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A comprehensive look at EHS management software, what it does, and some top EHS software available in the market.

What Is EHS Management Software?

EHS Management software is a technology solution for organizations to manage their regulatory compliance, enterprise risk, and corporate sustainability data and capabilities.

An EHS Management software helps businesses with:

  • Risk Management
  • Hazard Identification
  • Data Transparency and Access
  • Incident tracking and elimination
  • Greater User Engagement
  • Audit Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Boosting Employee morale
  • Bringing Speed and Efficiency to Safety Processes

The following are the benefits of EHS Management Software:

  • A good EHS management software helps organizations find, retrieve, or store data in one place.
  • It helps businesses form better coordination and follow a structured workflow.
  • The software allows the team to stay connected with each other throughout the safety procedures within the enterprise.
  • It enables businesses to take action based on the software’s data analytics.
  • It helps businesses raise quality and safety standards.
  • It fully automates environmental health and safety processes leading to faster execution and thus saving time and money.
  • The software promotes safe work activities and behaviours and eliminates risks.
  • It helps businesses to stay compliant throughout the audit cycle.

What does EHS Management Software do?

Data Collection: An ideal EHS Management software collects a business’s environmental, health and safety data in a centralized database. It can retrieve important information from other systems like CEMs, and financial or production data. Most EHS software also enables businesses to collect information at the source using mobile phones. 

Managing and organizing Data: After collecting data, the software organizes them into their dashboards. It, in turn, helps businesses get a complete idea about their performance in real-time and share it with other employees.

Automation: The software also helps businesses automate administrative tasks such as following up on tasks, sending alerts or notifications, triggering corrective, and generating reports.

Why is EHS software essential for EHS compliance?

EHS or Environmental health and safety compliance refers to adhering to the rules and regulations put by the government for organizations keeping the safety of the workers in mind. Organizations must always comply with these rules, regulations, and policies.

EHS software is essential for businesses to ensure they meet all legal requirements. Government regulations change continuously, and the software can always help stay updated. Whenever any legal issue occurs, it allows businesses to access all the essential information and documents in one place. It will enable access to documents like witness statements, photo evidence, and steps to reduce risks in operation. 

Now, let’s look at the top EHS Management Software.

Vector EHS Management

Vector EHS Management software is a web-based and cost-effective solution for organizations. It helps businesses to track, record, and trend safety data, reduce risks, ensure safety compliance, automate administrative tasks, and more. The platform enables professionals to document and analyze various security activities like Incidents, Inspections, Hazards, etc.

Key Features

  • The web-based and mobile app software
  • Auto-generate reports within minutes
  • Dashboards and analytics to track incidents and identify problems
  • Pre-built, Configurable risk matrix to manage risk management
  • Email alert system
  • Various tools to file and manage claims, plan, track, and implement corrective actions

The software is ideal for mid to large organizations and can be configured to meet individual needs.


More than 600 brands trust ETQ as the most comprehensive, flexible, high-quality EHS quality management software. It is all-in-one software to help businesses reduce risk, ensure compliance and improve business performance.  

Key Features

  • Cloud-based EHS management software
  • Powered by an agile platform providing businesses with 40 easy-to-use applications
  • Analytics-driven, flexible and very secure EHS software solution

ETQ has been serving quality-driven businesses for over 25 years. 


VelocityEHS is preferred by thousands of companies across the globe for managing environmental, health, safety, sustainable programs, etc. The VelocityEHS Accelerate platform helps businesses achieve operational excellence by delivering best-in-class EHS solutions.

Key Features

  • Cloud, SaaS, web-based deployment
  • Built-in guides, training, and excellent user experience design
  • Data visualization tools and centralized data management
  • Other essential features: Activity dashboards, compliance management, Alerts/Notifications

It is a trusted EHS software solution for various companies like manufacturing, food and beverages, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.

eCompliance Alcumus

Alcumus is a cloud-based environmental health and safety management software that helps businesses manage risk and ensures workforce safety. It stores, collects, and tracks data in real-time. 

Key Features

  • Provides training management and eLearning module 
  • Compliance management offers country-specific standards such as COR, OHSAS 18001, or VPP.
  • Mobile inspections and modules that include an incident reporting module
  • Data analytics and reporting
  • Data management dashboards and hazard and control analysis
  • Customer support through email, phone, or online helpdesk 

The software keeps updating and adding modules to help businesses in every way possible.


EcoOnline is one of the most user-friendly EHS management software available. The platform combines user accessibility and business intelligence to help businesses record and obtain critical information efficiently.

Key Features

  • Designed for both web app and android
  • Highly configurable to adapt to your business needs
  • Provide data analytics through anomaly detection, notifications, and smart analytics
  • Action management feature to track and manage tasks

Businesses prefer the platform because of its ease of use, the value of money, customer support, and great functionality.


ProcessMAP is one of the best cloud-based EHS management software that offers businesses risk and management solutions. The platforms’ risk management feature helps detect, evaluate and mitigate risks, offering higher risk visibility and efficient cost management.

Key Features

  • Proactive data intelligence for providing excellent compliance management
  • Built-in alert feature and advanced reporting capabilities
  • Cloud-based platform helping businesses manage sustainability performance and metrics reporting

ProcessMap is a leading EHS software to provide end-to-end health and safety needs.


EVOTIX helps businesses seamlessly track data, gain insights, and create an innovative and safer workplace. The software uses the latest innovative technologies to provide a range of dynamic and influential EHS solutions.

Key Features

  • Identify, review and control hazards
  • Assess the level of risks and detect high-risk activities using matrices
  • Provide tools like template builder, action and task management, output reports, approvals and reviews, and more to manage audits with these tools
  • Provide a mobile platform for reporting hazards and incidents

Evotix EHS management solution is ideal for construction, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, and warehousing businesses.


Intelex is a cloud-based and mobile-first eh&s management software solution. It helps businesses report essential information, manage risks, ensure compliance requirements, and improve operational performance. 

Key Features

  • Powerful and agile platform to support every business needs
  • Highly configurable and user-friendly mobile first EHS management software
  • Allow data gathering and user engagement in real-time from any device at any location

The software is ideal for construction, automotive, health care, education, and manufacturing businesses.


EHSInsight is a powerful EHS software with a user-friendly interface to automate and improve the EHS management system. It is an excellent platform for tracking environmental effects, managing security, and ensuring compliance.

Key Features

  • Allow offline and mobile access
  • Behavior-based safety
  • Provide access to critical business functions and allow monitoring of business performance
  • Ensure effortless tracking, reporting, monitoring, and improving all aspects of the health and safety program

The software also provides offline access to users so they can work from anywhere at any time.

Final Words

A powerful EHS software helps businesses stay updated with Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) requirements and collect and manage essential data. Several EHS software is available in the market with varying levels of features and complexity. Do your research to find out which one is best for your business.

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