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In Smart Gadgets Last updated: August 28, 2023
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In 2019, FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) passed a law requiring all US commercial vehicles to have ELDs (Electronic logging devices) installed in their vehicles. The ELD compliance was made mandatory to improve the bookkeeping record, record HOS (hours-of-service) and records of duty status (RODS) of the truck drivers, and enhance the fleet management system across the country.

With this move, over 3.5 million commercial vehicles across the USA were required to have an ELD-compliant solution though there are some exceptions. 

ELD devices, when connected to the vehicle engine, ensure that the drivers and fleet owners have compliance with the Department of Transportation’s Hours of Service rules. 

Read on 👀 to know more about ELD-compliant software and why ELDs are a must-have for carriers and fleet systems! 

Product Notable Features
MotiveEasy installation and AI🤖trip match
Verizon ConnectIntegrates with any FMS provider!
ELD OneNo monthly fees, a 30-day backup
HOS 247Transparent pricing, AI-powered
EZLOGZeLog book for driver connections
ELD MANDATEIntegrated ELD software and hardware
EROAD Fleet maintenance and pay-as-you-drive
Samsara Advanced features, reefer monitoring
LytxDashcam captures and driver logs
GeotabSupports 11 countries, 100+ HOS rulesets
GPS Trackit Interstate HOS rules support
CallCMSReal-time monitoring and unique features

ELD Compliance Software: Keeping You on the Right Side of the Law 

The ELD mandate has made fleet management more secure and also guarantees the safeguarding of drivers by keeping track of their hours of duty. 

A truck driver demonstrating ELD Compliance Solutions in the driver's seat.

The recent amendments in HOS laws compel 10 hours of off-duty time with at least seven hours in the sleeper berth. The law has also made a mandatory 30-minute break after eight consecutive hours of driving. 

The ELD compliance software has the onus of sharing the data and keeping track of HOS. 

However, the benefits of ELD compliance solutions are not just limited to this but also include the following: 

  • Eliminates the use of manual and paper logbooks. 
  • Provides support for fuel tax (IFTA) and International Registration Plan (IRP) mileage reporting. 
  • Tracks the vehicle movement and exact location of the fleet. 
  • The integration with the engine also monitors the faulty engine. 
  • It also gives access to real-time data to increase fleet productivity. 
  • Improves Hours of Service compliance by automating the Recording of Duty Status for drivers

Further, the newly introduced ELD devices now come with GPS tracking that enhances the safety of fleet drivers and other benefits like checking fuel usage, insurance costs, vehicle maintenance, routing, and assigning jobs.

A man complying with ELD solutions while driving a truck on a highway.

Types of ELD Compliance Software 

There are two types of ELD compliance software solutions: 

Standalone ELD Solutions:  

Standalone ELD (Electronic Logging Device) solutions are devices or systems that are used independently, without being integrated into other fleet management or telematics platforms.  

The stand-alone ELD solutions do not come with any extended functionality like GPS tracking. This type of software, however, integrates with some third-party applications or through APIs. 

Integrated fleet management systems with ELD functionality:

The more advanced ELD compliance solutions come integrated with the fleet management systems or telematics platform. Usually, the fleet management system has a GPS tracking feature, driver behavior system, fuel tracker, and whatnot. 

The ELD feature enhances its functionality by tracking the driver’s time of service and calculating the time of service on a monthly and daily basis. 

Most ELD compliance solutions have a business intelligence tool that gives real-time data on driver behavior, faulty engines, vehicle status, GPS, and updates driver logs. 

In this post, we have further shared the list of Best ELD Compliance Solutions that abide by the laws and ensure safety for the drivers. 


Motive, formerly KeepTruckin, is one of the best ELD compliance solutions for fleet managers and owner-operators.

Motive ELD compliance solution

One of the major USPs of this software is its easy installation process and fairly intuitive interface. 

The installation takes less than 10 minutes, and if you have issues with that, tech customer support is available round the clock.

All you need is simply plug the device into the driver’s port and use the mobile app to give real-time updates. 

Motive is designed for vehicles of all sizes with accustomed features and benefits. Plus, you get to choose various plans for different vehicle sizes and features. Motive uses an advanced AI smart trip🚚match tool that identifies all the driver parameters to notify the owners in real time about unidentified trips. 


  • Geofencing and fuel monitoring
  •  FMCSA and DoT compliance
  • Two-way messaging feature 
  • 24/7 tech support. 
  • In-cab WiFi support 
  • Driver report cards 

The Motive dashboard gives a detailed log of the trips for the past 7 days in the DOT format. The owners can also track HOS and give a CSA score to map the road safety norms. 

Verizon Connect

Verizon Connect launched its one-of-a-kind ELD device that gels up with its fleet management system. This ELD-compliant solution is a simple yet powerful device that drivers can use in their vehicles. 

Verizon Connect app image

The best part? This ELD-compliant software can club with any FMS service provider and gives its owners a bird-eye view of their transport. Further, the driver can keep an eye on their HOS to abide by the traffic violation guidelines. 


  •  Safe driver scheduling
  • DVIR Reports
  • 24/7 driver app support
  • Electronic driver logbook
  • Admin dashboard
  • Free Demo

What I love most about Verizon Connect is its mobile app📱interface. The app is super easy to use and gives detailed data on drivers and vehicles.


ELD ONE is one of the top-rated ELD compliance solutions that facilitate seamless compliance with the ELD mandate.

There are no monthly fees for using the ELD software however, the device price is fairly high. The device works by simply plugging it into the car’s port. The mobile app interface is simple and navigable for the drivers.


  • Follows adherence to fleets of all kinds. 
  • 30-day daily backup history. 
  • Geofencing and real-time updates on truck loading. 
  • Suitable for all sizes of fleets. 

The built-in app features of ELD ONE include the DVIR reports, document scanning, IFTA Fuel Tax Reporting, two-way driver messaging, and the On-duty and Off-duty duration of the drivers. 

HOS 247

HOS 247 is a holistic fleet management platform with an ELD device that offers a robust mobile app for FMCSA compliance.

A device displaying ELD Compliance Solutions on a black screen.

The company has a transparent pricing model and is affordable even for small businesses. There is no one-time fee for the ELD device. 

Instead, the basic plan of $19/month includes the device along with the software. After affordability, the setup is another factor to look out for. And HOS 247 certainly excels in it.

Once you insert the ELD device into the vehicle’s port, the device is set up and ready to use. Install the mobile app on Android or iOS and set up an admin username and password.

On the smartphone app, the owners can manage the driver and fleet logs, track the vehicles in real-time and audit the DOT compliance.


  • Free demo
  • Audits IFTA mileage
  • Vehicle diagnostic to detect faults
  • Advanced tracking telematics 
  • IFTA reporting

Cherry🍒on the cake🍰! The HOS 247 is AI-powered and offers various automation capabilities for fleet management. 

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EZLOGZ is a leading truck and fleet management software that has designed the super reliable EzSmart ELD device for truck owners. The platform has all the sufficient features that offer ELD compliance. 

EZ Logs ELD device

To get started, you need to place the ELD device in your vehicle, and it will connect instantly through the OBD2 port. One of the major USPs is its eLog book which works like a social tool to connect drivers, fleet owners, and safety directors. 


  • Enhanced GPS
  • Multi-language 24/7 customer support 
  • Points of Interest function
  • Updates available parking in real-time
  • Automatic data backup and recovery

The EZLOGZ admin can sign the documents virtually and process the documents to eliminate the waiting time. What’s more intriguing is its document center tool that keeps all the documents organized in cloud storage.


ELD MANDATE is a #1 ELD provider that is rated 4.9 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot and a 5-star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐rating on Facebook! 

This is an integrated fleet management that consists of both ELD software and hardware. The software extends its functionalities by tracking the accurate position of the fleet along with keeping an eye on the speed. 


  • User-friendly mobile app
  • Two-way messaging feature
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Smart Dash Cam with 150-degree wide-angle lens roadside🛣️ 

While it is essential to reach on time, it is fairly important to ensure the safety of the fleet. The ELD MANDATE device connects with the vehicle engine to diagnose vehicle safety, IFTA tax reporting, and vehicle diagnostics. 


EROAD is an IoT-based fleet management solution that has an FMCSA-compliant ELD device. The hardware can be installed using the cable wire or OBD-II plugin, and the software takes less than 5 minutes to install. 

EHubo Eroad ELD provider

Another takeaway feature of ERoad is fleet maintenance which enhances the fleet operations using the sensors. ERoad offers all the features for HOS compliance, along with GPS tracking. 


  • Geolocation and Geofencing capabilities  
  • The fuel fill indicator reflects on the screen
  • Real-talk feedback for drivers
  • High-resolution vehicle tracking in real-time

One nice feature of EROAD is the Smart Short Haul which exempts vehicles from the ELD mandate for short hauls. Furthermore, there is a fixed pricing plan but a pay-as-you-drive model.


Samsara is a top-notch ELD compliance solution that has gathered tons of positive responses in a short period of time.

Samsara ELD COmpliance soultion

Samsara’s FMS offers advanced features like trailer tracking, dash cameras, routing and dispatch, and even reefer monitoring. 

Samsara has an ELD unit that can be plugged into the vehicle’s port and can be paired with the mobile app. Upon launching the mobile app, you will have a seamless dashboard that gives insights into HOS, fleet tracking, and driver workflows. 


  • Fuel cost management 
  • Vehicle’s DVIR Templates
  • AI-controlled dashcams
  • Digital HOS logs

The Samsara ELD hardware unit costs have a flat warranty of five years. Next, the subscription plan starts at $30 per month, depending on the features and fleet type. 


 A veteran in the industry, Lytx is a comprehensive fleet management solution that combines with the ELD compliance hardware to power up fleet tracking.

Lytx ELD compliance solution

The ELD compliance solution connects seamlessly with the engine to record and review hours of data. The dashcam captures the data to analyze driver behavior and maintain records of duty status (RODS).


  • 24/7 data backup
  • Digital HOS logs
  • Demo available 
  • Compliance Breach alerts

By logging into the driver’s app, the drivers can keep a log of HOS, report the time of duty, and confirm they are in compliance with the ELD mandate. The dashboard gives a record of the speed, idle time, stops, distance, and duration of the trip. 

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Geotab comes with various ELD models, namely GO7, GO8, GO9, and GO9+, that include telematics hardware. And their robust mobile app is available on Android as well as iPhone. 

Geotab ELD compliance solution provider

The best part? It supports over 11 countries, including the US, Canada, the UK, and Brazil, and supports over 100+ HOS rulesets. 


  • Free Demo 
  • Multilingual support, including English, French, and Spanish
  • DVIR reports can include pictures and comments. 
  • PIN protection to keep data safe

The Geotab app has different features for drivers and owners.  Drivers get login and log-out reminders as well as they can keep accurate logs of their HOS. This sets an alert if they are low or out of hours. 

 GPS Trackit

The next one on the list is the GPS Trackit unit which is fully ELD compliant and supports the key interstate HOS mandate rules across Canada and Mexico.

A mobile device with ELD compliance solutions and a green screen.

It integrates with the vehicle and sends out important notifications whether the user is not connected to ELD or whether the driver is not in compliance. 


  • Easy to navigate dashboard
  • The app is available in Canadian and French 
  • Supports IFTA tax rule
  •  24/7 Self-service support 

GPS Trackit is a complete suite of fleet management solutions that includes features like fleet tracking, trailer and temperature monitoring system, and video telematics for efficient monitoring. 

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CallCMS’ ELD compliance solution is known by the name Field Warrior. The app captures the driver’s location in real-time to monitor the speed and duration.

CallCMS Eld compliance solution

Owners can analyze drivers’ behavior paired with events like speeding, excessive idling, and harsh braking/accelerating. 


  • eLogbook of driver HOS
  • Easy communication through 2-way messaging 
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • Roadside assistance to protect against breakdown. 

CallCMS is a plug-and-play unit and does not need to be hardwired into the vehicle. There are a number of unique features that you might see missing in various ELD units such as Timecard Verification, Digital signature, and pre-and post-inspection notifications, along with various others. 

A man demonstrating ELD Compliance Solutions with a truck in the background.

What to look for when choosing ELD compliance software?

With the multitude of options available, you need to consider various factors for your fleet🚚 and ensure that it compiles with FMCSA regulations. 

Here are some factors which we consider paramount while choosing the ELD device considerably: 

#1. Pricing 

Pricing is one of the most important parameters to consider. Most ELD compliance solutions offer one-time upfront for the device and a subscription plan for the app. 

Look whether the features are in tune with the pricing offered. It is also imperative to compare whether the ELD device provider is offering any warranty inclusive of the pricing. 

ELD hardware can start at as low as $99 and can go high up to $450

#2. Scalability 

Different fleet owners have different requirements. While the fleet owners with few trucks have different budgets and requirements as compared to those with many trucks of different sizes. 

An ELD compliance provider should have the ability to scale up and down, adjusting to the customer’s requirements. For instance, Motive has three-tier pricing accustomed to the fleet size. 

#3. Compatibility 

Before investing in an ELD device, make sure that it is compatible with other software and fleet management systems you are using. For instance, the ELD device should efficiently pair with the GPS tracker, your dashcam, and invoicing software. 

However, it is advisable to invest in an ELD device that either works with all or belongs to the same fleet management solution you use. In case of any issues, you will have ease sorting the issues from the same provider. 

#4. Data Security 

There have been several cases of infringement of ELD units and security hacks, resulting in huge losses to fleet owners. In fact, 4% of cyberattacks are aimed at transportation companies. 

It is critical to invest in an ELD device that guarantees top-notch security for drivers and fleet owners. For instance, some ELD apps require two-factor authentication to get access to important reports. 

Furthermore, the ELD provider should have encrypted data and cloud storage to prevent any data leaks. 

#5. User Reviews 

Word-of-mouth is an essential factor to consider when you are investing an amount in any product or service. Before making a final call, head to the popular review sites and industry experts’ blogs to check what they say about the provider. 

Some of the best sites to read public reviews are G2, Trustpilot, and Capterra. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s time to take the call.

It is always best to invest in an ELD device that has a market reputation and suits your business. After all, it is going to guide your business and make sure the ELD mandates are followed. 

Next up, the best SIM-Based fleet tracking solutions for more effective tracking.

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