissions, workflowsUnd vieles mehr.

Use their intuitive tools for visual development to design advanced cloud apps with forms, dashboards, and reports in no time. You can design, develop, and operate your apps using their smooth point-and-click tools. Next, you can embed your apps flawlessly on any portal, site, intranet, or CMS.

Caspio runs on SQL Server and AWS to provide the best-in-class technology stack for unmatched performance, compliance, and security. You can scale and expand apps without restrictions as Caspio doesn’t charge per user; hence, cost-effective.

Caspio lässt dich kreativ werdenate a limitless number of online database apps in various use cases, including sales, marketing, IT, operations, admin, support, HR, and finance. Modernize your apps with data visualization using charts, include reports, calendars, and scheduling, and leverage workflow automation with ease.

You can also build robust location-based applications using Caspio’s distance search, map integration, geocoding, and proximity calculations. In addition, the account you create mit Caspio comes in 11 major languages so that you can create multilingual apps. It also supports all international currencies, numbers, and date und Zeitzonen.

Aus Sicherheitsgründen Caspio uses encrypted password technology, record-level permissions, IP-based access controls, and single sign-on and offers access logs, TLS data encryption, and audit trails. Plus, Caspio is compliant with HIPAA, FERPA, GDPR, PCI DSS Level 1, and Einhaltung der Barrierefreiheit wie WCAG und ADA.

Integrate your app with services like AWS S3, OneDrive, Google Drive, PayPal, Stripe, and Zapier with 2k+ integrations. You can even customize the apps with REST API, CSS, HTML, SQL, and JavaScript.


OutSystems is transforming software development and helping you build and deploy complex apps rapidly that can evolve with you. It enables you to create incredibly fast, model-driven development using the cloud, DevOpsund KI.

Mit OutSystems, it becomes easy to handle app backlog, update Ihreself with shifting business needs, and deliver cloud apps to drive innovation. Besides, they offer many automation services and integrated tools to produce secure, scalable, easy-to-manage, and resilient apps.

OutSystems Beschleunigerates and simplifies app lifecycle optimization, offers the latest cloud technologies, and continuously adds new features and capabilities. It also features a drag-and-drop UI, data models for full-stack creation, and cross-platform apps.

Sie können aktualisierenate and deploy applications with one click, and it checks app dependencies automatically to handle deployment. Make your applications faster and better in quality using user feedback from the apps.

Plus, analyze models and refactor dependencies quickly using OutSystems. It also helps you build mobile-friendly apps with native device access, on-device business logic, and offline data syncs.


Ich hoffe, dass diese Informationen zu Low-Code und no-code Entwicklung platforms helps you understand these concepts and choose a platform based on your business requirements.

I wish you success in building your next product. Next, you can launch or list your products on these platFormen.

Willst du stattdessen etwas für Apps? Bauen Sie Ihr nächstes app with these open source Low-Code/No-Code platFormen.

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