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In Digital Marketing Last updated: February 8, 2023
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You send an email and start wondering about the next step – will the email land in the spam folder, will the recipient open it, and the cycle continues.

We all have been to that place with no idea what happened to the email we sent. Hence, the email tracking tool comes as the knight in shining armor.

Earlier it was common to wonder about what happened to the emails. You might have added a compelling call-to-action, engaging body, and even an exciting subject line to your email to ensure that the professionals can click on it.

However, the recipient does not open or acknowledge every mail for several reasons – not relevant, not interested, busy, etc. On the other hand, senders sit and wait for the revert and send out the follow-up emails to respond.

The best thing is that there are now easier ways for email tracking that one can opt for. It includes email tracking tools that allow users to track if recipients have read the email, deleted it, marked it as spam, and so on.

How can you track an email using tools or software?

When using email tracking software, it attaches a transparent and unique image (tracking pixel or 1×1 pixel) to the mail. The email sends the data back to the database if the recipient opens it and the time spent reading it. Some tools have the potential to show the location of the recipient too.

Why use email tracking software?

Email tracking software is not limited to knowing the details of emails post sending them. It is easy to identify the best time to send emails using the software. The tool aligns easily with the recipient’s schedule, such as when they usually open their emails – evening, morning, etc. It also offers an understanding of the email content that can help improve its relevancy in the future.

Let’s jump in and know the best email tracking tools that one can opt for.


Give your cold email outreach plan a new look with Saleshandy that can gauge recipients’ behavior, automate follow-ups, and integrate workflow efficiently. The aim is to analyze the email record of Outlook and Gmail for lead conversion. It offers 10x engagement, more conversions and saves time with automation and personalization.

The tool offers a custom tracking domain, the random interval between emails, emails using personal accounts (or official), and personalized email content. Along with this, personalized automated follow-ups make it a plus for users who want to enhance the quality of the subject line or email content.


Mailtrack can help in tracking emails easily for Gmail for free. The tool can check the email activity of users, such as when they open the mail and how many times they opened it. Along with this, the data is secure from third parties and is privacy compliant. It also sends out a real-time notification when the recipient opens the email.


Streak has the potential to manage support tickets, candidates, buyers, sellers, leads, investors, projects, and partners via Gmail. The tool tracks the information about contacts, pipelines, and tasks in your pocket or your inbox instantly. Customize the tool according to your requirements, such as fundraising, sales, hiring, real estate, support, business development, and project management.

Edit, add or collaborate with the team to work with this tool similar to a spreadsheet. It also offers features for grouping, supporting, and filtering the data in any configuration to understand bottlenecks. Users also get notifications when progress is made, set reminders, and follow up on tasks.

Hunter MailTracker

Hunter MailTracker is free and straightforward email tracking for Gmail that showcases who opens the email and how many times. It can easily track the email using the MailTracker extension, know when it is opened directly in Gmail, and take desired actions such as follow-up.


Get an instant notification as soon as the recipient opens up the email you sent with Yesware. It offers information about viewing attachments and clicking on links to build relationships. The users can add the tool to Gmail or Outlook, send emails, and get real-time information.

It will notify the prospects who read emails to schedule follow-ups and book meetings. It represents email performance such as engagement, reply rates, open rates, week-by-week analysis, top-performing content, emails, entire history, and trends.

Apart from email tracking, the tool is ideal for meeting scheduler, multi-channel campaigns, attachment tracking, reporting & analytics, LinkedIn integration, Salesforce integration, and email templates.

Right Inbox

Right Inbox is an excellent way to start when it comes to email tracking that works on Safari, Chrome, and Firefox. This email tracking tool aims to reach the next level, from writing emails to tracking them. The users can write emails, schedule them, and follow up instantly.

The automated tool has made it easier for users to reach out to the desired customer using perfect sign-off. It comes with one-click templates that one can optimize or customize according to their requirement to avoid mistakes. Also, contextual notes make it ideal for multiple conversations and other patterns reminding essential details.


If you want to merge the email tracking tool with Gmail, then YAMM can be a step ahead for you. It can help reach inboxes without getting to the spam or promotion tab, send mass emails, and track results easily. The tool allows users to prepare a mailing list on Google Sheets, create email templates, and track campaigns directly on Google Sheets.

It represents details like bounces, replies, clicks, open rates, etc., to know the next step. The personalized email campaigns can schedule mail merge and track results in real-time to increase the open rate. It also set up Google Form email notifications using ready-to-use templates.


EmailAnalytics can help in improving response time and measuring email activity. The email tracking tool can help visualize email activity with analytics to improve campaigns. It represents email sending and receiving information to drill down figures or metrics around the campaigns.

The email traffic is also gained using this tool to check which day works when sending and receiving emails. This tool shows the data for top senders and recipients or how much time the recipients spend on the email.


Mixmax is considered the top sales engagement platform to enable real engagement, making CSMs or AEs directly from Gmail. The tool allows embedding surveys, polls, sharing calendars, scheduling email sequences, tracking emails, syncing the tools, and automating busywork.

It power-ups the customer experience and helps account executives, sales operations, recruiters, entrepreneurs, and revenue leaders. Along with this, the email tracking software covers heavy penetration testing, GDPR compliance, TrustArc certified, Data privacy or encryption, and SOC 2 Type II.


MailerPlex can offer information about email clicks instantly and in real-time to the sender to help them take the appropriate action. The aim is to boost sales with a powerful and straightforward email tracker. One can integrate this tool with Gmail to get information about who opened, when, and where in real-time.

The dashboard is detailed and quick for the emails, with security as the top priority. It offers unlimited free email tracking allowing access to different features.


Boomerang has made it easier to schedule an email and set reminders. The aim is to control receiving and sending email messages for the email. One can follow up the email from browsers, iOS, and Android while adding a reminder using one-click calendar scheduling.


Here are some top email tracking tools with several features and advantages for users. The aim is to improve performance and increase sales that offer quickly detailed insights. It is essential to run a better campaign to help business owners gain the desired results.

The best way to use the email tracking tools are:

  • Prune the email list
  • Start relevant conversation
  • Follow up additional context

You may also look at some of the best email marketing tools.

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