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Cloudways bietet verwaltetes Cloud-Hosting für Unternehmen jeder Größe zum Hosten einer Website oder komplexer Webanwendungen.

Es gibt immer eine Debatteate darüber, ob eine statische Website besser ist oder eine, die ein CMS nutzt platFormen, und ich konnte nicht anders, als die Luft zu reinigen bit durch diesen Artikel.

Ich weiß, dass Sie das schon eine Million Mal gehört haben, aber Sie müssen es noch einmal hören – dass alles auf Ihre Anforderung hinausläuft. Alles hat Vor- und Nachteile, so auch bei statischen Webseiten und CMS.

Static websites are suitable for requirements for which you don’t need to update the content often. They’re usually personal landing pages, corporate sites with lesser pages, and with the main purpose of showcasing a product or personal information. Static websites come with fairly lower development costs and can be built quite fast as compared to CMS.

On the other hand, CMS platFormen wie WordPress and Joomla make it easy to update and tweak content whenever needed, and you don’t really have to be well-versed with coding. However, it comes with higher development costs, and you’d also have to learn how CMS works if you’re not familiar with it already.

Sie sehen also, es gibt Vor- und Nachteile für beide, und es hängt von Ihren Bedürfnissen ab. Vor diesem Hintergrund ist mein Hauptziel heute, Ihnen zu zeigen, dass es machbare Möglichkeiten gibt, Ihre statische Website zu erstellen, und dass es nicht so schwierig ist, wie Sie vielleicht denken.

That is the reason opting for static websites is the ongoing trend that is blooming, especially for product pages, SaaS Zielseite, personal pages, corporate Seiten usw.

Beste Möglichkeiten zum Erstellen einer statischen Website

Der erste Weg, um eine statische Website zu erstellen, ist von einen Fachmann einstellen to develop and design it. This option is good when you want to eliminate all die effort and time required to set it all up. However, keep in mind that it can get expensive, depending upon the expertise and experience of the developer.

A nice alternative to this would be to head over to Fiverr und stellen Sie jemanden zu einem relativ geringeren Preis ein. Fiverr is known for providing quality services at an affordable cost, so it’s worth checking. You can directly use the search function or utilize this highly rated und revangesehen Gig.

Talking about the second option, which I believe is the most flexible option, is to go for ready-made templates. It cuts down the time to build the site and is also an incredibly cheap option. You don’t have to shell out an amount as huge as you’d do to hire a professional developer.

There are many good templates out there, but here are the best picks for you.


Leicht zu erstellenate a static website template along with animations by using Slides.

As the name suggests, this service gives you the leisure to combine various slides zu create unique layouts and an overall template that is entirely born out of your creativity.

In total, you get 200 slides, 30 panels, and 118 examples to help you carve your desired template. It also comes with a bunch of native components like buttons, popups, sliders, sidebar, navigation, etc.

Du kannst sicher sein Slides has clean code and is built with HTML, CSS, and JS. It’s easy to understand and change as per your needs, apart from not being a burden to page speed. If you decide to go ahead with Slides, you can host them on GCS.


Vielleicht haben Sie den Namen schon einmal gehört Kreativ-Markt weil sie ein riesiger Marktplatz sind, auf dem Sie fast alle Arten von digitalen Assets kaufen können.

Talking about just website templates, you’ll find landing pages, portfolios, blogs, and even corporate style, along with complementary tools like UI graphics and social icons.

To find your desired template, you can sort the results and apply filters like price range and file types.

Template Monster

Mit über 16,000 Mitarbeiternplates to choose from, Template Monster is one of the go-to hubs that you need to check out. The templates can be used for personal and as well as for commercial use. You can select from a variety of categories, such as business, fashion, beauty, food, cars, and others.

There’s also an option to filter the results by price, rating, features, color, number of downloads, and last update. This way, you’ll easily find what you’re looking for without wasting time scrolling past 16,000+ templatzB.

All of their templates are high quality and well coded.

Eine Seite Liebe

Eine Seite Liebe has a huge library of more than 300 one-page website templates that you can pick from. Since the collection is huge, you can hover over their “templates” tab and select your desired categories from it.

Some of the many cateZu den Gores gehören:

  • Photography
  • Portfolio
  • Wedding
  • Lebenslauf
  • Personal
  • Restaurant
  • Landing page

All of the themes come with details like reviews, screenshots, demos, download links, and features. Sit back, knowing their entire collection is feature-rich, high quality, and good-looking.

They also roll out free templates for which you’d have to sign for their newsletter to get notified, so if that’s something you’d like to access, be sure to jump on that as well.


Get 100% free static templates licensed under Creative Commons with HTML5-UP.

They have a bunch of them that is fully responsive, highly customizable, and built on HTML5 + CSS3. You can check their demo and instantly download it at the click of a button.  All the templates are responsive, so they look elegant on all devices.

You can follow their Twitter handle to get notified whenever they drop new and free templatzB.


Get access to over 17,000 HTML templates ist an ThemaWald.

You can choose from various categories and narrow your search using detailed filters. This website is known for having one of the best theme collections that are not even limited to HTML. You’ll find templates for every platForm da draußen.

You can straightaway do a quick search or head towards the bestselling and best-rated items to make it easier to find the best ones. All of their themes are incredibly low-priced and come with flexible licensing. You’ll find both niche templates and multi-purpose ones.


Envato-Elemente comes from the same company as ThemeForest, so you can be sure the quality and service are similarly good. It has over 2,000 HTML and CSS templates that are highly customizable and responsive.

Anstelle von einmaligen Einkäufen folgt Envato Elements einem abonnementbasierten Modell. Für einen bestimmten monatlichen Preis erhalten Sie Zugriff auf den gesamten Produktkatalog, der Folgendes umfasst:

  • Template
  • Aktienaudios
  • Stock Videos
  • Soundeffekte
  • Graphics
  • Kurse und Tutorials
  • Fotos
  • Schriftarten

…und viele mehr.

Seien Sie versichert, alles, was Sie hier finden, ist von hoher Qualität und gut verarbeitet. Das Gute ist, dass Sie nicht direkt in ihren bezahlten Plan einsteigen müssen. Sie können mit einem kostenlosen Konto mit monatlich 12 kostenlosen Dateien beginnen.


Whether you’re looking for a personal template or a conversion-driven landing page, Karte können Sie mit Hilfe ihrer kostenlosen Sammlung professionelle One-Page-Sites erstellen. Die Websites, die Sie mit diesem Service erstellen, sind sehr reaktionsschnell und anpassbar und dennoch sehr einfach.

Das ganze Teamplates are elegant and look perfect on all devices, getting your required work done. If you wish to access more features, then you can opt for their PRO plan, which gives you benefits like custom domains, forms, and the ability to publish more sites instead of just three.


Templated houses over 850 HTML, CSS, and responsive HTML5 templates and are 100% free to use. Their entire collection of templates is built by themselves and is licensed under the Creative Commons license. It doesn’t matter what category you’re looking to build your website in, and you’re sure to find a suitable template dafür.


You can download HTML Bootstrap templates aus Uicookies that are available for personal, commercial, and business uses. The great thing is that all of their templates are SEO-optimized, mobile-friendly, and responsive, apart from being gorgeous-looking.

Der Templates are free to use but with attribution. However, you can skip the attribution part by paying either for a single theme license or for all of the templates for just $59.

You’ll find templates in a wide range of categories, like travel, software, creative, etc.


Nutzen Prospekte zu create your simple one-page site for various purposes, like a newsletter, portfolio, service, pay-me page, etc. It’s free to create and customize and takes only 5 minutes to get work done. However, it’s important to keep in mind that you’d have to pay $5/page/month in order to publish it.

Sie haben ein nice variety of templates and come with other great features, like:

  • Kostenloses SSL Zertifikat
  • Sozial und SEO-optimiert
  • Hochgradig anpassbare Funktionen innerhalb des Editor-Panels
  • Fähigkeit zu schaffenate link tree, profile, and portfolio
  • Möglichkeit, eine benutzerdefinierte Domain hinzuzufügen

Leeflets can be integrated with a bunch of third-Party platforms and services, like PayPal, MailChimp, ConvertKitund Streifen.


Once you decide on the template, host them on a reliable static hosting platFormular.

Static websites are becoming more and more preferred these days, so I hope the above templates will help you create one easily without burning your wallet.

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