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Jira Software is the #1 project management tool used by agile teams to plan, track, release, and support great software.

Digital workspace is a term that refers to the collection of tools, applications, and services that enable remote business teams to collaborate and perform their work from anywhere.

It provides a secure environment for remote business teams to securely access, store, and share information, documents, and assets. It also helps to streamline business processes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

Digital workspace is critical for remote businesses as it provides the necessary infrastructure to ensure that employees have the resources needed to perform their tasks while ensuring that the data is secure and protected.

In addition, digital workspace enables remote businesses to collaborate more effectively with partners, customers, and other stakeholders.

Digital workspace tools provide secure access to documents, applications, and services and collaborative and communication tools to help remote teams stay connected and productive. They also offer advanced security features to protect data and prevent unauthorized access.

Challenges of a Digital Workspace


It can be challenging to ensure that all team members work together efficiently and effectively in different physical spaces. To make digital workspaces successful, companies need to create tools and systems that enable easy collaboration and communication.


As the digital workspace continues to evolve, companies must ensure that their systems can keep up with the changing landscape. Companies need to be prepared to implement new technologies and processes as required.


Digital workspaces require users to be familiar with various tools and technologies. Companies need to ensure that their employees are adequately trained and have access to the right resources to do their job.

Security and Privacy Risks 

Data security and privacy have become more of a concern with the increased use of digital tools. Without proper security measures, sensitive data can be vulnerable to malicious actors or accidental breaches.

Technical Difficulties

As with any technology, digital workspaces can experience technical difficulties. This can include slow loading times, connectivity issues, and other performance issues.


Digital workspaces require more technical knowledge than traditional workspaces, making them difficult to use for the less tech-savvy. This can be especially true for those unfamiliar with the digital tools used in the workspace.

Loss of Focus

With digital workspaces, it can be easy to become distracted by notifications, emails, and other distractions. With proper measures in place, it can be easier to stay focused on tasks.

Securing a Digital Workspace: An Absolute Necessity

Securing a digital workspace is an absolute necessity in today’s world. As more companies switch to digital workspaces, the need to protect these workspaces from malicious attacks and breaches grows exponentially.

There are several ways to secure a digital workspace, such as implementing firewalls, encrypting data, implementing user access controls, and creating malware detection and prevention systems.

Additionally, businesses should also invest in training and educating their employees on how to protect their digital workspaces and ensuring that their systems are regularly monitored and updated with the latest security patches to protect against new threats.

By taking these steps, companies can ensure that their digital workspaces remain secure and their data remains safe.

Top Secure Digital Workspace Tools

The digital workspace is rapidly becoming an essential part of modern business operations. It provides a secure virtual environment where employees can access, collaborate, and share important data and resources. 

Organizations need to utilize the best digital workspace tools available to ensure the highest level of security and efficiency in the digital workspace.

We analyzed some of the top secure digital workspace tools that can help organizations protect their data and resources while streamlining workflows.


ClickUp is a project management and productivity platform that helps teams get organized, stay on track, and reach their goals. It is best for teams of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

ClickUp Features

  • Task management 
  • Automation 
  • Integrations with third-party apps 
  • Customizable workflows 
  • Collaboration
  • Notifications 
  • Comments and conversations 
  • Calendar and timeline 
  • Reports and analytics

ClickUp provides users with comprehensive project management tools, including task management, scheduling, collaboration, reporting, and more.

It also allows users to customize their workspace and tailor it to their needs. ClickUp gathers data from various sources, including tasks, assignments, conversations, and documents, to provide users with an organized view of their projects.


Tresorit is a secure cloud storage system that provides end-to-end encryption and secure file sharing to protect your data from unauthorized access. It is best for businesses, organizations, and individuals with sensitive data that needs to be secured. 

Tresorit Features

  • End-to-end encryption 
  • Zero-knowledge architecture 
  • Automatic synchronization  
  • User and role management 
  • Collaboration tools 
  • File access control 
  • Data loss prevention
  • Two-factor authentication 
  • User activity monitoring 
  • Secure document storage

Tresorit works by encrypting data on-device before it is uploaded to the cloud and decrypting the data when it is downloaded again. This ensures that the data remains protected even if the cloud environment is breached.

The information is also stored in multiple locations for increased security and redundancy. Tresorit provides several other features, such as two-factor authentication, secure link sharing, and remote device wiping.


Confluence team collaboration software developed by Atlassian offers a unified but single platform. It has a remote-friendly workspace where teams can interact, exchange expertise, and organize information. It allows many forms of content production, such as pages, blogs, and wikis. Moreover, it provides sophisticated collaboration tools for real-time editing and document management

Confluence Features: 

  • Collaborate and edit a project in real-time & flexibly with multiple users. 
  • Team members can store, organize, and manage all their documents in one spot.
  • Save time and improve consistency by creating and using templates for common use.    
  • Establish a common Knowledge repository readily available to all members.
  • Integrate with other Atlassian tools, including Slack, Google Drive, Trello, and more. 
  • Robust search capabilities and natural navigation structure for easy access to all information. 
  • Industry-standard encryption is implemented to protect all data while in transit and at rest.
  • Auditing & reporting capabilities and backup & recovery abilities are available. 

The search engine capabilities and knowledge base function of Confluence make it simple to get all the information that users need. Besides, the simple UI and editable templates make it suitable for teams of different sizes and industries. Overall, it’s a complete collaboration platform that enables teams to work more effectively and productively together.  

VMware Workspace ONE

VMware Workspace ONE is an intelligence-driven digital workspace platform that helps organizations efficiently manage, secure, and deploy their apps and data across devices.

It is best for organizations to securely deliver and manage applications and data on any endpoint while automating and managing the entire device lifecycle.

With VMware Workspace ONE, organizations can unify access control, device management, application delivery, identity and access management, security, and compliance in a single digital workspace platform.

It provides a single platform for managing all mobile devices, laptops, desktops, and applications across all platforms. It also gathers data from endpoints to provide real-time insights into user behavior, activities, and compliance.

It provides analytics to help organizations make better decisions about their digital workspace and optimize the user experience.

VMware Workspace ONE Features

  • Unified Endpoint Management: Manage, secure, and configure devices across any operating system, including Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices
  • Identity and Access Management: Securely authenticate users and grant them access to their needed applications and resources
  • Application Enablement: Deliver and manage applications across digital workspaces, including virtual and physical devices and virtualized mobile devices
  • Dynamic Analytics: Monitor and analyze data from endpoints, applications, and users to identify and address potential risks
  • Unified End-User Experience: Create a unified, intuitive experience that simplifies user workflows
  • Security and Compliance: Ensure compliance with industry and organizational standards and protect data with built-in security features
  • Cloud Management: Orchestrate, monitor, and manage cloud-based applications

VMware Workspace ONE provides comprehensive data security and compliance that ensure device, application, and network security.


Egress is an advanced file-sharing and collaboration suite that provides secure, auditable, and compliant communication and collaboration. It is best for businesses and organizations that need to share sensitive information with external stakeholders, such as clients, partners, and suppliers.

Egress allows users to securely send and receive files, emails, and messages to and from external collaborators. It uses encryption to ensure that all data is secure and provides an audit trail of all activities.

Egress Features

  • Real-time file editing, including document editing and PDF annotation
  • Granular audit logs record user and admin activities, such as opens, location, sharing, editing, and downloads, with their time and date stamps for dashboard viewing and comprehensive audit trails.
  • Protects data at rest and in transit
  • Users control and access permission

Users can also set up custom user permissions and access controls to ensure that only those with the appropriate permissions can access the data.

Additionally, Egress provides automated data loss prevention, granular access control, and secure document collaboration. Lastly, Egress offers a single sign-on portal for all users, allowing them to easily access their data from any device.

Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a cloud-based collaboration suite that helps teams work better together. It is best for businesses, schools, and organizations that need to collaborate, share files, and communicate securely.

Google Workspace integrates with Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Meet, and other Google Workspace services, so users can easily access emails, documents, video conferencing, and more in one place.

It also provides a secure environment for collaboration, with features like two-step authentication, data loss prevention, and enterprise-grade security.

With Google Workspace, users can create, store, and share files in the cloud, access their documents from any device and collaborate with team members in real-time. 

Google Workspace Features

  • Gmail: Professional email for your business, with about 15GB storage, customized email addresses, and secure data protection.
  • Calendar: A calendar allows you to schedule meetings easily, share documents, and stay up-to-date with colleagues.
  • Drive: A secure cloud-based storage system with file and sharing capabilities.
  • Docs: Create, edit and collaborate on documents with your team in real-time from anywhere.
  • Sheets: An intuitive spreadsheet tool to help you quickly create, edit and share spreadsheets and collaborate with your team.
  • Slides: Create, present, and collaborate on stunning presentations with your team in real-time.
  • Forms: Create custom forms and surveys to capture customer and colleague data, feedback, and insights.
  • Groups: Create dedicated spaces for colleagues to collaborate and share ideas, documents, and more.
  • Meet: A secure video conferencing solution for up to 500 participants, with screen sharing.

Additionally, Google Workspace offers robust analytics and reporting tools to help organizations measure their performance and make data-driven decisions.


Sync is a cloud storage service providing users with secure, encrypted storage and sharing of their data. It is best for individuals and businesses who want to securely store and share files, documents, and media with their team or the public.

Sync works by encrypting your data with a unique encryption key, meaning that only you have access to your data.

Sync Features

  • Zero-Knowledge Security: All data is encrypted and decrypted on the user’s device, meaning only the user can access the data
  • Private Key Encryption: All data is encrypted using the AES-256 GCM, locked with the user’s 2048-bit RSA key
  • Activity Logging: Track user activity on the account
  • Link Sharing: Easily share links to files and folders with anyone
  • Automatic Backups: Automatically back up data without any user input

Additionally, Sync allows you to sync your data between your devices, ensuring that all your data is up-to-date and secure. It also includes sharing folders and links with others, remote file access, and version control to track changes in your files.


Skiff is a private, end-to-end encrypted digital workspace that protects your confidential data. It provides users with a secure, encrypted email service that anonymizes all communications and protects user data from intruders. 

Skiff allows users to write notes, share files, and collaborate in a secure, private environment. Skiff’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to set up accounts and start using the digital workspace quickly.

Skiff Features

  • Intuitive and Collaborative Projects: Create and collaborate on projects with ease
  • Robust Security and Compliance: Ensure compliance with industry standards, protect data, and secure your organization’s sensitive information
  • Smart File Management: Automatically store, access, and share files
  • Upload, import, and share encrypted files securely
  • Skiff offers 10GB of free storage and makes the switch from other cloud storage providers easy, giving you complete control over your data.

Skiff is best for anyone who wants to protect their data and communications, such as small business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals who need to protect confidential data.


Slack is a cloud-based workplace collaboration and communication tool. It is best for staying connected with teams and colleagues and allows users to share files and information quickly. It works by providing a central hub for communication and collaboration. 

Slack Features

  • Real-time messaging and file sharing 
  • Ability to create channels for separate topics, teams, or projects 
  • Integrations with other services 
  • Ability to share and collaborate on documents 
  • Mobile app for on-the-go access
  • Customization options 
  • Security and compliance features

Users can create channels for specific topics and then add people to the channels to have conversations. They can also direct message each other and share files, videos, and documents. In addition, it allows users to set up group calls and search for their past conversations.


No two businesses are the same, and the same applies to digital workspace tools. Depending on the size and scope of your business, the best digital workspace may vary. For some companies, an all-in-one suite of tools might be the best fit, while for others, a combination of tools that serve different purposes could be the best fit. Ultimately, the best digital workspace for your business will depend on its individual needs.

When choosing a digital workspace tool, consider your current and future needs, the user experience, and the level of security you require. Finding a secure tool that can scale your business as it grows is essential. You should also consider the total cost of ownership, including the cost of setup, ongoing maintenance and support, and any additional features.

By taking the time to consider all of these factors, you can find the best digital workspace for your business needs, allowing you to increase productivity, streamline operations, and keep data secure.

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