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Anyone involved in construction work or civil engineering is well aware of the importance of earthwork estimation or earthworks landscaping.

This complicated yet crucial task can be easily completed with robust earthwork estimation software.

For any construction project, you have to make an accurate and detailed estimation of the tasks and budget. Otherwise, it will be difficult to complete the project successfully. Manual estimation is not only time-taking and complex, but it also has a higher chance of error.

For this reason, professionals involved in construction work largely depend on earthwork estimation software.

What Is Earthwork in Construction?

Earthwork is a vital part of any construction project. Earthworks in engineering mean cutting, filling, moving, and processing soil or unformed rock in mass volume. Usually, this task is essential to reconfigure the topography of a construction site that will help you achieve the design levels. 

What is Earthwork Estimation Software

Earthworks estimating software or earthworks landscaping estimation tool is an application that can tell you the earthwork project costs. Like other construction estimating tools, it automatically calculates the possible volume of earthworks for a project, including cutting and filling operations.

These software tools use existing blueprints and diagrams of the site to calculate the total project area and other specifics. Earlier, people used to perform earthworks estimations with slide rules and grid cells. Hence, there was a lot of room for human error. 

Since correct earthworks landscaping is necessary to keep the expense and schedule of a construction project in control, more and more people are switching to software instead of manual estimation.

Why Do You Need Earthwork Estimation Software?

#1. Proper Planning

Planning is the key to any construction project, and earthworks estimation tools enable you to perform this task with utmost precision. These applications reveal all possible complications in advance so you can stay prepared.

#2. Lower Labor and Materials Costs

Most importantly, earthworks estimating software can offer you a higher ROI. Its precise estimates lower the overall project costs and ensure you avoid any unexpected expenses.

#3. Improved Safety Compliance

Accidents can happen during earthworks, but you can prevent them with proper planning and local/federal law adherence. These tools assist you in addressing various risk factors and thus reduce the possibility of accidents. 

#4. Better Bidding Process

Since manual earthwork estimation tasks have scope for error, contractors used to find it difficult to prepare an accurate budget for the project. However, earthworks landscaping estimation software made the process accurate. As a result, you can now better understand your cost and bid accordingly.

Here are some earthworks landscaping estimation tools for construction projects.


MudShark is an earthworks calculation and estimating software that lets you take control of the estimation work. Here, you can view fully-interactive 3D models of the proposed and current project sites. With the help of its smart takeoff tools, you can input data on this platform with speed and precision.

At the same time, you can use MudShark to automatically find the clashing points of the trench and pipe network and thus, avoid any complications. Some of its other features are simplified deep excavation, footings and retaining wall calculation, and detailed and easy-to-understand reporting through MS Excel

Kubla Cubed

If you are a novice user looking for easy-to-use earthworks landscaping estimation software, Kubla Cubed could be the perfect option. This affordable tool can estimate accurate volume with the TIN prism volume calculation engine. It supports loading site plans into the project from PDF, BMP, TIFF, and JPG files.

The tool also lets you define existing ground levels and proposed earthwork levels effortlessly. The estimation data generated by Kubla Cubed can be shared with others using JPG, PNG, DXF, DWG, and LandXml files. You can also get estimation summaries and reports in MS Word, MS Excel, and PDF format. 

Earthwork Pro

Earthwork Pro is a popular earthworks landscaping estimating software that can cater to residential, institutional, commercial, and industrial projects. By calculating takeoffs automatically, this tool saves your time and efforts while offering you accurate data at the same time.

On this user-friendly and customizable platform, users can start working on a digitized blueprint directly and get the estimation quickly. Earthwork Pro allows the users to measure unit counts, linear pitches, square footage, and angles in seconds. Moreover, it comes with an easy MS Excel integration. Thus, you can send the estimation data directly to your MS Excel spreadsheets. 

InSite Software

InSite Software is the industry leader when it comes to earthwork takeoff estimation and GPS modeling. It offers a list of sophisticated tools that save time and increase accuracy. You can import source data from PDF, TIFF, DWG, DXF, or any other data collector tool into this platform.

Insite also has an exclusive Cut & Fill Contours Map. It offers absolute quantity validation with the help of cutting-edge planning tools. This platform generates reports and full-colored scalable graphics for seamless management of the site. Besides, you can also import drone data in it for fast-grade calculation verification. 

AGTEK Earthwork 4D

AGTEK Earthwork 4D is a cloud-based earthworks landscaping suite that provides project takeoff and estimation solutions to the construction industry. Using its takeoff system, contractors can come up with accurate estimates for different construction projects. 

You can also generate geofenced graphical reports with these estimates and create PDF files to share the reports with colleagues and other stakeholders. 

Moreover, Earthwork 4D also boasts a dedicated tool for underground 4D reporting, helpful in managing underground utilities such as sewer and drainage. Also, using this suite, you can generate bid estimates, schedule equipment, supervise operations, and track the whole process.

Wrapping Up 👷

Earthworks landscaping estimates help you get a clear picture of the project and avoid making costly mistakes in the construction process. Instead of calculating the estimation manually, following the earthworks estimation software has become a globally recognized industry standard. 

Now that you have the list of best earthwork estimation tools for precise project estimates, you can use any of these to ensure your client has accurate information to make their decision.

Moreover, you may want to look at the top building information modeling tool to keep architects, engineers, and contractors on the same page.

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