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In Design Last updated: June 27, 2023
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Businesses of all sizes need marketing to excel in this highly competitive world, and design software can help you do that.

In the digital space, companies can integrate 3D applications to create 3D designs, animations, and more.

Managing design processes manually is time-consuming and tedious, especially when remote work culture is flourishing. Also, viewers mostly prefer content with attractive designs rather than plain text. 

This is why businesses need collaborative design tools to create designs for their website, blog, or other requirements. The importance of design software in today’s business dynamics is increasing as companies strive for excellence with speed, efficiency, and productivity. 

Using the best design software will help you do just that. It will enable all the team members to participate in the design and creative process from the beginning, no matter where they are located. 

Whether it is a company website, marketing need, product design, or sales materials, design software plays a crucial role everywhere. It will also help you grab more attention from prospects and clients to enhance your growth. 

Let’s find out how design software solutions benefit teams working on a design project.

What Is Design Collaboration?

Design collaboration is a process where all the designers focus on a single design project. The designers’ main goal is to produce a quality product by involving all the team members from the beginning.

They collaborate effectively during brainstorming, preparing designs, prototyping, making changes according to the feedback, and finalizing the design.

Here different people with unique skill sets join hands as a team to share each part of the design process to minimize a single workload in order to achieve better outcomes. With collaboration, your end product will be more effective and reliable. It will also help in improving overall productivity. 

You don’t have to worry about missing deadlines, client revisions, and other complications using visual collaboration tools.

You can involve everyone from your design teams, such as developers, designers, coders, and UX researchers. Each can easily complete their responsible work without confusion or delay. Thus, they can work on the same page to improve team efficiency and workflow.

Why Is Design Software Essential?

Collaborative design tools open many paths to success and possibilities for the stakeholders. 

When you visit websites or land pages, you will see many graphics, images, etc., its designs that grab the first attention. Everyone is looking for beautiful visuals, vibrant and complementing colors, quality images, funny animations, and more. It helps you attract more visitors, let them stay, and allow them to read the whole content with patience. 

Hence, using a design tool, you can achieve all of that. A client can closely look into the ongoing work and comment instantly if they find any mistake.

In addition, designers and developers benefit from the design software in terms of their workload. Team members never see the work as boring as all the tools provide unique functionality and features that you love. 

Benefits of Using Design Software for Teams

Boosts Productivity

While working on a project, from creating ideas to finalizing a product, there are many factors that may complicate your work. With design software, you have everything right in front of you, so you can work with your teams by allowing them to manage their expertise. 

Design collaboration tools help you manage your project and finish it within the timeframe, enhancing overall productivity.

Remote Work

Working remotely in your preferred environment gives you the desired peace. During creative work, a person needs space to think in a better way. Nowadays, teams are working remotely to build unique content out of the box. 

Design software that you can access remotely offers you this capability. Members learn from each other and give feedback and comments to the design to make it more efficient work irrespective of their location.

Easier Workflow

In the past, you only had the option to collaborate with your teams over email, including file sharing. This used to take a lot of time to get a response. 

At present, you can collaborate with your team using the same software. It eliminates the need to send files over emails. Everyone using the design software can view the changes and feedback. Due to this design collaboration, members work at speed with the latest tools and technologies. It helps streamline your workflow and save time and effort.

Better Access

Using a design collaboration tool gives you a plus in accessing information in real-time. The team involved with the project gets all the access to know what is to be done and how much time they have to complete the job. 

This way, they save their time by eliminating unnecessary discussions. You can also set access according to the job roles so that everyone has the right level of access to complete their job efficiently. 

Quick Editing

Online design software helps you cut extra time in sending and receiving files for editing and approvals. The design collaboration tool allows each member of the project to comment, approve content, annotate, and give feedback. Due to this, any member knows their next job without wasting their time. 

So, if you are looking for the best design software for your team, here are some excellent options to consider. 

Adobe Creative Cloud

Grow your business by building your brand with Adobe Creative Cloud, one of the best creative applications that give your team an easy-to-use interface to create designs. It gives you everything you need to elevate your brand with the help of creative content. 

You will get more than 20 creative applications, including Illustrator, Premiere Pro, XD, After Effects, InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, and more. Allow your team to use productivity tools, such as edit, collaborate, convert, etc., with the power of PDF and Adobe Acrobat to unleash the power of creativity. 

You can access Adobe from anywhere you want from any device. Additionally, capture your ideas on your mobile, refine them on your desktop, and present the same work on smartphones or tablets. Creative resources like fonts, stock assets, Behance inspiration, Talent job postings, and more will also help you during designing.

Collaborate efficiently and effectively with the tools and services offered by Adobe, especially for your teams. You can also control editing access according to the roles to keep consistent branding. Share your previews, edit together, restore some past versions, and more easily with Adobe. 

Integrate Microsoft Teams, Slack, Confluence, Microsoft Power Automate, etc., to enhance your productivity. You can also manage your applications, plan, and assets using easy admin features, such as flexible license management, simplified billing, asset protection, and more.

Get a single application at $33.99/month per license and choose from Premiere Pro, Acrobat Pro DC, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

Canva Pro

Create your professional design and achieve your branding goals with Canva Pro, which provides premium features like background remover, brand kit, and more. 


With a single subscription, you will unlock never-ending possibilities, which means your team can access around 100 million stock photos, audio, graphics, videos, and more to use everywhere. It gives you many options to choose from so that you will never spend extra time creating a design. 

Give speed to your ideas with the premium templates and work professionally and faster by allowing your team to work with you on the same project. In addition, Canva Pro feels high-quality with its premium animations, fonts, editing options, and more. 

Furthermore, use merchandise and branding tools for marketing your business and reaching your target audience with the help of social campaigns that are supported by the content schedule. You can also set up your Brand Kit easily by uploading your brand fonts, colors, and logos and applying them in all your designs to maintain brand consistency. 

Allow your team to add comments, share designs, and give feedback to others to improve productivity. Canva Pro also integrates with many business tolls like PixaBay, Pixie, Pexels, Unsplash, Google Drive, Google Maps, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, Instagram, etc

Start your free trial today and design better with your teams. It is available on desktops, smartphones, and tablets. 


Use Figma to explore higher creativity by collaborating in a group and using collective insights to work. It can bring together all your team members in the creative process so that you can deliver faster and more quality products in real-time. 

Figma introduces FigJam, a whiteboard that your teams can use to brainstorm their ideas in the open, and provides workshop, sticky-note, and diagram options. Figma and FigJam work side by side so that you can execute your idea in a better way in a single place. 

YouTube video

Irrespective of your location, you can participate in the iterative design flow to be inside the loop. In addition, you can share your interactive prototypes and feedback on the same and present the final one with others with dynamic overlays and smart animation, which feels natural.

Enhance your brand consistency with centralized access for teams, searchable brand assets, and various styles. With the powerful design system, you can become a designer and share your ideas with your teams in any language.

Bridge the gap between design and development to help improve your marketing strategy. The design software will help you deliver stunning designs and make a difference. You can also connect with the community to extend your toolset with the help of researchers, plugin creators, illustrators, content writers, designers, and more.

Access three Figma and three FigJam files along with unlimited personal files for completely free. Pay $12/editor/month and experience more benefits like team libraries, audio conversations, etc.


InVision provides an online whiteboard that meets your design requirements and enhances your productivity. It offers transformative collaboration for your teams to connect all the design work you do. 

InVision centralizes the complete workflow so that you are able to collaborate with your team at every stage of the design process. You will get more than 100 templates from various companies like Atlassian, American Express,, and Microsoft to work better and smarter.

Moreover, InVison gives Smart Widgets that bring a new layer of connectivity and power to the Freehand documents. Freehand is a good place for goal setting, brainstorming, and collaborating before the project starts.

You can embed Mode dashboards, Kanban boards, Jira issues, Google Docs, and more into Freehand to view proper insight to plan accordingly for your job. Keep everyone in the team active with stickies, Loom integration, and comments. 

Furthermore, Microsoft Teams and Zoom integrations convert your boring meetings into real-time working sessions with awesome collaboration. Get everything in a single place to finish up what you have started.

Enrich your team with premium features and allow them to try InVision for free. 


Create, share, and store stunning on-brand content with the Visme design platform. It allows you to manage your branding and let your teams collaborate effectively on the same project. 


Visme can help you create documents, charts, presentations, web graphics, infographics, interactive content, and a lot more.

Set your brand colors, assets, logos, and fonts to maintain brand consistency and allow your team to choose from a brand repository of templates. You can lock your design template in an accessible place for your team to customize and add the rest. 

You can win applause for the innovation made by your team in creating brand content with the help of tools. In addition, let your advanced designers work on a complex design project and centralize the whole process at a single platform to allow non-designers and designers to work together to build stunning content faster.

Leave annotations and comments in your designs and tag your team to gather feedback. You will also get an immediate alert when someone from your team comments or changes your designs. Additionally, receive feedback from stakeholders even if they do not have a Visme license. 

Visme uses two-factor authentication or SSO to keep your designs safe with it. Get the assurance of security and reliability from Visme with a 99.98% uptime guarantee. It also maintains backup and restores options, and you will find encrypted data for your content in transit or at rest. 

You can even track views and viewers to know the content performance and monitor viewer engagement to see what interests them more. Sign up for free and take a test drive. Gain access to more features at $12.25/month with 250MB storage. 


Get testing, handoff, and rapid prototyping for your modern design teams with Marvel‘s all-in-one design platform. It provides everything you need to bring your unique ideas to life and transform the digital product creation process.

Use prototyping and intuitive design tools to create a wireframe, design, and effective prototype. You can connect it with other tools to level up your workflow and generate various ensign specs in real time. 

See how viewers interact with your designs easily with the user testing option and collaborate with your teams to provide centralized ideas and feedback. It is built on ultra-fast technology having premium features that allow you to focus on building amazing products and helping your teams become more productive. 

Create stunning products for free. Or, become a pro with the paid version starting at $8/month. For teams, it will cost you $24/month to avail of a 7-day free trial. 


Design your content with VistaCreate and make unique designs for your business. This online graphic design tool is easy to use and never feels complicated in any case. 

Start exploring various templates and customize them according to your marketing needs. You will get templates like featured templates, Instagram posts, Facebook posts, Instagram stories, Pinterest graphics, and more. Make your designs shine through stunning features and tools that are crafted to improve your experience.

Enhance your design with VistaCreate’s graphic editor and get a creative asset library, audio library, and various options like removing backgrounds, animating images, and more. It also provides many tools, including an animation maker, image converter, logo maker, brand kit, video-to-gif converter, and more to enhance your productivity. 

With the brand kit, you can maintain your brand consistency by keeping the same logo, color, font, etc. Get a starter pack for free, which includes 50k+ templates, 1M+ creative assets, a brand kit, a background remover feature, music, animations, objects, and 10GB storage. 

If you want to work as a team, you can choose the pro plan at $10/month, which provides a team account and unlimited storage. 


Give your product a life with Framer through your impressive designs. It allows your team to collaborate better, launch superior products faster, and ship more. Get everything from scratch to the final design to complete your job within a timeframe.

Framer functionalities and tools are unique that are ready to scale with you. You will have the power of design, user management, billing, etc. There are no storage, projects, and viewer limitations.

Manage multi-team at a time, such as various product teams, agencies, multiple teams within a product team. You can also control the access according to the role to share project links and ensure no other person can access the same without being invited. 

Invite stakeholders, freelancers, or clients to collaborate with your people in the design process. It offers a single centralized place for interactive components, UI elements, and brand assets. Along with the best-in-class security.

Try it for free or subscribe to get more benefits for your teams and manage work and users simultaneously. 


Design software is important and valuable in day-to-day business activities. It helps you enhance project results and work effectively in order to achieve the primary goal. It also enables constant communication between the teams and allows them to stay updated with the design process for better productivity and saving time. 

Thus, use the best design tool from the above list based on your preference and budget and work efficiently. 

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