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In Customer Service Last updated: May 19, 2023
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Customer service is one of the most important factors for your business to thrive and succeed.

It’s something you can’t ignore or give less priority to.

After all, your business is centered on your customers, whose care and service are your responsibility.

And without them, any business can’t survive.

Like a reader is to a writer, and an audience is to a singer, customers are to a business.

So, if you want to keep gaining consistent revenue, you need to have happy customers who would become your brand advocates and increase your sales.

And if you need happy customers, you need to nurture them and care for them, so they get best-in-class service when they need it, before and after-sales.

The good thing is that technological advancements have made customer support easier by introducing customer service software or helpdesk software.

You no longer have to rely completely on the physical helpdesk and hire many support agents. Instead, you can employ them where you need them more and leave all those repetitive tasks and management to the software.

What is the Helpdesk software?

Helpdesk software provides your customers with access to the information about your product and/or services and seeks help when they need it.

It captures customer inquiries via different channels like phone, chat, emails, or social media. Here, these queries would be stored, organized, and then solved. The software may include elements like ticket management, task automation, optimization, and reporting.

Helpdesk software can also work as a knowledge base and forum where customers can seek the answer to common questions.

Your customer support team can use helpdesk software to respond to requests, create an information portal, streamline the workflow, measure customer engagement, and perform analytics.

In a rush? Try these top platforms; you won’t go wrong.


What can helpdesk software do for your eCommerce business?

Helpdesk software can help your eCommerce business in so many different manners:

  • Help merchants to engage with their customers faster and grow their business more.
  • Increase customer satisfaction level as a result of prompt response
  • Boost productivity by streamlining tasks and better organization
  • Enables smooth communication between the agents and customers when they need it, and you can assign the best suitable agent based on specific questions or language.
  • Comprehensive FAQ or knowledge base for customer self-service
  • Medium to receive quick customer feedback and work on the flaws.

Ready to explore the solution?

Sure, let’s explore…😎


Delight and win your customers to establish a long-term business relationship using Freshdesk. The award-winning solution helps you streamline customer conversations in one place through phone, chat, email, etc., which enables quick response.

Collaborate with your team effectively and invite colleagues, agents, or other business partners and discuss and solve tickets faster via Freshconnect. Automate repetitive tasks, plus monitor critical events that may need your attention. Freshdesk also lets you guide customers by displaying solution articles and guides on your site.

Keep an eye on your teams and make data-driven decisions to increase productivity using the customizable dashboards. With Freshdesk, assigning, categorizing, and prioritizing tickets is easy, so you keep on tracking them. Manage and track support tickets with the team inbox and detect agent collision, so multiple agents do not work on a single ticket.

You get so many awesome features with Freshdesk that includes:

  • SLA management to set ticket response deadlines
  • Ticket field suggestion to route, categorize and prioritize incoming tickets.
  • Customer ‘thank you’ detection to prevent ticket reopening.
  • Canned responses with pre-formatted replies for quick response to typical questions
  • Scenario automation to perform different actions on a specific ticket
  • Share ticket ownership with other members.
  • Link similar tickets and perform parent-child ticketing to split complex tickets into smaller ones.
  • Manage service tasks, groups, mobile field service, customer signatures, schedule dashboard, and perform time tracking.
  • Increase productivity with ticket dispatch, smart ticket assignment, time and event-triggered automation, automatic email alerts, etc.
  • Leverage OmniRoute to auto-assign chats, calls, and emails to agents according to availability and bandwidth
  • Help customers with Freddy AI-powered chatbot, auto-suggest solutions, help widget, email to KnowledgeBase, feedback mechanism, forum moderation, etc.
  • Improve efficiency with curated reports, customer ratings, widget customization, etc.
  • Advanced data security with a custom SSL certificate, network, IP restrictions, and access and identity management.


Grow your business by offering exceptional customer service with the help of Gorgias. It is an eCommerce helpdesk you can use to transform your service into a profitable center.

It helps you answer customer queries in minutes, without keeping them waiting for days. You can centralize your customer support tickets in Gorgias’ dashboard all in one place. View all the customer data while talking to them and edit orders, refund payments, modify subscriptions, and more without leaving the helpdesk.

Gorgias helps you automate repetitive activities and tasks so you can dedicate more time to your customers’ service. From copy-paste or cut-paste of commonly asked customer questions to closing out the tickets, automation saves your time. Increase your conversion rate by offering a personalized shopping experience to your customers irrespective of their location.

Engage with them and ask about your services and products on your posts and ads to increase your ad efficiency and sales. Your customers don’t always remain on your site; hence, track your sales that your support agents generate over live chat, text messages, and social media conversations.

You can see different metrics like the number of tickets, converted tickets, conversion rates, and total sales to gauge your agents’ performance. Gorgias provides quick access to different helpdesk options to increase your convenience and comes with a ‘gorgeous’ color combination.

Gorgias is designed intelligently for different eCommerce stores and stacks whether you use Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, etc. It also supports 30+ integrations that include Slack, Gmail, MailChimp, Stripe, eBay, Facebook, Instagram, LiteSpeed, Aircall, Zapier, Live Chat, etc.


Zendesk is an all-powerful tool you can use to serve your customers in the best possible ways.

It starts with the most important multi-platform support availability. You get email, voice, social channels, live chat, etc., to connect to your customers in their favorite places.

zendesk: ecommerce-helpdesk-software

Besides, Zendesk empowers you with a community forum where people help each other and solutions stay for others to see in the future.

Additionally, the support agents get assist themselves with the AI-powered bots. These automated bots solve the basic level tickets and even function independently in the absence of human support.

However, the beauty of Zendesk comes into the picture with a huge support team. It gives the complete support history per customer and a shared platform for support–so no duplicate responses.

Moreover, the integration and the collaboration tools increase your support team’s efficiency manyfold.

Not just this, the intelligent routing assigns the best person for the job, and the expert knowledge sharing makes the most out of your team.

Still, the best way to evaluate Zendesk’s suitability for your use case is by availing of its free trial


Give your customer the kind of support they expect from you by choosing eDesk with AI-powered features and powerful integrations, ensuring you provide faster support to customers and increase your revenue.

eDesk collects customer interactions out of various channels, including your website, social accounts, and marketplaces. Then, it stores them together in a single place – the dashboard, which is intuitive and easy to use.

Apart from managing your tickets, eDesk assists in solving them as well. From live connections and customers to ordering data from a web store and marketplace, your agents can access product listing, price, and shipping data in real-time.

eDesk AI performs all the heavy lifting of suggesting answers depending upon text analysis and previous replies related to similar problems to help your agents. In this way, agents don’t have to keep searching for data and typing replies; just editing and verifying responses will suffice.

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In case the AI can’t provide the answer, the agents can reduce response times with the help of stock answers, template replies, and snippets. Its intuitive interface combines exceptional connecting power and connectivity. It also syncs previous contacts automatically, which helps you follow them easily in a single thread.

Optimize the team workflow by routing support tickets to agents that are best suited to answer certain questions. You can assign tickets automatically based on conditions like language proficiency, marketplace, time-zone, or create custom rules based on specific requirements.

You can also invite your friend to comment, include a private note, escalate tickets to other departments, etc. eDesk gauges and update SLAs issues and ensure the team is always on the front line with excellent ratings and also leverages a unique auto-responder.

A comprehensive dashboard with reports helps managers and team leaders to analyze and conduct operations. Find your superstar agents, review marketplace SLA coverage, and more so your business yields maximum results.


Drive customer loyalty through the out-of-the-box help center support solution of Kayako. It is an effortless, multi-channel eCommerce helpdesk software that provides you with greater flexibility so you can serve your customers more.

You get multiple email inboxes to manage your email queues all at a single place without missing anything. Reply to your customers and solve their queries quickly with social media support like Facebook and Twitter. Kayako gives you the option to share work among multiple teams for warehouse, customer service, and refund management.

Convert your visitors into loyal customers using Kayako Messenger. Use the live chat to guide them for checkout and offer support. Find out when a visitor needs your help, answer their questions proactively for better engagement, get an up-sell opportunity, and cross-sell your products and services.

Deliver personalized customer support with the help of purchase history and page views. You can integrate Kayako with WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, etc., through APIs or Zapier and sync customer information automatically. Moreover, you can record the necessary customer data and keep it by your side.

Answer common questions with canned responses using just a click. You can share the next steps and information and solve queries using private notes rather than checking emails and documents back and forth every time. Eliminate duplicate efforts with collision detection, so every agent gets unique queries to handle.

You can also offer frequently asked questions that will solve most queries and reduce your burden. Include help center analytics to learn things your customers view and search. In addition to this, get deeper insights into consumer satisfaction with CSAT score and team performance through metrics, and find areas where you can improve.


Keep your customers happy and boost your conversions by offering them excellent customer service with Re:amaze. It is an integrated platform for customer service, helpdesk, and live chat for your online business.

It helps you deliver better support to your customers and increases engagement. Connect with them through chat, SMS, emails, VOIP, and social media in a single shared inbox. Collaborate with team members through assignments, shared views, and notes.

Re:amaze offers modern chat functionalities like sending targeted and automated messages using Cues, real-time conversations, and setting customized office hours. Use chatbots to handle common questions, and preview customer messages while they type to stay one step ahead with the Peek feature.

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Monitor your customers’ browsing activity, geolocation, and shopping data on your website through the live dashboard. View customer profiles while your team members chat with them. You can bring data from third-party applications automatically or integrate your application data through SDK.

Educate your customers with in-built, embeddable FAQs and branded articles. Furthermore, other features included in Re:amaze are custom contact forms, quantitative and qualitative customer satisfaction surveys, and workflow automation with customizable triggers over incoming conversations.

You can create tags for intuitive automation and better organization. Assign customizable permissions and roles to each agent and ensure better admin controls and dashboard privacy. Stay notified of response times and conversation volume with inbuilt reporting features.

Re:amaze provides multiple customer support facilities for multiple brands under a single account. The software is mobile-friendly and available on both Android and iOS. Integrate with other solutions like Slack, Google Workspace, Amazon, WordPress, WooCommerce, Mailchimp, Aircall, Stripe, GitHub, Zapier, etc.


UVdesk provides an open-source, SaaS-based helpdesk software solution to businesses, so they can ease the entire customer support process and deliver top-class service. This PHP-based helpdesk solution is perfect for businesses to enjoy better extensibility and adaptability.

With UVdesk, you don’t have to keep checking your email to solve queries; just generate them as a support ticket and help your customers. Utilize features like email piping to help customers reply directly from their emails and ensure no emails end up being unread using the mail-to-ticket feature.

Agents can lock ticket threads, omit them, forward them, keep a private note, save replies, prioritize tickets, check status, add tags, and more. Create a task by ticket threads to follow up with customers, and set deadlines so the agents can deliver with more efficiency.

Convert query emails to standard tickets, and manage emails with placeholders and email templates with predefined name, body, and subject. Take queries from multiple channels under one umbrella: a mailbox, your website, Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon seller central.

You can also connect your Knowledge Base with Binaka to help you answer queries with alphabetic filters. Customize your portal theme to match your brand and user expectations. You can upload your banner and logo, include a custom canonical name, custom ticket creation, and custom CSS.

Boost revenue with smart follow-ups with automatic reminders, pending status notifications, and follow-up templates. Edit data like time zone, time format, default priorities, mailbox, and ticket status to manage incoming tickets.

Your customer data is safe with UVdesk as it is PCI DSS compatible, offers whitelisting, blacklisting, and single signs on through social media. Import data like tickets, agents, groups and teams, and customers from 3rd-party helpdesk like Zendesk, Help Scout, osTicket, and Freshdesk to UVdesk easily.

Create custom contact forms, along with feedback and survey forms. Evaluate agent performance with detailed reports, including achievements, customer ratings, ticket count, resolve time, benefited customers, and response time.


Take better control of your help center and inbox with Replyco, reduce email stress and keep selling your products and services with trouble. Organize messages to get a broader view of how, what, and when you need to address customer messages.

Route and filter incoming messages automatically, organize labels and folders, view SLA priority settings to reply to messages, everything under a user-friendly design. Automate support to manage out-of-office messages or high-volume days effortlessly.

It allows auto-responses for receipt notifications, weekends, and after-hours. Send smart auto-responders to find text content and reply accordingly. Replyco also allows automated ticket assigning and prioritization of important messages.

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Communicate better and faster with unique tools like email templates, customizable tags, order details, internal notes, collision avoidance, adding multiple users, and more. Improve resolution times significantly with fewer tabs, easy and lesser clicks directly in Replyco to process cases.

You can resolve cases related to customer messages regarding issue refunds, partial refunds, cross-reference funds, etc. Assign agent permission to manage eBay cases without sharing login data. You can filter by open, closed, and in-progress status and track process steps from the first request to final resolution.

Celebrate wins as individuals and teams both through the performance reports. It will help you track the average response time, analyze query resolution success, calculate productivity, and visualize ticket volume based on the marketplace. Moreover, centralize your entire eCommerce messages under one tool of Replyco.

It supports Amazon and eBay’s global marketplaces, unlimited integrations with WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Linnworks, and Magento. Replyco supports Gmail accounts, IMAP, and POP. You can also create signatures and assign a manager for shops. You can support your customer through call, chat, and email. Besides, they provide free setup and onboarding assistance.


Happyfox is an all-in-one helpdesk and ticketing system for better and faster support. Handle your whole inbound requests under a single ticketing system and convert phone, web, chat, and email requests into support tickets.

Ease your workflow with intelligent helpdesk software. HappyFox helps you create custom fields and workflow and personalize your support experience. Use the HappyFox Ticketing System to reduce the challenging business of email management.

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You can categorize tickets, prioritize them; perform cloning, splitting, and merging; measure response times, time spent by staff on tickets, monitor tickets, see ticket history, and collaborate effectively. Use HappyFox to create a FAQ and online knowledgebase to help your customers more with options for social sharing, analytics, and feedback.

Use community forums so your customers can connect and help one another. Review support performance, improve CSAT score, and track SLA through inflow report, agent activity report, satisfaction surveys, etc. Streamline workflow with automation through smart rules, ticket reassignments, automating escalations, real-time updates, canned responses, templates, and agents scripts.

HappyFox is a multilingual helpdesk support software to help your customers from anywhere in the world. It supports 35 global languages, including English, major European languages, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, and more.


Customers drive your e-commerce business. Even your product/service is great, without good customer service, things fall off. So, if you want to achieve great heights for your business, keep them happy.

Use helpdesk software to manage everything from communication to resolving issues and engaging with them more.

I’m sure your customers will appreciate it and keep rooting for your business.

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