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In Design and Mobile Last updated: August 19, 2023
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Social media would be boring if there were no fun content to watch.

Have you ever had a tough day, but then you open one of the social media apps and come across some hilarious memes or funny videos, which suddenly brighten your day? It frequently happens because social media is filled with a lot of fun content.

I agree it can also be time-consuming, but if used within the limit, it can be a great way to de-stress from your daily life.

These days, Deepfake apps have been on the rise on social media, and many people are using them to create hilarious and fun content. You’ll notice even big influencers and sports personalities, such as David Warner, an Australian cricketer, getting involved in it.

So, in this post, you’ll learn more about this trend and the various Deepfake apps you can use to start doing it yourself.

What are Deepfake apps?

To put it in the simplest words, Deepfake apps allow you to replace the individual’s face in any video, including movie scenes, with your face in a way that looks realistic enough.

This way, you can create fun videos of you dancing to popular music or delivering intense dialogues of your favorite actors.

What are Deepfake apps

Some Deepfake apps also allow you to create your video from scratch with the face of your desired celebrity. You’d shoot a video of yourself like you usually would, and the app will replace your look with the celebrity’s face, and I tell you, it’s pretty convincing. 🤯

This is possible through manipulation with the help of artificial intelligence (another example of how AI is coming up with incredible things).

Not to mention, it’s super easy to create these videos and requires no technical knowledge.

NOTE: While it’s fun creating videos with Deepfake apps, it’s important that we use such apps only ethically. It’s strictly prohibited to use it for illegal purposes, especially using someone else’s photos/videos without their permission.

Now, let’s check out some of the best Deepfake apps.


Deepswap, with millions of users, is an online AI-powered deepfake app for those who want to have a fast deepfake on photos, videos, or GIFs. The web-based reface program works on all devices with OS like Android, iOS, Windows, etc. So, if you want convincing face swaps without fiddling with app installation for hours, GET IT!


With this AI face swapper, you can get realistic deepfakes of up to 6 faces within 3 seconds, much faster than all other similar apps! Besides the seamless AI deepfake outputs, Deepswap is also available for HD deepfake videos of up to 10 min. Moreover, there is no watermark when you swap faces online with this deepfake app!

Price: Start at $9.99/month. Try Deepswap with 50% off!



One of the most popular Deepfake apps out there, Reface allows a lot of possibilities using images, videos, and gifs. Their AI technology is so advanced that you can take your existing media, such as any image, and play around with it by:

  • Turning it into a talking head video
  • Turning it into a singing video
  • Replacing the face with someone else’s and automatically animating it

The entire process takes a few seconds, and you’ll be on your way to making the internet’s next viral video. That’s a possibility when you use apps like Reface.



WOMBO can help you create fun videos, like your friend singing their favorite song in seconds. All you need is the photo, and then select a song to turn the photo into a fun singing video.

It has a built-in library of songs that you can use and begin making videos of anybody singing the pieces of your choice. I believe the purpose of this app is not to make the outcome super realistic but one that is fun to share with friends and have a little laugh.

This AI-powered lip sync app is available for Android and iOS devices.



If you know about the Deepfake technology, then there’s no way you haven’t heard of FaceApp. It tops the charts of popular Deepfake apps, and rightfully so because it offers a lot of great features.

It has over 500 million downloads, and it lets you transform your selfie into something much more advanced, such as:

  • Change your age from young to old
  • Add makeup
  • Apply to retouch
  • Add/remove the beard

It’s also great for changing facial expressions; for example, if you’re frowning in your photo, you can turn into a smiling one. All of these manipulations are super realistic and hardly give it away that you’ve used an app.



Faceswap is free and open source and can run on Windows, macOS, and Linux. It creates pretty amazing Deepfakes, and as the name suggests, it can swap the faces of people and animals to make a funny result.

It has proper documentation in place, and you get great online support. For a completely free tool, Faceswap does so much more than you’d expect. Not to mention, the results are all very high quality.



A very accurate Deepfake app, FaceMagic is free to use, and you can get started immediately. It has a library of media, such as GIFs and videos, that you can swap faces on and share anywhere on the internet.

You’re also allowed to upload your images and media in addition to the library you get. Moreover, you can perform other interesting actions, like swap gender and morph photos however you like.



As straightforward as the name, you can use Deepfakes app to create fun face-swapping videos. It is cloud software, so you do not have to download anything. Everything can be performed within the web app.

The premium version of this software will speed up the rendering process and trim it down to 1 hour, which is still a lot, but it’s better than the free version, which takes 5 hours. So, I’d recommend using the premium version to save you time.



It takes as little as a few seconds to create HD Deepfake videos with Hoodem. All you need to do is upload your videos, select your face and let this tool’s AI do its magic.

You can try the tool for free and use various celebrity faces to swap with your own. Also, at the moment, they’re offering 15% off their premium plan if you sign up for their newsletter.


If you’ve been looking to add more “life” to your social media posting, these Deepfake apps will do the job well. It’s fun and easy to make videos with it, and all of the tools above allow you to use it for free, to begin with.

Next, you’d want to learn the best times to post on social media.

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