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8 Best E-Prescribing Software for Doctors in 2023

e-prescription software
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Doctors these days need to perform a lot of administrative work as well. E-prescribing software can assist them in focusing more on the patients and taking less time to perform admin tasks.

Using a quality and powerful e-prescription software application, doctors can access patients’ medical history in real-time, schedule appointments, and get alerts on allergies. Moreover, their staff can also spend more time on patient engagement.

In this article, we will focus on the benefits and features of e-prescription, followed by a list of top e-prescribing software.

What Is E-Prescription Software?

E-prescribing or electronic prescribing is an approach that lets medical practitioners write prescriptions on an electronic device and send them to a participating pharmacy. An e-prescription software is a solution that facilitates this technology and serves as an electronic reference handbook.

How Does an E-Prescription Work?

To generate an e-prescription, doctors enter the prescription into on a platform an electronic device like a computer, tablet, or mobile. Then, the software securely sends the prescription to pharmacies using a transmission network. Once the pharmacies get the request, they start filling the medication immediately.

Common Features of E-Prescribing Software

Benefits Of E Prescription
  • Seamless prescription generation
  • Transmission of prescriptions to the pharmacies
  • Comprehensive medication history
  • Ample customization options
  • Separate user dashboards for doctors, patients, and pharmacists.
  • Prescription fulfillment tracker
  • Easy acceptance of refill requests
  • Preventive measures for adverse interaction
  • Therapy management

Benefits of Using E-Prescription Software for Doctors and Patients

1. Instant Alerts on Allergies and Duplicate therapies: E-prescribing solutions are capable of sharing alerts in case of any potential drug interactions or allergies. It also shares information on pregnancy or other issues that might require caution from the doctor.

2. Quickly Retrieve Medical History: Before prescribing drugs💊, doctors can fetch the medical history of a patient. It helps them to provide the right medicines according to patient history.

3. No More Lost Prescriptions: Patients often lose paper prescriptions, and it causes trouble in the next physician visit. With e-prescriptions, there is no chance of losing prescriptions.

4. Save Time and Money: Moving to e-prescription systems means doctors and their staff spend less time making prescriptions and focus more on the patients. It is also a cost-efficient solution for all the involved parties.

5. Efficient Prescribing: Hand-writing prescriptions often require individual authorization and sometimes are unintelligible. With e-prescription, pharmacists can refill dozens of medicines at the same time. Thus, there is less chance of prescription error in this efficient prescription mode.

Let’s now look at the best e-prescribing software for doctors.


RXNT is a cloud-based certified solution that has been designed to cater to the needs of healthcare professionals of all sizes. This e-prescribing software is an intuitive and affordable way to save your time and efforts while being HIPAA compliant.

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Thanks to its integrated e-prescribing, doctors can access the prescription and health history at the point of care in real-time. It also comes with a patient portal that lets them avail features such as patient check-in and electronic referrals.

RXNT increases the efficiency of the doctors and ensures they get more time to focus on their patients. It also decreases the chance of potential errors such as allergy reactions and helps to keep the patients safe. Moreover, it facilitates seamless prescription renewals and price transparency.

Users can access this software from any web browser. The solution also offers Android and iOS apps, using which one can access the data in real-time.


MDToolbox-Rx is an award-winning and comprehensive electronic prescription software. Users can run it as a standalone application, or if needed, they can sync it with other tools they use in their offices.

This e-prescribing software lets you choose drugs and find information about them. Doctors can browse its drug database by name, generic, brand, OTC, RX, class, or indication to search for drugs. As a result, you can quickly create prescriptions on this tool and send them to the patient efficiently.

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Apart from being an easy-to-use tool, MDToolbox-Rx is highly customizable. Doctors can start writing new prescriptions and suggest refills with only one click. Using its e-refill feature, you can quickly review and respond to the electronically received refill requests.

Doctors can customize various alert levels ( Drug-Allergy, Drug-Drug, Drug-Disease) to get interaction checking in real-time. Also, the software eliminates the chances of errors caused by misinterpretation and handwriting illegibility.


If you are looking for an award-winning e-prescribing software, go for Rcopia. Using this e-prescribing platform, doctors can check the medication history of a patient from the industry’s most complete data feed and get the medication history for the last 24 months in a second.

It will streamline the medication reconciliation processes and increase patient safety. Rcopia e-prescribing also utilizes the predictive analytics technology of DrFirst’s SmartSuite. It helps the tool quickly learn prescription patterns so the doctors can make medication decisions with fewer clicks.

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Apart from the above features, you can get other features such as a provider-specific favorite drugs list, tailored formulary guidance for each patient, and alerts in cases of drug allergy, duplicate therapy, dosing, and drug-drug clashing.

Also, it reduced the need for back-and-forth pharmacy clarifications. It is a cloud-based tool that can be accessed using web and mobile applications.

Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is a cloud-based platform that provides user-friendly IT solutions to doctors. Its intuitive e-prescribing service helps doctors prescribe controlled substances, manage prior authorization and get alerts on allergies.

Moreover, one can get additional services, including patient charting and lab integration, using this software. Practice Fusion is a dedicated tool for independent practitioners that allows them to streamline workflow management by handling patients and daily admin-level tasks more efficiently.

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Using this application, you can efficiently perform tasks like appointment scheduling, charting, and compliance tracking. Moreover, it makes the patient follow-up effortless by letting you send medication data and additional educational materials.

If you use this software for e-prescription, you’ll be keeping the patient health information secure and private, adhering to HIPAA and EPCS. Its easy billing and invoicing feature make your job easier. Furthermore, this software allows you to access the most connected healthcare network.


AdvancedMD is a user-friendly e-prescribing tool that helps you eliminate the need for paper pads. This HIPAA-compliant software offers a secure way to prescribe drugs digitally and keep track of controlled substances. You can create and sign prescriptions from the same electronic device and then send those directly to the pharmacy.

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Before you start prescribing, it is possible to import the medication histories, previous drug submissions, and discontinuations to review them. You can also check current medications and a full list of allergies for each patient.

AdvancedMD also has mobile apps that allow doctors to manage prescription requests, even from outside their office. Its MPT feature lets you view drug prices and therapeutic alternatives in real-time.


DrChrono makes the whole process of e-prescribing effortless with its robust features. It eliminated the need for paper and fax prescriptions by transmitting through an EHR or other solutions.

This eRx solution checks the patient’s medication list to find out any drug-drug or drug-allergy interactions. Users can access this platform from the web, iPhone, or iPad. You can easily access the Surescript network to check the full prescription history of your patients.

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DrChrono complies with DEA, NIST, and Surescripts requirements so that you can send electronic prescriptions with maximum security and fraud protection without any worry. The tool also lets you save the preferred pharmacies of a patient.


If you are an independent medical practitioner, Kareo is the cloud-based platform particularly designed for you. With the software, you can easily streamline your everyday tasks such as billing, front-office administration, and payments.

Now, you should not have any trouble writing prescriptions, code encounters, and managing the patients with this cloud-based and fully integrated EHR. The clinical e-prescribing workflow of this tool strives to improve patient safety, enhance accuracy, and lessen costs.

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For all these, the software securely links a doctor and a pharmacy. When doctors use this tool, there is no scope for confusion around the drug and quantity ordered due to handwriting. It also allows tracking new prescriptions, refills, drug changes, and cancel requests.

Using the Rx Saver of Kareo in the clinical workflow, doctors can assist their patients in finding the best-priced drugs from local pharmacies. Thus, it also helps to reduce the medication cost of the patients.

Treat 3

Using Treat 3, doctors can enjoy a new level of convenience in terms of e-prescribing. Now, you can access this tool from any device as it offers an advanced experience for mobile📱users with redesigned mobile UI.

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This tool offers ingredient-level alerts based on recorded patient allergies and old prescriptions. It also offers you access to the history of the patients’ medication sent to pharmacies nationwide in the last 12 months.

Treat three lets doctors reply to refill requests coming from the pharmacies in one click. Moreover, this platform lets you check estimated direct costs, alternative drugs, coverage details, and pharmacy dispensing channels. It also supports easy prescription renewals, therapy prescription cancellation, and access to the drug reference database.

Summing Up

Using the right e-prescribing software, doctors can streamline workflows and deliver a better experience to their patients. The blog listed some best e-prescribing applications that they can use. You can consider the features and pricing models of these solutions to get the right one for yourself.

You may also be interested to learn about remote patient monitoring companies.

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