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Cloudways bietet verwaltetes Cloud-Hosting für Unternehmen jeder Größe zum Hosten einer Website oder komplexer Webanwendungen.

Das Betreiben eines Online-Geschäfts erfordert eine Website mit hervorragender Leistung.

Es zeigt Ihre Produkte und Dienstleistungen vor Ihren potenziellen Kunden, um deren Aufmerksamkeit zu erregen und gleichzeitig die Vertrauenswürdigkeit Ihrer Marke zu stärken.

Aber haben Sie eine Idee, wie es funktioniert?

Nun, es gibt viele Informationen, die Sie über Ihre Website wissen müssen, einschließlich Seitenladegeschwindigkeit, Betriebszeit, Sicherheit, SEO Spam, and so on. These factors affect visitors’ activities on your site, which eventually leads to financial loss.

Such factors have the power to influence your overall business. This is when comprehensive website monitoring tools come in handy to give all the information you require at your fingertips.

Auch mit dem rise of internet vulnerabilities, complexities, and traffic, monitornur ing Betriebszeit der Website ist nicht genug. Sie müssen andere Aspekte im Auge behalten, einschließlich der weltweiten Geschwindigkeit, der Belastung verschiedener Geräte und der Gesamtleistung.

Why is site monitoring important?

A berichten sagt, dass sogar eine Verzögerung von 100 Millisekunden beim Laden der Seite a verursachen könnte 7% Rückgang in conversion rates. Hence, if your website takes over 3 seconds to load, you may risk losing a significant number of users.

Werfen wir einen kurzen Blick auf einige der Vorteile.

Einblicke in die Stabilität der Website 📈

Wie würden Sie wissen, ob auf Ihrer Website häufige Ausfallzeiten auftreten?

Gibt es eine schnelle Möglichkeit, um festzustellen, ob sich die Leistung Ihrer Website verbessert?

Ohne ein monitoring tool, your business may stay behind, and you would never know.

Instead, incorporate an efficient tool to gauge all these things. Once you have a fair idea about the exact issue, you can find ways to troubleshoot them. Now, you can also compare website performance to get an idea about the areas where you have achieved improvements.

Benachrichtigt werden 🔔

Unabhängig davon, wie robust Ihre Website ist, kann es zu einem bestimmten Zeitpunkt zu Ausfallzeiten kommen. Die Gründe dafür können so viele sein - eine plötzliche Verkehrsspitze, schlechtes Hosting, fehlerhafte Plugins oder das Schlimmste. Cyberangriff.

Und wenn Ihre Website unerwartet offline geht, kann dies Ihr Unternehmen in Bezug auf Reputation, Finanzen und Kunden kosten.

Sie können solche Vorkommnisse nicht stoppen, aber die Art und Weise, wie Sie damit umgehen, ist wichtig.

Webseite monitoring solutions watch over your site 24/7 constantly to check it hundreds of times daily. You can also receive notifications when the site goes offline, which you can immediately respond to and fix the issues.

Kontrollieren Sie Ausfallzeiten wie ein Profi

Fixing the issue might take longer times. And when it does, you can release statements through social media channels or share through the Statusseite that you are working on the issue. You can also assure them to contact you with alternate mediums if they need any help.

This way, you can improve your relationship with your customers and mitigate Rufschädigung.

Let’s have a look at some of the best website monitoring solutions to benefit your business across different verticals.


Testen Sie die Kernfunktionen Ihrer Website wie Anmeldungen, Anmeldungen, Zahlungsbildschirm und Einkaufswagen mit Uptrends. It allows setting up of a transaction monitor to test browser workflows über seinen Transaktionsrekorder. Sie können alle Ihre Transaktionen ganz einfach durch einfache Klicks und Navigation durch die Website aufzeichnen.

Once everything is captured and activated, the Chrome browser tests the recorded steps on various checkpoints available worldwide. You can set up general transaction activities like password reset, account modification, schedule appointments, book flights perform reservations, all with Uptrends.

Führen Sie das SaaS-Geschäft?

Monitor your SaaS applications to ensure users can sign up and perform necessary things smoothly.

Testen Sie die Ladegeschwindigkeit Jederzeit, monitor bottlenecks, performance trends, and other issues. Take browser screenshots to get an idea of how your page looks. You can get Waterflow charts and trace all the files that the browser has downloaded to find specific errors responsible for langsame Seite läuft.

Uptrends also give you the option to store certificates and transaction credentials safely encrypted inside the Uptrends Vault.


Checkly stands out in the crowded field of website monitoring solutions with its robust, developer-centric approach. It provides API and Playwright-based browser monitoring that allows you to write scripts with flexible assertions and setup/teardown methods.

Checkly’s reliability and effectiveness have earned the trust of top companies like Autodesk, Deno, 1Password, Vercel, Render, Sentry und AutoTrader.

Als Pionier in Monitoring as Code, Checkly is transforming the development workflow. This code-based monitorIng. process is programmable, fast, and dependable, allowing you to manage and version control your checks, from within your repository, using the same tools you use for your application code. This ensures that your monitoring setup is always in sync with your application, reducing the risk of outdated checks and missed issues.

Mit Checkly, you get alerts via your preferred channel, such as Slack, Pagerduty, or Opsgenie, whenever something breaks.


StatusCake is an industry-leading website monitoring solution, with over 150,000 customers from SMEs and large companies using them to keep their website online every day. With a free-for-life plan and competitive pricing on their paid plans, StatusCake gibt jedem Zugriff auf die Tools, die sicherstellen, dass Websites optimal funktionieren.

StatusCake’s leading feature, uptime monitoring, checks your website from 43 locations in 30 different countries, alerting you of any website downtime within seconds.

Möchten Sie nicht mitten in der Nacht per SMS benachrichtigt werden?

StatusCake offers 18 integrations for alerts including PagerDuty, Slack, Microsoft Teams, und Skype.

Get SSL monitoring that gives you alerts when your SSL certificate is due to expire, domain monitoring to ensure your domain is always safe and secure, page speed monitoring to keep you high in Google rankings and driving revenue, server monitoring to make sure you haven’t exceeded RAM usage and much more.

Use their custom reporting tool to identify problem areas with your website, update your customers with a public status page, send branded customer emails when you experience website downtime, set check tags for more advanced data, and have a real-time dashboard showing you your website health.


Monitor your website proactively with DataDog.

You can get quick alerts on the availability and performance of your website. It monitors and maintains your SLSs, validates HTTP requests from multiple locations, and offers unique integrations with your infrastructure, APMund Protokolle.

To preserve user experience, it carries out automated Tests und monitors important business transactions. It displays end-user journeys through waterfall visualization with screenshots on each step. DataDog can breakdowns performance based on devices and locations and carries out root cause analysis proactively and troubleshoots using APM integrations.

Using its Web Recorder, you can create tests within minutes. This GUI-based interface is code-free and super easy to use. It can record user activities, perform powerful validations using flexible variables and assertions. It also empowers your non-technical teams to create browser tests.

DataDog’s tests are AI-powered and self-maintaining, which encourages your teams to build new features. These intelligent tests can re-identify elements after UI changes and updates other existing tests automatically zu monitor fresh UI elements.


With proactive website monitorvon Site24x7, you can check the performance and uptime of your website with IPv6/IPv4 from 110+ locations worldwide. It leverages advanced tools such as TLS/SSL certificate Monitor, Domain Expiry Monitor, and cheeks other errors through Website Defacement Monitor.

Site24x7 notifies the moment an issue surfaces and provides deeper visibility on response time issues like connection time, DNS time, download time, Erstbytezeit, SSL Handshake time, etc. You can analyze the way your website responds; gather data on TLS/SSL protocol version, understand suite details such as Bulk Encryption, Hash Function, and Key Exchange.

Monitor internal networks with global server monitor on private cloud and get full infrastructure visibility as well.

Site24x7 offers a robust recorder tool to conduct synthetic monitoring and gauge multi-step user activities. You can also monitor applications like registration forms, shopping carts, HR portals, and more and analyze content accuracy as well as response time.

Die richtigen Real User Monitoring, you can measure real user experience by analyzing the performance of your browser, location, ISP, and platform. Check network entities like DNS resolution time, redirection time, connection time, page rendering, download time, document processing time, and more.

Erhalten Sie sofortige Benachrichtigungen per SMS, E-Mails, Sprachaufzeichnungen, Instant Messenger, RSS und Push-Benachrichtigungen, wenn Ihre Website offline ist. Erhalten Sie zusammenfassende Berichte, um die Häufigkeit von Ausfallzeiten, die Verfügbarkeit der Website, die Reaktionszeit usw. zu verstehen, in denen Sie Metriken anzeigen können Heatmap Widgets und Grafiken.

Sie können SLAs definieren und gleichzeitig deren Einhaltung überwachen. Abgesehen von zusammenfassenden Berichten sind verschiedene Arten von Berichten Stoßzeitenberichte, SLA-Berichte, TOP N-Berichte, Leistungsberichte und Gesundheits-Trendberichte.


Verschaffen Sie sich einen vollständigen Überblick über die Verfügbarkeit Ihrer Website und überprüfen Sie deren Zugänglichkeit von mehreren Teststandorten aus mit LogicMonitor.

LogicMonitor proaktiv monitors, alerts, and graphs your site’s availability in real-time. It provides you with advanced dashboards where you can get all the data you may need in one place. Ping IP addresses from external locations and finds out the website performance by monitoring round trips, status, traceroutes, incoming or outgoing packets, and more.

Make periodic requests to URLs through HTTP GET, POST, or HEAD. With web checks, you can monitor response time, read time, SSL status, time for SSL handshake, connect, and DNS resolution.

Erstellen Sie Simulationen für Benutzertransaktionen, verarbeiten Sie Authentifizierungen und suchen Sie nach bestimmten Inhalten. Bestimmen Sie die Probleme bei der Servicebereitstellung, indem Sie Geschäftsvorfälle mit der Leistung und dem Netzwerk Ihrer Website in Beziehung setzen.

Its root cause analysis and smart analogy detection can differentiate between service-impacting alerts and non-service impacting ones, so you don’t have to check it every time. Schedule downtime, configure alerts, and define alerts based on reachability from multiple locations or sites. You can filter and view alerts from the Alerts Tab or Alerts Page based on severity, instance, and more.

Were you searching for a reliable monitoring solution for your website, domains, or server? is one of the best you can opt for. It delivers enterprise-grade capabilities at reasonable pricing. überprüft jede Minute die Verfügbarkeit Ihrer Website an 30 Standorten weltweit. Es kann Ihnen Benachrichtigungen per Telefonanruf, E-Mail, Webhooks, Twitter oder SMS senden, wenn Ihre Website offline geschaltet wird. Sie können monatliche, wöchentliche oder sogar tägliche Verfügbarkeitsberichte sowie detaillierte Serverzeitberichte abrufen.

It leverages Yandex Safe Browsing and Google Safe Browsing to scan websites for the virus. Besides, it has the unmetered capability to constantly monitor all the transactions, emails, Real User Monitoring, Ping, API, HTTP(s), DNS, TCP, SSH, and more.

Get detailed reporting, summaries, and graphs for a certain time period. You can also create a public status page, SLA reports, and private dashboards. facilitates flawless integration so you can push data to different software you already use to make your workflow easier and save time.


Know when your website goes down unexpectedly with the Web Application Monitoring von Dotcom-Monitor. Damit können Sie kreativ seinate scripts to emulate user interactions along with transactions on your website.

You can record user path while navigating your website, monitor from different locations through its global monitoring channel, or its Private Agent. Review the waterfall charts of your scripts and receive alerts instantly in case of failures.

Its EveryStep Web Recorder interacts with technologies like HTML5, AJAX, Flash, WebSocket, Silverlight, and Java Applet. It monitors your website every minute from different locations worldwide and alerts you immediately.

Es bietet einfache Integrationen und ein Live-Dashboard, um Echtzeitberichte für Daten auf hoher Ebene einschließlich Leistungsmetriken anzuzeigen. Sie können Berichte in HTML-, PDF- und CSV-Dateien empfangen. Identifizieren Sie Leistungsmuster, analysieren Sie Trends und prognostizieren Sie zukünftige Erkenntnisse.


Erhalten Sie mit sofort Einblicke in die Leistung und Verfügbarkeit Ihrer Website Pingdom by SolarWinds and deliver a better user experience. It offers complete website monitoring combining real user and synthetic monitoring for enhanced visibility and troubleshooting.

Für Synthetik monitortion, Pingdom kann simulierenate visitor activities with your website to inform you of what condition your website goes offline. Through uptime monitoring, it checks for site availability from 100+ worldwide locations.

It also includes page speed analysis to assist in troubleshooting the issue and transaction monitoring to test complex transactions on your website. You can test new registrations, search, user login, URL-Hijacking, Warenkorbanalyse und mehr.

Pingdom’s real user website monitoring lets you gain insights into how your actual users interact with your website. With this simple and scalable monitoring, you can measure website performance in real-time, understand visitors’ experience based on the device, location, and browsähm, sie benutzen.

Compare website usage metrics periodically to gauge improvements from last month, quarter, or year. You can make better marketing decisions utilizing metrics such as top visited page, top browser, top platform, and active sessions along with bounce rates.

Pingdom ist großartig für Digitale Vermarkter, Startups und KMUs.


Ihre Website ist das erste, was Ihre Besucher über Ihr Unternehmen bemerken werden. Daher müssen Sie eine Vorstellung davon haben, wie sich Ihre Website vor Ihren Endbenutzern verhält. Lassen Sie sich nicht von seiner Geschwindigkeit oder Leistung ruinieren User Experience.

Instead, go for the above-mentioned website monitoring services to gain insights about the overall performance and uptime of your website to woo your customers and convert it into a revEnergie erzeugende Maschine!

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