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In Smart Gadgets Last updated: July 14, 2023
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Digital pianos🎹 have gained much attention, especially among beginners who wish to learn to play pianos like a pro. This instrument resembles the acoustic piano with a traditional design laid on stands. While it is lighter in weight, the absence of a soundboard or belly makes it best fit in a small space.

Unlike the acoustics that produce sound through hammer action, the digital piano has pre-recorded amplified sound on keystrokes, which is as good as the natural tone. They mostly have 88 weighted or semi-weighted keys with a cabinet or a standalone style that gives the feel of a traditional piano.


We have curated a list of authentic digital pianos perfect for potential pianists. These instruments are equally worthwhile for beginners who wish to learn with piano learning apps.

Essential Factors to Consider While Buying a Digital Piano for Beginners

Do not worry if you lack the know-how of digital pianos. Here is a brief about some of its critical features that are significant for a novice.

  1. Piano Keys: Digital pianos have weighted or semi-weighted keys to imitate the hammer-string keystroke mechanism of the traditional piano. It helps the learners get familiar with lower and higher octave keys. Some devices even enclose a small hammer function inside the keybeds, often called fully weighted keys.
  2. Touch Sensitivity: A certain velocity is maintained on each acoustic piano keystroke to differentiate the keynotes. Suitable digital pianos are manufactured by following this touch sensitivity, which is vital for learners. Some budget-friendly instruments only offer volume knobs🎚️ as an alternate mechanism but are less recommended by experts.
  3. Sound Quality: Since digital pianos do not have their own sound but a digitally recorded system, it is evident that better quality pianos would offer higher standard music quality. Technologically advanced pianos possess higher sound amplification with speakers and deliver 264-note polyphony sound🎼. At the same time, the lesser numbers vary among 32-note, 64-note, or 128-note. Some digital pianos also have connectivity options for headphones, PA systems, or recorders.
  4. Portable Design: Compared to acoustic pianos, digital pianos are much lighter. The cabinet models are also pretty sleek, which makes them effortless to shift or carry to places.⛱️
  5. Learner’s Choice: Most digital pianos offer a split keyboard facility, which enables two persons, such as a tutor and a student, to share the same octave on the keyboard. Some even showcase the chords on display synching with lights, which helps understand the tunes.

Here is a list of the best Digital Pianos.

Alesis Melody 61

YouTube video
No. of keys61
Weight25.1 pounds
Power SourceCorded electric

With 61 keys on the board, this medium-sized digital piano has a portable design. It comes with a height-adjustable keyboard stand and stool. Other accessories include a power adapter, a sheet music stand to hold papers or tablets, headphones with a 1/8 jack, and a microphone with a 1.5m cable.

Alesis Melody 61 has two built-in speakers, and the memory is loaded with about 40 demo songs and 300 sounds of instruments like an acoustic piano, synthesizer, drums, guitar🎸, strings, etc. The record & play function lets the beginners analyze their performance, while the split & layering modes allow playing multiple sounds in dual or split mode.

Alesis piano buyers get an inclusive three months premium subscription to the Skoove app and two months of TakeLessons for online videos to help novice pianists get quick piano lessons.

Donner DEP-10 Digital Piano

YouTube video
No. of keys88
Weight18.92 pounds
Power SourceCorded electric

The pianist gets an insatiable perception of this digital piano with 88 semi-weighted keys and a textured appearance, offering a greater sense of playing control. Donner DEP-10 digital piano has 128 polyphony sound support, including electric grand piano, acoustic piano, and eight such instruments.

The dual-tone setting function is an exclusive addition for playing two tones together and understanding tune differences. Two 25W built-in speakers🔊 produce an enhanced sound quality from the console, while it also has an MP3 player, along with the audio I/O.

A sustain pedal or, prominently, the damper pedal is provided, which works well to understand the peculiarity of notes when pressed. The availability of a built-in metronome in four critical formats ranging between trill, suspension, and Digital Signal Processing, suits the learners in controlling rhythmic beats. The record and play feature allows users to create multiple musical styles.

Starfavor SP-10 Digital Piano

YouTube video
No. of keys88
Weight30.5 pounds
Power SourceDC Power Cord

The Starfavor SP-10 semi-weighted 88 keys piano replicates the actual key size of the acoustic piano, and thus, it is a genuine choice for beginners. It has 128 rhythms, 128 polyphony, 8 timbres, and 31 songs for a superior learning experience. Other featured attributes include Chord, metronome, transpose, tempo adjustment, music recording, effects, dynamics response, and more.

Two 30W high-quality built-in speakers in this digital piano will mesmerize you with its surround sound experience. Aux and USB connectivity enable connecting the microphone or MIDI to edit the performance through software. It is provided with a metal stand, sheet or Tab holder, sustain pedal, and power cord.

Longeye Digital Piano

No. of keys88
Weight9.6 pounds
Power SourceBattery Power (1 Lithium Ion)

Longeye digital piano is one of the compact and lightweight instruments that carry 88 sets of full-length semi-weighted wood grain keys to offer a piano’s realistic touch and feel. Additionally, they provide key stickers, which is helpful in self-learning. The keys are susceptible to reading the response momentum and pressure, thus formulating the music volume.

Its library has curated 128 rhythms, 128 tones, and 21 demo music for creating personal songs. Other notable features include sound recording, split keyboard function, metronome, transpose, tempo, vibrate, etc. The accessories include sustain pedal, sheet rest, USB adaptor, headphones, microphone🎤, double X stand, and a carrying case.

You can take this out on beaches and enjoy seamless music with up to five hours of battery support, which can be charged through a USB adaptor. The dual speakers create a nice stereo sound; otherwise, you can connect headphones with a 3.5mm jack. Bluetooth connectivity is also available, adding external speakers or MIDI apps.

Finger Dance Digital Piano

No. of keys88
Weight5.72 pounds
Power SourceBattery Power (1 Lithium Ion)

This digital piano holds 88 sensitive weighted keys that imitate the upgraded grain touch wooden texture of the acoustic. Since it is a lightweight instrument, the pianist can carry it all along in the given piano case.

Finger Dance digital piano has a robust lithium-ion battery backup that can work up to twelve hours and takes five hours to charge completely. The two speakers offer sufficient sound quality and can be connected via Bluetooth to MIDI or other digital devices.

128 tones, 128 rhythms, and 21 sample songs make it suitable for self-learning with piano lessons. It has all the required features, such as performance recording, playback, transpose, metronome, dual voice, teaching mode, etc. A piano bag, drum kit, adaptor, sustain pedal, sheet rack, and headphone is also provided in the kit.

Biikosii 61-Key Digital Piano

No. of keys61
Weight3.43 pounds
Power SourceCorded electric (1.5V battery)

This digital piano model is preferred by youngsters for its portable design, lightweight, and workability with AA batteries. Its limited but useful features and medium-sized keys make it an ultimate multi-functional learning instrument for children and teenagers.

There are 61 keys in this piano with six demo songs, tones of sixteen instruments, and many drum percussions. The digital display boosts learning in beginners, and one can quickly test the delay, vibrato, recording, programming, and other functionalities.

The built-in speakers provide nice sound quality, while you may also use headphones to listen or record songs or teaching mode for simultaneous learning. The input sockets are given at both ends of the device. The piano stand, headphones🎧, and key stickers are available as complimentary with the Biikosii 61-key digital piano.

Plixio 61-key Digital Electric Piano

No. of keys61
Weight7.07 pounds
Power SourceCorded electric (1.5V battery)

This lightweight electric piano works equally well on 6 AA batteries. So, it becomes an excellent choice for pianists who wish to travel and perform outside the premises or take their instrument to music classes. Plixio 61-key comes with one year warranty on damage or defects.

It has 61 keys on the board, while the digital memory includes 100 rhythms, 60 demo songs, 40 tones, and 8 percussions. Transpose, Chord, and multiple sound effects🎛️ make it a pleasant learning and practice instrument.

Although a Tab stand, aux wire, and power adaptor are included in the purchase, the user must spend extra bucks on accessories like a microphone, X stand, etc. USB port is also not available on the board.

Glarry 88 Key Digital Piano

YouTube video
No. of keys88
Weight14.67 pounds
Power SourceBattery Power (1 Lithium Ion)

This digital piano appears professional at first glance and offers 88 semi-weighted keys that are made of sensitive wood grain material. Unlike other brands, it has dual Bluetooth connectivity mode, suitable for connecting digital devices and apps for taking music lessons.

With the teaching mode, you get the keyboard functions split into two parts to practice teaching lessons one-on-one. Otherwise, you can use the MIDI function to connect digital devices such as mobile or laptops via Bluetooth or USB cable.

The unique “Rich” button in the Glarry 88 keys digital piano enables metronome, record, playback, sustain, drum kit, Chord, OKON, transpose+-, and other features. At the same time, 128 rhythms, 20 songs, and 128 tones create an unmatched experience🎶.

Sustain pedal, carry case, and adaptor is included in the price. Just recharge the battery and set your music performance anywhere outside.

RockJam 54-Key Keyboard Piano

No. of keys54
Weight8.27 pounds
Power SourceCorded electric (1.5V batteries)

RockJam 54 keys digital piano is a small musical instrument with keys matching the actual length of an acoustic piano. Its compact structure and support over six AA batteries make it a comfortable playmate for outside performances.

The two built-in speakers are well-pronounced on the board and deliver the best sound. You may also connect headphones through a 3.5mm jack to listen to the music without distraction. The teaching mode lets the beginners understand the beat points or track the tunes on the LCD screen.

You may record/ play music or use the 100 tones, rhythms, and 41 notes🎵. A power adaptor and sheet stand are provided in the package, along with access to the Simply Piano mobile app compatible with both iOS and Android.

UMOMO U-710 Digital Piano

No. of keys88
Power SourceElectric

It has a cabinet-style structure of professional length to resemble the traditional acoustic piano. UMOMO U-710 digital piano has a nice elite double-seater bench and showcases the three sustain pedals. (Soft, Sostenuto, and Rear Sustain)

The MIDI connectivity is available for digital devices. If the atmosphere does not match the stereo sound, the user can also link headphones through the 3.5mm jack given at the bottom. The massive memory package includes 80 demo songs, 480 tunes, 120 standard GM tones, 200 rhythms, and 64 polyphony.

The sound quality, tunes demo, and multiple features like volume adjustment, multitone selection, record/play, split keyboard, and LCD screen help beginners gain expertise in the piano.

Mustar Digital Piano

YouTube video
No. of keys88
Power SourceCorded electric

Mustar has introduced 88 touch-sensitive weighted keys in this segment of digital pianos. It is a professional full-size instrument that delivers immense sound quality from two 25W built-in stereo speakers, whether playing hard or soft on the keyboard. This piano is enabled with French Dream Source core, and the surround sound envisages high due to metal sustain.

You can use 64 demo music, 128 rhythms, and 8 tones in dual-tone mode to create amplified music. You may also connect your PC and smartphone via Bluetooth, MIDI, or USB. The package includes a waterproof piano bag, cloth cover, sustain pedal, and a solid double X-shaped stand with height-adjustable features.

Ashthorpe 61-Key Digital Piano

No. of keys61
Weight5.75 pounds
Power SourceCorded electric

It is a simple, sleek design keyboard with 61 acoustic piano-length keys to provide a similar experience to playing on a traditional instrument. It offers 300 timbres, 256 rhythms, 24 demo songs, multiple basses, percussion chords, metronome, and many other effects, which are useful in learning and creating personal music.

The built-in speakers are of the best quality with volume, transpose, and tempo control. Ashthorpe 61-key is provided with key stickers to help beginners learn to play piano, while this model has a pre-defined three-step learning mode: one key, follow, and ensemble.

It has an input/ output jack for the mic and headphones for multiple uses. Other than that, a metal stand, power adaptor, sheet stand, and key stickers are provided for free with the package.

AODSK 88 Key Weighted Action

No. of keys88
Weight71 pounds
Power SourceCorded electric

AODSK 88 key is a cabinet-style digital piano devised to give fully-weighted action with the progressive lever hammer experience of the acoustic piano. Its vintage wooden frame pattern with three pedals, soft, sustain, and sostenuto, appears glamorous in the sitting room.

You can enjoy the pre-loaded 8 different voices of instruments, 128 polyphony, and 32 sample songs, or learn and create a fresh tone. Adjust the volume of the built-in speakers and amplifier with the controller. While taking lessons, split the keyboard to play with your tutor and record and playback later.

Final Thought – My Advice

Buying a digital piano as a beginner can be decisive, especially if you are unfamiliar with musical notes or other technicalities like weighted keys, sustain pedals, etc. Here I have attempted to resolve the dilemma in different scenarios.

Suppose you want to learn to play piano via online apps on a featureful device that gives a realistic touch of an acoustic, you may go for Starfavor SP-10, Glarry 88 key, or Longeye digital piano. For a large hall with classic furnishing, the UMOMO U-7 fits well, and you may also arrange a tutor at home. While performing outside of premises can be easier with lightweight, portable, and battery-operated instruments like Finger Dance or Biikosii 61-key.

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