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In Gaming Last updated: March 13, 2023
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There is a reason we’re calling it the ultimate mob of Minecraft. And killing it is no fun and definitely not easy, but we will tell you how.

Let me break this to you; wardens are the most boring and difficult-to-kill mob in the entire Minecraft. Besides, the risk-to-reward ratio is totally unfavorable, making this task suitable only for momentary satisfaction.

Still, gamers want to try slaying the deadliest of creatures Minecraft developers ever created. So, here we go…

Who is Warden?

Warden stays earthed in the deep dark biome unless summoned by sculk shriekers, which get activated by the nearby sculk sensors detecting any vibrations.


It’s a hostile mob that is blind but very powerful, with a total of 500 health (250 hearts).

Immune to lava, the warden pathfinds to any distractions and kills players and other mobs in a jiffy. Roughly, it takes only two to three melee hits for the warden to force a player to respawn.

However, that’s not it. It has a sonic boom attack which works within 15 blocks horizontally and 20 blocks vertically. These long-range strikes work through blocks, armors, and enchantments and are slightly less damaging than their close-range mauling.

In addition, having a warden in the vicinity periodically activates the darkness effect, which leaves the player blind for a few seconds before they can run to safety.

But even with all its powers, there are still a few ways to help the warden rest in peace.

How to Kill Warden?

To start with, one should remove any distractions, including other hostile mobs, before summoning the warden. Because although the warden slaughters everyone, it’s longing for the player is unmatched putting you atop its hitlist.

Coming to the fight, it’s extremely challenging with a melee weapon, even with a power five enchanted diamond or netherite sword.

Because there is no such thing as a “deadly blow to warden”, a few initial hits agitate it further, adding to its anger. In that case, its heart beats relentlessly, and it runs madly to find the player.

So, we have two options to slay it.

Method I

First, swiftly build and stand on a 20-block-high wall while it spawns and keeps shooting arrows until it’s dead. This is the most obvious method chosen by many gamers.

Summoned Warden using console commands

But the situation where it gets tricky is the deep dark biomes caves which typically have a staircase-type structure. Here, the warden tries to climb up any nearby block to allow it to use its sonic boom.

So the crux of this method is to maintain the 20 blocks’ vertical distance. Alternatively, one can go beyond 20 blocks to stay safer.

Method II

The second option and the one which I used to kill it is building a cave and a barrier to keep the monster at a 15-block horizontal distance.

Next, I shot some 25 arrows, aiming at his groans because the darkness didn’t let me see his exact location.

YouTube video

However, this strategy isn’t without its caveats either. One must beware of any opening to allow the warden to go on the sides to use sonic boom.

And the fix is simple. Just block it with a three-block-high wall, and you are safe.

Once you’re done with the structure, summon it, run inside, and block the opening. Next, keep shooting arrows for the warden to sense the vibrations and come at you.

Afterward, maintain a safe distance, and then it’s just target practice because the warden won’t run away or break anything.

Importantly, a power-enchanted bow will surely help, and so can strength potion, but the procedure will remain the same, give or take a few arrows.

What are the Rewards?

Warden drops one sculk catalyst block and a few experience points. As already stated, this is disappointing and not worthwhile.

The warden is more like a horror creature of the Minecraft universe, which the player is not supposed to engage with. It’s too powerful, and killing it is very tedious without rewards matching the efforts involved.

If you want to explore deep dark biomes without spawning a warden, use /gamerule doWardenSpawning false.

Don’t play with fire!

Stay away is my best advice to anyone entering deep dark biomes.

But if you’re hell-bent on confronting this beast, be at least 15 blocks horizontally or 20 blocks vertically away. And keep your best bow and a lot of arrows ready. Health and strength potions will surely be of value.

PS: While defeating the warden was no joy, we have this tutorial to make Minecraft beacons where you enter a nether fortress, kill wither, and do much more, making it an unavoidable adventure.

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