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In Digital Marketing Last updated: February 8, 2023
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As a business owner, you must not leave any stones unturned to reach most of your potential audience. Email marketing tools like Pipedrive make this task easier for you.

In the present business scenario, the competition is higher than ever. Hence, acquiring a client became more difficult. As a result, companies need to put all out efforts into marketing through all the available channels. 

Email marketing is a popular and cost-efficient marketing strategy. But to get the right results from it, your strategy and implementation should align with the market requirements. Continue reading to know how Pipedrive can help you with all your email marketing needs.

Email Marketing and How to Overcome Its Challenges

Simply put, email marketing means marketing through emails. It is a direct marketing strategy through which companies can share their newly launched products and services with potential customers. You can also use this channel to inform the audience of your company’s news and updates.


Earlier, email marketing used to include a one-size-fits-all mailing. But now, you need personalized emails to attract customers. User consent and segmentation have also become crucial parts of email marketing. With a well-designed email marketing strategy, you can also see a community grow around your brand, besides driving sales.

However, this successful marketing method has its own set of challenges. It needs proper planning and implementation; you cannot send random emails and expect to get results. Most people just skim your marketing emails and fail to get the message. Also, email formatting needs to be done correctly.

Reaching the target audience’s inbox and not getting dumped in the spam folder is another challenge for companies. 

Pipedrive’s Campaigns, a sophisticated and robust email marketing platform, can tackle all these challenges mentioned above. It allows you to create personalized emails to convert more leads into clients. You can easily reach your target audience through email groups and email segmentation.

In the following sections, we will introduce you to Pipedrive Campaigns features and how organizations can benefit themselves using this software.

What Is Pipedrive Email Marketing Software?

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Campaigns by Pipedrive is a software application that offers all the features you need to create and implement a killer email marketing strategy for your company. It lets you create beautiful and customizable layouts using drag-and-drop elements that can win the attention of your prospective audience.

If you do not have much time, you can go for any of its readymade email templates. 

You can also keep track of the performance of your emails, so you know whether a particular strategy is working or not.

Besides contact info and history, you can also see the email communication with each of the contacts on Pipedrive. Such insights enable you to understand their interest and personalize offers for them. 

Major Features of Pipedrive Email Software


Being a feature-packed solution, Pipedrive offers an array of attributes useful for email marketing for any organization or industry. Its features can be categorized into three broad sections. Read on to know which features this tool offers for the major email marketing tasks.

Email Builder

As a business owner or marketer, you got many more pressing tasks in hand than creating an email. Pipedrive Campaigns make the process quick and intuitive for you with its email builder that does not need you to have any HTML or basic designing skills.

Anyone can create catchy and responsive email marketing campaigns in minutes. All you need to do is add drag-and-drop blocks into a curated template that will immediately interest your audience in your emails.

Email Builder Templates

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Pipedrive’s email builder boasts an extensive collection of ready-to-use templates. Now, you can create beautiful emails without worrying about their design elements. These templates are designed for maximum engagement and are equally effective for conversion.

This tool allows you to create a template that suits your brand identity. You can save it as a template and reuse it later in other campaigns after necessary edits.

All emails from Pipedrive contain the “unsubscribe” footer to stay compliant with GDPR.  

This footer also comes with merge tags. This section automatically generates your company information when you send emails to the subscribers. Moreover, you get the freedom to edit and save the generated text through the editor.

Email and Market Segmentation


With the help of email segmentation tools of Pipedrive, businesses and marketers can segment their recipient lists. This will make sure that the correct type of audience gets the message suitable for them. It is also beneficial to keep your email marketing campaigns relevant and not be categorized as spammers to your audience.

Marketing Segments

Unless you want your nicely crafted emails to be overlooked, your email campaigns should focus on the requirements of your contacts. Pipedrive lets you target specific marketing segments to whom you can send personalized emails to convert your best leads into deals.

Its no-code email editor lets you choose the right fonts, embed gifs, add social media links and import HTML email templates. Thus, you can create responsive email templates targeting different groups and address their specific needs for boosted conversion.

Audience Segmentation Tools

Audience Segmentation Tools

These tools allow you to split your contacts into subgroups. Pipedrive Campaigns’ intuitive no-code filtering tool is perfect for segmenting subscribers based on various aspects, including leads, contacts, deals, activities, and products.

Also, there is no need to take help from other plugins, integrations, and HTML codes. Pipedrive also offers you the feature to filter contacts by custom fields. You can apply multiple filters to send emails to a group of contacts.

Campaign-Specific Filters

If you want to select filters based on campaign data, you can use the Campaigns by Pipedrive. Segmentation occurs based on the dates and titles of email marketing campaigns you send to the target audience.

The filtered data will also contain various interactions by the audience with the campaign email and if someone has subscribed to your website or blog through the campaign. Furthermore, Campaign Tracking and Campaign-Specific Filters empower you to find when someone clicked on an embedded email, how many clicks were there, etc. 

Email Analytics and Reporting


Email marketing analytics data plays a crucial role in validating your marketing strategy. Unless you know how engaging your campaigns are, you will fail to design the right marketing strategy that turns leads into customers.

Email Analytics

Pipedrive email marketing software comes with email analytics tools. With it, you can track the performance of your emails, including delivery and bounce rate. You can also filter your performance data by location and time. It also lets you view the most responsive email recipients so that you can create better strategies to improve conversion rates.

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With data being available in percentages, companies can quickly gauge the success of their campaigns. Pipedrive analytics data also includes insights into subscriber location and when most clicks are made on your marketing emails. This information will give you a better idea of your prospective demography and when you can expect the highest level of engagement.

Integrated Analytics Reporting

With Pipedrive, there will be no more scattered data across different software. It integrates your email marketing analytics data with your CRM. Its “Recipients” tab lets you see the subscribers who have received your emails. From here, companies can also check how the recipients are engaging, such as links they clicked.

In the contacts detail view, you can see the campaigns where contacts have responded and their status: subscribed, unsubscribed, or bounced. Remember that you can only send emails to the subscribers who opted in for the email marketing to become GDPR compliant. So, whenever someone unsubscribes, you can know that from here to stop sending them emails.

How Marketers or Business Owners Can Benefit from Pipedrive


Pipedrive Campaigns can be the perfect option for individual companies and marketers looking for a powerful email marketing tool. This is how this platform can help you achieve your target with the right email marketing strategy:

Savings on Campaign Cost

Pipedrive offers affordable and scalable email marketing campaigns to its users. When businesses use such a service, email marketing costs reduce. Consequently, the return from email marketing automatically increases.  

Run Highly Customized Campaigns

For a successful email campaign, personalization of the content is a must. When you address the audience with a name, company, designation, region, etc., they feel emotionally attracted to your brand. Also, there is a better chance of email clicks when you personalize a promotional or marketing email. 

Get More Leads and Process Them


Pipedrive empowers you to add lead magnets to your newsletters, promotional, and marketing emails. You can use content like free digital products, eBooks, free software/service trials, personalized discounts, whitepapers, etc., as lead magnets.

Promotional emails with lead magnets grab more attention, hence, high-quality leads in bulk.   

Use CTAs for Revenue Growth

You can also use call-to-action (CTA) buttons to take your audience to a shopping cart or blog subscription landing page and push them to transact. Pipedrive offers tools and features to add convincing CTAs to your marketing emails.  

Route More Traffic to Websites and Blogs

You can further upgrade your marketing emails with various content linking to your online marketplace, website, blog, mobile app on Google Play, etc. It would automatically increase the target asset’s footfall and hence more chance of organic ranking on Google SERP. 

Pipedrive Pricing

You can become a Pipedrive subscriber by opting for any of its four plans. Before making the purchase, you can also try its 14-day free trial plan, which does not need you to add any credit card information.

The plans are described below in brief. If you choose to go for the annual billing provision, Pipedrive will charge you 20% less.

Pipedrive pricing


This plan is ideal for managing leads, deals, calendar entries, and pipelines. The essential plan supports 300+ integrations and easy customization. It will cost you $11.90 per user per month.


With the Advanced plan, you can scale up and automate your email marketing. Email templates, scheduling, and workflow builders are some of its top features. This plan will cost you $24.90 per user per month.


This professional plan is suitable for better revenue and performance as it lets you perform tasks like one-click calling, managing contracts, document e-sign, revenue forecast, and enhanced reporting. It will cost you $49.90 per user per month.


It offers you unlimited customization and support. The Enterprise plan offers unlimited feature usage, heightened security preferences, unlimited user permission, and many more. This plan will cost you $74.90 per user per month.

Pipedrive Alternatives

If you want to compare Pipedrive Campaigns with other email marketing tools before making the final call, here are some top names.


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Omnisend is an eCommerce email marketing platform that lets you send boost sales with features like segmentation and automated emails. With it, businesses can run integrated email and SMS campaigns to offer a personalized and consistent experience to the audience.

Its built-in and customizable templates save you time and effort. You can also perform A/B testing and target the right people for better results.


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Sendinblue, email marketing software, is a great option for companies with all budgets. It even allows you to send 300 emails for free every day and have an unlimited number of people in your contact.

It actively monitors the server to ensure the best deliverability rates for your emails. This platform also automatically blocks hard-bounce contacts to protect your reputation.

Summing Up

If you are a business owner trying to grab the attention of your target audience or a marketer working with the same intention for clients, email marketing can be of great use. This cost-effective marketing strategy is useful for most industries. However, it would help if you had the right email testing tools and approaches to overcome its challenges. 

Pipedrive email marketing software makes target email marketing a breeze for your organization. This platform has a flat learning curve and features that work for everyone. It lets you build stunning emails, sends them to the right subscribers, and shows you data on user engagement.

As we discussed the top tools and features this application offers, you can now make an informed decision for your organization.

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