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In Mobile Last updated: July 10, 2023
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Are you tired of your phone’s speaker getting clogged with water droplets or dust particles, making your audio experience less than satisfactory? Well, fret no more! In this digital age, where smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives, there’s a solution to every problem. Introducing the ultimate collection of the best online tools to eject water and dust from your phone speaker!  

From innovative virtual blow dryers to cutting-edge sonic wave generators, these are here to rescue your audio quality in a snap. Whether you’ve accidentally dropped your phone in water or encountered dusty environments, these online tools offer effective ways to restore your speaker’s functionality. Say goodbye to distorted audio and hello to crystal-clear sound as we explore these powerful tools designed to keep your smartphone singing even in the face of adversity.

Impact of Water on Your Phone’s Speakers


Your smartphone and phone speaker might potentially experience a number of problems if water or dust were to get inside. Let’s look at each possibility in turn.

  • Speaker Damage: Water entering the speaker grill or port can cause muffled or distorted sound or complete speaker failure.
  • Electrical Short Circuit: Water contact with internal components can lead to a short circuit, causing irreversible damage to the phone’s circuitry.
  • Corrosion: Water contains impurities that can cause corrosion, leading to the deterioration of metal contacts and disrupting phone functionality.
  • Moisture Damage: Even if water doesn’t directly reach internal components, moisture can linger, promoting the growth of harmful microorganisms and further damaging the phone.
  • Data Loss: Water damage can result in the loss of important data stored on the phone, making it difficult or impossible to recover the information.

Impact of Dust on Your Phone’s Speakers


Similar problems might arise if dust gets into your smartphone. A few problem areas are illustrated below:

  • Block functionality: On the interior parts, dust might collect and block the correct operation of delicate devices like buttons, switches, or connections. Dust can increase friction over time, making it more difficult to push buttons or use specific functionalities. It may also jam the audio jack or charging port, preventing correct connections from being made and obstructing the output of music or charging.
  • Reduced Sound Output: When it comes to the phone speaker, dust that becomes lodged in the speaker grille might degrade the sound quality. It may result in a speaker that is muted because the sound is reduced in loudness, distorted, or even totally blocked.
  • Other problems: If water or dust gets inside your phone speaker or smartphone, it can lead to a variety of problems like corrosion, short circuits, broken parts, distorted sound, low volume, and even full failure of some functionalities.

Hence, to avoid such issues, it is crucial to take preventative actions and secure your equipment. But what about the inevitable? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Next up are some of the best online tools to eject water and dust to rescue your precious gadget from such unavoidable mishaps.

Water Out Phone

Water Out Phone is a highly efficient and reliable technique designed to remove water from your phone’s speakers. This tool is not only easy to use but also completely free. It offers a convenient solution for those who have experienced the unfortunate event of their phone getting submerged in water.



  • It utilizes specific sound frequencies that effectively push the water out of the speaker, facilitating a much-needed fix.
  • To eliminate water from your phone, simply press the play button, and a specially designed cleaning sound will be played. 
  • By emitting a specific tone, this method generates strong sound waves that produce vibrations, resulting in the easy expulsion of water.

Water Out Phone effectively cleans your phone’s speakers and aids in the overall drying process.

Fix My Speaker Pro

Introducing Fix My Speaker Pro, a convenient solution for effortlessly removing water and dust from your phone speaker. To remove water from your smartphone speaker, you may use several household techniques like placing the device in rice, shaking it in the air, etc. But do these really work? Well, if they don’t seem to, then Fix My Speaker Pro surely will!



  • The online software plays a succession of tones when you touch the Eject Water button. This removes any remaining water from the smartphone speakers. 
  • After that, you may use your Android or iPhone normally. The built-in water ejection capability of the Apple Watch employs the same sound effect as the online app.
  • The sound frequencies produce sound waves that cause the speakers to spout water.

Click Fix My Speaker’s Eject button (provided in the web UI) to remove water from your speaker with ease.

Fix My Speakers

Fix My is an intuitive online tool designed to address the problem of water accumulation in your phone’s speakers after accidental submersion. When your phone encounters water in the toilet, sink, or pool, it often results in a muffled sound due to the fluid entering the speaker enclosure. Leaving any type of liquid inside the speaker can lead to significant damage as it dries.



  • The interface is quite simple and easy to use.
  • It provides a solution inspired by the water ejection feature found in Apple watches. By playing a specific tone. 
  • This user-friendly online tool plays a sound at a certain frequency range to blow out water from the gadget.

Fix My Speakers is a simple tool that you can use to solve the problem right away. This keeps your device’s speakers from suffering long-term harm.


Mimicreo’ s Fix My Speaker offers a solution to repair smartphone speakers using a specialized sound at an ultra-low 165Hz frequency. This sound effectively removes water and dust from iPhone or Android phone speakers. It provides a convenient method for eliminating unwanted particles too. 



  • The tool provides more than 7 phone speaker cleaning and water removal sounds.
  • This can be accessed directly through a web browser.
  • By simply pressing a button, it generates specific audio frequencies that produce sound waves. This ejects water and dust out of the phone speaker.

Mimicreo’s Fix My Speaker provides an audio solution to clear and fixes your phone’s speaker, as charging or using a wet iPhone or Android phone can be risky.


With Gizmoxo’s Fix My Speaker, you can play a high-frequency water removal sound at a very low 165Hz. It is a reliable solution for ejecting water from your phone’s speakers after accidental exposure to moisture. Hence, cleaning the speakers on your iPhone or Android phone is free and simple.



  • By tapping the Eject Water button, it plays a sequence of tones specifically designed to clear any remaining water from your smartphone’s speakers. 
  • Once the water is expelled, you can resume using your Android or iPhone as usual. 
  • The web app employs the same sound frequencies utilized by Apple in their Apple Watch’s built-in water ejection feature.

Gizmoxo’s Fix My Speaker can assist in fixing your speakers, but it is highly advisable to use your mobile carefully and keep it out of the vicinity of water as much as you can.

Fix My Speakers Now

With Fix My Speakers Now, you can restore your phone’s speaker functionality and ensure optimal audio performance. Say goodbye to water-related speaker issues and enjoy crystal-clear sound on your smartphone once again.



  • This web-based tool is designed to efficiently clean moisture and dust from both iPhone and Android devices. Also, you do not need to install any additional applications.
  • By playing specially designed sounds, your phone will effectively expel moisture and dirt. 

Fix My Speakers Now offers an effective solution for removing water from your phone’s speakers using specific frequency sounds.

Tech Wafer

The Tech Wafer’s Fix My Speakers assists in repairing water damage to your smartphone’s speakers. It actively initiates a series of tones to remove any water inside the speakers of your Android or iPhone smartphone.



  • By generating sound frequencies, the app induces sound waves that effectively expel water from the speakers on your smartphone.
  • The program mimics the sound made by Apple watches’ water ejection capability. 
  • To remove the water, use the Eject Water button on the app.

The amount of water damage determines how long it takes to repair smartphone speakers with Tech Wafer’s Fix My Speakers app. The procedure usually takes a few minutes to finish. However, it can take longer to get the water out of the speakers if your gadget has substantial water damage.

Fix My

Fix My provides an efficient solution for removing water and dust from your phone’s speakers by utilizing the power of sound. Dropping your phone in water can be frustrating and potentially damaging to the hardware, particularly the speakers. Luckily, there is a remedy to fix your speaker and restore your phone’s functionality.



  • By playing a specific tone, the generated vibrations help eject the water from the speakers. 
  • The sound used in this process is similar to the one employed by Apple in its Apple watch’s built-in water ejection feature.
  • This tool is free and user-friendly, ensuring a successful removal of water from your phone.

You can access a video tutorial that guides you through the process of repairing your phone’s speaker and removing water using Fix My

Final Words

The best online tools to eject water and dust from your phone speaker offer convenient and effective solutions for maintaining the audio quality of your device. These tools provide a variety of methods to remove unwanted particles and moisture, ensuring clear sound and preventing potential damage to your phone.

From virtual air compressors and vacuum cleaners to sound wave generators, these online tools cater to different preferences and situations. By utilizing these resources, you can easily and safely eliminate water and dust from your phone speakers. This enhances their overall audio experience and prolongs the lifespan of their devices. Explore our list to enjoy its benefits.

Now that you’ve ejected all that water and dust from your speakers, it’s time to increase your phone speed too. Check out how to factory reset your iPhone.

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