A dedicated server ensures a website’s performance, security, and reliability, avoiding downtimes and crashes.

However, choosing a quality dedicated server provider is not an easy task.

You must choose the dedicated server based on your business requirements, budget, and features, among other things.

Liquid Web is a good option for businesses, but every coin has two sides.

In this article, I’ll talk about Liquid Web and its features and pricing to help you decide whether it’s a good option for you or not. If not, you can go for a Liquid Web alternative.

Let’s start!

What’s Dedicated Server Hosting?


It’s a type of web hosting service that is designed for a single user to use the entire server without sharing any resources with others. The client will have better flexibility than shared hosting since they will get full control of their server, options for hardware, operating systems, etc.

Dedicated hosting offers increased performance and security. This type of web hosting can also be divided into two types – managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting.

Problems While Choosing Dedicated Hosting?


Here are some of the challenges that businesses face while choosing dedicated hosting:


Switching to dedicated server hosting means you enjoy more bandwidth and traffic. But the cost also increases with it, so you will need to be prepared for it.

If you are looking for an affordable web hosting service, then this might not be a suitable plan for you. Startups and small businesses may find it challenging because of the limited budget.

Overlooking Security

Choose a dedicated server provider that emphasizes security since attackers are always on the lookout for vulnerabilities. Ensure you get all the necessary security features like DDoS protection, SSL encryption, backups, patches, updates, and more. This will help protect your data and site from attackers.


A dedicated hosting provider may provide plenty of features but you need only those that are useful for your purpose. Otherwise, you will end up paying for things you won’t even use.

Choose a service provider that offers useful features, customization options, ease to use control panel, and more that are suitable for your business.

How does Liquid Web Solve these Problems?

Liquid Web provides the highest level of stability, security, and performance with its managed dedicated server hosting to support varying business needs.


All the servers it offers are laced with robust features, including a 100% network uptime and power guarantee along with real-time monitoring.

Another appreciable functionality of Liquid Web’s dedicated servers is that it offers ServerSecure hardening and Proactive Sonar Monitoring.

Whether you have a Windows or Linux operating system, Liquid hosting supports both. It also has many data centers available across the world, including Michigan (US), Amsterdam, Arizona (US), etc., so that users can benefit from fast page loading speed and quicker response.

You have the option to choose another single or dual processor in the dedicated server plans based on your specific business requirements.

Liquid Web will not only help you monitor your server but also meditate risks and optimize performance. In addition, you can reach out to their support team 24×7 in case some issues occur.

Features of Liquid Web


Here are the main features of Liquid Web:

Cloudflare CDN

Liquid Web‘s dedicated server hosting plans include Cloudflare CDN, which is one of the leading Content Distribution Networks (CDNs) in the world.

It will help you serve your content faster to your targeted users located worldwide. Its data centers are located in various parts of the world so that users located close to those servers can access the site at a faster speed.

DDoS Protection

Cybersecurity risks are growing, and many individuals and organizations have suffered losses in terms of money, reputation, and customer trust due to these incidents. Therefore, choose a web hosting provider that can help secure your site from attackers.

Liquid Web offers standard DDoS protection to help secure your server and site from online threats. It comes with real-time monitoring to help you detect any suspicious activity. This way, you can take action immediately and safeguard your site before anything goes wrong.

ServerSecure Advanced Security

You will get the exclusive ServerSecure protection for fully-managed Linux and Windows dedicated servers.

Backup Drive

You must ensure to back up your data so that it stays secure even after you lose the original copy due to online attacks, natural calamity, or accidental deletion. Hence, always create copies of your data and save it in secure places.

This is also where Liquid Web is useful because its dedicated servers have a secondary drive already installed to back up critical data.

cPanel, Plex, or Interworx

The type of hosting management and control system you get is a crucial aspect to consider in a web hosting solution. It must be easy to use so that you won’t find it difficult to change the settings and make the server easily operable for your needs.

For this purpose, Liquid Web offers three options – Interworx, cPanel, and Plesk. You can choose any one of them based on your preference. All of them are intuitive, powerful, and easy to use for beginners and experienced users alike.

Root Access

If you are an advanced user wanting to have complete control of your server, having root access will help.

Liquid Web gives you that power so you can fully manage and control your server environment however you want through root access.

Dedicated IP Address

Liquid Web provides you with a dedicated IP address to enhance your server’s accessibility and security. So, instead of using your original IP address, you can use this one and keep your private information safe from attacks.

SSD Storage

Using SSD storage, you can optimize your server’s space while enhancing its speed and performance. Liquid Web offers business-grade Solid State Drives (SSDs) to improve performance and accelerate servers. It will help you manage your data storage effortlessly.

100% Uptime and Network


Your site must always be available for your visitors to access so that they can quickly get the information they want or buy things. But if your site remains down frequently, they will get annoyed because they can’t access what they need. It not only drives them away but also makes them prioritize others over you.

That’s why it’s necessary to ensure your site remains available all the time. With Liquid Web, you get guaranteed 100% network and uptime SLAs. Or, they also claim to credit 10x the downtime.

Available Operating Systems

Choosing a hosting solution that is compatible with multiple operating systems is beneficial. Liquid Web’s dedicated servers support Linux and Windows operating systems. This way, you will get to leverage the latest offerings, find-grained controls, refreshed life cycles, and up-to-date tools.

Here’s how Liquid Web supports different operating systems:

  • Fully managed: CentOS, Windows, and CloudLinux
  • Core managed: CentOS, Windows, and Ubuntu
  • Self-managed: CentOS, Windows, Ubuntu, and CloudLinux

24/7/365 Customer Support

Liquid Web offers 24/7/365 support to solve your issues. The support representatives are helpful, highly trained, responsive, and dedicated to customers. They will also monitor your servers, help you optimize server performance, and mitigate risks.


If you need to migrate your data, they can help here also so that you can get started quickly with new servers. You can reach out to any of their 250+ Windows and Red Hat Linux certified professionals via telephone, live human chat, or email, or by creating a ticket.

Liquid Web: Ease of Use

Liquid Web is fairly easy to set up and use whether you are a beginner or an expert professional. To get started with your dedicated server, just choose a pricing plan suitable for your needs and make the payment for it.

Once the payment is done and the account is opened, you can log in and start configuring your server. You will be given a control panel among – Plesk, cPanel, or Interworx to choose from.

You can change your settings and make it easier to use. You will find all the control and management options like SSL certificates, passwords, sites, etc. easily and play with them the way you like.

For advanced controls, you can utilize the root access and make the server even more tailored to your needs.

Liquid Web: Pricing Models


Here are the pricing models of Liquid Web:

Intel Xeon 1230V6

This plan is best for high-traffic websites, small applications, resellers, and multiple websites. It costs $99.50/month and includes these features:

  • 4 CPU cores at 3.5 GHz
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 2 SSD primary disks of 240 GB
  • 1 SATA backup disk of 1 TB
  • Acronis Cyber backups of 250 GB
  • 5TB bandwidth

Intel Xeon Gold 6226R Single

This plan costs $149.50/month and is suitable for databases, multiple applications, large resellers, and small SaaS apps. It includes these features:

  • 16 CPU cores at 2.9 GHz
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 2 SSD disks of 480 GB
  • 1 SATA backup disk of 2 TB
  • Acronis Cyber backups of 250 GB
  • 8 TB bandwidth

Intel Xeon Gold 6226R Dual

It costs $249.50/month and is suitable for multi-user applications, large SaaS, big databases, and virtualization. It includes these features:

  • 32 CPU cores at 2.9 GHz
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 2 SSD disks of 480 GB
  • 1 SATA backup disk of 2 TB
  • Acronis Cyber backups of 250 GB
  • 8 TB bandwidth

Customized Solutions by Liquid Web

Liquid Web provides customized web hosting solutions so that you can get exactly what you need for your website while discarding what you don’t need.

They will be like a partner to your IT team in designing a suitable web hosting solution tailored to your business requirements.

In customized plans, you must talk to their sales team and explain your needs to get a quote. The features of custom solutions include:

  • High-performance and highly available web hosting
  • Hybrid hosting
  • Server clusters
  • Private and public cloud hosting
  • Disaster preparedness
  • Built-to-order solutions
  • HIPAA/PCI Compliance
  • Complex infrastructure solutions

Alternatives to Liquid Web

Although Liquid Web can be powerful with its offerings, features, and other aspects, not everyone will find it to be the perfect fit for their needs. This is where they might look for some alternatives that can offer features and costs that are more suitable to them.

So, if you are looking for Liquid Web alternatives, here are some options you might want to look at:

#1. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is known for providing blazing-fast, reliable, and performing web hosting services. It offers both managed and unmanaged dedicated server hosting for businesses and individuals. Since 2003, they have been one of the leading web hosting providers and have won several accolades for that.


You will get Turbo CPUs to enjoy more speed and performance for your site, and options for processors. The NVMe storage will enable up to 3X faster write/read speeds while the new BMD servers are built for high performance and speed.

Your account will be by A2 Hosting’s 99.9% uptime guarantee so that you can ensure your site is available almost all the time. Whether it’s features, cost, or support, A2 Hosting is an excellent Liquid Web alternative for your site.

Here are its managed and unmanaged plans:

Managed Dedicated Servers

Enjoy the state-of-the-art bare metal servers for your site. Its pricing starts from $99.99/month. It includes features like cPanel, managed network and hardware, root access, managed server security, and 24/7/365 support by the Guru Crew.

Unmanaged Dedicated Servers

In this plan also, you will get state-of-the-art bare metal servers. It costs $72.99/month.

It’s just that you will have to take care of its settings, controls, and management while the server resources will be provided by A2 Hosting. It includes features like command line management, Webuzo 1-click installer, full root access, operating system options, and managed network and hardware.


IONOS offers powerful dedicated hosting solutions that are user-friendly and high performing with Intel Xeon E3, Cloudflare CDN, RAID storage, unlimited traffic, and stronger connectivity.


With this dedicated hosting, you will have the whole server available to you without sharing processing power and bandwidth with anybody else. This also is safer and you don’t have to compete with others for resources. Even under heavy workloads, this server will perform extraordinarily.

IONOS provides you with an intuitive control panel to manage all the aspects of the dedicated hosting. It’s easy to use and you won’t even require a server admin necessarily. So, you can just focus on your projects while enjoying the benefits of a dedicated server hosting solution.

The dedicated server has a robust network performance with up to 1 Gbit/second connectivity and unlimited traffic, which will help enhance your user experience.

You will also be given distributed denial of server (DDoS) protection to identify incoming DDoS threats and provide security automatically and keep the site online.

Their CDN can boost site speed by caching and distributing the content across 62 data centers located globally, which improves loading times. The server can handle a large number of users using the site simultaneously. It can automatically back up your data for six days, hence, your vital data will remain protected.

IONOS provides a mobile app using which you can control and manage your dedicated server via mobile phones or tablets.

With the HTTP/2 network protocol, your site’s page loading time gets amplified and your content can be downloaded and uploaded simultaneously with header compression and multiplexing for SSL-encrypted data.

You will get SiteLock to enjoy enhanced protection from malware and other threats online. Additionally, a Wildcard SSL certificate will ensure that visitors are secure. The server supports the latest PHP versions to help the site run faster with security.

The pricing plans start from $45/month.


Choosing a quality dedicated server hosting will enable faster performance, security, and uptime and will expose you to a useful set of features to help you deliver a better user experience.

Liquid Web is a leading dedicated server hosting solution with high performance, best-in-class support, and server security. It’s designed for both beginners and experienced users and you will get plenty of features and options to make the server suitable to your use case.

But if you still don’t prefer Liquid Web for some reason whether it’s usability, pricing, or features, you can choose a Liquid Web alternative and get better options. 

You may also explore some best-dedicated server hosting for your critical business applications.