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In Computer Hardware Last updated: September 6, 2023
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Live streams are getting extremely famous on YouTube and Twitch. Are you also spending hours watching live streams from your favorite creators?

It is common for all of us to watch different videos streamed on various social media platforms. We might watch these videos just for the sake of entertainment or to learn or get knowledge about something. Video streaming, or simply streaming, has become a common notion for everyone. 

In this article, we will discuss what streaming is and why it has become a lucrative career option these days. Then we will look at the role of a microphone in streaming. Lastly, we will discuss some economical microphone options which you can use for YouTube or Twitch streaming. 

Any media material that the internet supplies to computers and mobile devices and is played back in real-time is called streaming. It can be either live or recorded. Common types of streaming material include movies, TV shows, music videos, podcasts, and webcasts.


Media items like music, video, and other kinds are planned and transferred in consecutive data packets so you may stream them instantly. All you need to stream is a suitable device, access to a streaming app, and a fast, dependable high-speed internet connection.

When we talk about streaming as a career, it refers to the people involved in creating the media to be streamed via the internet to different devices. Whenever we are doubtful about some products or want to learn about some hack, we refer to videos on various social media platforms.

These videos include product reviews, gaming videos, motivational videos, etc. Even when we are bored, we look for entertainment by streaming different entertainment videos created by influencers.  

It is pretty evident that those who make the content for the streaming earn a lot of money. These content creators earn money through the platforms they post their content.

The money will vary based on the number of views and likes they get on their content. Streaming is an effective and entertaining career option and is excellent for creative people. 

What Role Does a Microphone Play in Streaming?


Streaming consists of two parts: audio and video. The most necessary part of streaming is a computer.

Along with a computer, you would need different streaming software and equipment to ensure that you can create good streaming content. This equipment may include LED lights, good quality webcam, processors, etc.

The primary part of streaming is its audio part. Those who want to create streaming videos or audio that features their own voice would need good-quality microphones. These microphones should reduce the background noise and focus more on the intended audio, which has to be recorded.

Microphones are essential for singers who want to record their songs for streaming and speakers who wish to speak on different topics.

What Features Should you Look for While Buying a Microphone? 


When you’re buying a microphone for streaming, you should keep in mind that the microphone should cancel the external noise and only focus on the voice you want to record. Pop filters and shock mounts should also be there in your microphone.

The buttons for volume, mute, and power should be easily accessible on the microphone. Lastly, if you’re recording a video along with recording the audio, your microphone should be good-looking and attract viewers’ attention. 

Since we have already discussed the importance of microphones, we will now discuss some economical microphone options for your Youtube or Twitch stream.

FIFINE Gaming PC USB Microphone

The FIFINE Gaming PC USB Microphone has a reputation for producing authentic sound. Using a USB condenser microphone capsule, the gaming microphone makes lively and warm sounds. You can use one hand to tap the touch-mute button on the computer microphone quickly.

Fine-tuning is made simpler by the large volume knob at the USB microphone’s base. Automatic two-tone gradient RGB lets your PC microphone fit a new RGB lighting design with your PC equipment.

Users can further reduce gaming-related machine sounds and vibrations with an external pop filter and shock mount. The PC gaming microphone with a boom arm has an extensive range of extensions, making it ideal for gamers with various objects on their desk.

FIFINE Dynamic Microphone

The FIFINE Dynamic Microphone for podcasts, with an SPL of 130dB, is built to last and be versatile. It won’t distort the audio from vocal, video, or music recordings, preserving its originality.

For immersive podcast audio, the XLR interface improves the perception of audio space. Your voice can resonate more easily with the XLR mic.

The USB dynamic microphone for PC is a massive benefit for you to podcast in numerous ways since it comes with both USB and XLR connectors.

It’s convenient to use the tap-to-mute feature on the USB microphone’s front panel rather than pressing a button since it eliminates background noise when you sing, podcast, or stream. The mic’s ability to provide real-time monitoring and headphone volume control are extra perks for recording pros.

MAONO USB Microphone 

A traditional microphone introduced by MAONO is the AU-A04 podcast microphone. It is plug-and-play, simple to set up, and excellent for beginners.

This condenser microphone’s professional sound chipset enabled the USB microphone to support a high-resolution sampling rate and was incorporated within the device.

This microphone records your speech with a pop filter and a foam windshield. The shock mount of the mic stabilizes it while performing the dampening function.

The microphone features a USB 2.0 data interface that makes it simple to connect to your computer and the Linux operating system. No additional driver software or an external sound card is required to use it.

WMT Condenser Gaming Microphone

Because of its cardioid pickup pattern, the WMT Condenser Gaming Microphone can collect and muffle undesired background sounds. Simply inserting a USB Type-C connection allows you to use this computer microphone without any assembly.

Suppose there is any sensitivity, lack of sound, or distortion when live broadcasting, the gain knob permits rapid adjustment. Alternately, you may softly turn up the gain and mute with one touch if you need to take a break in the middle of a podcast.

This microphone is compatible with computers, PCs, laptops (Windows & MAC), PS4, Android Phones, etc. It also has a noise-reduction USB-A cable. No additional driver is needed. With the push of a button, you can choose the gaming microphone’s 12 customizable RGB lighting modes.

Ovedisa USB Microphone

The Ovedisa USB Microphone’s 16MM mic capsule design and professional sound processor produce rich, detailed sound. The mic can provide a more natural and sensitive sound because of its comprehensive frequency response and high sound pressure level.

The output from the streaming microphone is silent and noise-free while preserving optimum signal gain. It is detachable, portable, and better suited to various situations.

Zero-latency monitoring enables the built-in cardioid capsule to record sound directly in front of the microphone, capturing clear, smooth, sharp sound while more effectively reducing background noise.

High-quality metal rod bodies, a shockproof frame, and an omnidirectional adjustable cantilever bracket secure C fixture are all included in the recording microphone package.

FIFINE Condenser Mic 

The FIFINE Condenser Mic has a one-of-a-kind feature. It contains a removable pop filter and inhibits and lowers popping and hissing in your recordings. This shields your microphone from saliva and dust.

Additionally, this microphone includes a small shock mount that reduces vibration. It also absorbs rumbles or vibrations from rigorous use for smooth sound recording.

An adjustable thumb screw on the condenser microphone gives you a better angle for recording. A built-in locking screw stops the microphone from falling out of place. Last but not least, it includes reliable tripod support that takes up less room and keeps your microphone securely in place when in use.

Razer Seiren X Streaming Microphone

The Razer Seiren X Microphone has been created specifically to improve streaming. The microphone has a built-in shock mount to reduce vibrations and intelligently filter undesired background sounds.

This is accomplished using built-in background noise reduction technology. It uses a super-cardioid pickup microphone to cancel out annoying sounds that are further away from the microphone for streaming audio of a high caliber.

It’s professionally designed to match your gaming setup. The mic is built to be sleek and non-obtrusive so that your audience can see more of you. Impedance and power amplifier are both less than 16.

Additionally, this microphone offers zero-latency monitoring, enabling in-stream monitoring in real-time without distracting echoes. The microphone is what will take your streaming experience to new heights.

Blue Snowball USB Microphone

Blue Snowball USB Microphone has the iconic Blue broadcast sound. It includes a 2-capsule construction that provides your voice significant presence and detail for professional-level recording.

This can improve your Twitch streaming, YouTube videos, and other content. The USB microphone has an omnidirectional pattern that puts you inside the room for conference calls on Zoom, Skype, and other services. It also has a cardioid pattern for recording and streaming.

It features a sleek retro appearance that looks excellent on your desktop and camera. This allows you to record or stream in style using traditional recording equipment.

Razer Seiren Mini USB Microphone

Because of its narrower pickup angle tuning, the Razer Seiren Mini can concentrate on your voice while preventing ambient sounds like typing and mouse clicks from being picked up.

Thanks to its 14mm condenser capsule and flat frequency response, the mic transmits your voice with exceptional clarity, loaded with sharp highs and profound lows.

It scarcely occupies any desk space, is unobtrusive on camera, and is designed for minimalist or smaller setups, placing the focus more on you.

It is also simple to transport if you need to enjoy streaming elsewhere. The mic, supported by a solid base, can be tilted to find the perfect spot for your voice. Furthermore, it is detachable and may be installed on a boom arm or mic stand.

HyperX QuadCast USB Microphone

Thanks to the spectacular red illumination and dynamic effects, the HyperX QuadCast USB Condenser Gaming Microphone provides an eye-catching dose of customized flair.

This microphone has an integrated anti-vibration shock mount. It separates the device and muffles inadvertent rumbles and shocks using an elastic rope suspension.

With the assistance of the LED mic status indicator, you can minimize an audio mishap using the handy tap-to-mute feature. You can pick from four polar patterns: stereo, omnidirectional, cardioid, and bidirectional.

This helps to maximize your broadcast configuration and also retain the focus on the sounds you prefer to be heard. You can quickly change the microphone’s sensitivity by rotating the dial at the bottom of the QuadCast.

Blue Snowball iCE USB Microphone

Blue’s Custom Condenser Capsule powers Snowball Ice Microphone. It produces audio that is years ahead of your computer’s built-in microphone in terms of clarity.

With its cardioid pickup pattern, this microphone reliably catches your voice for usage in streaming, podcasting, broadcasting, Skype conversations, and Zoom meetings.

Additionally, it offers a sleek retro design that looks fantastic on camera and your desktop while allowing you to record or stream in flair. Because of the adjustable desktop stand included with this microphone, you can place the condenser microphone according to the sound source.

FIFINE RGB Dynamic Mic

The FIFINE RGB Dynamic Microphone improves vocal comprehensibility and speech reproduction with a sampling rate of 16 bits at 48 kHz. The soft-touch mute button lets you quickly turn off the game microphone without making audible sounds when streaming or podcasting.

It has an integrated LED that may be used to show whether the microphone is functioning while gaming in the dark.

Windows, Mac OS, and Playstation Consoles are all compatible with this simple USB plug-and-play computer microphone.

It has a shock mount with a circular frame design, which lessens desk vibration brought on by slamming the gamepad or keyboard while playing. The USB gaming microphone also has a locking knob for simple angle adjustment.

TONOR USB Microphone Kit

The TONOR Q9 Microphone connects to Mac and Windows computers using a USB A to B connector without needing additional sound cards or driver software. It is ideal for chatting, streaming live video or music, recording, and gaming. This microphone offers the perfect balance of sharpness, warmth, wide dynamic range, and high SPL performance.

This microphone has a cardioid condenser capsule that allows it to record clear, precise sound and eradicate background noise, making it ideal for conversing and recording.

The microphone is easy to use since it has a convenient volume button. When the microphone is active, you can briefly push the volume button to change the volume and press it for three seconds to turn it off.

Caattilaa USB Microphone

Caattilaa USB Microphone is a professional microphone that provides richer and crystal clear audio for voice-over, meetings, live streams, podcasts, YouTube videos, and gaming.

The cardioid pickup pattern of the microphone allows it to concentrate the sound source precisely in front of it, effectively blocking background noise.

It has a built-in pop filter to muffle inconspicuous plosives and wind noise. After connecting it, the computer will instantly detect the microphone and begin recording.

To complete the installation, you only need to unfold the tripod, attach it to the microphone, and fasten the bottom knob to the table. You can also alter the angle to whatever degree you choose, thanks to its 180-degree flexible construction.


Through this article, you would have already realized that streaming is a very lucrative career option and opens the gates to a wide range of opportunities for people interested in earning entertainingly and interestingly.

Since microphones are essential to streaming, having a good microphone is also a must for most content creators. While buying a microphone, you should emphasize that the microphone records the audio you want, reducing the background disturbance.

All the other features you want in your microphone rely on your choices and requirements. You can choose the best one for yourself from the above options.

You also explore some premium microphones to elevate your podcasts/streams to a new Level.

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