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A Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) is a useful tool to help users easily understand and use software, tools, and processes. It also helps increase your efficiency through powerful insights, notifications, and other valuable features.

Today, the way business functions have changed significantly, especially after the pandemic. You need to accelerate your business processes and meet users’ increasing demands regardless of where they use your products or services from.

Traditional setups are not enough to meet these challenges. This is why tools such as digital adoption platforms are increasing.

According to Statista, the global expenditure on digital transformation is projected to reach $2.8 trillion by 2025.

So, if you want to be at the top of your game, embracing digital transformation is crucial, and DAPs can help you do that.

In this article, we will learn what DAPs are, their features and benefits, and the best DAP solutions for your business.

What Is a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP)?

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAP) are tools or software solutions that simplify the process of adopting new technologies and enhance digital transformation strategies for better outcomes. The tools integrate seamlessly with various applications, software, sites, and tools and walk you through their various aspects.

These tools can offer step-by-step instructions to use applications and tools and how to complete a specific task. DAPs come with self-help menus and links to guides, videos, and articles so that you can easily learn how to use an application without requiring any in-person training.

They also help you collect, sort, and share data such as user behaviors, sales figures, learning materials, and other valuable resources.

A DAP aims to teach users about tools and actually use them in real life. This way, people can adopt the tools in their workflow easily and quickly while saving organizational expenditure on extra training. 

Key Features of DAP

Some of the key features of a DAP are:

  • Step-wise Guides: Step-by-step guides are an essential feature of a DAP. These guides help you carry out tasks easily in real time as they have appropriate explanations of everything in a DAP with examples and how to perform a specific task. It is useful when users need to be familiar with a tool as they are new to the software or the software has been upgraded. Instead of going through a lengthy user manual, they can help you with the DAP.
  • Dashboard with statistics: You will get a clean dashboard that can display stats where you can know all the metrics quickly by looking at the dashboard.  
  • Automation: Instead of doing tasks repetitively, a DAP allows you to leverage the power of automation to ease the process and save time.
  • Analytics: Data collection is important for every business, and DAP helps you do that. It can provide you with insightful data to understand user behavior and enhance your business efforts.
  • Search bar: DAPs also comes with a search bar where you can enter keywords to display related results directly. Using this, a user can find FAQs, guides, contextual help, notifications, etc., at any time.
  • Notifications: Notifications at the right time can save a business in terms of security, outages, failures, and other unexpected circumstances. They are also helpful during events such as onboarding, offboarding, interview campaigns, version changes, etc. And DAPs come with this feature so that you will know exactly what is happening with your applications and users and make informed decisions at the right time.
  • FAQs: DAPs come with frequently asked questions (FAQs) to offer quick access to common questions and suitable answers.

Why Do You Need DAP?

Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) help streamline the learning process of a tool or software. They are cost-effective, easy to use, and offer plenty of benefits for users and organizations.

Some of the reasons why you may need a DAP in your toolkit are:

Smooth Onboarding and Training

Organizations aim for a smooth onboarding process and familiarize employees with the resources and tools they will be using. DAPs will help assign step-by-step walkthroughs or guides based on different learning styles. This helps employees easily understand how to use applications and tools and follow procedures to perform their best.

Enhances ROI

DAPs help improve organizations’ bottom line since they enable employees to familiarize themselves quickly with processes and tools, so they contribute effectively and at speed to the organization. This leads to accelerating the overall business processes and benefits the bottom line of your business.  

Useful Insights

You will get useful insights from the dashboard that you can use in your business. It will help you understand how your business is performing, your strengths and weaknesses, and how you can enhance your business.

It collects information from different sources and arranges it properly so you can extract useful information from it and improve your strategies. You can also track your sales metrics, website performance, employee performance, ROI, etc.

Accelerates Digital Transformation

Businesses around the world are embracing digital transformation in order to witness better profits, improved workflow, and better communication. When you decide to transform your organization digitally, you may think that everything will go smoothly, but it might go wrong.

People will be new to this modern setting with different tools and procedures, which might take a while for them to become familiar with.

And DAPs can help them learn this stuff easily to smoothen the transition. This will benefit the whole organization and individual users and cater to their productivity. It will transform an organization’s management, information systems, business processes, and culture.

So, are you ready to accelerate digital adoption in your organization?

Check out some of the best digital adoption platforms.


Deliver better experiences to users using software and tools with Pendo. It comes with impressive features such as in-app guides, feedback, analytics, and more. With powerful analytics, you will get clear insights to learn what the users experience using a tool.

Using in-app guides will help users learn how to use software, adopt features seamlessly, and improve onboarding with easy walkthroughs and targeted messaging. Prioritize and centralize product feedback to decide which features you must develop next.

Pendo enables you to provide great digital experiences through mobile and web. You can also combine engagement surveys and collect feedback to assess how users feel about using the products and improve customer retention.

The platform accelerates software adoption to drive your employees to perform tasks efficiently. With mobile onboarding, you can enable the users to adopt new technologies and mobile applications successfully.

Furthermore, Pendo integrates well with various products and software you use. Whether you want to aggregate data or share it with others, you can rely on its Activate marketplace. It will distinguish your organization from the rest and provide you with strategies to enhance your business. You can also leverage their digital workshop and accelerate your growth by utilizing their resource hub.


Use Whatfix to eliminate the barrier between the users and their true productivity no matter what software they use. This DAP can automate and analyze all the processes and provide step-wise guidance for each application. 

The platform will support your customers and employees alike and deliver better user engagement with the help of customized nudges. This will help you achieve faster and better results across all your digital initiatives.

Whatfix will prime your company for seamless digital adoption of the latest software. It will also help accelerate the onboarding process and boost user productivity through automation and in-app guidance. In addition, you can empower your users by offering hands-on experience with tools while they learn.

On the customers’ side, Whatfix helps speed up the proficiency and understanding of your customers while using software they already use. It will also increase customer loyalty and engagement rates and reduce expenditure by almost 45% on support tickets via self-service solutions. You will get a personalized and contextual experience to improve users’ productivity.


Appcues offers the most flexible and easiest way to create a personalized user experience with a product. You won’t require any engineer’s support to use the software; everything is backed by their resources and support.

Getting started with Appcues is easy, so you can quickly create and iterate on your in-app experiences impacting user behavior without any setup friction or hassle. You can build high-converting, segmented onboarding tours quickly without requiring any coding. You can also measure the effectiveness of your onboarding process and improve it.

Since personalization is key for modern businesses, you can target personalized experiences at the right time to the right customers or users. You will also get to leverage detailed reporting to calculate the effect on certain key segments, such as new users.

You can build better outcomes with a reliable partner that can offer you resources, expertise, and track records so that you can achieve your goals faster. Appcues also include features like targeted checklists and welcome flows to guide new customers or users while reducing the time taken to actually be better at it.

Moreover, you will get tooltips, slideouts, and hotspots and drive adoption and awareness of the latest features. All these features will help increase software usage and improve retention. Additionally, you can set priorities depending upon user feedback and valuable insights to enhance user experience. For collecting insights, you can perform NPS and in-app surveys.

No matter how straightforward or complex your software and tools are, Appcues simplifies it to teach new users how to use it. You can install Appcues quickly, design beautiful user experiences, measure the impacts, target users smartly, and publish content with confidence.  


Drive your business goals faster with Walkme’s DAP and get the most out of your technology. It is used by thousands of businesses worldwide, such as Microsoft, IBM, Twilio, HP, Red hat, etc.

Improve your digital adoption strategies by constantly identifying problem areas and gaps. This no-code platform will not hamper your underlying software but help users efficiently use the tools and software they are meant to use.

The platform will enable you to be resilient to business changes and agile in terms of processes. With this patented technology, you will gain clear visibility into your complete technology stack and enhance digital experiences according to your changing needs.

Empower your digital workforce by boosting their productivity across business applications. In addition, Walkme will help increase customer loyalty and satisfaction levels with their digital experiences and reduce support overhead costs.


Userpilot is an excellent DAP solution that helps drive product adoption. It highlights the required features when a user needs them. Through in-app experiences, you can increase feature adoption and user activation.

The platform is trusted by 500+ companies already, such as Adobe, iFood, McGraw Hill, etc., that have accelerated their product adoption and growth. It will help you deliver contextual product experiences on time and help users and customers embrace relevant features according to in-app behavior and their persona.

Trigger more feature adoption by understanding the timing, criteria, and targeted segments that affect your goal. This information will optimize your adoption strategies accordingly. In addition, help users build good habits to achieve more success with all your products. For this, you can experiment with various product experience flows to optimize the user experience.

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Userpilot will liberate you from code barriers and help you run different product experiments with no development resources. You can also set your goals, develop in-app experience on the go, offer A/B testing, and measure the outcomes without writing codes.


Whether you are a small business or an enterprise, Spekit can help you embrace digital transformation. It will cut down sales training and your change management projects. Teams of all sizes, such as PagerDuty, Outreach, Chargebee, etc., use Spekit to ease their employees’ lives.

The platform trains employees to be efficient in their workflow and processes. It will empower your team with information to be successful and productive in their roles. It will also enable smooth onboarding to help new employees be masters at their work.

Spekit makes tool adoption easy and helps you clock more revenues through playbooks living where the team works. The platform keeps the entire team on the same page by distributing information across your organization. For change management, you will get in-app alerts and training to help you interact, drive learning, and change adoption.

The platform works seamlessly with any software or tools such as Google Chrome, Salesforce, Zendesk, LinkedIn, and more.


Make your applications and users more effective with AppLearn. It will save you from unnecessary frustration, expenditure, and time wastage; it can find the issues and fix them faster to give your users an enhanced experience.  

Applearn is trusted by leading global businesses from 100+ countries speaking 37 languages, including HCL, King’s College London, Imperial Brands, and more. This all-in-one platform is efficient in guiding you for software and applications.

This digital adoption platform lets you optimize and analyze any workflow by adding user analytics and in-app support. Anyone can learn to use different apps and software, even if they are not tech-savvy. In the process, AppLearn also removes friction, captures new data, and bridges gaps.


Simplify digital adoption with Toonimo, which offers personalized and interactive guidance via visual cues and voice to achieve a better self-service experience. It helps improve user training and onboarding with easy walkthroughs.  

Reduce the expenditure on customer support by delivering intuitive self-service throughout your digital channel. You can guide your site visitors to quick conversions through a service-oriented approach. In addition, add overlays seamlessly to your site with on-page annotations, real voice, and beautiful graphics tailored for any device or browser.

Personalize digital adoption and guidance with Toonimo with the help of step-by-step guides to understand each application and its features thoroughly. Access a detailed analytics dashboard with clear reports and built-in A/B testing to easily update your digital walkthroughs.


Support your users and train them faster with Userlane to drive change and accelerate digital adoption. This DAP solution is a great way to help users with any software or tools and guide them. It also supports the users and makes any software understandable quickly.

Leading companies like SAP, The Linde Group, Celonis, etc., use Userlane in their organizations. Experience the power of its content creation engine that can offer step-wise, interactive guides in your application within minutes. Userlane also offers updates, promotes certain topics, and lets you organize surveys. In fact, you can create, launch, and iterate content faster.

Get real-time visibility into complete user behavior, adoption trends, and engagement in a single place. You can also view the performance of your guidance and improve it quickly to get better results. Userlane empowers users to access support channels instantly in your apps when and where your users will need them.

You can simply connect your knowledge base and support channels through the Userlane Assistant. The platform is easy to buy with its flexible pricing models, secure delivery, various hosting options, and architectural privacy.

Moreover, Userlane is easy to use with each web-based software with no coding skills needed. It also offers a superior consumer experience, a supportive customer support team, and top user interaction rates.


Create beautiful software walkthroughs with UserGuiding in a few clicks without spending a fortune. Over 9,000 teams across the world trust this DAP, such as Genially, Canopy, Premise, and more.

The platform helps onboard users easily and lets you prompt improved in-app experience at the right stage and to the right people in their user journeys. It provides effective feature adoption and a useful resource center where you can learn how to make the most of your technology stack.

UserGuiding provides in-product messaging so that all the users can stay on the same page with all the events and notifications. In addition, it will help you collect user feedback so that you can understand your weaknesses and strengths and improve your weak areas. It also provides onboarding checklists to ensure nothing is left out and carries out the process seamlessly.


Create software tours in an easy and affordable way with HelpHero. It will help your users understand and adopt new technologies and features quickly without any coding or extra expenditure. HelpHero is trusted by businesses of all sizes, such as Trivago, HarperCollins Publishers, Princess, Clicktech, and more.

The tool will help create a fantastic onboarding experience through easy walkthroughs. It will also offer contextual tours and reduce expenses on customer support as the users can easily learn things. HelpHero is easy and affordable and comes with a full set of useful features, integrations, and analytics to provide you with a great experience.

You can try the tool for FREE for 14 days without any credit card.


Digital adoption is increasing across organizations of all sizes and locations. And to help you embrace it smoothly, digital adoption platforms (DAP) like the above are highly beneficial. It helps improve your productivity, enhances ROI, streamlines business processes, and provides valuable insights that can help enhance your business strategies.

You may also look at some of the best Employee Management Software.

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