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In Collaboration Last updated: September 15, 2023
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Every day, we are supposed to do a number of tasks, but not all of them are urgent or important for that matter. Learning to use Eisenhower Matrix will help you prioritize your tasks and become more productive.

Eisenhower method or matrix is a popular approach used by millions of people worldwide to prioritize the tasks you have in hand. With its help, you can categorize your tasks based on importance and urgency. It also helps you understand the tasks that should be delegated to others or deleted.

In this article, we will take a look at this matrix, its importance in task management and productivity, ways to implement it, and some template resources. 

What Is Eisenhower Matrix?

The Eisenhower Matrix is a framework for task prioritization and time management. Unlike a regular to-do list, it lets you categorize and prioritize your important and time-sensitive tasks. It is also known as Eisenhower Decision Matrix, Urgent-Important Matrix, and Eisenhower Box.


Traditionally, it looks like a square box with four quadrants. Each quadrant represents the urgency or importance of a particular task. The boxes on the x-axis represent urgent and not urgent tasks, while the y-axis boxes show important and unimportant tasks.

Importance of Eisenhower Matrix for Task Prioritization 

Identifying the Priority Tasks

This matrix lets you identify and focus on the most important tasks first by measuring them for urgency and importance. Delegate Less Important Tasks


Identifying urgent but not important tasks, the matrix allows you to delegate them to team members. Thus, you get time to focus on more important tasks.

Track Progress

This matrix is also helpful in monitoring task progress and identifying any bottlenecks. Hence, you can complete your projects on time.

Deleting Unnecessary Tasks

Tasks that are not urgent or important could be deleted altogether from your to-do list. Thus, your task list will not be overwhelmed.

Save Time

If you have a long list of tasks that are not sorted based on priority, a lot of time is wasted deciding which one to do first. Eisenhower Matrix resolves this problem and tells you which task to start with.

How to Use Eisenhower Matrix as a Productivity Tool

  • You must learn to use this matrix in the right manner to get the most benefits. Depending on your preference, you can create a matrix for daily tasks or combine your monthly to-do list. In both cases, regular practice will increase your perfection.
  • Accurately identifying the most crucial task will ensure your maximum productivity. Choose tasks that will make the maximum impact in your life or work. 
  • Tasks that will fall under the delegate category should be assigned to someone else. Find out which team member is most suitable for those tasks and delegate the tasks to them.
  • Unless your matrix is for daily tasks, you must regularly review it. Check your daily schedule and update the matrix as your daily schedule and new task assignments. 
  • Check mark the completed tasks, as this will offer a sense of accomplishment and success to you. This will also make you more productive.
  • After creating this matrix, you need to sincerely complete the tasks. Many people end up procrastinating the tasks that are important but not urgent. However, this is a big no-no if you want to remain productive.
  • The level of urgency and importance changes in a task. You must be flexible to stay productive no matter which tasks come your way. 

Step-by-Step Guide to Implement the Eisenhower Matrix

To create a manual Eisenhower Matrix, you need to draw four boxes inside a square-shaped box. Thus you get four quadrants that should be named Do, Schedule, Delegate, and Delete. For better understanding, remember that the two columns should contain tasks that are urgent and not urgent.

On the other hand, the rows should have tasks that are important and not important. Now, take a look at how to include the tasks in different quadrants of the matrix:

Quadrant 1: Do


The very first quadrant contains tasks that are both important and urgent. Usually, tasks with approaching deadlines are included in this box. These tasks have to be completed today or tomorrow.

Quadrant 2: Schedule


In the second quadrant, you put the tasks that are important but not urgent. Here, you usually place the tasks that help you or your company in the long run, even if they do not show any immediate effect. While scheduling a task, make sure you do not need to move them to the Do category by setting aside sufficient time.

Quadrant 3: Delegate

There are always some tasks that are urgent but not important. In that case, you need to put these tasks in the third quadrant and delegate those to others. If other team members are busy or there is no one who can complete this task, you can reschedule those for later.


These tasks usually have a negative impact on your productivity. Hence, it is better to delegate this and track them via email or task management tools

Quadrant 4: Delete


The fourth or the last quadrant of this matrix contains productivity killers that are neither urgent nor important. You must identify and eliminate them from your task list to become more productive.

Here are some platforms where you can get Eisenhower Matrix templates and customize them with your own tasks.



Smartsheet offers a good collection of Eisenhower Matrix templates that you can download directly. The templates are available in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides formats.



Miro also offers an Eisenhower Matrix template where you can prioritize or delegate tasks as you require. The template color, format, and text can be edited on the Miro interface and shared with others.


On, you get our Eisenhower matrix-based template for managing your tasks and enhancing productivity. It lets you determine the action based on urgency and importance. Moreover, you can assign tasks to teammates and update the task status.

Making Eisenhower Matrix using template is quite easy. Pick your favorite template from its collection, add your action items, and prioritize them according to your plan.



Notion users can also use the template for Eisenhower Matrix. It lets you add tags of urgency and importance and mark completed when a task is done. 



Creately’s Eisenhower Matrix template is highly customizable. You can add different shapes and images to it using the Creately app. The size of the boxes can also be changed. You can also share it with your colleagues.



Asana lets you create your own template by categorizing the tasks. You can add proper tags on each task to understand which task to perform first and which one to delegate.



The template available on Vertex42 is suitable for Excel and Google Sheets. However, you can also download the editable PDF version and make changes to it. When a task is done, you can identify it with the check mark.



Evernote Eisenhower Matrix template has four quadrants where you can sort tasks based on importance and urgency. It also lets you add names for the people who will be in charge of the delegated tasks. Upon completing a task, you can even mark it as done so the teammates can know.



Xtensio has a color code-based template that you can use for prioritizing tasks based on importance and urgency. With its assistance, your team can easily find out which task to perform first.



If you are looking for templates suitable for Excel and Google Sheets, HubSpot is the place to find them. You can download this template on your computer and edit it using the mentioned applications. It can also be shared with your team members.



Moqups has an editable template for the Eisenhower matrix that you can edit on that platform. Besides the color code for each quadrant, there is also relevant emoji that expresses its significance level.

Visual Paradigm Online


Visual Paradigm Online offers templates that can be easily customized using online drawing tools. You can change its size, add text of your preference, add different images and shapes, and perform freehand drawing.


Anyone can use Eisenhower Matrix in their personal or professional life to find out the tasks that need immediate attention. It helps you prioritize urgent tasks and delete unnecessary ones from your task list.

You can follow the instruction given above to implement this method. Or you can use the templates from the given resources. Also, take a look at the project prioritization matrix.

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