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In Business Operations Last updated: August 3, 2023
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Every year in May, celebrities, budding artists, and industry leaders worldwide gather for the Met Gala. But did you know that it is a fundraising charity event?

Thousands of people and hundreds of celebrities attend the event. So how do you think it is managed? My best guess would be donor management software.

Most charity or non-profit organizations, like Save the Children and the Rotary Foundation, rely heavily on the generosity of the donors to fund their mission and make a positive impact in the community. But as these organizations grow and attract more donors, it can become increasingly difficult to keep track of all the information they need to effectively engage with and steward those donors. That’s where donor management software comes in.

In this article, we’ll explore the importance of donor management software, the different types available, key features to look for, and some of the best software solutions on the market today.

What is a Donor Management Software?


Donor management software is a specialized tool that helps non-profit organizations and fundraising or charity event organizers effortlessly manage their donor relationships and efforts.

Picture it as a virtual hub where they can keep track of all their donor data, communication histories, and donation records in one convenient place.

A donor management system acts as the backbone of such events, helping non-profits effectively track and engage with their supporters. It allows organizers to maintain comprehensive records of every donor, including contact information, donation history, and preferences.

By centralizing this information, it becomes easier to keep track of who’s contributed, when, and how, creating a valuable foundation for meaningful interactions and future fundraising efforts.

How Does It Work?

Let’s imagine that a charitable organization is organizing a fundraiser to advance its mission. They can establish an event page within the donor management software and include information about the event, such as the date, place, and goal. They can quickly distribute the event page via email, social media, and their website, thanks to the software.


As potential donors express interest or RSVP to the event, the software automatically captures their information and creates donor profiles. These profiles include contact details, donation history, communication preferences, and any notes or interactions related to the event. This centralized database allows the organization to track and manage donor engagement effectively.

Using the software’s communication tools, the organization can send personalized invitations, updates, and reminders to the event attendees. They can also segment their donor list based on various criteria, such as donation amount or previous event participation, to send targeted messages and maximize engagement.

During the event, the organization can use the software to track attendees, collect donations, and process payments. The software may offer mobile or tablet integration, making it easy to input donor information and process transactions on-site.

After the event, the donor management software provides comprehensive reporting and analytics features. The organization can assess the success of the event, track donations received, and analyze donor behavior. This data helps them identify their most engaged donors, measure the event’s impact, and strategize for future fundraising efforts.

Different Types of Donor Management Software

There are several different types of donor management software available, each with its own set of features and benefits. Some software options are designed specifically for small non-profits, while others are better suited for larger organizations with more complex needs. Here are some of the most common types of donor management software:

  • On-premise donor management software is set up directly on the computers of an organization. Although it typically needs a larger initial expenditure, this kind of software can be more configurable and provide greater control over data protection.
  • Cloud-based donor management software is hosted on a remote server and accessed through the Internet. This type of software is typically more affordable and easier to implement than on-premise options and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • All-in-one donor management software includes a wide range of features, such as donation processing, event management, and communication tools. It is ideal for organizations that want a comprehensive solution for all their donor management needs.
  • Fundraising-specific donor management software, as the name suggests, is designed specifically for managing fundraising campaigns. It includes features such as online donation processing, peer-to-peer fundraising, and email marketing tools.

Benefits of Donor Management

Now that we understand how a donor management system helps in keeping track of donors let’s explore the benefits it brings to non-profits:


Improved Donor Engagement: Non-profits can tailor their interactions depending on donors’ preferences and prior giving habits thanks to a strong donor management system. By using this information, organizations can personalize their communications and express their sincere gratitude, strengthening bonds and enticing further support.

Streamlined Fundraising Efforts: Effective donor management enables NGOs to track trends in donations, recognize top donors, and categorize donors according to different factors. With the help of this insightful information, organizations may maximize their effect by designing more focused campaigns, improving resource allocation, and optimizing their fundraising tactics.

Enhanced Communication: The days of trawling through spreadsheets and attempting to recall donor information are long gone. With the help of a donor management system, NGOs may simply deliver personalized messages, news updates, and invitations to events to certain donor segments. Prompt and appropriate communication encourages long-term commitment, builds trust, and deepens relationships.

Efficient Reporting and Analysis: A donor management system simplifies the task of generating comprehensive reports on fundraising progress, donor retention rates, and campaign success. With real-time data at their fingertips, organizations can make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and showcase the impact of donors’ contributions transparently.

Increased Donor Retention: Maintaining donor loyalty is crucial for non-profit sustainability. A donor management system helps identify at-risk donors and develop tailored strategies to nurture their continued involvement. By proactively engaging with supporters and acknowledging their impact, non-profits can cultivate lasting relationships and inspire ongoing generosity.

Key Features to Look for in Donor Management Software

When selecting donor management software, there are several key features to consider. Here are some of the most important:

  • Donor Profiles: The donor profiles are designed to encompass all the essential information about each donor. This includes their contact details, donation history, and communication preferences, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the donors.
  • Donation Processing: To make the donation process easy and secure, donors should be able to choose to make online or offline donations, set up recurring gifts, and receive tax receipts hassle-free.
  • Communication Tools: The platform must equip charity organizations with powerful communication tools. From sending targeted messages like newsletters, event invitations, and fundraising appeals, they enable effective engagement with your donors and keep them informed about NGO’s mission.
  • Reporting and Analytics: The software must offer valuable insights into donor behavior and campaign performance through robust reporting and analytics features. These tools empower organizations to make data-driven decisions and adjust strategies as needed for maximum impact.
  • Integration with Other Tools: The system must seamlessly integrate with various tools and platforms to streamline operations. Internal teams must connect effortlessly with email marketing software, social media platforms, and accounting software, ensuring smooth coordination across all aspects.

Now, we will explore the best donor management software for fundraisers.


DonorBox is an exceptional donor management software that has revolutionized how non-profits handle their fundraising efforts. DonorBox’s commitment to transparency and affordability makes it an invaluable tool for non-profits looking to optimize their donor management processes.



  • User-friendly interface and robust features
  • Seamlessly caters to organizations of all sizes
  • Easy creation and customization of donation forms
  • Effortless donor tracking
  • Automated Recurring donations
  • Integration with popular payment gateways for secure transactions
  • Comprehensive reporting tools for valuable fundraising insights
  • Optimizes donor management processes for non-profits

Network For Good

Network for Good offers powerful donor management software that allows organizations to track and view detailed information about individual donors.



  • Built-in filters for grouping supporters based on giving history, demographics, and communication preferences.
  • Enables personalized communications and a deeper understanding of donor trends.
  • Automatically removes outdated and duplicate contact records, saving valuable time.
  • Onboarding specialists are available to assist with cleaning and importing old donor data at no extra cost.
  • Testimonials highlight the software’s effectiveness in increasing fundraising, organizing donors, and simplifying administrative processes.
  • Helps non-profits optimize their fundraising efforts and build stronger relationships with supporters.


Bloomerang is a top-notch donor management software designed specifically for non-profit organizations. It aims to enhance the giving experience while helping organizations thrive.



  • Comprehensive features and user-friendly interface
  • A seamless experience for fundraisers and donors
  • Tracks and manages donor information for stronger relationships
  • Robust email marketing capabilities for effective communication
  • Various pricing plans to cater to different needs and budgets
  • The official website provides pricing options and cost comparisons
  • Free options are available for smaller organizations with limited resources.


Zeffy is a 100% free online fundraising platform that has gained the trust of over 10,000 non-profit organizations across North America.



  • Unique payout method for significant donations, resulting in over $100,000 raised in one year
  • User-friendly interface and customizable options for donations and ticket sales at benefit events
  • No transaction fees, enabling organizations to prioritize their mission
  • Free donor management system gathers all donor information in one place
  • Engage with supporters at the right time for a seamless donor experience
  • Build stronger relationships and increase donor retention rates

Eleo Online

With the aid of the donor management tool Eleo Online, charity organizations can improve the efficiency of their fundraising initiatives and their interactions with contributors.

YouTube video


  • Donations handling
  • Donor information tracking
  • Effective supporter interaction
  • User-friendly interface
  • Simplified monitoring of fundraising efforts and donor involvement
  • Essential for managing online fundraising growth (23% increase in the past year)
  • Enables charities to reach more potential donors
  • Enhances their influence on supported issues through technology

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator‘s donor management solution is a game-changer for non-profit organizations, with tools for managing donor and stakeholder relationships, running fundraising campaigns, and tracking donations.



  • Customizable and integrated solution for migration from spreadsheets
  • Automates processes and creates a powerful fund management system
  • Supports stakeholder relationship management
  • Provides tools for acquiring donors, retaining volunteers, and engaging with stakeholders
  • Allows tracking impact through customizable dashboards
  • Offers a seamless and secure payment experience
  • Transparent contracts and pay-as-you-go pricing for affordability
  • Access to various apps and extensions
  • Offline data recording capability
  • Ability to consolidate payment gateways
  • A comprehensive solution that meets all the requirements of non-profits.


Funraise offers donation management software tailored for non-profits.



  • Donor CRM with robust supporter data storage
  • Personalized segmentation for targeted communication
  • Home management and interaction tracking
  • Donor portfolios for comprehensive donor information
  • Donor portal app for accessing gift information and dashboards
  • Simplified donation management with data transfer, relationship tracking, document attachment, notes, soft credits, and supporter tags
  • Centralized approach enhancing communication, fundraising, and growth
  • Seven-step process increasing donor retention and efficiency
  • Essential Donor Management Solution from Funraise for non-profits looking to boost fundraising activities.


Virtuous is a powerful and customizable software platform that enables non-profits to manage their donors more efficiently. It is committed to helping non-profits connect with and inspire their donors.



  • Non-profit CRM
  • Event management
  • Marketing and email campaigns
  • Automation
  • Online giving experiences
  • Data-rich insights
  • Streamlined donor management
  • Gift and pipeline management
  • Project and campaign reporting
  • Intuitive reporting for smarter decision-making
  • Increased impact on non-profits
  • Recruiting, engaging, and connecting supporters with a mission
  • Driving engagement and financial support

The company values building audacious ideas, displaying radical generosity, and staying humble while enjoying the journey. They believe in the power of generosity and aim to create a culture where extraordinary people can make a difference in the non-profit sector.


Raisely is a top-rated fundraising platform that has been chosen by non-profits and charities worldwide. If you want to build an effective and user-friendly charity website that attracts visitors and enhances your organization’s profile, Raisely is the platform to choose from.



  • Simplifies running donation forms and fundraising campaigns through your website
  • It makes it easier for donors to give and for you to track contributions
  • Manages donors, volunteers, and fundraisers in one simple-to-understand system
  • Creates essential pages such as homepage, about us, donation, and contact us
  • Includes header/footer section
  • Adds optional pages for fundraising profiles and team profiles for community fundraising
  • Emphasizes the importance of clear and concise storytelling
  • Enhances website appeal with engaging images and easy navigation
  • Offers personalization to build a relationship with donors
  • Provides a handy CRM tool for seamless donor management
  • Facilitates donations, event management, ticket sales, and streamlined fundraising efforts.


GiveHub is a complete donation product suite with various features such as kiosks, text giving, mobile apps, and online giving.



  • Remote back-office for managing donations, events, reports, and more
  • Text giving service for blast texts, emails, social media updates, and voice broadcasts
  • All-in-one marketing platform to reach more donors
  • Simplifies the donation management process
  • Saves time on administration
  • It allows you to focus on your cause
  • Multiple options available in the market


Donately is an excellent online donation platform that was created exclusively for online fundraising.



  • Mobile-responsive donation forms
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising tools
  • Text messaging capabilities
  • Analytics and reporting tools
  • Integration with other donation tools
  • Free account option
  • Intuitive online donation software
  • Customizable donation forms
  • Integrated payment processing
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising support
  • Mobile giving capabilities


GivingFuel is an outstanding donation management software that has proven to be an invaluable resource for organizations of all sizes. It simplifies the fundraising process and helps to increase donations thanks to its user-friendly layout and comprehensive capabilities.



  • Branding control, recurring donations, Text to Give, and Peer to Peer fundraising for effective donor engagement
  • The ticketing process and volunteer management features enhance the overall fundraising experience
  • Affordability, simplicity, and ability to accelerate fundraising efforts are highlighted in verified user reviews.
  • Seamless integration with popular payment gateways for easy donation processing
  • Comprehensive reporting capabilities for valuable insights and campaign evaluation
  • Customization options for tailored donor engagement strategies
  • Responsive customer support for prompt assistance

Donor Tools

Donor Tools is a cloud-based donor management software with features such as donor profiles, online donation processing, and communication tools. It’s designed for small to mid-sized non-profits and offers affordable pricing options.



  • Manage and organize donor information efficiently
  • Keep track of donations and donor contributions easily
  • Generate reports to analyze and evaluate fundraising efforts
  • Simplify and optimize non-profit organizations’ processes
  • Improve fundraising strategies to increase donation amounts
  • Personalize the software with branding and communication preferences
  • Maintain a uniform and polished appearance
  • Highly rated for its ease of use by verified users
  • Provides cost-effective solutions for non-profits
  • Reliable assistance and guidance for users
  • Improve the effectiveness of managing and nurturing donor relationships

Comparison of Donor Management Software Solutions

To help you select the right donor management software for your organization, it’s important to compare the features and pricing of different solutions. Here is a comparison of some of the top donor management software solutions on the market:

Network for GoodAll-in-OneDonor profiles, fundraising tools, communication toolsStarts at $100/month
BloomerangCloud-BasedDonor profiles, online donation processing, communication tools, reporting, and analyticsStarts at $99/month
ZeffyOn-PremiseContact management, donation processing, reporting toolsStarts at $500 one-time fee
Eleo OnlineCloud-BasedFundraising tools, event management, communication toolsStarts at $49/month
ZohoAll-in-OneDonor profiles, online donation processing, communication toolsStarts at $30/month
FunraiseCloud-BasedOnline donation processing, peer-to-peer fundraising, communication toolsStarts at $150/month
VirtuousCloud-BasedDonor profiles, online donation processing, communication tools, reporting, and analyticsContact for pricing
RaiselyCloud-BasedOnline donation processing, peer-to-peer fundraising, communication toolsStarts at $49/month
GivehubCloud-BasedOnline donation processing, event management, communication toolsStarts at $49/month
DonatelyCloud-BasedOnline donation processing, campaign management, communication toolsStarts at $0/month (transaction fees apply)
DonorboxCloud-BasedOnline donation processing, recurring gifts, communication toolsStarts at $0/month (transaction fees apply)
Giving FuelCloud-BasedOnline donation processing, peer-to-peer fundraising, communication toolsStarts at $99/month
DonorToolsCloud-BasedDonor profiles, online donation processing, communication toolsStarts at $49/month

Tips for Selecting the Right Donor Management Software for Your Organization

When selecting donor management software, it’s important to consider your organization’s specific needs and goals. Here are some tips to help you choose the right software solution:

Define Your Requirements

Define your organization’s particular requirements before looking at software solutions. What features do you require? What is your financial situation? What are your fundraising and donor engagement objectives?

Research Your Options

Research different software solutions and compare their features and pricing. Look for reviews from other non-profits to get a sense of how different software options perform in real-world scenarios.

Take Advantage of Free Trials

Many donation management software packages include free trial versions. Use these trials to try out different software choices and discover how they work for your company.

Consider Implementation and Training

Before selecting a software solution, consider the implementation and training process. Will you need to hire outside help to set up the software? Will your staff need training to use the software effectively?

Plan for the Future

Your donor management requirements may vary as your business develops and evolves. Consider how the platform will scale with your organization over time when picking donor management software.

Final Words

The success of the solution you choose also depends on establishing and training personnel on donation management software for optimal results. To begin, if you are converting from another donor management system, it is critical to plan for a smooth transition by addressing data migration. This guarantees that all relevant information is seamlessly delivered. Furthermore, creating custom fields might be useful for obtaining special information about contributors that may not be covered in conventional profiles.

Staff members should receive adequate training to ensure they understand how to use the software successfully. It’s also a good idea to provide regular training to keep them up to date on new features and best practices.

Setting up data security standards is critical for protecting donor information and maintaining its confidentiality. Regularly monitoring and reviewing the effectiveness of the donor management software is critical to ensuring that it matches the needs and goals of your organization. By following these best practices, you may improve the donor management software setup and training process.

Donor management systems are essential in transforming the way NGOs communicate with their supporters in the realm of giving. These technologies enable organizations to develop closer connections, increase their impact, and cultivate a community of loyal supporters by harnessing the power of data and streamlining communication and fundraising activities.

So, whether you’re hosting a well-known annual charity event or running a small-town non-profit, use the power of donor management to open the door to a world of limitless possibilities.

Next, check out the best non-profit accounting software to try.

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