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In Design Last updated: August 24, 2023
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Whether you are a professional editor or a beginner, you would always wonder why you have limited software options as a Chromebook user. Let’s solve it today.

Chromebooks may not offer you advanced software compared to Mac and Windows, but still, it is equal to them. Today in this blog, I will help you understand various video editing challenges Chromebook users face and discuss some of the best video editing software you can use to edit videos like a pro on your Chromebook.

Why can Chromebooks be challenging for video editing? 


Being a Chromebook user, you would already be familiar that Chromebook is designed to perform basic cloud-based applications like browsing the internet, working on documents, checking emails, and more. Hence, video editing can be challenging on Chromebook. The significant challenges of video editing in Chromebook include: 

Processing Power

Video editing requires a lot of computer processing to get the best result. But most Chromebook comes with low processing power compared to traditional laptops. Consequently, it makes it challenging to run video editing software smoothly. Instead, it frustrates the user due to slow response. 

Storage Space

The primary need for a smooth video editing experience is storage, and that’s where Chromebook are lacking. Chromebooks usually come with limited internal storage and rely on cloud-based storage. As a result, you may need help to store files and projects. 

Software Options

As you know, Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, which makes them a lightweight operating system. Hence, Chromebook doesn’t offer you advanced software compared to other OS like Mac and Windows. As a result, you may need help finding powerful video editing software for Chromebooks.

Graphics Capabilities

Traditionally, Chromebooks have integrated graphics rather than discrete graphics cards. These integrated graphics can only handle basic graphic tasks like video playback and struggle to keep up with other video editing demands. As a result, you may experience laggy video playback, slow rendering times, and reduced overall performance.

Connectivity Options

As you know, Chromebooks aren’t as advanced as traditional laptops, which can be noticed in their connectivity options. Chromebooks work on cloud-based networks, i.e., primarily online, and offer lesser offline capabilities. As a result, you need help to transfer or share large video files with external devices. 

Limited RAM

RAM plays a vital role in the video editing experience and smooth software working. But Chromebooks often come with limited RAM, which may make your software crash or freeze, and you need help to complete the editing process.

Besides the above limitations, Chromebook has pros like a good battery, budget-friendly, and more.

Thus, to help you make the most of your Chromebook, here are some of the best video editing software you can try to bring creativity to the table.


VEED is considered the best video editing software for Chromebook as it is versatile and compatible with most Chromebook devices. You can rely on this software for professional editing experience.

YouTube video

The primary features of Veed make challenging video production easy. It offers various out-of-the-box features for users at a minimal price. The popular features of this software include one-click subtitling, translation, noise-reduction, custom branding, and more.

Veed is an ideal choice for numerous businesses as it is a cloud-based software. The team members of a project don’t have to stress about storage and slow transfers. Besides this, you can also work on the same project with your friends by merely sending a URL. This software has both a free trial and a free version. You can always opt for a premium for additional features.


Flixier is a cloud-based powerful video editing software for Chromebooks. Its popularity among freelancers and businesses is the speed of video creation workflow and smooth working on browsers. 

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When we talk of features, being a popular software, Flixier stands out in most aspects. However, it isn’t limited to basic features like cropping, trimming, etc. Instead, it has a lot more to offer.

The advanced features of Flixier include audio mixing, text animation, time mapping, overlays and watermarks, and more. Flixier is free-to-use software. But you can also buy a premium version for the best experience at an affordable price.

The free version of this software has few advanced features. However, it still offers 2GB of cloud storage, collaboration features, limited transitions, motions, and a graphics library. Overall, Flixier is excellent software for beginners. 


Invideo is a budget-friendly video editing software designed especially for Chromebook. It makes video creation accessible, fun, and easy for everyone around the globe.


Invideo is a cloud-based powerful video editing software that can be used across various browsers and devices and collaborates with others. It is the most suggested software for social media managers and small businesses, providing over 5000 unique templates, an extensive audio library, and more.

InVideo offers you a free and premium version. Similar to other software and applications, the free version offers limited features. InVideo offers dozens of istocks pictures, voiceover, converting text into audio, and more.

InVideo can quickly become your social media marketing partner due to its versatility and features. Overall from video editing templates to 40 minutes of video duration, InVideo offers you a lot at an efficient cost.


Finding video editing software with a drag-and-drop interface, collaborative features, and easy access to tools is like finding a needle in the hay. However, you can end your exploration using one of the handiest video editing software, WeVideo

YouTube video

WeVideo is a popular cloud-based video editing software. You can find WeVideo on various Operating Systems, including Android, iOS, and Chromebook. In terms of features, no doubt WeVideo is excellent software. The primary features of this software include motion titles, dazzling sound effects, green screen, footage, etc., in a few clicks.

WeVideo combines all the essential features a video editing software must have. Using WeVideo, you can forget all other apps, as WeVideo includes everything from stock photos to fonts in a single app.

WeVideo has dozens of templates and designs to help you stand out on all your social media sites. Usually, the major drawback of cloud-based software is upload speed, but WeVideo breaks the norms even here. WeVideo offers you fast upload and transfer speeds at a minimal price.


Are you looking for recorded video editing software? Take a glance at ScreenPal. ScreenPal is all-in-one video creation software for Chromebooks. Most preferable for students and coaches who want to make informative and attractive videos. 

YouTube video

Editing recorded videos on ScreenPal is as simple as ABC. You can capture your screen, import video, and edit your video project. ScreenPal has made cropping and editing easy and quick. No matter what screen size you want, you can easily resize your recording window and picture in a few clicks.

ScreenPal is a video editing software featuring powerful tools like adding music from a device and stock library, dozens of images and videos, blur overlay, text overlay, video filters, stickers, and more.  


Kapwing is a simple free online video editor. This software is known for its simplicity with powerful tools. Kapwing has a primary user interface that anyone can learn regardless of their editing experience.


Kapwing can be considered a best friend for all social media managers. It is a non-linear editor, i.e., this software lets you rearrange video clips, append, trim, and do a lot more on a single timeline.

Kapwing has powerful features and supports several formats, including MP4, AVI,  3GP, etc. When it comes to exporting, this software supports only MP4 format. However, it has a quick transfer speed. Hence, you can easily share your outcome on social media. 


Are you looking for free video editing software for your Chromebook? I have covered it for you. Clipchamp is a perfect free video editing software to get the best tools and outcomes at no cost. 

YouTube video

Whether you want to create videos for YouTube or popular social media sites like TikTok and Instagram, you can do it all with Clipchamp. This software comes with a user-friendly interface, making it easy for beginners and time-saving for advanced users.

The primary features of this software include adding special effects, trimming, adding text, transitions, music, and more. But it is more efficient because this software lets you record your screen and webcam quickly. 

Besides this, the software lets you enjoy advanced features like green screen editing, overlays, and AI voiceovers to make your video more authentic and engaging. Innovative features and shortcuts entirely combine Clipchamp to save time and money. 

Major Features you must consider before selecting video editing software for Chromebook

Having mixed thoughts after seeing a long list of options is ordinary human nature. But I can still make this task easier. Here are the primary features you must check or consider before selecting an ideal video editing software for your Chromebook.

  • Check compatibility – You can find several video editing software online. But do all of them support your device? Well, no. Hence, ensure that the video editing software you choose for Chromebook is compatible with its Operating System.
  • User interface – What’s the use of installing advanced software when you aren’t comfortable using it? Always look for a user-friendly interface with easy navigation and intuitive controls regardless of your experience.
  • Editing tools – Don’t spend your money and time on software with limited editing tools. Look for video editing software with a wide range of editing tools, from trimming to adding effects.
  • Export options – Ensure that the video editing software you choose for your Chromebook offers multiple export options and file formats. As you may have to export your projects with other devices and social media sites in various formats so that you don’t compromise quality 
  • Price – Price is one of the essential factors you must look for. Before considering any software, check its price and take a demo (if available) to understand its performance and worth. Invest in the software only if it’s within your budget and if its performance justifies your needs and its price.

Summing up 

Editing an eye-catching and attractive video can be hectic, regardless of your device. Consequently, it is always best to have reliable software to do that. Hence, today in this blog, I mentioned the best software for video editing on your Chromebook efficiently. Furthermore, I have also mentioned features you must consider before selecting video editing software for your Chromebook.

Next, check out some of the best video editing courses to level up your editing skills.

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