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In Smart Gadgets Last updated: July 10, 2023
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Electric chargers are becoming the need of the hour for every home because of the increased use of EVs. Check out these best electric chargers.

The trend of electric vehicles (EVs) is rapidly growing. You can find several EVs around you, whether it’s an electric scooter or an electric car. As the popularity of electric cars continues to rise, there is a simultaneous increase in the demand for reliable charging infrastructure and devices. 

Today in this article, we have brought you the most reliable and swift car chargers. Furthermore, we will also discuss the factors you must consider before buying an efficient car charger. This will help you make wise and stable decisions for your EV. 

The growing popularity of Electric Vehicles


From rarely seeing an electric vehicle to finding it everywhere, there has been a noticeable adoption of it. In 2022, EV sales exceeded 10 million units, showcasing the rapid growth of this market. Several reasons are contributing to this rapid popularity.

The active promotion by governments and organizations and a growing awareness of the need to combat climate change have significantly influenced individuals to choose electric vehicles (EVs).

Besides this crucial driving factor, the availability and accessibility of efficient charging solutions helped accept EVs. As a result, the demand for reliable and efficient chargers has grown alongside the rise in electric vehicles.  

Why are reliable and efficient electric car chargers essential?


As the adoption and demand for EVs increase, it becomes essential for users to find reliable and efficient car chargers. Here are key reasons why reliable electric car chargers are essential: 

  1. Convenient – Reliable chargers let you charge your electric car whenever you need. You can mindlessly rely on them while avoiding frustrating situations like chargers are out of service or malfunctioning.
  1. Time-saving – Efficient chargers save you time. These devices minimize charging time by quickly recharging your electric car. 
  1. Satisfaction and peace – Reliable charging devices ensure your car will be fully charged. As a result, you can trust that your device will provide a dependable charging experience.
  1. Cost saving – Efficient chargers optimize energy usage, as it reduces electricity consumption during the charging process. This consequently lowers charging costs and saves money in the long run.
  1. Protect battery life – Similar to any other charging device, chargers affect even the battery life of an electric car. Reliable chargers protect the electric car’s battery life by preventing overcharging and other issues that could hamper the battery’s performance.

Factors you must consider before opting for an electric car charger 


Picking up and deciding to install an EV charger at home isn’t as simple as installing a refrigerator. It would be best if you considered several factors before opting for one. So, here are a few crucial points you must keep an eye on before getting an electric car charger. 

Charging speed

Charging speed is the most crucial feature to check. Different electric car chargers have different charging speeds. This charging speed is often measured in kilowatts (kW) and affects how quickly your vehicle’s battery can be charged. Hence, determine your desired charging speed based on your needs.

Connector Type

Electric cars and chargers come with different connectors. Ensure the charger you opt for is compatible with your vehicle’s connector type.


Power Supply

The basic electrical capacity of your home or office may not be compatible with an electric car charger. Some electric chargers require higher voltage or amperage than a standard household outlet can provide. Hence, consider the electrical capacity of your location where the charger will be installed and make necessary upgrades.

Installation requirements

Don’t forget to check the installation process of the charger. Some chargers can be efficiently plugged into existing outlets, while others may require professional installation. Hence, consider the cost and flexibility of installation.


Keeping an eye on the cost of the charger is as essential as keeping an eye on the features. The expense of an electric car charger isn’t limited to only its price. You should also check additional installation expenses. Be wise enough to compare prices of different charges, including their installation expenses.

Safety features

Electric car charger comes with various advanced features, but safety features are among the essential ones. Therefore, ensure that the charger you opt for meets the safety standards and has features like built-in surge protection, overheating protection, and overheating protection to safeguard your vehicle and charging infrastructure.

Besides the factors mentioned above, you can also consider if the charger is portable and has advanced intelligent features. 

Now, you will be clear why reliable electric car chargers are essential and what factors to consider before buying one. So, let’s discuss the best and quick electric car chargers you can buy for your electric car.  

PRIMECOM level 2 EV Charger

Finding an EV charger with a longer cable is like finding a needle in the hay. However, we did it for you. PRIMECOM Level 2 EV Charger offers you 50 feet long (30 ft & 40 ft available) cable for easy access to charging.

PRIMECOM level 2 EV Charger provides universal compatibility with non-standard J1772 plugs. This EV charger isn’t as fast as others on the list, but 16Amp charges at 3.84 kW/hour. PRIMECOM is integrated with a high-tech chip to communicate and offer accurate charging progress data to you. 

SOPHTRANS Level 2 EV Charger

Are you looking to install a charging station at home? SOPHTRANS Level 2 EV Charger is the only device you need. This EV charger offers fast charging to schedule the charging time all in one device.

SOPHTRANS EV charger is a wise investment with efficient features. This device comes with a 25 ft long cable and up to 8 ensured protection systems. Additionally, you can monitor your EV charging through your smartphone, even without the internet.

Although SOPHTRANS is an advanced EV charger, it is still easy to install and use. This EV charger uses the SAE J1772 connector, which makes it compatible with most EVs. Overall, SOPHTRANS Level 2 EV Charger is a perfect outdoor and fast EV charger for safe charging.

LEFANEV 32A EV Charger

Finding an electric car charger compatible in all climates isn’t easy. But LEFANEV heard you. This EV charger is perfect to use indoors and outdoors without any worries. LEFANEV is a waterproof electric car charger with on-peak features.

This electric car charger comes with a 20 ft long wire and an LED screen to keep you updated about your vehicle. The LED screen displays all the car’s data on the charging station. You can know the state of charge, voltage, and temperature on the screen.

Additionally, this EV charger comes with a rigorous circuit design, ensuring that it is easy to use and doesn’t need any app or network connection to run.

In terms of connector type and voltage, LEFANEV can be mindlessly trusted. Connecting with the distribution box will give your vehicle a 32 amp charging speed, 6x faster than a standard wall outlet. 

Further, this EV charger meets the SAE J1772 standard, which makes it compatible with most electric cars. LEFANEV is a portable home electric vehicle charging station with NEMA 14-50 plug.  

Aimiler Level 2 EV Charger

Want fast and safe EV charging?? This EV charger can complete your needs. Aimiler Level 2 EV Charger is a portable and affordable charger for most EV owners. From enhanced charging to protection, this EV charger does it all.

Aimiler EV charger is equipped with NEMA 14-50 plug and J1772 connector. Consequently, it is compatible with most EVs without any challenges. Regarding cable, this device comes with a 25 ft cable with drop resistant plug. 

The best feature of Alimiler that distinguishes it from similar devices is protection. This EV charger provides 10 safety protections along with additional safety warranties. Furthermore, Alimiler offers a smart LED touchscreen to give you the necessary data, which can be controlled on the app.

WORKERSBEE Level 2 EV Charger

WORKERSBEE Level 2 EV Charger is another affordable and reliable electric car charger on this list. This electric car charger is a perfect option if you are looking for a long cable and portable one.

WORKERSBEE is one of the top-rated and most adopted electric car chargers. This level 2 charger charges your vehicle 6x faster than 10A level 2 EV chargers. In terms of cable, this portable device comes with a 7.62m (25 foot) long cable. This device’s best and most notable feature is intelligent auto-start charging and overload protection.

VEVOR level 1+2 EV Charger

This charger is perfect if you want a compatible EV charger with different adapter options. VEVOR level 1+2 EV Charger offers a fast and adjustable charging experience at a minimal cost. It comes with NEMA 6-20 plugs and NEMA 5-15 adapter for reliable charging. This portable charger is 4x faster than an 8A level 1 EV charger. 

Regarding protection, VEVOR EV Charger doesn’t compromise with any safeguard features. Additionally, it has LED indicator lights to show charging progress. This EV charging device has a 25 ft extra long cable for long-distance charging.  

Autel Home Smart EV Charger

What can be better than getting an intelligent EV charger with rapid charging speed? That’s what Autel brings for the EV owners. Autel Home Smart EV Charger is comparatively more expensive than other EV chargers on the list, but it also provides a better experience.

This EV charging device can be operated from your mobile through Autel app, where you can schedule your charge, adjust the charging speed, monitor your battery life, and more.

Regarding charging speed, Autel is 9x faster than other EV chargers. While most EV chargers are limited to 32A, Autel offers up to 50A. Autel is an ideal EV charger with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, several protection functions, and swift charging speed. 

EMPORIA EV charger level 2

Besides being a trusted company, EMPORIA offers the best user experience with their level 2 charger, which is reliable and saves you money in the long run. The Emporia EV charges any EV up to 40 amps with NEMA 14-15 plugs and up to 48 amps with hardwired installation.

Regarding cable, Emporia lacks behind as it offers only 24 ft cable with an SAE J1772 connector. 

However, the Emporia EV charger is still a valuable device due to many other features. This smart EV charger has advanced features like protection functions, phone compatibility, and more.

But additionally, the EMPORIA EV charger offers you a solar optimizer. In this feature, you can combine your Emporia EV with an Emporia Vue app, which lets you charge your EV when your solar system generates more electricity. As a result, you can save electricity costs. 

ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger

If you are looking for NEMA 6-50 plug and fast-charging EV charger, then the following EV charger is the perfect one for you. ChargePoint is a trusted brand with the most compatible and reliable devices for EV owners.

ChargePoint Home Flex EV Charger significantly justifies its price through its peak features. This EV Charger delivers 50 amps of power to charge your EV quickly. ChargePoint also lets you monitor and adjust your EV charging through the ChargePoint app.

As a result, you can manage charging speed, schedule charging, get reminders, etc. Furthermore, you can even connect with Alexa for better assistance. 

Wallbox Pulsar Plus 2 EV Charger

Are you looking for a small yet powerful EV charger? We covered it for you. The Wallbox Pulsar Plus offers the best and fast EV charging experience at home. From easy installation to efficient charging, this device has it all. 

Wallbox Pulsar Plus offers a J1772 connector which is compatible with most EVs. Furthermore, this device provides you with 7x faster charging than standard charging cables that come with most EVs.

Pulsar Plus is a smart EV charger and offers several advanced features. Consequently, it can be connected to your smart device by using the myWallbox app. Additionally, through this EV device, you can charge multiple EVs together at the same time. 

Moreover, Wallbox Pulsar Plus offers several unique features which make it stand out from other devices on the list. For instance, you can connect your EV charging to solar energy, control home energy use, and more.

TOPDON level 2 EV Charger

TOPDON is a famous and reliable EV charger brand with the best products. Here, we have a TOPDON level 2 EV Charger. This cost-efficient charger offers on-peak advanced features and safeguards your vehicle.

It works 7x faster with 240v 10kw home charging. This device is equipped with NEMA 14-50 and J1772 type connectors for a consistent experience for plug-in hybrid vehicles, including Nissan, Audi, and more.

As an advanced EV charger, you can manage this EV device through the PulseQ app on your smartphone. This app lets you adjust the charging current range from 6 to 40A and easily track your vehicle’s battery.   

MUSTART Level 2 EV Charger

Besides high-tech features, this EV charger gives higher protection and better abrasion resistance. MUSTART Level 2 EV Charger is portable and can be used indoors and outdoors.

This device has a 25 ft long cable with NEMA 14-50 plugs for a better experience. Being a trusted brand, you can rely on this charger.

The most notable characteristic of this EV charger is its installation. If you are worried about the frustrating installation process, MUSTART is an ideal EV charger because it’s easy to install and use.  

Schumacher SC1455 EV Charger

If you are looking for an EV charger with a longer cable and basic charging speed, we got you covered. The following EV charger we’ll discuss has a 28 ft charging cable with considerable charging speed.

Schumacher is a trusted company with the best devices to offer, and here we have an SC1455 level 2 portable EV charger. The best feature of this EV charger is that you can use it anywhere. To charge your vehicle with a Schumacher EV charger, you only need access to a 120V household outlet. Consequently, it makes it portable and efficient to use. 

A level 2 charger, SC1455, can charge your EV 3x faster than other devices. Furthermore, you can convert the same charger into a level 1 charger using a provided 120-volt adapter cable. Overall, the Schumacher EV charger is a perfect portable charger that can be converted based on electricity availability.  

Grizzl-E level 2 EV Charger

Grizzl-E Classic is a simple yet powerful EV charger. This EV charging device offers advanced features and a reliable experience at a reasonable price. Whether it’s about compatibility or charging speed, Grizzl-E Classic is perfect in all aspects.

The best characteristic of Grizzl-E Classic, which makes it considerable, is water resistance. While most EV chargers aren’t reliable outdoor installation, Grizzl-E Classic breaks the norm with IP67 (water resistant) and fire resistant features.

Besides this, Grizzl-E Classic has a lot to offer. With this EV charging device, you receive fast charging and adjustable amperage. Furthermore, regarding protection, Grizzl-E Classic protects your EV from overcurrent, over voltage, under voltage, missing diode, ground fault, and over temperature. 

Duosida Level 1+2 EV charger

You would be already clear with the name that this portable EV charger is two in one, which makes it even more appreciable. This EV charger also fits in the budget easily without compromising features.

Duosida is a low-cost yet powerful EV charger on which every EV owner can rely. This two-in-one charger offers 3x faster charging than a standard level 1 charger. Duosida comes with a 25 ft long charging cable for longer distances. 

ShockFlo Level 1-2 EV Charger 

What can be better than finding a compatible and fast EV charger at an affordable price? That’s what a ShockFlo Level 1-2 EV Charger is. This compatible EV charger delivers the best features to its users at less cost. 

THE SHOCKFLO EV charger can be used for level 1 & 2 EV charging through replaceable NEMA 5-15 adapters. The level 2 EV charger offers 4x faster charging speed than other standard chargers. 

This EV charger has a 21 ft charging cord and LED indicator to update you about charging progress and errors. Besides this, the SHOCKFLO EV charger also has additional protection features against lighting, current leakage, etc., for a safe experience.


EVs are now the future of transportation. As a result, there are more demands on both the vehicle and charging equipment. Therefore, today in this blog, we discussed why efficient chargers are essential and factors to consider before buying an EV charger. Furthermore, we also mentioned the top portable EV chargers you can buy for your electric vehicles.

You may also explore some top EV charging solutions for businesses.

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